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These AI Content Bots Make Me $67 A Day Each!

can you make money with AI and AI content bots? how does ai assist in making money and what are the gurus lying about… learn the truth here in this video plus my quick menthod for using AI bots to help us create content in a super simple way.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Okay so first you can see this AI Generator made a bunch of code and stuff That doesn’t really make sense if it Doesn’t make sense to you don’t worry All we’re gonna do is copy it right like This then paste it right here on the Secret website and boom there we go a Perfect little list that we could put Into another AI bot and start making Money and as you can see the payments Come in pretty much every day [Music] Fancy Guru car Oh yeah hear that and this car is driven By AI actually you could go here and set All different kinds of things from when You want it to break how fast you want It to go and it’ll pretty much kind of Drive itself only I don’t really trust It to drive itself fully which is why That’s not a feature on the car you Can’t just push a button and the car Takes you where you want to go but it Does have certain things that’ll keep You in lanes shut the engine off and on And all kinds of different things like That that assist you in the driving Process and this is key to making money Online with AI Close attention because what most people Think is that if you just get a robot or Two robots or three robots or whatever It is to go out there and do work for You and each robot can make you 5 10 15

Or a hundred dollars a day well then if You had these six robots you could be Making five hundred dollars a day or More which isn’t far from the truth However the problem is that people are Looking for AI to do all the work hence I go pay for a robot and he makes me Money for the rest of my life this this Is a lot like the Outsourcing craze that Happened in 2008 2009 yet a bunch of People who wanted to make money online And they heard that the key was just to Outsource and get lots of employees so The more employees I got the more money I’m going to make and the goal was to Get lots of people to make you lots of Money however most people failed Miserably because you can’t just go out There and pay someone to make you money If you could we’d all just have a bunch Of employees I mean think about this for A minute is Jeff Bezos Rich because he Has a bunch of employees making him Money or was he Rich because he came up With the concept put stuff together and Then got employees is Google Rich Because they have tons and tons of Employees or is Google Rich because they Came up with an algorithm hey wait a Minute is that AI yeah and that Algorithm goes out there and does the Work based on their Vision now don’t Worry we don’t need to be the next Google or Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk we’re

Just here to make a few bucks online and Lucky for you AI can help with this big Time but first you need to understand What AI is going to do exactly because If you think you’re going to go out There and buy some AI software for five Dollars and get rich for the rest of Your life you got another thing coming But if you don’t mind doing a little bit Of work and having AI assist you in the Process then I think you’re gonna find This video highly satisfactory all right Let’s see here magnetic clip Beauty products massage products Flame diffuser Humidifier perfume diffuser LED car lights Merchant sensor a grooming brush okay Yeah this is a list of different Drop Shipping products that AI went out and Found for me but don’t worry we’re not Talking about Drop Shipping what we are Talking about is one of the highest paid Professions online and that is the Ability to extract and direct Information remember how I said that Jeff Bezos didn’t get rich by having a Bunch of employees he got rich by Finding the right products and putting Them in front of the right people AKA Information because what is a product Until you buy it other than information On a screen very important so if we Could go out there and extract and

Direct information in a way that people Are going to want to consume it and Watch it based on what they’re searching For then you can make lots of money for Example if I was to type in the ahrefs Keyword tool best software you’re going To see people want best antivirus Software video editing tax software Photo editing animation and on and on we Go and these are people looking to Purchase different software for a Different reason so these people looking For the best DJ software we could send Our AI Bots out there to find the best DJ software in a very simple way well Let me show you how it works because I Actually use this method in this video Wait a minute what yep that’s right in This video those examples you saw are Where I sent the AI out there to Actually find the top Drop Shipping Products you can see here I have 10 20 24 34 44 54 over 60 products that AI Found for me like that with no work I Just simply copy and paste the links From the videos I want extract the Information that I want compile it in an Easy to use format position it in front Of the people looking for the best DJ Software and boom I can make money and Just to show you how this works in order To compile this video I wanted to find Lots of AI transcription softwares that You can use to actually get this

Information the way that I did and so I Got this one here for top five Transcription softwares and you can see Here all I need to do is go through and Extract the different softwares and then I can even have ai elaborate on them Even more and you can see here all I’m Doing is compiling information in a Helpful way so that people don’t have to Go through thousands of videos to find a Simple answer and it’s very important to Note that we want AI to go and find the Data we don’t want to play your eyes or Copy or do anything like that all we Want to do is allow the AI to do the Legwork for us and then we can use that Data spend a couple minutes make our own Report or our own video or guide and Boom all we got to do is put it in front Of people run some ads Place some Affiliate offers and we can make lots of Money and some of the tools that I use To extract data are happy scribe Trent speech pal or even camtasia’s Audiate tool all I need to do is find Out information that other people have Done the work on extract that Information create my own Mega helpful Report or article and boom I’m off to The races and you could see people are Doing this all the time you got all These guys on YouTube showing you Different alternatives to different Products softwares tools websites you

Name it here’s some people making videos On the top 10 different things from top 10 Drop Shipping products to top 10 Secrets richest YouTubers and on and on We go top tens with over 4.7 million Subscribers and over a billion views top Fives with 2.4 million subscribers or a Buddy of mine Evan Carmichael who makes All kinds of videos extracting quotes From different famous people and what They say now make sure that you have the Rights to actually use the video if You’re using video what I usually do is Don’t use the video just extract the Quotes and do a little bit of explaining About what the quote is about and this Guy is literally making millions and Millions of dollars compiling Information that’s out there and using a Team of people and software and all Kinds of things to get this data so that He could create content on a daily basis And make millions of dollars each and Every year and if you want to see a Video that I did with Evan about his Business model check out the links in The description for that and some other Videos on AI software and you can see Here I use programs like print all the Time to extract data to create my own Videos articles tools reports and Anything I want to use to make money and What you’re going to want to do is use Your keyword tools to find out what

People are searching for type in things Like best websites top 10 top 5 Alternative sites like ways to list or Even tools then you let the AI do the Work extract all the data you create a Helpful video website content or even Social media posts then you’re going to Place that piece of content in front of The people that are searching either on YouTube social media Facebook Google Whatever it is wherever they’re looking For this info you’re going to put this In front of them then you’re going to Link them to ads that pay you like them To affiliate offers and use that traffic To put money in your pocket and if you Dug this little idea smash the like Button and let me know if you want to Part two to this video in the comments Below

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