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All right 222 dollars a day correcting Grammar online first we’re gonna need Our list of 107 common grammar mistakes And Corrections then We take a little paragraph like this and See if we can find the errors can you Find the errors I’m pretty atrocious at Grammar but I can see right here what we Need Is a little apostrophe and then we need To change this to you then we hit submit And get paid let me show you how it Works hunting in my backyard just the Other day when I was hunting Out by the backyard Office I came across A moose I decided to Swear he came from When I noticed A bunch Of Mooses Oh Mises Moose what is the plural of moose Moose Miss Wait a minute according to ahrefs almost 50 000 people each and every month are Looking for the plural of moose And one of the sites ranking for that Word is estimated to be making almost Two hundred thousand dollars a month More about that in just a minute all

Right so as you can see here lots and Lots of different sites are making tons Of money with different terms and Different things about grammar but if You don’t want to build a website don’t Worry we’re going to talk to you about Some ways to make money really really Easy correcting grammar online it’s Actually extremely simple stay tuned for Those but first let’s take a look at This writing explained has almost two Hundred thousand dollars a month coming In Via free search engine traffic Grammarist we got 255 000 a month English grammar lessons 191 000 a month and wait a minute language Tool with over 700 000 a month in free Traffic how does this even work well Actually right here I have a list of Over a hundred different grammar Questions people have and the amount of Times their search for each and every Month you could see effect versus affect Gets over 327 000 searches a month now that’s a lot of Traffic it’s easy to get but making Money can be kind of challenging which Is why you’re going to want to watch This entire video oh yeah and if you Stay to the end I’ll actually give you a Copy of this report that my assistant Jesse put together for you so if you’re Excited about that smash a like button And let’s dive into method number one of

How to make money correcting grammar Method number one is actually pretty Simple what you’re gonna do is be a Proofreader there are thousands of People making money proofreading Documents online for companies Individuals freelance you name it I Actually went ahead and compiled a list Of 27 sites that pay you to proofread Over at affiliatemarketingdude.com some Of the highlights were upwork where you Can go and post a job right now Fiverr Which is pretty good but the Competition’s kind of high proofreading Services p people per hour and Proofreading pal so if you’re good at Grammar and you want to correct papers For a living you could go out there and Do that to your heart’s content now of Course since it is a job you will be Maxed out by the amount of hours you can Work which if you’re looking to do this As a business keep watching I got a Doozy for you and that brings us to Method number two which is very similar To Method number one only instead of Proofreading you’re gonna be editing Content yep that’s right you would Rewrite articles and papers based on What the criteria is of the person who Hired you some of the sites you can find Work are LinkedIn get editing jobs edit Fast and more again I have that list Over at downloadmynotes.com along with a

Lot of other good stuff to help you make Money now let’s get into some of my Favorite methods number three create a Grammar website as you can see from this List which is just a small tiny snippet Of all the grammar mistakes people are Searching for on Google every day There’s is lots and lots of traffic for A lot of these keywords and the Competition is pretty non-existent and Some of the sites I found were making as Much as ninety one thousand dollars a Hundred and ninety nine thousand dollars And more and this method is actually Pretty easy what you’re gonna do is find A term like worse versus worst and kind Of keep in mind that this person’s Probably writing a paper for school or Writing a book or doing some kind of Writing for something and they’re Struggling with words as I often do Because I’m not the greatest speller in The world I probably can’t even spell Speller but at any rate we could see Here language tool Physically Yeah that thing Pro writingaid study.com amazing talker Capitalize my type wait a minute these Are all websites talking about different Ways to use different grammar ah I see What’s going on here if you see it too Let me know in the comments because Basically what they’re doing is creating

An article about how this word Works What the difference is when to use it When not to use it turning that into a Blog post getting traffic and making Money with a super stealth method that I’m going to talk to you about in just a Minute yeah keep watching you’re gonna Dig it so all I would have to do is Start putting these different terms into My keyword tool finding stuff with low Competition writing an article about it And putting it on my blog yep that’s Right you could blog about grammar Mistakes and make a really good living Sit tight and I’m going to show you some Methods that are going to stack on top Of this that are going to blow your mind And help you put more money in your Pocket method number four create a Grammar video channel if we were to go To YouTube and type in correct use of we Could see how to use a semicolon eight Rules for the and some of these guys Have millions and millions of views in Fact years ago a gal named Marina orlova Actually created a Channel all about Different words and she made a fortune I Think she actually became a GoDaddy Spokesperson or something like that and Yep all she was doing was talking about Interesting words and you can see here One channel is making short little Videos about when and where to use Different words so basically if you know

How to figure this stuff out or maybe You already know it apparently my wife Knows everything about grammar because She’s quick to correct me on damn near Anything hey wait a minute why don’t you Have a YouTube channel eh more about That later so we could see here having a Grammar video channel can make lots of Money you can make money with the Stealth method I’m going to talk to you About in just a minute and you can get Paid for those ads that show up on your Video and often times grammar companies Pay a good amount for the ads on those Videos of which you get a portion of Course all you need to do is have a Monetized channel and boom you’re Off to The Races but don’t just do that wait For the stealth method I think you’re Gonna like it method number five is to Create grammar fast content this would Be making short little videos on Tick Tock or Instagram or Pinterest or Whatever it is and using that to get Traffic to a website all about the Different grammar things that you want To help people with yep sit tight this Is about to get really good because Number six is a hybrid model the hybrid Model is where we’re going to create a Blog a YouTube channel Pinterest Tick Tock and everything and point it all at The same place this is the method if you Want to make a lot of money disclaimer

Results not typical in player guaranteed The average person trying to make money Online makes nothing however I think You’ll understand that this is actually A business and it can actually work now If you’re using the hybrid model which I Highly recommend what you would want to Do is get a good domain name for a Couple of bucks I was able to get Grammarnut.com I thought that was kind Of cool I like that because it was small So so if I put that on an image or I put It on a tick tock or mention it in a YouTube video people can find it very Easily then what I want to do is point All the traffic methods there and put Something very specific on the site Which is going to put a ton of money in Our pocket and the traffic methods I can Use are SEO this is where you’re going To rank on Google for the various terms Or MSN and Bing and Yahoo and all those Other search engines too we can use Video you can see here this video about Single and plural got over 1.3 million Views we can use Pinterest you can see Lots of people are putting all kinds of Pins on Pinterest about grammar you can Use Instagram Facebook wait what grammar Memes yep that’s right people are Actually creating memes about Grammar and you can go out there and Create silly memes and get tons of Traffic and that’s all fine good great

But Marcus where’s the money well the Money that you’re gonna make from your Blogs and your videos and all this stuff We’re talking about is actually going to Come from a very specific Source sure You can run ads and use AdSense and Affiliate programs and things like that But I think there’s something a lot more Profitable that you’re going to want to Use and that my friends okay I’m going To interrupt myself real quick because I Want to show you how to get this content If you’re having a hard time saying well Marcus I don’t know what to write about I don’t know about how to find this Grammar stuff what do I do if I don’t Want to do all the leg work well Actually last night I paid 150 to have Someone come up with a report of 107 Different grammar mistakes and I asked Them to categorize them by comma and Apostrophes and maybe different uses of Words and things like that and so they Created this report and I paid 150 bucks Because I wanted it done in 12 hours so That it’d be ready for the video but you Could actually get these done for like 50 or less depending on where you go and Now once I have this report I can Actually go through and use some of the Methods we talked about earlier I could Take the comma ones and make an Infographic or make a video on Unnecessary commas or a video on commas

In a series or something like that and I Can make all kinds of content related to What people are searching for for the Various grammar mistakes and since some Of these are really easy like number 55 Is the poor order of words I can take His little description expand on it make A one minute short video talking about How to use the order of words the Correct way and since I know that the Majority of the people that are going to Be watching this video are interested in Writing or grammar all I would have to Do is make a little Link in the Description or in my content or on the Infographic leading back to my website Which is going to talk about these Important affiliate programs and Monetization methods we are going to use Different affiliate offers related to Grammar we can see here that grammarly Pays on a subscription it pays on a free Trial and all kinds of things like that And if you check out the list at Downloadmynotes.com I actually went Through and found tons of different Affiliate programs like grammarly and Actually grammarly has an option where You can get paid not just on a sale but For everyone who tries out the program Wait what they don’t have to buy Anything yep that’s right and you can Get paid just for simply showing people How grammarly works there’s also Pro

Writing affiliate program white smoke Readable and many many others and if you Want to make money in a very simple way Using grammarly and other affiliate Programs check out downloadmynotes.com For the full list and start ranking for Super easy traffic don’t over complicate This this is actually pretty simple and To learn more about this method check Out the links in the description of this This video smash the like button and Binge watch my content

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