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My Crazy Dropshipping / Ecommerce Shortcut – $26,000 In 30 Days?

tired of watching all those dropshipping gurus telling you to find some wierd cup or other junk on alibaba, put it on a site and get rich… yea… they are missing the big ecommerce componant that makes this whole thing work.

that is why today i am going to show you my dropshipping shortcut that works like crazy for shopify, ppc, seo, tiktok, youtube, oberlo, or any dropshipping platform.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Hello and welcome today we are going to Talk about a very simple Drop Shipping Secret strategy that is going to jump Start your Drop Shipping now I know a Lot of people are talking about Different ways to do Drop Shipping and Make money with Drop Shipping and Tick Tock and paid ads and Shopify and all This stuff that is really really Confusing Especially when we have ourself talking In the background right but what we’re Going to do is we’re going to talk about How this works we’re going to make it Very easy and I’m going to show you an Insane shortcut and I gotta tell you Guys I’m out there I watch the same Stuff you guys watch I learn the same Stuff you guys watch I went out there And I paid to have a bunch of videos Transcribed some of them I tried to read And then I had to go watch to make sure That I wasn’t going insane Because the advice was crazy Right here’s one here fastest way to Start a Drop Shipping business is Basically like find a name get some Graphics and you know uh get a Background remover and that was pretty Much it which tells us nothing about Drop Shipping here’s another one that Got tons and tons of views about uh the Millionaire shortcut to drop shipping And it was basically saying absolutely

Nothing it said to go read Robert Cialdini’s book which is a good book but How is that going to help me with Drop Shipping how is this going to work Here’s another one I watched and this Was literally crazy and don’t worry if You’re just tuning in here we are going To show you a simple shortcut to drop Shipping that you’re not even going to Believe this is going to be something That is so simple it’s so diabolical you Just literally go do it and you get Results and it has built-in results We’re going to show you live examples We’re going to show you how this works In a real world way now this video was Called the hidden secret it to drop Shipping and this guy was talking about How like Auto Trader was a Drop Shipping Site and I’m like uh no last I checked They were like a classified ad site for Uh cars uh so you know I don’t know About that one there’s another one I Watched that had some good stuff there Was a couple that had good stuff we’re Going to go over those as well but I Really want to talk to you about how This Drop Shipping shortcut works okay It’s very very important because this is The ultimate Drop Shipping e-commerce Shortcut whether you want to sell stuff Through Drop Shipping or Ecom or Whatever it is this is going to show you The real deal okay so if you’re ready to

Learn the real deal if you’ve gone Through the videos like I did and you’re Like Marcus what are these people Talking about like I watched a guy and He was talking about how to sell some Certain lighter on Tick Tock and I’m Like okay well you know I did the math There was one here let me see if I have The math here for you guys Um the math was insane I was like okay Dude you literally got 4.6 million visitors 4.6 million people watched your video of A specific thing that you were selling Like it wasn’t like hey here’s a video Of me skateboarding go buy fruit loops No it was like hey here’s me Skateboarding you want the skateboarding That I used in the in the video here you Go so this guy got 4.6 million views Um and he only sold like 390 products Which I was like okay that’s there’s a Problem here and I think that’s the deal Right I’ve been doing this business for 23 years now and I’ve seen a lot of Stuff come and go I’ve seen a lot of people talk about the Latest greatest whiz-bang shortcut to Making this business work and a lot of Things just leave you more confused than When you’ve started And I was like wait a minute you know I Think we need to get to the nitty-gritty And talk about something that you can do

That makes sense something easy that’s Going to shortcut you to success Something that’s going to shortcut you And answer all the questions because a Lot of people watching this you might Not even know what you want to drop ship Or worse you might think you know what You want to drop ship but the numbers Say a different story so today we are Going to answer those questions we’re Going to pull back the curtain we’re Going to show you exactly how this stuff Works whether you’re doing Ecom Drop Shipping whatever it is now very Important There’s some some uh cute pictures in This video right here we go so it might Have a little bit of Cute Overload here I had a little bit of fun and these will Make sense towards the end you might be Like Marcus what’s with the with the Rabbit I I don’t know he’s cool but what What’s he gonna do here well pay close Attention because this is all going to Come full circle if you smash a like Button and stay till the end as always There’s going to be a lot of stuff that You’re going to want to pay attention to Here so number one we’re gonna go Through the outline okay now I gotta Tell you Very very important the outline Is not The shortcut

Okay you need to know the outline for The shortcut to make sense all right A Lot of people are like just give me the Shortcut what what buttons do I push on My keyboard to make lots of money well You know there are buttons but you have To have like a website to be able to do It right you have to be able to do stuff There so we need to understand exactly How this works and this outline is going To show you the secret to making it work Okay because a lot of people out there You know they go out there and they Don’t understand how everything Stacks Up and if you’re not stacking everything Up in the right way you’re not going to Get results which a lot of you guys are Like oh hey I put a Shopify store up Like Guru number five told me to do and I didn’t get results and the reason is Because you didn’t follow the outline And you didn’t look at the shortcut and The shortcut that you are going to learn On this training is going to be Mind-boggling because what it’s going to Do is answer all the questions you have You have questions about making money in This business they’re going to answer Themselves very important now what we Need to do is we need to look at this in A real world way okay So first and foremost what we’re going To do is something completely different Than what other people do okay what

We’re going to do is we are going to Find our Market first okay we’re going To find our Market first and we’re going To say okay who are we going to Market To okay who are we going to Market to That is the first question okay you got The people out there that are like oh Hey go sell a lighter go do this go sell A baseball bat whatever it is okay what We’re gonna do is we are first going to Define who we are going to Market to Okay this is It’s marketing 101. for Some reason I don’t know why marketing 101 goes out the door with all this new Stuff it’s like oh you don’t understand Marcus Tick Tock and I’m like I do Understand Tick Tock is a traffic source Right there that’s it that’s all tick Tock is okay very important so we need To understand this and we need to see Exactly what’s going on CE we find what our Market is who we’re Going to advertise to who we’re going to Talk to okay and when I say advertise This could be paid advertising this Could be free advertising it just Depends on what we’re doing and where The market’s at so number one we have to Ask ourselves does the volume support The revenue that I want okay so some of You guys out here and type it in the Box Put it in the comments smash a like Button let me know some of you guys out Here might be like well Marcus you know

What I want to make a thousand dollars a Month okay great or I want to make ten Thousand a month or whatever it is okay If you want to make this amount of money You need to understand if the market Is going to bear that right if I’m Selling a product that’s five dollars And I get three bucks every time I sell It well you know in order to get ten Thousand dollars a month I need to sell A lot of those so we need to see if the Volume is going to support the revenue Okay now the way we’re going to do this Is by taking a look at what’s out there Right you could go on Tick Tock and look At the videos if people are not watching Videos in your Market Probably not going to work okay very Important so I’m going to Breeze through This outline And then we’re going to get to The shortcut okay very simple very easy I think I need some more coffee Okay so again this outline is what’s Going to make The shortcut makes sense So number one does the volume support The revenue is there enough traffic for Me to make what I want okay right now uh Bunny rabbits all right approximately Three million people in the U.S have a Pet rabbit okay so if I’m like okay I Want to make three million dollars a Month can I do it with pet rabbits well

Maybe but not with one product not with Drop Shipping like I’m gonna have to do Way bigger so we need to look at it now Can I go into the pet rabbit market and Make you know ten thousand dollars a Month yeah I think I can and I’m going To show you how very important so number One does the volume support the revenue Now when we look at volume we need to Look at two different things okay we’re Gonna start By looking at search volume Okay what do people search for now why Do I like search volume well as we Mentioned earlier this guy over here on The old Tick Tock got over 4.6 million People to watch his Tick Tock but he Only got 390 sales why why does that Happen why is that a problem what are we Going to do about it well the reason That happens is because it’s not Targeted people aren’t Tick Tock if the Video goes viral are not necessarily Typing in your product this is why we Want to start with search Okay how do we start with search very Important okay what we’re going to do is We’re going to look at our search tools So we could go out there we could look At ahrefs we could look at semrush we Can look at whatever let me pull this Open so you can see exactly what’s going On I think I need Some more space here there we go all

Right so we’re gonna go here we’re gonna Look at this Um on semrush or ahrefs or whatever Keyword tool you like if you don’t have Any money to buy a keyword tool Um there’s tons of free ones out there As well so if we go over here To semrush and we type something in like Let’s say Um Let’s say baseball Bet okay we can look up baseball bat and We can see whatever it is people are Searching for now this is very important I want you to understand this again we Need to really look what’s going on How’s our audio audio okay Hopefully okay so we need to understand What’s going on so I I gotta look at This market in terms of who is actually Searching for this stuff now caveat I do understand There are flukes that happened okay if I Was just type in pet rock 50 years Before the pet rock existed no one was Searching for it they invented it this Is important a lot of people think oh Well you know in pet rock that Marcus You’re wrong nobody searched for that Before the guy came out the Snuggie no One searched for that before it came out What are we gonna do well they got a lot Of traffic and they built the market in And of themselves now unless you have

Millions of dollars that’s probably Going to be very difficult to do it’s Very risky and you probably won’t be Profitable actually most of the ads Seen On TV products they’re lead generators Right what they’re doing is they’re Trying to break even so they can Generate leads so we need to understand This because a lot of people they don’t Get this and they try to Market like Coca-Cola uh or or another big company And it’s like if you don’t have Coca-Cola wallets Like as big as they have you’re probably Not gonna be able to make this work so When we look at this we want to start With search we start with search because This is people searching we know there’s 60 000 people a month looking for Baseball bat we know it’s 34 cents a Click pretty cool Now we also know that hey it’s difficult On the the what do you call it this Competition okay now the competition say It with me is not that important right Now What’s most important is how is this Going to work what is the volume what’s Out there because I look at this and I’m Like okay number one people are Interested in baseball bats great Wonderful good number two people buy Baseball bats great wonderful good now You might not be able to get ranked

Number one on Google for baseball bat Okay and smash the like button if you’re Digging this all right you might not Rank number one obviously because has you beat and all these Other sites right Sporting Goods uh Product ads stories and all kinds of Stuff okay you might not be able to rank There but you could probably Make a bunch of tick tocks using a bunch Of different bats and see how far the Ball goes with each bat and you might be Like me and you might not be able to hit A baseball even if it was like glued to Your bat but if you if you’re like me You need to go find someone who’s good At it and you can pay them or give them A commission or something like that okay So what we want to do is we want to make Sure the volume supports the revenue so If I want to go out there and say okay What is the search volume then what is Let’s go over here Then we’re going to look at what is The social volume Okay social Is going to include Pinterest YouTube uh Tick Tock uh what else we got uh Instagram we got Facebook anything like That now what happens is your little Market here Now gets very big okay because you might Be like oh there’s 60 000 people a month Searching for baseball bat however if I

Go over to YouTube Okay and I do baseball bat Okay what’s gonna happen here is now We’re gonna see videos about baseball Bats hitting with the voodoo bat 192 000 people watch that video let me show You what it looks like actually there You go right 192 000 people watch that Video it’s only been out for six days Hundred and twelve thousand nine days And on and on we go and we look at this And we’re like that is what this guy’s Doing and between you me and the wall Here I did not plan it looking at this Market for some reason I thought a Baseball bat and boom there you go That’s what this guy is doing right why Would he put out a video every three Days if he wasn’t raking in big bucks Okay very important so we look at this And we’re like okay now he’s got what 400 300 000 people in just over like Right around 10 days That’s a lot of people okay now is it Going to sell as many as search will Sell of course not someone’s searching For Louisville Slugger that’s the only Bat I know Um you know that’s gonna be someone is Going to buy that because they’re like Okay that’s something I want to buy That’s something that I can do So search is going to work very very Well okay social also now are you going

To sell as many of course not are you Going to get ad Revenue are you going to Get all kinds of stuff yes you are and Now ladies and gentlemen who had naha Moment did anyone just get The old aha moment because if you got The aha moment type it in the box and This Secret strategy secret shortcut I’m Going to show you is going to start to Make a lot of sense Okay it’s gonna make a lot of sense if You got it if you didn’t get the aha Moment I want you to understand exactly What’s going on because now once I go Out there this is why we picked the Market first and this is the aha moment I’ll just I’ll just like Kramer I’ll Just tell you the movie you’d like to See right Um what happens here Is now when I choose the baseball bat Okay now my market answers the questions For me What am I gonna sell I’m gonna sell the Baseball bat who am I gonna sell it to People watching baseball videos on YouTube people watching baseball is on Tick Tock people searching for baseballs Over here people doing that okay well Marcus how am I gonna drop ship it I’m Gonna go to Google and I’m going to type In baseball bat drop shipper simple I’m Gonna look at the traffic then what I’m

Gonna do Very important is I’m going to look at The barrier of Entry okay what is the Barrier of Entry the barrier of Entry is What it’s going to take and we’ll ask Our old buddy Wilson and Patrick to help Us out with this right what the barrier Of Entry we’ll call it barrier We’ll call it the bow the old bow the Barrier of Entry is what’s it going to Take to get into this Market all right We could go over here we look at Baseball bat On this here okay and we can see the Barrier of Entry is 34 cents a click Okay so if I get a hundred clicks Times 34 cents all right what is that uh 34 bucks is my math right there you have To check my math uh for me it’s a little Too early and I’m trying to have water Instead of coffee so you know sometimes That it works out a little different but I think my numbers are right I think It’s about thirty four dollars Um for that so question is if I’m Selling a hundred dollar bat and I get Fifty dollars can I sell one out of Every 100 people Okay cool what that’s going to do is It’s going to show you the barrier of Entry what’s a barrier Venture now again If you don’t have money to buy traffic Don’t worry we can do this stuff on Tick Tock we can do it everywhere but again

We need to understand That the first thing we got to do Is look at does the volume support it How many of you guys watching this right Now you’re like yeah baseball bat Market Definitely has 10 grand a month in it Not even a question I don’t even have to look it up right Very very important so Does the volume support the revenue Check your keyword tools I like A8 traps You could use uh semrush you could use Free tools the Google AdWords tool you Could just search and see what’s out There All kinds of stuff check your social Media traffic go to tick tock look up Baseball bat see what comes up Um check your barrier of Entry okay Pretty simple this is good if I could Get a drop chipper I’m good to go if I Have to order a thousand bats and then Sell them I’m probably not going to test This Market because I don’t want to Spend 50 Grand on bats or 5 000 bucks on Bats or whatever it is I want to find Out the concept first which actually one Of the videos I watched uh yesterday Had a really good idea and I liked the Idea and his idea was to go out there And find a product that’s on Amazon That’s also on like Alibaba or something Like that and then buy it and review it And see if you can sell some before you

Actually start you know getting these in Stock and and paying to have a site Built or whatever it is prove your Concept first and I like that idea I Thought it was a good one okay let’s go Ahead and get into number two and then Again smash the like button if you’re Excited because at the end of this video It’s going to come full circle and You’re gonna be like holy crap that is The easiest way to start Drop Shipping With an audience already like what I’m Gonna show you is how I went out there And for pennies on the dollar I got into A market hint You’ll like the market and it’s very Simple okay it’s very simple and you’re Gonna see how it works okay and it’s Going to come full circle and be like Hey that’s it you just you just go do it Number two what we’re going to do is We’re going to find our margins and look At what we can afford a lot of people Say Marcus I don’t want to do paid Traffic well neither do I If paid traffic is an expense I don’t Want to do it however I will buy traffic All day long till I’m blue in the face If it’s profitable doesn’t matter to me If it’s profitable it’s profitable I’ll Do it all day long people say Marcus how Much will you pay per click I’ll pay a Thousand dollars a click if it’ll make Me 1500 or 2 000 a click why not who

Wouldn’t if you answered that question Different than me you might not want to Be an internet marketer just saying all Right so what we want to do in part Number two is find our margins figure Out what we can afford okay what can we Do here what do we expect to make far Too many people they start this business And they start cash heavy right and They’re like okay I’m going to invest All this because I think it’s a good Idea no no don’t invest because you Think it’s a good idea Figure out if it’s a good idea and then Invest very important we got to Understand that okay now We gotta ask ourselves if I’m doing the Bat or if I’m doing uh whatever what is The cost going to be To get this in my customers hands Years ago When I was Drop Shipping gas scooters Okay Sold a lot of them it was crazy I was Like 23 years old didn’t know what I was Doing set up a site Got free traffic sold like 16 000 worth Of gas scooters my first month profit Margin was great I think it was like 60 Profit And I never even touched the scooters it Was great so I had to I had to look at This and say okay to get the scooter We’ll draw a scooter here all right

Here’s a person on the scooter there They go all right there everyone Draw better than that but there we have That and we’re like okay here’s here’s a Scooter what is it going to cost to Deliver the scooter to the person Scooter inbox on doorstep what is it Going to cost me well that cost me about 170 to I think it was like 210 depending On what they got if they got the gas one With the souped up stuff it cost me 210 On their doorstep that’s it okay meaning I didn’t have to cover shipping on top Of it it was included very important so I look at that and I’m like okay that’s What it’s going to cost me now once you Know this okay now I can charge 350 and I know if they get this model I’m Profiting 140 if they get that model I’m Profiting about 180 okay this is super Important you need to know your numbers You have to know them that’s why we Gotta ask what is it going to cost to Get this delivered Number two how do we check our review Counts and sales counts so we’re gonna Go out there and be like okay well maybe I’m going to do a baseball bat or some Kind of lighter I’m gonna go out there On Amazon or whatever and I’m going to See how many reviews this could tell me How many they’re gonna sell right it’s Like okay is it is it something people Are buying

Um we’re gonna check sales counts on Like Etsy and eBay and other places to Make sure that these things are actually Selling okay very important number three We need to find out if there is a back End profit method this is super Important okay you need to know like What am I going to do after so let’s say We’re like Tick Tock guy and we’re Selling some kind of lighter okay and we Get uh what do we get 390 sales so what Happened here Is he went out there He got four million people to watch his Video Okay 4.6 million people watched his Video Out of that I think it was like 390 Sales okay he made like eight grand if I Ever get four million people to anything And I only make four grand I need to Quit I just need to quit I need to stop what I’m doing and he figure something else Out because anyone can do that right you Don’t think you could get that it’s Pretty easy to do okay results of that Typical implied are guaranteed but it is Pretty easy to do I got a buddy who does That and he’s not even trying so we got To look at this and understand okay 4.6 Million targeted people they’re watching A video about some kind of lighter okay 390 sales but what happened to all these

People All right you got 4.599 million people That didn’t order but liked it okay so What we need to do is we need to look at The clicks we need to look at what we’re Going to do with this okay very Important because on that Heck yeah I’d want a back end If I got 4.6 million people only sold 390 I need a back end I need people uh Maybe maybe I do a prize hey win this Maybe I’ll do something else like hey Win this one out of a thousand wins Um you know and then maybe maybe I’ll Get them to the next page and say hey You don’t want to figure out if you win Go ahead and buy it or whatever but at Least I would build a mailing list at Least I get something okay very cool and Then you need to be creative like what If I went out there and I made a tick Tock or a video Channel about like Lighter tricks you know when you were in High school and the guy’s like oh check Out what I do with the Zippo and you’re Like okay great wonderful a lot of People are into that stuff Um and that can work really well again What you’re doing is you’re building up A group you’re building up a following And you’re going to provide a back end As well now number three I think is our Last so yeah number three is our last

Big one and then we’ll get into the Crazy shortcut this shortcut You use it it works you just go use it All right number three is plan your Attack and smash the like button and Subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet So what we’re going to do is we’re going To plan our attack and we have our Attack bunnies up here There you go I mean they they look like They’re ready to make some money so what We’re going to do is we’re going to plan Our attack We’re going to ask ourselves where is The traffic now well baseball bats I Know 60 000 are searching for it on Google I know that way more than that Are watching it on YouTube there’s Probably a lot of people on Tick Tock as Well so what we’re going to do is we’re Going to get an overview of where the Traffic is at okay this is our attack We’re like okay where is it we got Pinterest no uh for that example maybe You got uh Tick Tock yeah that’s a good One instagram maybe all right and then We have Facebook YouTube whatever and We’re going to look at this and say well Where is our traffic this is important Because once you start to understand hey Wait a minute this is a strategy it’s Not a tactic a lot of people are Teaching tactics there’s Tech there’s These these lists are full of tactics

And apparently money too but they’re Full of tactics which means you know They’re good you could use a tactic but A tactic is not a business and that’s Why you guys are struggling because a Tactic is not a business we need to go Out there and we need to look at this Like business people okay so we’re gonna Ask ourselves where’s the traffic now Then we’re going to build a simple sales Funnel one page three pages five pages Whatever okay you gotta have like Privacy policy and terms and conditions And refunds and returns and stuff like That okay we’re gonna make a simple Sales funnel one track one goal Okay we don’t want to send them to a big Store when I did the gas scooters I had Three models three colors each That was it okay black red or blue 50cc Or 40 Cc or whatever it was okay very Very simple all right and if you want to Learn about that I have a video in the Description about how to make a simple Uh one track store now again be lean Okay A lot of people are out there and Before they even start they’re in the Hole a thousand bucks for some fancy Shopify store okay ladies and gentlemen Shopify might be great I don’t know I’ve Never used it why have I never used it Because it’s just another web Builder That’s all it is a click funnels Shopify All this stuff everyone gets super hyped

Up about all this stuff and at the end Of the day all it is is a glorified web Builder and apparently There’s hamsters running around in the Computer or something like that I don’t Know some kind of noise but at any rate We’re going to take a look at this and We’re going to understand I can do this Very easy I’m going to set up a one-page Deal I’m gonna do it with PayPal cost me Nothing bada bing bada boom I’m in Business you’re still out there trying To figure out Shopify I’m already in Business in less than 30 minutes number Three we’re gonna start lean We’re going to use PayPal we’re going to Use stripe we’re going to make this Super easy and then we’re going to Decide if we’re going to build a list Very simple then number four We’re gonna go ahead and run it okay We’re gonna run it we’re gonna test our Numbers we’re gonna see where we end up Okay where are we going to end up how is This going to work then we’re going to Improve Add options grow traffic And make it work okay then we go build a List and stuff like that so we’re going To go through and we’re gonna say what Next and what’s next is drum roll please Ladies and gentlemen What is next Is the shortcut

This is key this is key All right what we’re going to do Is we are going to take everything we Just learned and we are going to rig the Game in our favor how many guys want to Rig the game smash that like button let Me know I want to rig the game I want to Make this stuff work like never before I Want to get into Market that’s already Done for me and I want to know Mark is Really really wrote like what is up With the rabbits what’s going on well This is all going to make sense right Here right now smash the like button if You’re ready because here ladies and Gentlemen is what I have found in 23 Years of making money online after Making I think close to 12 million Dollars online I have found the biggest Shortcut To Building A Drop Shipping Store Here we go let’s rig the game in our Favor just a couple of months ago I Think like a month ago or something like That you guys know that I buy domain Names all the time okay and let’s see it Might make me log in again hopefully it Doesn’t good it didn’t I buy domain Names all the time you can see here Like a lot of people like Marcus put Your money where your mouth is I do I Literally bought sixty thousand dollars Worth of domain names in the last uh you Know couple months I think three months

Or something like that I buy them all The time and what we’re going to do here Is we’re going to take a look at some of Them I got you’re going to notice some Of them I pay like five bucks some 40 Some 300 one of them I paid twelve Hundred dollars for why would I do that Why would I pay twelve hundred dollars For this domain right let’s take a look Let’s go to GoDaddy and see what their Appraisal tool says okay so go Daddy Appraisal And let’s see I doubt it’s worth all That much but it might be and I’m going To show you why it’s worth a lot to me Okay So let’s find GoDaddy appraisal there we Go And we’ll put it in here like this And we’ll see what it says it’s worth 7 24. so Mark Marcus why would you buy a Domain that GoDaddy who says Everything’s worth a lot of money says It’s worth 7.24 why would you buy this Well the reason I bought this domain is Because I looked at it and I was like Okay so what was this and I went over Here To the site Explorer And I put the site in like this and I Found out that this domain actually Ranks and ranked for a lot of stuff Related to Rabbit supplies Hey wait a minute wait a minute Marcus

Are you kidding me so this one here Ranked number 14 right now For pet bunny clothes Wait so your markets back back up a Little bit here let’s see where’s our Screen back up a little bit here let’s Talk about how this works so what you’re Doing Is you’re skating past everything Because everyone says go pick a product Pick something you like or something you Know about okay great fine I could pick This I actually thought this was a piece Of junk it was a camera some kind of Sony 4K thing I used it once and it was Terrible I could pick this I could sell It or I could go out there and I could find Out what other businesses had what other Websites had that they rank for and I Could be like okay what I’m gonna do is I’m just going to make a rabbit Supply Site okay again remember how we went Through and we’re like okay what were Those steps Okay Steps were does a volume support the Revenue well there’s three million pet Rabbits in the United States alone I Think it was something like I I don’t Remember what it was but uh it was let Me see if I can find it Yeah so the pet rabbit industry is Valued at 612 million dollars a year so

Does the volume support the revenue yeah It does I go over to The Tick Tock and I Look at like the pet router there’s a Pet rabbit on a leash 80 000 views Here’s some people doing all this stuff Here uh there’s apparently a duck 9.8 Million this is a tick tock about a Rabbit I look at this stuff pet bunny Clothes rabbit outfits this is stuff That I rank for right now I don’t have to do much I did fancy it Up and then boom there we go I could Sell these today I could go out there I could sell these Today so what I do is I go out there and Be like okay there we go now if you Don’t know where to buy these domains You can go to GoDaddy auctions you can Check expired domains I got a bunch of Videos on how to buy domains and just Think I’m in business with traffic And some of these I get for like a Hundred dollars I’ve gotten some really Good ones for 100 bucks this was a more Expensive one Um because it was very specific and I Was like Hey nail clippers for bunnies Um rabbit tent apparently Rabbits go Camping right so there we go uh but we Look at this we’re like okay it had lots Of other rankings as well So now all I need to do is reverse Engineer it so now I’m like okay I got

This what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna Drop ship pet bunny stuff okay bunnies Are cute we can make videos we can do All kinds of stuff pretty cool bunny Supplies it ranked I can do better than That now that I own the domain boom We’re gonna watch this thing soar I’ll Probably sell the domain but you guys Get the idea we can also take a look at Some of the keywords I found over 260 000 keywords just On 49 keywords I found it random Okay very very simple now um cry Crown Says GoDaddy is expensive well how many Of you guys think I got ripped off on this domain how many Of you guys do not think this domain was Worth twelve hundred dollars Right you look at it and you’re like Wait a minute so I literally go in there There are people who you pay five Thousand dollars for them to set up your Shopify and you end up with nothing I spent 1200 bucks I know my Niche I Know my products I got built in traffic Bada boom bada bang There we go right How many of you guys are like wait a Minute Marcus like for a little bit of Money I could go out there and I could Find something very specific and I I Could reverse engineer it and say hey Now this is what I’m going to do now all I need to do is go out there see what People are looking rabbit leash okay

Find some rabbit leashes okay find them Here buy some test them out whatever it Is and bada boom there we go right here We go this one here You get uh what 10 of them so they’re 40 Cents each 56 cents plus shipping call It 80 cents each and you get like a Little gardening outfit for your rabbit Too right and you start to look at that And you’re like wait a minute This is pretty simple This is pretty simple so all I’m doing Is saying wait all I got to do is figure Out I ask these questions when I’m Looking at domains because I don’t care I just want domains that you get traffic And boom there we go right whether it’s Rabbits whether it’s swimming pools I Got one about Um ponds Um and it’s about like ponds for your Yard like koi ponds and stuff like that Great for Drop Shipping fantastic for Drop Shipping does volume support yeah Got that domain uh fairly inexpensively For what it was and I start to look at This and I’m like wait a minute so now All I gotta do is make content about This do a good job write about the Products get them test them out if I Don’t have a rabbit maybe I’ll go find Someone with a rabbit and be like hey You want to split the income or Something like that and bada boom there

We go now uh with the pond one I could Do the same kind of thing get some pawns Test them out make some videos boom There you go and when you start to Understand hey wait a minute Now I’m going to start With search traffic Which we know converts good like you’re Going to convert way better if someone Is looking up Rabbit leash versus watching it on Tick Tock okay does that make sense to Everyone and the shortcut here is to go Out there and figure out what was Available right go look at the Domain Say hey what is there what can I use Does this fit the model that I want to Do in bada bing there we go Mark says Would you do it with a domain without All the rankings or should we only get a Domain with rankings well do you want The shortcut or do you not this is the Shortcut right boom there we go I’m Ready to rock and you guys could see This all the time there was one that we Sold to a client I think last month And it ranked for A jewelry thing and this was perfect for Drop Shipping it ranked for crystal Heart And you can see here Crystal Heart Actually does get searches I’ll pull it Up here and you guys can see how it Works

Okay and again the key is build the Content do a good job help these people Out so we’ll go Let’s see okay so Crystal Heart you can See here we rank Um I think that site ranked number five Or six or something like that uh where’d It go shop crystal heart it was up there Somewhere I can’t see my eyes are Got me Um but you’ll see like this stuff works Really really easily and when we go We’ll pull up the domain report here We can see all different kinds of stuff For crystal heart and whatever it is Yeah healing Um green crystal heart heart Crystal Crystal hearts and you can see there’s Lots and lots of traffic for this stuff So all I got to do is Build It Up do a Good job and I could be like oh hey I Want to I want to drop ship uh Crystal Hearts or I want to drop ship Um the quartz or whatever it is right Same kind of thing with the bunny site Go out there we’re going to build it up We’re gonna make it work bada bing bada Boom we are off to the races and you can See there’s lots of stuff here’s a Rabbit castle for the you know royalty Type rabbit Um here’s little toys and and Um Hutches and things like that leashes All kinds of stuff and we look at that

We’re like hey all this traffic here is Ready to go and all I need to do is Build this up in a really good way sell The products and boom I’m off to the Races and we can even do affiliate Marketing with it with pet insurance or Whatever it is and if you guys want to See how this works and see some of the Domains that I get you go over to and you’ll See all kinds of domains sometimes we Sell these sometimes we keep them you Can see I think yeah the bunny ones here Comes with content and what we’re doing Is we’re building these out and helping You guys get in there and sell stuff Based on what they’re looking up and When you start to understand how this Works and you’re like wait a minute So The shortcut is that simple I literally Go out there and find what people want So this one here Uh mistletoe this was about Christmas Stuff Right I’m like okay I could do a drop Shipping uh Christmas store Right and boom there we go very very Simple and we’re like okay this seems to Work right and we’re like okay here’s Some ornaments Um Different nutcrackers and all kinds of Things right and now I have something

Ready to go and this shortcut Works Whether you’re doing Etsy whether you’re Doing Drop Shipping whatever it is it Works in a very very simple way mood Says how would you automate order Fulfillment I’d cross that bridge when I Got to it like a lot of people they want To answer all the questions for me I Want to get sales first because it’s a Good problem that I have if I’m making Sales and I need to automate it right so Very very simple it’s very easy to do And we’re just going to go through and Make it work in a simple way uh how do We outbid you on GoDaddy it depends I’m Buying stuff all the time there how does One Joseph says how does one determine Drop Shipping versus affiliate marketing On these types of products well Affiliate marketing in the bunny Market Is not going to make much all right I’ll Tell you right now you’re gonna get like Five ten percent so it’s going to be Based on what you’re going to make Uh let’s see what makes Drop Shipping The way to go versus affiliate marketing Again what it costs can you tell us how Much you’ve earned profits from the Domain and how long did it take on the Bunny domain I have not set it up yet I Think it’s still pointing at the Bluehost page or something uh can you Hire a freelancer sure you could do that But do it later like don’t hire someone

Until you get sales don’t spend money You don’t have Start getting the sales and stuff like That the only times I spend money is It’s if it’s on something specific like A domain okay this has back links these Work right that kind of thing Um to where it’s like okay at the end of The day if I build this up and I get the Rankings I can sell it I I can sell Products there’s a lot of ways that I Can use this to make money Uh let’s see here Can you check ahrefs for backlinks yep Definitely Um okay All right That’s the shortcut so you guys could See how it works um if you want to check Out the domains that I have and again Like what you want to do is start to Compile all this stuff together so I’m Not just gonna use the domain the domain Is good it’s going to give me a head Start but I’m also going to do Pinterest Tick Tock uh Instagram Facebook I’m Going to do all this stuff because I Want all the traffic to come to me and I Want to sell a lot of this stuff and Once you understand that this is a whole Business strategy that’s the key to Making it work and if you guys want me To help you out in your Market check out or check out the

Domains we have over at all of Them come with a Euro support and we’d Give you the whole plan we show you how To Market them how to rank them we give You content it’s really an awesome deal So thanks for being here smash the like Button check out the videos in the Description that are going to teach you More about Drop Shipping and I’ll see You next time

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