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$1,000 A Day Finding Black Friday Deals?

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First what we need to do is find all the Similar products that have the best deal On them we’re just going to circle them Right here like this then we go over to This site here choose six hours type in Best Black Friday TV deals under three hundred dollars Scroll to the bottom and hit submit Project then we just sit back and wait For the money to roll in all right now Hold on a second if you want to make a Thousand dollars a day during Black Friday we need to really crunch the Numbers and see what’s going on because Even if you’re selling like thousand Dollar TVs or something like that we Need to take a look at how the math Works most people are going to be Promoting Best Buy Amazon Walmart or Other big box retailers now these big Box retailers at most pay somewhere Between like one and six percent Commission sometimes if you’re lucky you Can find one that does 10 although That’s kind of rare which means that in Order to make one thousand dollars a day You would need to be selling 50 to 100 000 worth of products each and every day And while that can be done for the new Person just starting out that’s going to Be pretty difficult so let’s talk about A different way to make this work and to Do that we want to look at the data and

Understand what’s going on over here on My blog we Have listed a bunch of people that are Doing this exact method to show you how It works and what kind of traffic is out There so you can look at this Realistically and start to understand How to get to those big numbers in a Very easy way very fast and we can go Over here to YouTube and type in Something like Black Friday deals and we Could see tons and tons of people that Are literally just talking about the Best deals that are going on for Black Friday so they’re doing nothing other Than just going out there reading ads And Reporting on the cheap best deals That they find which is something that Anyone can do we can also see on Tick Tock people are making short videos About the best Black Friday deals and Where to find them and you can see a lot Of these people are doing coupon sites And different things like that where They’re driving their traffic to things That put money in their pocket if we Were to take a look at the deal guy on YouTube we could see that he’s getting Tons and tons of traffic we can also see That in the description of each of his Videos he has a link to view the ad that He’s talking about in the video hey Guess what that’s an affiliate link yep That means when people click that link

And buy products on Black Friday or any Other day that is putting money in his Pocket and not just that but he’s also Monetized on YouTube which means he’s Making an estimated 2 000 to 28 thousand Dollars a month just by running ads on His channel and while from my channel That estimates actually low take that Number with a grain of salt some people Are making a lot more some people are Making a lot less another one we can see Is legit pick he’s got all kinds of Videos on the best whatever product it Is with the best prices we can see he’s Getting about 300 000 views a month then We have better deals he’s making lots of Little short videos on different deals And sales and things like that we could See he’s got almost 500 000 subscribers And his videos get a decent amount of Views wait a minute what 15 million Views over the last month alone then we Have Tech deals at about a half a Million a month just talking about tech Stuff and on and on we go then I found Something interesting with the den of Tools who’s actually using the animation Of a bear with his voice to read Different Black Friday ads and special Sales offers this can be extremely Lucrative and guess what it could Actually be automated yep you know all Those people talking about Cash Cow Channels and YouTube Automation and

Outsourcing content to get rich Yep this Is a Zinger but in order to make it work Properly we need to First Look at the Data so I went ahead and pulled the data From the top Black Friday searches and The times they’re searched for each and Every month on Google now remember this Is overall so during the month of Black Friday and other sales deals and the Holidays these numbers are going to Skyrocket we could see Black Friday Deals is a huge search term Black Friday Ad Black Friday deals with specific Stores people looking up TV deals and Specific products Nintendo switch Black Friday and what you’re gonna see is that These keyword terms correlate with lots Of views on YouTube and also lots of Views on Tick Tock and what we’re gonna Do is look for something out of the Ordinary that not a lot of other people Are doing and if you want to learn how To pull these reports check out my link In the description to my free keyword Tool training we could see Home Depot Walgreens hey wait a minute what is that Weighted blanket benefits 12 000 Searches a month cooling weighted Blanket weighted blanket Amazon and as We can see here not a lot of people are Doing this but some of them are getting Lots and lots of views so this one could Actually work really well so now we’re Going to take a look at the

Do-it-yourself method I’m going to show You how this works so you can do it all Yourself then we’re going to take a look At the automated method then I’m going To show you my secret hack for making These things pay big time so you don’t Have to settle for like one to two Percent commissions and now the DIY Method I’m going to go ahead and take a Look at the top weighted blankets and I’m going to look at some of these sites That are reviewing the top blankets and I’m going to get the brand name out so I Could take something like gravity Blanket tranquility Blanket Brook linen Beer Rabbi nuzzy Layla Sleep Number blanket and hit Search this is going to take the ahrefs Keyword tool and show me the ones that Are search for the most we could see Brook Lennon Layla birabi and gravity Are getting lots and lots of searches Next I’m gonna combine each of these Brand names with the word Black Friday Then my job is to find the place that Has the best price I’m simply gonna go Out there and make a list of the best Blankets with the best prices and then I’m going to have links to my affiliate Offers for those blankets now it’s Important that we want to use a Multi-pronged Content approach what I

Want to do is I want to make text Content so that I have a report then I Want to turn that into video or multiple Video content if I have the top 10 Weighted blankets and the black Friday Deals for each I could actually turn That into 10 different short videos Talking about each blanket how much they Cost and where to find them on sale then I can point each of those at the text Content now in order to make this work Properly we would want to have our own Website to link to the report if you Don’t want to pay for your own website You can put these on medium you can do a Press release for fast traffic which We’ll talk about a little bit more later Or you could just quite simply link to Your affiliate link but if you want the Real money method having a website is Key we’ll go into this a little bit Later so what we’re going to do is we’re Going to look at the traffic as we did Here in our ahrefs or whatever keyword Tool we’re using then we’re going to set Up for our content by doing the research Of the top 10 weighted blankets top 10 TVs or whatever it is we found in our Traffic method then we can quite simply Start creating content in our favorite Video editor we can hit the record Button and then it’ll record our voice And we could say some something like the Black Friday offer here is 169 which is

10 off the normal price is whatever it Is and we could go through the content That we created make a simple video and Use that for Tick Tock YouTube or Whatever it is that’s exactly what these People are doing here with the bear Where they’re just simply reading the Ads on different websites now some People do it a little bit more Complicated where they actually review The different blankets and things like That but I don’t think we need to do That we could quite simply stick to Reading ads online and get plenty of Traffic that’ll make us lots of money Then we create our content and point to The things that make us money again this Is really important to have your own Website because it’s a lot easier than Telling them a big affiliate link to say Go to my website or whatever It is and then quite simply all we need To do is go down the list of keywords That people are searching for make good Content and boom we get traffic send Them to the thing things that make us Money watch rinse repeat now method two If you want to automate this what we’re Going to do again is choose our topic Let’s say for example I want the top Offers at Sam’s Club now just last night I let my outsourcer know that I want to Find the best Black Friday deals on

Sam’s Club she went out there and found That the Nintendo switch bundle is only 300 bucks the 82 inch TV is x amount and On and on we go so what we can see is That if we search for these in YouTube And Tick Tock there are videos for each Of them so I outsourced this content I Didn’t even have to do the research we Have LG we have this one here Unboxing and a lot of them are just Talking about the prices and different Things like that we can also see over Here on tick tock Same exact thing they’re talking about The different prices pointing to where You can buy them and getting affiliate Commission so now all I would need to do Is take this here I can make a video of The top five or six Black Friday deals At Sam’s Club or I could do the top 82 Inch TVs on sale for Black Friday I can Talk about each one and I can go out There and Outsource it so I would go to A site like hire writers like this and I Would type in 80 Plus inch TV deals For Black Friday then what I’m gonna do Is choose how long I want the article to Be choose the deadline I usually like 6 To 12 hours depending on how big and Detailed the article is reiterate the Keyword like this choose your skill Level which is going to affect your Price so in this example I can get this

For just sixteen dollars then I just Tell them what I want find all the best Black Friday deals for TV set silver TVs That are 80 inches and larger Include the store Price and Link To the product With specs And I’m paying a little bit extra for a Rush article but if I didn’t do rush it Would just be 16 I hit submit project And then they’re gonna go out there and Find all the info for me I can take that Info and put it into a video or I can go To Fiverr like this and have someone Create the video for me or I could Simply use my video program record my Screen and use a tool like synthesis to Actually generate a voiceover for me Based on the text that I type in this Can be extremely simple and you could do This with YouTube shorts Tick Tock Instagram reels Facebook or Whatever it is and the idea is to create Good content around the deals people are Searching for then you can use all these Programs like Amazon Kohl’s Costco or Whatever it is sign up for the affiliate Program and point to your affiliate link That’s going to put money in your pocket And the name of the game here is to Cookie early and cookie often a cookie Is what happens when someone clicks your Affiliate link when your affiliate link

Is clicked the cookie is dropped on Their computer we’ll call it a chocolate Chip cookie here because those are my Favorite then that cookie tells them Whenever someone orders at Amazon or Best Buy or whatever affiliate link you Used that you are to get paid a Commission now some of these have like a 24 hour cookie some of them have a 30 Day cookie it all just depends so that’s Why you want to get them to click early And often so that you have a good chance Of making money and if you’re you’re Using your own website this is a lot Easier to do because then you can build A mailing list you can send them more Deals you can build your website up in The search engines and get all kinds of Traffic but again these companies pay Like one to six percent which isn’t much To write home about so let’s talk about The Zinger method the Zinger method is Quite simply to use your store affiliate Links use the big Zinger money tip Maximize your cookies and traffic and Highlight the Zinger profit Center the Zinger profit Center is a profit center That is going to pay you more money than The one to five percent think maybe you Could get paid four to eight dollars Every time someone downloads a free tool Yeah learn more about that method by Clicking the video right here or in the Description of this video

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