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This description contains affiliate links. When you sign up using an affiliate link, I earn a small commission. My earnings are a result of hard work and dedication, these results are not typical.

In this video I’m going to share with You how you can make a fortune with high Ticket affiliate programs I’m going to Reveal these secrets and you can even See on the screen right here that I got An email notifying I it was able to Generate a two thousand dollar Commission and what I’m going to do Inside this video is I’m literally gonna First share with you the benefits of High ticket affiliate programs if you’ve Been going out there and maybe you’ve Been promoting products on ClickBank or Jvzoo and you’ve been making you know Maybe some decent sales or maybe you’re Just completely brand new and you’ve Never made any commissions I’m going to Share with you why it’s in your best Interest to promote High ticket Affiliate programs I’m then going to Share with you how to find the right High ticket affiliate program to really Run with you know there’s some different Programs out there that pay you high Ticket commissions but they’re not all Created equal and I’m going to share With you criteria so you can really Identify the right High ticket affiliate Program for you I’m then going to share With you some strategies on how to Promote those High ticket affiliate Products so once you go out there and You find a high ticket program how do You actually start promoting it so you

Can make these big commissions very Easily and then towards the end of the Video I’m going to share with you some Bonus Insider tips for Success that I’ve Personally used many years online that My students have been using so you can Go out there and really see results now Be sure to stay to the very end of the Video because you’re even going to Discover how to do this even if you Don’t have a following or are totally Brand new okay so stay tuned because you Do not want to miss this now real quick Before I dive in also be sure to get my Free four-day affiliate marketing crash Course and also find out how to partner With me inside my number one instant Paying affiliate program at the link Below but without further Ado I first Want to talk about why High ticket Affiliate marketing is the best way to Make money number one is higher Commission so if you go out there and You find a product on let’s say ClickBank and you make a referral Typically you make me make only fifty Dollars or maybe a hundred dollars per Referral but with high ticket affiliate Marketing you can promote in one Commission can pay you up to two Thousand dollars okay so you don’t need A lot of sales to really start to hit Your goals just like I see right here Fewer sales needed to reach your

Financial goals so if you have a goal of Ten thousand dollars a month you only Need five sales or referrals per month To hit that goal if you’re making two Thousand dollar commissions now another Benefit of high ticket affiliate Marketing is more reliable income so Again you need a lot less sales to Really have enough money to live you Know if you are going out there and You’re making you know a few low ticket Sales you may make fifty dollars maybe a Hundred dollars but you’re not really Able to make enough money to live right But with high ticket affiliate marketing Just doing the same work just promoting A product that you don’t have to create Online you’re still able to generate you Know income but you’re making way more And last but not least better customer Service and support so when you Recommend products that are lower ticket And someone has a problem maybe one of Your customers that you referred chances Are they may not get the help they need Because it’s not as valuable of a Product but when a company is investing You know good money into promoting their Products good money into these higher Priced products they’re going to take Care of your customers and your Referrals a lot better typically so You’re going to have a lot less refunds A lot less problems down the line next I

Want to share with you how you can find The right High ticket affiliate program To promote because like I said there’s a Lot of them out there and they’re not All created equal number one is you want To research and compare different Programs so you don’t just want to Blindly choose the affiliate program and Just start promote loading it because it May not be best for you you want to Compare different ones okay there’s a Lot of sites you can go there’s sites Like ClickBank like jvzoo now these are Not my favorite sites but these are Options and you can kind of see which Ones are better for you now you want to Look for programs that align with your Interests and your expertise so there’s A lot of different programs out there in A lot of different niches okay you can Go into the health and fitness Niche you Can go into the dating Niche what I Recommend you do is you look for one That is in your interest so are you Interested in making money online well Then find an affiliate program that Teaches people how to make money online Why are you interested in losing weight Well you can find high ticket programs That help people lose weight okay also You can think about your expertise what Are you naturally good at you know are You naturally someone that’s good at Trading Forex well maybe you can find a

High ticket program to promote that Teaches people Forex okay so you want to Think about this when you’re finding the Right program because you don’t want to Just choose a random program and put all Your eggs into that basket You also want to consider the reputation And track record of that program and the Company behind it so a lot of these high Ticket affiliate programs they’re here Today gone tomorrow you get started you Start to promote and then you know a Couple months later it goes under and It’s gone and then all your marketing Was for nothing so you want to look at The reputation try to find out the Company owner you know look at the you Know if it’s registered with the Better Business Bureau you know you want to Find out all this information when you Make a decision so again you’re not Being left to stray you’re not being you Know disappointed if the company doesn’t Survive okay so these are all key things That I personally look for that’s Allowed me to make multiple six figures Online now how to promote High ticket Products so once you understand why you Should be promoting High ticket products You can make a lot more money with a lot Less referrals and you understand how to Kind of find the right program how do You promote those products now well Number one you want to identify your

Target audience okay a lot of people Think if I just go out there and I spam My link on social media and I just you Know hit hit it over the head my friends And family that I’m gonna make tons of Money and this isn’t the case okay you Want to identify your target audience Who specifically would be best to buy Your product so one way you can do this Is you can reverse engineer you can Start to think okay who would my ideal Person be let’s say you’re promoting a Make money online product that is two Thousand dollars for someone to actually Partner and invest with you right well People that you know are not interested In making money online obviously would Not be in your target audience right so You want to think who would this person Be understand the riches are in the Niches okay you want to go more specific Not General so rather than let’s say You’re promoting a affiliate program That teaches people affiliate marketing Rather than just going after tons of People that want to make money you know Which is virtually everyone you want to Target affiliate marketers right you Want to be more specific if it’s a keto Diet product you don’t want to Target Just people that are you know interested In maybe you know losing weight you want To Target people that are ideally Actively looking for Solutions when it

Comes to keto so the more specific the Better now what we want to do is we want To create content that appeals to that Audience and showcases the benefits of The product so we want to basically Create content that is solving problems That our target market is looking for so Again if we go back to the keto example You can create a form of content that is Giving Solutions when it comes to keto So you could do you know top five keto Recipes and you could create that in a Blog post and that’s going to attract People interested in the keto diet and When you do that you can then segue you Can link your product to that solution Okay and you can give a call to action Now I recommend you utilize different Marketing channels different marketing Platforms to get the word out to post This content now you can use social Media you can use email marketing okay If you have an email list of some leads You can promote you can send an email to Those people and you can promote a Product and paid advertising okay There’s different forms of advertising Like Google ads YouTube ads that you can Start to utilize in order to you know Promote these high ticket products now I Wanted to share with you an example so This is my Facebook profile and a lot of People think they need to spend you know Money on Facebook to make money well you

Don’t really need to in fact I’ve made You know multiple High ticket sales just From my Facebook profile so I’m Promoting something in the make money Online the affiliate marketing Niche so I post content that helps people solve Their problems be feel inspired get Motivated so you can see right here okay I said today is the day you stop with The I can’t because if you can conceive The dream you can and will achieve the Dream so notice right here I’m actually Motivating people that have a dream that Want to make money things like that and I’ve inspired these people okay so this Is helping them you can see right here If I go down okay you will get all you Want in life if you help other people Get what they want so I posted that Quote which I know people that are Wanting to make money that are Entrepreneur minded are gonna see that I’m helping solve their problems by Providing inspiration and value and then Ultimately I will then post something Like this which is basically leading to A product okay so I’m basically telling People to comment free course and what They do they’re getting led to a product Now I want to share with you some key Tips for Success okay so again when you Go out there it doesn’t matter if you’re Promoting on Facebook if you’re are Promoting on Twitter every place is

Going to work the key is focusing on one That you enjoy where you can Consistently solve your target markets Problems by posting content in the form Of value in the form of tips and then Ultimately leading to your product Giving calls to action hey check out This link for more hey go to this Training for more so you want to be Doing that on a consistent basis the First key tip for Success before I get Going is I highly recommend you set Realistic financial goals and you track Your progress so don’t just go out of The gate saying Hey I want to become a Millionaire if you know you haven’t even Made your first six figures baby step Your goal okay so set a realistic Financial goal Say Hey I want to make You know five thousand dollars in 60 Days okay or in 30 days and then go Ahead and focus on that goal and then Once you hit that now you’ll be able to Believe it more it will make a lot more Sense to say okay this is great now I’m Going to do the next one now I’m gonna Do the next one and track your progress Right focus on what data you’re getting You know is it working what type of Posts are doing better and you can Improve continuously learn and improve Your marketing strategies so like I just Touched on if you’re focusing let’s say On Facebook marketing free Facebook

Marketing then you know start to make Posts start to test different things in The beginning you want to kind of throw A lot of stuff on the wall and see what Sticks you know see what type of posts Are working see what type of you know What time of the day is getting the most Engagement and you want to kind of come Up with your own marketing strategy and Start to follow that because that’s Going to allow you to really stop doing What’s working and focusing on only Doing what’s what is working you want to Test different approaches and again see What works best for you everyone’s Different now you can take the Principles you know posting value Helping people but you want to test Different ways you know test different Strategies test different you know posts In the morning then one day posts at Night and then see which posts got the Most likes so you can constantly be Improving and also you want to stay Organized and manage your time Effectively so a lot of people they get Overwhelmed you know they get kind of Confused with the different steps you Can take just eliminate all the Confusion focus on the very first step Okay the very first step you know pick a Niche very first step focus on that do That then pick you know an affiliate Program to promote then pick a marketing

Strategy so you want to do everything Step by step and again you want to Manage your time effectively I recommend You set aside the same time each day Where you can show up in your business Okay whether it’s in the morning before Your kids wake up maybe it’s on a lunch Break you have 30 minutes every day Where you can focus on your business it Doesn’t take a lot of time but you want To focus on your time that you invest Effectively so you can really get the Returns that you truly want so I really Hope you enjoyed learning how to crush It with high ticket affiliate marketing If this helped you and you got value be Sure to like also comment below below What you learned what tips stood out to You the best and also subscribe for more Training just like this last but not Least go down below get my free four-day Crash course for affiliate marketing It’s gonna go way more in depth and also You’ll have the chance to personally Partner with me in my number one instant Paying affiliate program that I’m Currently using so go ahead do that my Friend thanks so much for watching and I Will see you on my next video [Music] Thank you

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