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Free App Makes $980 Daily? – Godaddy Appraisal Tool + Money Making Apps

in this video i will show you how to use the free app godaddy appraisal tool to make lots of money when used correctly.

you DO NOT need to buy and sell domains… you can simply use this app and other apraisal tools to earn helping others with thier domain names.

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remember: making money online is a business… its not a guarantee… in fact most people trying to earn money online make nothing. make sure you follow all legal requrements and disclosure requirements.

All right let’s see here 197 But it’s going on sale over here for Over 15 000 Let’s try That’s a big one hundred and seventy Four dollars over here going for sixty Six hundred bucks uni Ping query dot org the heck is that 214 Estimated value 2100 bucks with five Days left on the auction all right so in Case you haven’t figured it out yet There’s a big error with a lot of these Sites that promise to evaluate or Appraise your domain name to tell you How much a domain name is worth and Whenever there’s some kind of error or Flaw in a tool or app that means it’s Time for us to find big money and that’s What this video is all about how to use The godaddy appraisal tool the right way So that you can make money online this Is a free tool it’s available to Everyone it works worldwide i’m going to Show you a zero investment required Method that’s right even if you don’t Want to buy domains or any tools there’s A method you can use with zero Investment i’m gonna show you my if you Have some money method and i’m gonna Show you how this little app plus a Little learning curve can make you Tons of money if you’re ready to get Started smash that like button and let’s

Dive in all right now the problem here Is that most people don’t understand how Buying and selling domains work now for Me i’ve been doing this for 22 years Profitably i’ve bought and sold millions Of dollars worth of domain names i’ve Been in this game for way too long Actually let’s take a look at Yesterday’s bounty because i think this Will help you and again remember if You’re not interested in buying and Selling domain names we’re going to talk About the flaw in these apps and how you Can make money without even buying and Selling these it’s actually really crazy But first i want to preface this show You how to value these show you that i Know what i’m talking about i put my Money where my mouth is and show you Exactly what to do because i think if You can understand Why i buy what i buy why other people Buy what they buy why the domain tools Aren’t working and what things are Really worth then you can bridge the gap And make lots of money whether it be Buying and selling domains or whether it Be the secret method i’m going to talk To you about in a second whatever it is It’ll work now just yesterday i spent a Total of about i think like a little Over three thousand dollars on domains i Think it’s 3 100 if you add up the Totals now i want to show you the

Domains that i bought and why And what they were valued at and what we Can do with them okay so the first one i Got here was This one here was valued using the Godaddy appraisal tool for 340. now what Does that mean that simply means that Based on godaddy’s algorithm that is What they think this domain is worth on The open market but as we saw earlier This could be grossly understated or it Could be crazy overstated so basically This kind of means nothing until you Actually do the research so was it worth 15 to me let me know in the comments Below if you think it was here’s another One This one here on the godaddy appraisal Showed up at eleven hundred and eighty Nine dollars pretty cool now it’s very Important here that i could see other Domains going with the word epic for Like fourteen hundred dollars eighteen Nineteen hundred and on and on we go so Lots of stuff there rpm moto went for Almost eleven hundred Some kind of mundi motors went for 3 000 So we could see that there is some value Here which is why i paid a little bit More for this domain coming in at 4.75 Here’s another one challenge student This is a very interesting one it’s all About student debt which actually

Fetches a big amount of money we could See my college debt a thousand Canada visa 1200 fed student loan and all different Kinds of college student loan type Things so they appraised it for 11 19. Now I bought it for 305. here’s another one I bought this for 247. godaddy appraised It at 1168. now i want you to remember That no matter what this number says Here The number i paid is king because that Is what it was worth at that moment in Time 247 Keep this in mind the whole idea of what It’s worth at a given moment in time Because this is important for later Here’s another one I bought for 7.57 Estimated value 1820. and last but not Least what i thought was the big zinger Of the month This one i probably would have paid 2 500 Maybe even a little bit more so let’s See what godaddy says it’s worth 1100 bucks but why would i pay 2500 or More well that’s what we’re going to Figure out because if you can figure That out there’s a lot of money on the Table that you can pick up and put in

Your pocket and just to show you how This works on other tools esthebot says Bitminer factory is only worth a hundred Bucks domain gave me a fancy Certificate saying it’s worth nothing Website outlook says it’s worth about Twenty two dollars free valuator says It’s worth ninety three dollars says it’s worth 562. so What gives why are all these numbers all Over the place and how is that going to Help you make money whether you buy and Sell domains or use the simple little Hack i’m going to teach you in a minute That you could start with zero money Well let’s get into that first you need To realize there’s two major ways that We evaluate the price of a domain name Number one is based on the name alone What is it worth to have a bitcoin Domain or bitminer factor or something Like that that’s tied to the bitcoin Market which people spend lots of money For domains in that market so if it’s Like a short and good domain with Keywords it could be worth a lot more The second way we evaluate a domain name Is based on the traffic value now for Bitminer factory i could see that this One actually ranked in google For all kinds of keywords related to Bitcoin mining bitminer crypto mining All kinds of cool stuff some of these Keywords get as much as 13 000 searches

A month and since i know that this Traffic is really expensive 70 cents a Click a dollar ninety two dollars and on And on we go i can see that this domain To me is going to be worth a lot more But not just because of the name that’s An extra bonus if this was called like Flight of the It’d be worth money to me because it Ranks for this stuff did that make sense If it did pay attention the rest of this Video is going to blow your socks off And if you don’t have access to a tool Like ahrefs you can use the hoth free Keyword tool and you can find out what These rank for as well so two major ways To evaluate the price of a domain the Name only and the traffic associated and The rankings it has with backlinks and Everything in google and when i talk About backlinks what that means is sites That are pointing into your site this Makes your domain a lot more valuable as You can see here i got links from Wikipedia different bitcoin websites Different crypto news websites and on And on we go the backlinks for this one Are literally insane and you can see Here that different terms related to Bitcoin and bitcoin mining get lots of Traffic this is using the free version Of the ahrefs tool we can see bitcoin Mining gets over 351 000 searches a Month so yeah this domain ranking for

These keywords That is a zinger and a half and now that You know the two major ways to evaluate A domain let’s go into money making Method number one Buy and sell domains for profit now i Could go out there and i can buy a Domain like this knowing that if i wait Long enough someone will pay me 2500 or More for this domain now it is a bit Risky because i risked 1209 on this Domain so if i don’t get 1209 i lose Money but i know what i’m gonna do with This domain and it has to do with step Number two which we’re going to show you In just a minute you could also invest In stuff that’s less risky like this one I got for 15 And the way you’re going to find these Domains to buy and sell is using godaddy Auctions you can go over here to godaddy Auctions right like this and see all the Domains that are available that are Selling right now i usually like to Organize these by the amount of time Left and then take a look at what is Selling right now and what i can do with It and they have a little estimated Value this is the godaddy appraisal and The price here and you can kind of look At these and say hey this is what’s Going on art is that really worth 200 Bucks

Probably not but again that’s my opinion I haven’t done the research based on that name Alone is it worth 130 dollars which is What it’s going for right now Yeah i think it is to some rock climbing Company this could be worth a lot of Money and that’s one of the things i Look at as well is who is going to be my Buyer if it’s something like art star Mart What is that it’s like a tattoo artist Thing for scar I don’t know but rock adventure that Goes to lots and lots of different Options that can work really well and we Can take these and put them into our Keyword tools and find out what they Rank for and if they have any backlinks And stuff like that to do even more Research but right off the bat i would think Personally for me Again Pretend you’re gonna lose the money i Think it would be worth a hundred and Thirty dollars and then we could keep Going and take a look at what else they Have available do our research figure Out what the value of these domains are And if we can buy it for less than what We think it’s worth then i think we Could start a pretty solid business and That’s pretty much what i do every day

Another little tip if you’re on a budget Is to go to the godaddy closeouts and Bargain bin you could go over to your Godaddy auctions right here you can drop Down on the popular searches to bargain Bin or closeouts and these are going to Show you the domains that have like a Buy it now price and usually they’re Like five bucks and you could go through And say hey let’s estimate the value Organize them by the ones godaddy says Is worth the most and see if we can find Something that looks pretty good when From crypto origin My digital chaos and we could go through And try to find something that appeals To an audience that would actually want To buy it we could also use a tool like Spamzilla which is a paid tool but it’s Only like 30 bucks a month you can learn More about that at and we could use this to Find domains that are both worthwhile But by the name alone and also by Backlinks and stuff this does all the Work for you so for example let’s say we Have stay at It’s in the hotel niche it’s a pretty Catchy name it’s got some backlinks it’s Got some stuff that is associated with It that’s doing pretty good now nothing To write home about in terms of Backlinks but it does rank for a couple Keywords and we can check those out now

We can go to the godaddy keyword tool And say stay at and see what The estimated value is now when using This tool this is the part where we’re Going to talk about the flaws and how to Really look at what these are worth Right here i have stay at this is showing an estimated Value of 1271. It’s very important that we go over here And look at stay at home Which went for fifteen thousand dollars These are the actual sales of related Domains now in order to kind of work Your way around this tool we’re gonna Look at these see what they’re like We’re gonna scroll to the bottom See what the hotel ones are like we have Save on hotels went for 1500 Stay in paris stay in business Sold out hotels 1250 and we can even do Something like And see if it gives us better results Dot com Hotels here We could see lots of money we can even Do like something like stay hotels Stay hotels 4 500 Stay ins 3 200. so we got quite a bit of Stuff here for hotels which is looking Pretty good we can even do like cheap Hotels or whatever it is and find out What’s going on

What the value is like in this market Now i can see here that based on the Stuff i found for our hotel domain I think I could at least get five 500 for this Domain if i found the right buyer which We’ll talk about in a little bit so this One here valued at 1200 yeah i think That might be a little high although It might not be this is actually one of The more accurate ones so my question Here is do i think This one is worth what i could buy it For and i probably buy this at godaddy Or name cheap godaddy’s about 20 bucks a Year and name cheap it’s available for Nine dollars so the question is do i Think i could sell this name for at Least nine dollars if the answer is yes Then i’ll buy it because there’s always A way to get my nine bucks back which is Pretty cool so we can check spamzilla Like that then we can look at expired Lists and sites and now for money making Method number two i want to talk to you About how you could do this for other People we can actually go over to fiverr And you can type domains in and you can See that here’s a guy that’ll go out There and find you premium domains he Doesn’t even buy them he says i’ll find You 10 premium domains for 50 Now as i just showed you you can find These in seconds here’s another one he

Says he’ll find you A hundred domains for 300 bucks or 50 For 150 and on and on it goes now of Course his value is using godaddy so It’s not always accurate but he is Delivering on his promise here’s another One that says he’ll find you a list of Domains to sell and lots and lots of seo Domains here’s one where he’ll find you Seo domains for 370 100 And on and on we go and if you know how To use this tool and even if you’re Using free tools like uh the godaddy Auction appraisal tool maybe you’re Using The free keyword tools at the hoth and The free ahrefs tool maybe you’re using Other combinations of tools and what you Can do is learn how to find good domains And start to find these for other people Whether it’s on fiverr whether you do This as a business whatever it is It’s very easy to do and you can use These free apps to make money and all You would need to do is go out there and Let’s say you sold two of these a day That’s like 800 bucks a day or maybe uh Two or three of these a day that’s like 900 a day using free apps to make money Based on your knowledge and working of The apps bm will find the domains for The people and last but not least the Third way to make money is to build These sites out and rank them and rank

Them in profit now on that domain i Found earlier I can actually take this and build this Into a site all about bitcoin mining Stuff the backlinks are related the Rankings were related all i would need To do is build this up put some content On it and start getting traffic and Start making money with that traffic now Again this is a little bit more risky of A method because you got to buy the Domains but heck you guys saw how i got Nerd getting fit for 300 bucks and i’ve Built that up into a powerhouse of a Site and i’m not even done working on it Yet same thing is going to happen with Bitminer and lots of the other sites That i buy and build now it’s very Important because once you look at this You could use these free tools to buy And sell domains to charge people to Find domains for them or to build and Rank your own sites and if you want to Learn more about this i put together Some free tools over at And in the description of this video There’s three more videos going into Domain even if you don’t want to buy Domains they’re going to teach you all About this and you’re gonna learn Exactly how this stuff works so that you Can go forth and put some money in your Pocket thanks for watching smash that

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