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How Does Google Maps Make Money + $6,891 /Mo Map Niche

google maps… how does it make money and how can you make money using google maps… this training will show you deep inside a money making world you probably had no idea even exsisted.

from the earlydays of where 2 to the crazy sattelite tech they have today… this is a power house and great chance to learn about a business hardly anyone ever talks about.

we will talk about API’s MAPS how local sites rake it in and how miche specific sites make huge money using simple maps to find and locate related business.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome To the show today we are going to talk About how Google Maps makes lots and Lots of money not only that but I’m Going to show you how you can profit up To 6 841 or more finding stuff on maps Yes ladies and gentlemen this is going To be a very detailed show get your Notebook handy get your uh writing Utensil handy and we’re going to dive in And talk about how this whole thing Works I gotta warn you I got a lot going On if there was a camera behind me you Would see about 50 different Excel Spreadsheets over here the thing that Controls all the cameras and all kinds Of stuff going on so bear with me I’m Gonna try to make this as to the point As possible I’m gonna try to get you all The details on how this works now I’m Also going to show you how one major Company using Maps got hit hard with Google’s helpful content update so we’re Gonna talk about this we got a lot to go Through I’ll give you a little snapshot Of what that looks like and it looks Like a lot of traffic a lot of keywords Just literally tanked but I want to show You some very very important stuff I Need some coffee And that is some websites that are Making as much as a million dollars two Hundred and thirty nine thousand dollars A month or more

Using what you’re about to learn now I Thought this was a really good addition To our Series where we’ve been talking Lately about various different apps and Different ways to make money and Different tools that you can use because Maps is a very big tool now it’s Something that people Overlook and they Don’t think about because they just pull It up and they’re like okay well you Know I want to go from point A to point B and yay wonderful great but they don’t Think about what’s going on behind the Scenes they don’t think about how the Money is being made so today we are Going to show you that and and talk to You about the real world stuff of how This works not only that I’m going to Show you some niches we’re going to show You how this works in an outline Detailed way now I gotta let you know Every month more than one billion users Are taking advantage of Google Maps that Means every month like one out of every Eight people on planet Earth uses Google Maps I think the other seven probably Don’t have the internet yet or maybe They just I don’t know maybe it’s Something else but at any rate we got to Look at this because Google Maps is huge And we got to talk about how this works Because if you have a billion users each And every month how are they actually Making money and what does that have to

Do with us as would-be entrepreneurs or Entrepreneurs that want to actually make A living doing this stuff well first of All we need to take a trip through History and look at how this works some Of you guys might have seen the Google Maps cars going around in your Neighborhood and you’re like hey wait a Minute why is this car taking pictures Of everything that’s a little odd but at Any rate we got to take a look at this Because when Google Maps started back Before 2005 it was called where to Technologies created by two guys and and They were using this service to kind of Locate maps and find things and Directions and all kinds of things like That now we got to realize that the way Google Maps works is you look at the Front end right you’re going to go out There and you’ll type in like you know Directions from Miami to Orlando and It’ll pull up the map and you go hey That’s pretty cool right and it’ll even Show you the traffic and it’ll even show You speed traps and all kinds of things Now on the front end what you’re looking At is Javascript XML Ajax and different Things like that but on the back end What they have is an API that is Harvesting all this data right it has All this data that says hey this is this Street that’s that street this is a One-way Street this street is 35 miles

An hour this one’s 25 and everything Like that in addition to that it’s also Showing businesses right so if I was to Go to Google and type in like food near Me which lots of people do they type in Food near me and you are going to see That Google Maps is going to come up uh The first thing right so places is Driven by Google Maps which is also Showing all different kinds of food and Stuff like that okay so very important We’re like okay that’s how it works Pretty cool now behind the scenes that API is going on and I want you to keep That in the back of your mind because The API is what kind of runs the show Here now in 2007 they come out with Traffic conditions street view 360 2016 They got a little bit more elevated with Satellite images right you could like Literally look at the Earth On Google Maps and Google Earth and Stuff like that you could also look at Planet images if I want to like route my Course in my spaceship if I was like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk and I needed to Have like navigation in my spaceship Right to go one inch into space Apparently Um I would use Google Maps and I could Be like hey take me to Pluto or Something like that so lots of stuff Going on there uh 2018 We saw something interesting and a lot

Of businesses didn’t like what happened In 2018 because they made some changes To the API and they did a price hate Hike by like 1400 so imagine you’re Paying like a hundred bucks and now all Of a sudden it’s like fourteen thousand Dollars and you’re like wait a minute or It might even be more than that 140 000 And you’re like wait a minute how does This work here okay now pay close Attention you’re about to learn some Things that have to do with you being Able to make money now 2019 they went For the speed trap camera and the Incident reports which came from a Company called Waze which is one of Their big competitors I think they Bought them out uh 2021 they went for Routes for electric vehicles so if You’re driving a Tesla they’ll say hey Over here is a charging station and Different things like that 2022 We saw them start to look at immersive View now we look at immersive View and We’re like okay wait a minute uh I Thought that Mark Zuckerberg was the Only one that was obsessed with plugging Us all into batteries and the metaverse But apparently immersive view is Something where it’s potentially going To get into AI 3D Um metaverse type stuff so interesting Stuff there I want to give you a Overview of what this is and if you guys

Are digging It smash the like button and Let’s start talking about how they are Making money now if you were to go Through and type in restaurants on Google Maps you’re gonna see that There’s a bunch of restaurants like here We got some bone fires here we got uh Some other stuff but down here We could see that Olive Garden actually Says add Buy It Now what does that mean Well what that means is that Olive Garden is actually paying to have their Logo and their ad on Google Maps so if I Was to go to Google Maps and say hey I Want to I want to start a business right Here and I want to pay every time Someone clicks on my ad I could do that Now this is getting into the part where We talk about how Google Maps makes Money now if you were to look at this And take a look at and take a look at some Of the Search terms they’re ranking for Right Search terms they’re ranking for In Google so it’s like a Google site Ranking on a Google site which just Makes Google really happy all right and We could see here uh people type in About 12 000 people a month type in I Need directions home we got people Looking for hospitals Navigate me to work How’s the traffic uh we could see all Kinds of things now we’re going to get

Into some stuff in just a minute that’s Going to talk about how you directly can Make money but I need you to understand This as a whole so that you get hey wait A minute Google Maps isn’t just some Free service yay wonderful great it’s Actually a gigantic business Generating billions of dollars each and Every year and we need to understand This now we could look at like Where am I right now uh GPS Maps street View nearest Walmart directions uh we Got uh Waterway map that’s an Interesting one with very little Competition pay attention to that there Uh we can see Google driving directions By car Google Maps restaurants uh Denny’s near me I think that’s what that Means near me from my location take me To the closest gas station all right That’s an interesting one now as Marketers and affiliate marketers and Business people we need to understand That each and every one of these Keywords equals money right like the gas Stations are paying if we were to go and Do like gas station near me all right Let’s see if we could do this here just Got to do it off screen to make sure Everything’s on the up and up gas gas Near me all right so we’ll do gas near Me we’re gonna see that there’s gas near Me Okay and all kinds of stuff here now

What you’re going to notice is that some Of these are actually advertising some Of these are going to be ads uh which Means that they are paying okay very Important we’re like okay these guys are Actually paying which is pretty cool and We can start to understand I told you I had a million things open Here wait wait a minute I had the wrong Screen on but we could actually see here Gas near me Um that they are actually showing there Okay now We could see here also if we go back to Our list of keywords let’s see there we Go Um we can see take me to closest gas Station 11 000 searches a month uh we Also have like locations home but what You’re going to notice is that some Stuff gets really specific and really Non-competitive right like racetrack Near me that’s pretty non-competitive Um we also have like let’s see here uh Car washes grocery stores like uh one Million people a month looking up Kroger Grocery store near me And on and on we go all right so we’re Going to get into this in a minute just Keep this in the back of your mind to Understand exactly okay check this out This is how they’re making money they’re Making money with the ads now if we do a Search here we will see the ads and we

Can see that these ad sharing programs Are generating insane Revenue now if I Was to go here we could see that Wendy’s Has an ad okay we could see Wendy’s and Then they have an ad here and what They’re doing is they’re paying a fee Based on how many times they click and Custom logos and different things like That for their business to be shown up So you type in Starbucks if you see a Little Fairy or what is that like a mermaid Right you’re gonna know that that Starbucks and Starbucks is paying for That a Target might have like the little Target symbol Walmart might have the w And we’re going to see that these people Are paying much like they’re paying for If I was to look up grocery store near Me or gas near me I’m gonna see that There are ads paying or even dentist Near me which we’re going to get into in A minute just sit tight there’s a lot of Really really good stuff you are going To see okay So what we’re going to do here is we’re Going to see that these are driven by PPC ads or pay-per-click ads so if we Were to go in and type in like mortgage Or something let’s see here mortgage Okay what you’re gonna see Let’s see mortgage rates mortgage loan Maybe let’s see here uh we’re gonna see That there are lots of advertisers

Paying for these so like amerisave is Paying uh Fairwinds is paying PNC is Paying down here on the bottom These guys are paying as well now Everything in between is free traffic Which is pretty cool we’re going to talk About that in a minute because when we Look at these keywords you’re going to See there’s lots of easy free traffic That you can get now Uh the founder of Maddie ads Matt Lolly Uh said that retailers not using Google Maps are lighting money on fire so like You don’t want to do that you want to Make money Um and and Google Maps ads is a great way to do That now I want to show you something Very interesting all right put your Thinking hats on this is interesting if You’re to go to Google Maps and you were To search for Kay Jewelers specifically You search for K Jewelers just like you Would search for Target or Walmart or Something like that right what’s going To happen Is you are going to see That There’s a K Jewelers here Unique diamond store Kay Jewelers here and then there is an Ad for a business Google site so like This guy doesn’t even have a website I Mean he does but I think it’s a Google

Free site okay and we look at this and We’re like wait a minute so if I type in K Jewelers and I’m in Florida and I see The map This unique Diamond Boutique is going to Come up okay that’s kind of interesting All right interesting stuff all right Because why Kay Jewelers gets a lot of Traffic all right here’s another one If we were to type in Um haircut all right if you type in Haircut you’re going to see business Salon Business Salon uh starter braids or Something like that okay and we’re gonna See Check this out there’s lots of places Advertising and they’re paying for Clicks now uh Bill artist says uh do we Need to buy ads no you don’t this is Going to be about how to get paid when People click on ads all right this is Not about buying ads unless you have a Local business and maybe you want to use That this is about something much more Sinister which is about actually getting Paid for the ads and I’m going to show You a real world example because you Guys know your old buddy Mark is here Practices what he preaches and spends Lots of money on domains ads businesses And all kinds of things I’m going to Show you one I bought yesterday for this Specific purpose there’s a couple I’m

Bidding on now as well okay and these Are websites that I’m bidding on to buy And build and and sell and stuff like That but if you’re to look up haircut Near me You’re going to see these ads here right This is where they’re coming from Hair Cuttery and you can see uh they’re right Around there okay and there’s his ad Hair Cuttery you can see by the fact That it says add is showing that it’s an Ad here’s another one for uh electric Vehicle store and then I found one Interesting that was talking about Uh hotels and I actually searched for I Think I searched for like Disney uh Disney Animal Kingdom and off of that These came up now this is interesting Because people looking up animal kingdom Are doing research On a trip not necessarily hotels But these hotels showed up and more Importantly these aren’t even hotels These are sites that broker hotels which Are using apis which are using yes Ladies and gentlemen Google Maps Pretty interesting right so we’re like Wait a minute it’s like a big cycle of Things where they’re getting paid to Advertise things that are using their Stuff where they’re getting paid on Their API and this is nuts I didn’t even Understand this business before but now

You’re starting to see it and here’s an Example of the little logo For Walgreens I think it was and you Could see Walgreens apparently they’re Advertising some Halloween something or Other okay and we’re gonna see here hey That’s how it works now when we talk About the hotel stuff what we’re looking At is the way Google makes billions of Dollars Brokering their API right an API is a Script where if I have a programmer I Could say hey use this script to fetch Data for X Y and Z okay I only want to Find you know uh Restaurants in this area that are vegan Boom the API can go do that and it’ll Pull them up and I can have a website That’s automatically populated with Content okay this is very important keep Your thinking cap on what this is trying To do is to show you the opportunity That’s out there okay in a real world Way Now to show you how this works if you Were to go to Hyatt Hotels all Right you are going to see that Hyatt is Actually using Google Maps if you were To go down here you would see it says Google Maps API that is what it’s doing Right if we were to look at this here You could see search Atlanta you can see Here

I think let’s let’s make this a little Bit smaller so you can see it There we go you can see down here it Says map data 2022 Google okay so They’re just using the Google API to Show you all the Hyatts that are in the Local area Okay so very interesting this Is something that literally this here This here this here is saying this is What I want you to pull up and if I was To do uh let’s say we do Miami Okay it’s going to do the same thing Update search boom this is gonna pull From Miami okay very very simple and It’s going to go through and do that and What it’s doing is it’s isolating just Hyatts right if I was to do Uh let’s see Google Maps if we go to Google Maps Hyatt Miami right we could see here if I was Just to go Google Maps Hyatt Miami okay Very very similar results just a Different Um spot on the map but we’re going to See that it’s very very similar because They’re pulling from the API which is How they are building the site and Making the money okay very very Important so we’re like okay I’m Starting to get this I see how the maps Is working it’s basically like the Yellow Pages but digital interactive and With way more info right and if you

Remember correctly the Yellow Pages back When we’d get that big phone book right You remember that phone book where it’s Like you get the phone book and I Remember when I was a kid I was too Short to see out of the car back before You had to have car seats yeah I was Like you know a really small kid at that Time and so we’d use a phone book so I Could see out of the car and I’d sit on The phone book but in addition to being A great booster car seat for me back When that was allowed Um it also generated billions and Billions of dollars because because they Sold listings to people they were like Hey we are the Yellow Pages we pay to Get this book in everyone’s hands and if You want to be in the book for X Y and Z You need to pay the piper and paying the Piper they did and that company was huge Now Google Maps has pretty much made That obsolete which is why we don’t see Those anymore but we have to look at This and say well why Is Google Maps so vital for business why Was it so vital well what we’re looking At here is local businesses want Business and if I can make an ad right What can I do to be more attractive here I could go through and say well 189 but If you click here and sign up you could Get it for 120 a night right basically Buying a customer that’s what it’s all

About that is the thing CPA marketing Affiliate marketing CPA is customer Acquisition that’s what it’s about it’s About buying a customer uh Yellow Pages Ad it’s about getting a new customer Like a lot of those people you get a Plumber in the Yellow Pages they will Break even on the first service so that You become a customer like my Electrician probably spent 15 grand with Him over the couple years because I Found them in an ad and he comes out and He does the work and he probably broke Even on the first one to get me as a Customer which paid off in Spades Because he knows what he’s doing so what Happens here Is a business gets the chance to be in Front of people in the local area right So it’s like Yellow Pages only there’s No book and it’ll literally take me Right there and tell me when they’re Open and tell me when they’re closed and Tell me their specials and I could print Out their menu and all kinds of things Like this now what I need you to Understand here is the magnitude of this Business all right we were looking Earlier And one of the sites that I told you got Hit with the Google algorithm update was Actually ubereats right and you’re like Wait a minute Uber Eats like uber is a Big big company why in the world would

They get hit with the algorithm update Well let’s take a look when you have Ubereats slash near me Uber Eats is a Delivery service So if I look up restaurants near me Or food near me Uber Eats does not fit The quality of good content Wait a minute Marcus it’s Uber they will Literally bring food to your front door How does that not work how does food get Any closer near me well think about this For a minute Google wants people to have a good user Experience if ubereats shows up for Every restaurant near me Then I’m not going to be happy because Sometimes I want to go out to eat Sometimes I want to go pick it up myself Sometimes I don’t want to use Uber so What happened was they got hit They lost over 300 000 searches a month Uh visitors a month from ubereats near Me they lost almost two-thirds of their Keywords they still have some left but What we’re looking at here in the ahrefs Keyword tool is that this is why that Dropped so if we could think different And think about instead of doing Something that’s not valuable content What if I made really valuable content For some of these keywords What if I did that put that put that in The back of your mind for now because if You if you got a little taste of an aha

Moment there sit tight you got some big Aha moments coming up okay so we’re Gonna look at that we’re like okay This is a big business all right if we Were to go over here and look at some Other sites and we’re using the ahrefs Keyword tool which is uh one of my Favorites here what you’re gonna see is Like doordash 2.2 million keywords all right let’s Take a look at another one and you look At that they’re saying that their Traffic value is worth 65 million Dollars a month Interesting now are you gonna make 65 Million a month no I could pretty much Guarantee Pretty pretty close to guarantee that Nobody on this call is going to make 65 Million a month But what if we can make 6 000 a month or A thousand or heck 300 bucks a month how Many of you guys would be like dude if I Can make 300 bucks a month I’d I’d be Pretty happy thousand bucks a month ten Thousand a month I’d be pretty happy all Right I know these guys are making some Money but we need to understand exactly What’s going on okay uh Dean says I Think that’s his name a d it says my Immediate question is how do we profit From the words that ubereats lost okay Hold on hold on we’re getting there all Right so we got doordash all right we

Also have a couple others here again I Told you I have so many tabs open right Now Um but I want you to get this which I Think is is super important okay uh we Also have the word near me so let’s take A look at some of these keywords and Then we’re going to get into how this is Going to work for you so Google Maps Ranks for tons and tons of keywords Um fastest route to your house all kinds Of stuff okay And we’re going to go ahead and navigate To the airport how far is Raleigh from Me on and on we go okay we also have Let’s see come on There we go we also have near me okay Now this is an interesting one we look At the word near me and we’re like okay Hotels near me CVS near me urgent care Near me uh Target near me Car Wash uh post office all kinds of Stuff right so we’re like hey check this Out this is pretty good stuff Interesting all right log this in the Back here right it’s about to get really Really good sit tight smash a like Button if you are excited for the aha Moment you’re about to have here’s Another one now this was from a website This is interesting this was from a Website that was ranking for emergency Dentist near me Interesting why would that why would

They rank for that Right you go to emergency dentist near Me that guy needs a dentist like right Now and we we look at that and we’re Like okay let’s check this out here Emergency dentist near me All right add add and these guys pay a Lot then we have maps and then we have Some websites Interesting all right some of them are Local Okay Some are local some are not this guy is Not local This guy up here Not local interesting so two out of ten Results number one result and others Are actually websites And if we look at the keywords Check it out Emergency dentists near me Oral surgeon Tooth extraction and all of these Are expensive if you type in emergency Dentist that guy knows he’s going to Charge a lot because it’s an emergency Situation right and you don’t go there Because you know your breath is bad you Go there because you need something I Remember years ago I had a tooth crack And I had to go to the dentist like Right away and it was on the weekend and He didn’t open on the weekend so you Know I was in an emergency and it cost a

Lot of money uh to find someone who Would fix that right away because it was Very painful and we start to look at This and we’re like wait a minute you Got all these keywords and these sites Ranking okay interesting mark this is Interesting I’m digging this so far and Then we go through and we’re like okay Well What about different keywords okay we’ll Get into those in just a minute but First I want to go into Google Maps Alternatives okay so Google Maps is a Multi-billion dollar company part of Google family it’s huge all right but What are some Alternatives we got Bing Maps Okay Bing maps runs all kinds of Different places uh very similar you Have Apple Maps Waze which was acquired By Google for 1.3 billion so Google got Their old wallet out which is big they Have a big wallet right I don’t even Think they have uh chairs in their Office they just sit on wallets right That was a joke calm down but they got Lots of money they plunked down 1.3 Billion dollars back in 2013 For Waze uh you got which the Only thing I can find about that is like Different Acquisitions and funding for Like 50 million and then we also have uh Mapquest which was the old MapQuest uh Look like this how many guys remember The old MapQuest

Okay and we start to understand hey some Of these map companies are making a lot Of money like super pages and stuff like That they’re making lots of money okay Now Um I have found through some research on I think it was this Camille Frank site Uh said that an estimate would be about 3.5 billion a year From Google Maps Okay pretty cool and Then we look at this so we’re like okay This is pretty good all right we have Another one uh that says with their API They’re making about a billion dollars a Year and on and on we go now back when I First started a video which you will see These videos in the description so after We’re done with this live stream check Out the videos in the description They’re going to go into detail with What I’m about to show you back about a Year ago I made a video About Google Maps and I actually I did a Test on that video and I said what if I Make a little web page a web post about Hotels near Cotton-Eyed Joe Knoxville Tennessee I was like I wonder if I can Rank for that for those of you that say You know Marcus you have to have these Huge skills Um you got to have big websites I Actually went out and I said I want to Rank for the word hotels near Cotton Eye Joe Knoxville Tennessee which actually

Does get some searches right we could do Like uh Cotton Eye Joe Knoxville I think It is Um and you’ll see that this does get Quite a bit of searches okay I think it Was like quite a bit thirty six hundred Okay now what I did is I said I want to Rank for some of these terms I said okay Let’s make a little blog post about Hotels near Cotton-Eyed Joe Knoxville Tennessee and we can see here A year Later there I am there’s also some of my Students who followed my tips and they Rank as well okay so we start to look at This and we’re like okay this is Something I can do is how many of you Guys are like yeah I could go to a map I Can find some info about hotels near A specific place right Or whatever it is and we start to Understand that wait a minute there’s a Lot of this traffic that isn’t being Utilized that we can use to actually Make money okay pay close attention Um emergency dentist According to ahref’s keyword tool the Value of their traffic is worth a Million dollars a month A million a month Here’s another one I found for car wash Near me right if you go and do like a Car wash near me Car Wash okay what you’re gonna see Is that there are

Some car washes you got Yelp You got Groupon Car Wash brand and then you have Hay car wash And other ones Car Wash Seeker Interesting Hey car wash car wash Seeker These are sites that are literally Talking about car washes in certain Areas Almost twenty five thousand dollars a Month worth of traffic Interesting Here’s another one let’s take a look at Apartments Okay Apartments we have Apartments near me I will type this in Here let’s see Apartments Near me okay how many of you guys are Digging this if you’re digging It smash A like button this took a lot of work to Prep for this because there’s so much Data uh that we want to share with you So apartments near me for that’s an Aggregator Trulia apartment home living Apartment finder apartment guide rent Cafe are you getting the picture these Guys are literally making aggregated Sites with apartments for rent in local Areas Okay how many of you guys are getting That you’re like wait a minute that Totally makes sense right and you start To see it and you’re like wait a minute

Okay this is this is working let’s let’s Take this a step further here and then I’ll show you my domain trick as well Apartments Winter Springs okay let’s try this yeah So check this out Winter Springs Apartments 1200 searches a month traffic potential Of 1800 searches a month and you start To look at this so apartments near me That’s a little bit different Geo-targeted term apartments Winter Springs hey wait a minute now we have a Whole different list of stuff so what if Think about this I don’t know how many Apartments are in my area probably Thousands there’s probably I don’t know 10 000 if I had to guess Maybe I don’t know maybe maybe less Maybe more I’m in a smaller area but in Los Angeles Google how many apartments are in Los Angeles and you think about this all the People With Apartments paying thousands of Dollars a month What if my goal was to make the best My City Apartment Guide Hey wait a minute so I don’t have to Compete with raking in 32 Million a month I could literally just make a site about Apartments in my area that could go and I can interview people about how they

Like them And I can make a site about them and I Can make customer feedback or whatever It is And take a look here If we do apartments for rent Orlando Just that page Has a traffic value of a hundred and Eleven thousand dollars a month so what If I go out there and my job is just to Make a very very simple site about this Stuff right and we start to see exactly What’s going on and we’re like hey Get all this traffic for apartments in Orlando Boom Look at all this Some people are searching for like low Income two-bedroom luxury apartments and On and on we go and the traffic is huge And I’ll tell you what if you don’t know The real estate industry These people pay a fortune for a new Lease or a new rental Fortunes and not only that but they also Advertise which means they’ll pay for a Fortune for ads right very very Important you can even do like things to Do things to do in San Diego right You’re gonna see here you have big Aggregator sites Right big aggregator sites things to do In San Diego are you telling me that if

You live in San Diego you can’t do Better than these people who probably Never even been to San Diego Right there you go I think it’s lahala La Jolla Mom Check it out that’s what you’re talking About her City How many of you guys are starting to get Dig this smash that like button because This is where the rubber meets the road And if you can understand that big Businesses can teach us a lot about how To run small businesses You can make lots and lots of money and That brings us to the four ways to Profit with maps let’s get into these Number one Rank and rent or Rank and sell if I was To go out there and search for something Like Aniston septic services you’re Gonna see maps come up and you’re gonna See ads come up which means people Search and there’s people paying right So there you go now if I was also to go Here and do Aniston septic and just do This in Google I think am I in Google or Google Maps let’s go to Google there we Go Aniston septic right and I see here Here’s some ads here’s some things but Right here we have Wait a minute so the number one result For Aniston septic is Yeah that’s a site that that I bought

That domain for 95 I built it up helped It rank it already actually ranked so I Just had to put some content on it boom Number one so I could actually go out There I could go to spamzilla I could go To Um To uh GoDaddy auctions I can go anywhere And I could be like okay uh maybe we Will do Quality Tree Service near me right or we Could do this by positions and be like Okay what positions do they have maybe Some of these rank Bank near me jobs Near me chiropractor near me and on and On we go and we start to be like wait a Minute So there are tons and tons of sites Doing the same thing I can go local I Could find a Orlando site let’s say I Want to do uh Orlando right I go here I Could do Orlando Boom find out what’s in Orlando the Attic Orlando that had some rankings That might be something I can use or Seamless Gutters Orlando Florida or Maybe uh Orlando Florida Towing Orlando Golf course and I could go through and a Lot of these will actually rank right we Could go through and be like okay well What are these actually rank for and I’ll do this off screen just to make Sure it’s clean All right and we can see so this one

Ranks for 31 keywords For the attic Orlando which gets 1.7 000 searches a month it looks like it Was a nightclub so I could buy this site Make it a site about nightclubs it Already ranks for Orlando nightclubs Bada bing bada bang There we go now be Careful to watch out for trademarks if The attic Orlando was trademarked uh I Probably wouldn’t buy that one but let’s Take a look at what we’re looking at Right we’re seeing this domain here Looks like the auction was canceled He’ll probably put it back up but we can Go through Orlando air conditioning Services Um all kinds of stuff right so we can do Number one which is Um Rank and rent or Rank and sell and Buy these up I can Rank and rent them I Can Rank and sell them I bought that one For 95 bucks I could put a couple Hundred bucks or 100 bucks into content I think I only put like 50 bucks into Content for that probably sell it to a Um Aniston Septic company for two three Thousand dollars pretty simple right There you go pretty simple all right and If you want to learn more about that There are links in the description Number two is to do a local near me type Site right we could go through and take A look at the near me stuff uh maybe uh You’re gonna do like things to do

Or maybe you’re going to do Apartments Okay Or maybe you’re going to do Um Emergency dental Or maybe you’re going to do any of the Stuff related to near me Okay we go through and we’re like okay All I got to do is find stuff to use get A domain get a site make it work uh one Of the ones I bought yesterday we’re Going to talk about Actually ranked for ATV trails Interesting wait a minute Mark is that How does this work what are you gonna do With ATV trails well let me see if I can Find what that site was Um ATV trails It was over here somewhere And here’s one I found for people Looking up Organic restaurants near them Tons and tons of traffic Um let’s see ATV trails near me ATV Oh there it is I Believe that was the one let me just Double check here And this is not the Zinger I got we’re Going to show you a Zinger in just a Minute Um but I had ATV trails near me so this Was the domain according to ahrefs Um it had some backlinks for trails and Stuff like that and then if we go to the

Calendar It actually had rankings for like ATV Trails which is pretty cool so we’ll go Like the last three months And we could see uh average cost of ATV Insurance they ranked number 15. I like That that’s a money keyword Um ATV insurance and so what I could do Is I could build this up as an ATV Trails website looking at all the Keywords related to ATV trails boom boom Boom tons of stuff link them to ATV Insurance ATV uh buyer guides how many Of you guys are like dude This is this is insane Like I know there’s other people that Teach about making money but this is Where the rubber meets the road this is Something that works and I actually Bought this domain yesterday ATV trails near me uh anyone want to Guess what I bought it for Right type it in the Box what do you Think about it for a thousand bucks 100 Bucks 500 what do you think I bought ATV Trails near me with the rankings four Okay and this was something that that’s Pretty cool I think you guys will like It Um and lots and lots of traffic another One we’ll take a look at some others While you guys uh guess that so local Near me type sites you could do ATV Trails near me you could do

Um best restaurants near me things to do Near me on and on we go okay Very cool uh Mark says he thinks I Bought it for 50 bucks someone says 600 Someone says five dollars eighteen Dollars all right what else we got let’s Keep them coming here uh nine dollars Four hundred fifty dollars 350. so the Average person is thinking I spent like 300 bucks or more for this name Actually bought it for seven dollars and Seventy five cents Seven bucks that’s what I bought it for Now there’s some others that I bought Um as well we’ll get into in just a Minute I think I bought the one we’re Gonna show you for uh two hundred Dollars which is pretty cool okay the Next thing you can do The next way to make money with this Method before we get into the domain I Got what I’m doing with it how you can Get it and what you can do with this Stuff Um is to create an API site or app now What we’re going to learn is that apis Are actually very cheap so if you were To go and buy data from Google Maps API You would pay like 200 for like 30 000 App polls per month or something like That right it’s not very expensive at All and what you can do Is you could go out there and you can

Create a tool or an app I can go to my Programmer and say Hey I want a Google API app here I give them my logins to The API app that I pay for and boom he Will make a really cool tool that’ll Help me out okay and that’s something You guys can do if you’re interested in That watch my videos on uh software Creation We did a couple last week that were Pretty good on that now method number Four is my favorite and that is near me Specific sites now this is a site that I Found yesterday all right this was a Really cool one Um if I go to the tool here and I go to Let’s do Let me pull this up here it was banks Near me so if we do banks Near me Bank near me all right you’re Gonna see that bank near me actually Gets a lot of searches I mean this is Insane You look at this here Bank near me uh 7.7 million searches 2300 or 23 000 keywords now if we’re to Do banks near me the domain I bought was Banks near me all right so Banks near me and what I’m Going to do with this one is I’m going To build it up and I am going to sell it Okay so right here now you can build Them up and keep them as well but if you Look here you can see that the rankings

We had so like frost ATM near me Frost ATM near me we see Frost Bank Banks Dash Near interesting So there’s like actual companies that Are doing this banks at Banks near me so wait a minute Marcus are you Telling me that the site that you bought The domain you bought is ranking number Seven for a word that gets three Thousand searches a month are you also Telling me it’s number 20 on a word that Gets 31 000 searches a month number 46 on one That gets 45 000 searches a month and on And on we go that’s exactly what I’m Telling you so I went out there and I Bought this domain because I’m like hey Wait a minute this is actually pretty Cool we go out there we look at the Organic keywords we could see that it Ranks right okay Frost ATM Barclay Bank Near me Um all these banks near them Okay interesting stuff we can also see If we go to the overview That the traffic is actually worth An estimated eight hundred dollars a Month Wait a minute Mark so you bought a site That’s already ranking that’s in the Niche for banks near me it’s got almost 719 keywords some of them are Fluctuating obviously because when they

Go on auction some of the content drops But we’re looking at this and you’re Telling me that some of this traffic is Worth like 800 a month as is right how Many of you guys want to take a guess at What I bought this domain for yesterday And I’ll have to look it up on my phone Because I don’t remember the exact price Um but take a guess right what do you Guys think so all I would have to do Is go through And build this site up like here we go I Go find banks in in Idaho and I find Banks in wherever and I start to Understand that this thing already ranks It’s already getting traffic it’s Already working let’s see here we’re Gonna go through and I’ll do uh Banks Find is Banks find banks near me find Okay and what do you guys think I bought That for Okay hopefully it’ll Let’s Go Daddy Banks I know it’s in here somewhere Okay Well let’s see if I’m still logged in Maybe I could go over here Ah come on now Gotta do it by date There we go Okay cool so who wants to Take a stab at what I bought it for uh I Wish I got it for nine dollars that Would have been like the score of the Century I did not get it for nine Dollars but it wasn’t it wasn’t super a

Lot okay Someone says 250 uh 725 I wish that Would have been nice I was about I think It was 206 dollars okay so 206 bucks I Got this domain I can build it up it’s Got traffic it’s got rankings all I need To do is build it up this is what I did With Aniston uh septic this is what I Did with a site about nerd getting fit And all we’re doing is rebuilding the Site nerd getting fit uh was a solid one I haven’t touched this in over a year The rankings still stand right and we Start to look at this and we’re like Wait a minute So like I could literally go out there And get old sites for this stuff Put content on them Rank for the stuff Run ads and get paid And you say well what would I run for ATM near me Maybe I can run credit card ads or ads For the bank or whatever it is and you Start to understand wait a minute So you’re telling me I could literally Go out there And find domains in my area near me near Me near me or maybe you’re going to do Bank or maybe you’ll do Salon maybe There’s salons in a local area right Here we go uh Santa Rosa Beach nail Salon there you go Um you could rank this for

Santa Rosa nail salons uh desire beauty Salon you can rank it for desire beauty Salon and the cool thing about this is Like these are this one here desire Beauty Salon It’s like nine bucks go get it right it Probably has some rankings let’s take a Look here hopefully it’s nothing weird We’ll do this off camera just in case Um but we can go through and be like Okay wait a minute what did this rank For look at the calendar And bear with me one second we’ll pull This up Let’s do last three months And we go through and we’re like okay so The way that Google Maps makes money We could start to utilize this As our own business but instead of like Trying to compete with these gigantic Map places we’re just gonna go out there And I’ll do like a beauty salon or maybe I’ll do uh Santa Rosa or whatever and I Start to look at this and I’m like okay This is something I can do right so this Is Santa Rosa Beach nail salon Florida Right I didn’t know there was a Santa Rosa in Florida look at that nail salon Santa Rosa Beach 300. Nail salon we could go through and rank This for all the nails on and what You’re gonna do is you’re going to Provide value and be the best darn nail Salon finder in Santa Rosa Beach you can

See here this one’s for uh 140. and you Got to do your work and say hey is that Worth it or can I do better and you Start to understand wait a minute this Is how these companies are making money Because behind the scenes There’s an API and behind that API there Are all these people making money and There’s all these businesses spending Money and we start to look at that and Say wait a minute This can work this can work And if you want to take a look at this I Buy and sell domains like this all the Time we actually have this one up for Sale I’m gonna put some content on it Get it rocking and rolling for you guys And what we do Is we take these sites we take the Strategy we rebuild it we give you Content and we help you with it right so All kinds of stuff like this one I Bought or freshwater Central you’re going to see that a lot Of these they have rankings already Right and we go through we’re like hey All I’m doing is is following what People search for going the extra mile And saying okay well how can I take a Look at some of these things that rank Right how can I take a look at this and Say well maybe I could go through and do Like Myrtle Beach directions or Knott’s

Berry Farm map right I don’t know if That’s necessarily like is Google Maps What I want no they’re looking for like A specific maps of non Knott’s Berry Farm like how do you get to the roller Coaster and stuff like that right and we Start to understand wait a minute what AI can’t do Or what AI does Not as good I can do better I can go and I can find the best banks near you and I Can make a site about it and I can run Ads and I can make money or I could go Out there and say well what other things Do people want near me 30 million people A month food near me Um urgent care near me Starbucks near me Places to eat McDonald’s all these Things near me and I can go out there And I can I can take a look at them Right you take a look at yelp’s business Model Right we go here and we do a Yelp all right this is user Generated content they’re going out There and they’re like hey breakfast Near me that’s their number one search Breakfast near me with 276 000 searches a month what if people were Looking up breakfast Orlando Breakfast Orlando Look at that five thousand three Thousand total of thirty six thousand

Searches a month what if you lived in Orlando And you’re like okay I know all the Gurus want me to spend twenty thousand Dollars on their course but instead I’m Gonna spend 25 bucks a day and I’m gonna Go to Every breakfast restaurant in Orlando and I’m gonna review it and I’m Gonna tell them my experience and I’m Gonna make a little site about it I’m Gonna tell them what I had and I’m gonna Have a little map to it You think you wouldn’t be able to make Money Right problem is is people don’t want to Do that you can even make a YouTube Channel I tried every restaurant every Breakfast restaurant in Orlando All right there you go right here you go Here’s what I had I had some eggs the Eggs were too greasy over here and the Bacon was soggy soggy bacon is not good All right and I’d like to know before I Go to the restaurant if they’re good Like here in Orlando I gotta tell you find in a good Restaurant in Orlando is very difficult Right you could even do like steak Orlando How many people want a steak in Orlando Right Steakhouse Orlando best steak in Orlando Charlie’s Steakout and you start To look at this and it’s like okay all These people looking for steak in

Orlando And the one that I like because I’ve Tried a lot of steak restaurants in Orlando and it’s not even on there so I Could go there and I can go to that Steak restaurant and be like hey guys I Know you’re raking it in would you like To pay me three thousand a month to be On my site as the featured best steak Restaurant in Orlando Pretty cool and they’re not even on There it’ll be good right and you start To look at this it’s like okay Steakhouse best steak on Orlando there We go so I could do I could watch it how Many of you guys are starting to get Into aha moment smash that like button And let me know because otherwise I have No idea right there you go that’s the Best steakhouse in Orlando right there Boom best one all right so we start to Look at that we’re like okay Florida hipster Open Table uh some kind of resorts Yelp interesting how Many of you guys are like wait a minute I’m getting it I’m starting to get it Best steak Best steak marinade best steak near me Best way to reheat don’t reheat steak no Come on if you’re gonna re-hate steak That’s like give that to the dog you Don’t want to reheat steak it’ll Completely ruin it

Um but we have uh best steak knives hey There you go that could be used as an Affiliate best uh steak restaurants near Me Um Let’s see here we’ll start to get Into the places Right it’ll be like Orlando Chicago There we go best steak Chicago Here we go we’ll do best steak in How many of you guys are getting this is There any aha moments are you guys just Did I put you to sleep but if you start To realize this best steak in Las Vegas Do you know how many steak companies in Las Vegas Would advertise Best steak in Vegas There you go uh Vegas magazine Vegas uh my Chicago steak that’s Interesting that that would be in Vegas Um Traveler Yelp and we start to realize wait a Minute If I lived in Vegas I could just go try All these steak restaurants there it is Ruth Chris’s is advertising That’s what he’s doing this is how these Companies are making money and if you Start to get that Right there you go you look at this You’re like this guy’s probably ranking For all kinds of stuff and if you start To understand this you’re like wait a

Minute Marcus so like making money Online I know all those guys are talking About Drop Shipping and they talk about Everything they talk about the same Exact stuff what we’re talking about is Hopefully something that makes sense to You 10 best 1 million keywords Uh let’s see does he have his track Traffic value of 2.7 million a month I mean come on best stake near movie Complex you could do that Right or best date ideas right and check That out Date ideas Orlando And you think of all the cities best Date ideas Orlando look at that There you go what if you had like a Service and you’re like hey I go buy a Limo for ten thousand bucks and like I’m Gonna I’m gonna give you the best eight Ideas I will I will plan your date and I Will drive you around to your date And that’s what I’ll do or whatever Right or or you outsources and you’re Like hey I’m gonna make a date ideas Website date ideas Orlando and you go Here and you’re like okay Orlando How many of you guys are having aha Moments like crazy smash that like Button obliterate the like button Because look at this Orlando date night

Guide and you start to realize These people are making probably more Money than you’ve ever made in a year in Like a month talking about date nights In Orlando And you’re like wait a minute you Kidding me date night Orlando there you Go look at all this traffic value now is It gonna be worth that much I don’t know But you look at the key words and you’re Like hey wait a minute we got restaurant Near me dog friendly Dog friendly restaurant near me Number seven six thousand searches a Month brunch near me Halloween or nights Near me best brunch Disney four work I Think they’re talking about fireworks I Don’t know apparently there’s some stuff Rooftop restaurants Outdoor dining date ideas Orlando date Ideas in Orlando date ideas Um you can do date ideas in right and You’re gonna see all different kinds of Stuff in Utah I don’t know maybe go Skiing or something uh date ideas in Atlanta how many of you guys are like Dude this is where it’s at this is what I want to do for a living and we start To look at that someone says can I try Uh breakfast well instead of best Breakfast Culver City do breakfast Culver City right you want to isolate it go up A level instead of breakfast Culver City

Try our best breakfast Culver City just Do breakfast Culver City 1400. there you go There you go look at that there’s where It’s at right and you can do all kinds Of stuff what I would do is I would do Restaurants Culver City because 1400 Searches a month is probably not enough Uh but you could do like uh you know Denny’s Culver City Um you could do uh you know whatever Else McDonald’s Culver City or whatever Right and you start to understand that The internet is such a big place and There’s so many opportunities to make Money online and if you get this Right and you understand These companies are paying you saw live Examples of these companies uh that are Paying you look at sites like apartments Right you want to make an apartment site This is running on the Google API it is Right down here you look at it it’s what They’re doing Google API right and you start to Realize wait a minute this is how this Works we’re starting to see that’s how This works Everything is very simple and you start To understand hey I could get out there And I could make sites I could use apis If I want or I could do this manually Right I could hire someone in the city I Could be like hey how would you like

Free breakfast for a month you live in L.A good I want you to try 30 breakfast Restaurants here’s a credit card with 1200 bucks on it go try them out do you Not think that would be twelve hundred Dollars well spent obviously results not Typical implied or guaranteed I have no Idea how much you’re gonna make the Average person trying to make money Online makes nothing but I think if you Understand this and you start to get Wait a minute this is a big internet There’s a lot of money there’s a lot of Things we can do and when you look at The sites like the ones I bought With banks near me banks near me find Right it’s got the rank it’s already got The traffic all I need to do is do a Better job get better ads and I’m off to The races you look at ubereats or um This one this one was for sale about Nightlife right you could do nightlife Near me this was Stuart Florida Nightlife Um I think this one was available pretty Inexpensively Um things to do near me ATV trails right You start to look at that and it’s like Okay ATV trails near me I could build This thing up and make it work in a real Simple way there’s people doing this There’s people doing this with fake Facebook groups right and we’re like Okay there it is we just go out there

And we make it work and if you guys like This method and you want to take a look You can also see people on YouTube they Go and they video here we are on the Trail there we are on the ATV trail here We are climbing the Steep mountain and On and on we go first ride at Snake Creek right you can do like Snake Creek Trail Snake Creek ATV boom you start to realize this Is all based on what people are Searching for let’s do uh ATV trail or Whatever okay that one doesn’t get very Much searches but we start to realize That this stuff works like crazy and if You want to learn more about it and Check out some of the domains I have you Can go to the bank One is uh for sale there with a year of Coaching we build content and all kinds Of things you can also check out if you just want To hang out every week and learn Marketing from me we have a whole group In there where every Tuesday we hop on a Call or you could get started at but at the very Least smash the like button subscribe And check out the other videos in the Description To learn more about how to make money With Google Maps and Map sites

Thanks for being here

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