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How Does Yelp Make Money With UGC + Secret $10,000 A Day Niche?

YELP – the $1 Billion Dollar UGC Giant… but what makes it work, how did it grow, what is the business model, and how does YELP even make money.

where does the $1 Billion per year in revenue come from and what does yelp ecen sell?

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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All right ladies and gentlemen today we Got a great show for you we’re going to Talk about Yelp and user generated Content and how I think their traffic Could be worth as much as 37 billion Dollars a year but how does that work if The company is only making a billion Dollars a year and their profit margins Aren’t all that great well I think There’s a lot to learn here from the Yelp business model that is going to Show you how you can make money with User generated content with your own Sites and by taking a look at what is Going on with Yelp yes this series where I show you how other companies make Money is all about opening your eyes to What is going on online because I Believe that while this isn’t your Typical here’s how to make money online Video I am going to show you five killer Ways to use what you’re about to learn In a way that could put money in your Pocket this is extremely important we’re Going to talk about how Yelp makes my Money a big warning and some ugc content Profit methods so let’s go ahead and Dive in if you’re excited about this Smash the like button because there’s Going to be a lot of little tidbits and Nuances so make sure you got a note Paper and a pen handy so you can take Some notes now if you were to go to the Yelp page

And look at Yelp for business you’re Going to see that there’s a little Button that says manage my free listing Now in this training I’m going to talk To you about why I think that button is Absolute genius why that button is worth A billion dollars a year very very Important now before we get started I Want to talk to you about some Fascinating Yelp facts and how they fit In first of all we need to look at the Fact that Yelp gets 184 million reviews Worldwide that means there’s over 184 Million reviews it’s got lots of Different businesses restaurants lawyers Embroiderers all kinds of things you Name it now according to Alexa and other Sites like similar web Yelp is the 44th Most visited website in the entire USA Yelp also has 92 million unique mobile Visitors it’s got over 178 million Unique visitors a month most of them are From the USA and each new Yelp star can Result in a nine percent increase in Revenue or so they say we’re gonna Dissect this we’re gonna look at it Because actually if you look at the Reviews of Yelp it’s less than Stellar They’re actually I was actually Surprised I was like people actually Don’t like Yelp well why we’re gonna get Into that in just a minute and we’re Going to talk about what that has to do With an opportunity for you to make lots

Of money now before visiting a business Uh studies show that 45 of customers are Likely to read Yelp reviews and within 24 hours 35 of people who search on Yelp Will visit the site that they check now Let’s take a look at this we got an idea Of how Yelp works you go over and you Search for something like car accident Lawyer Orlando Florida you’re going to See a bunch of lawyers here and then you Are also going to see Yelp right like This this is extremely important we’re Going to talk to you about how this Works because this is going to give you An aha moment like never seen before Very important okay now let’s take a Look at this yelp’s annual revenue from 2007 to 2021. we could see in 2007 they Weren’t making much money at all but Then they started to Skyrocket and they Hit the billion dollar Mark around 2019 Had a little bit of a dip in 2020 and it Looks like they are on track 2021 2022 To be at that billion dollar Mark but What is it that makes this a billion Dollar site why do we go out there we Say well this is literally just a site With a bunch of reviews like you go here To Yelp and it’s like okay uh here’s Some lawyers and they’re reviewing the Different lawyers right so we look at That and we’re like why why does that Work how does it work and what is the Secret sauce

To generating a billion dollars now we Need to look at this because you and I Probably will not make a billion dollar Yelp company it’s probably not going to Happen I don’t think I’m going to make One I don’t think you’re gonna make one But when you think about a billion Dollars a billion dollars is a thousand Million right so that means a thousand People can emulate a small version of What Yelp is doing and make a million Dollars a year or you know a ten Thousand people could probably make a Hundred grand or whatever you do the Math what this means is there’s lots of Money and the fact that I am saying that The traffic is probably worth closer to 37 billion than it is 1 billion and that Is backed up by this report here from Semrush if we’re to go semrush look at Yelp we’re gonna see their average Traffic cost that means if you were to Buy the traffic that Yelp gets for free Hint think about this a minute if you’re Digging It smash a like button because The traffic that Yelp gets for free like Right here all right take a look we got Up here Advertisers these are ads for car Accident lawyer Orlando Florida we can See here add add these guys are paying Now down here we got Yelp they’re not Paying anything so we got to look at This and we have to understand exactly

What’s going on because this is super Important because if you understand this Then you can make this business model Work for you in a very simple way so Let’s talk about why this whole thing Works now looking up the net worth of Yelp what they think the company is Worth a lot of sites were saying that They put the worth of Yelp at about 2.5 Billion dollars it’s a lot of money for A site that you make reviews on right That’d be like standing outside a Restaurant and be like hey did you like The food all right good now I’m a Billionaire right they didn’t even write The content I don’t even know if Yelp Made a review it’s user generated Content very very very important now Again when we look at the screenshot Here as per semrush Which is a keyword tool what they’re Doing is they’re saying hey look at this Yelp has 32 or 34.2 million keywords all Right depending on the day you look it Up I think they gained a few from Yesterday they got 190 million visitors Now that is the majority of their Visitors right we got a screenshot down Here from similar web and it says They’re getting 134 million visitors a Month if they’re getting like 190 of That which is more than that so it’s Probably like uniques or something like That what we know is that the bulk vast

Majority Of their traffic as this graph States Here Is coming from search engines okay what Does this mean what does this mean okay We need to understand what’s going on Now pieces of me says Yelp is a trusted Brand actually no people don’t trust Yelp they trust the Yelp reviewers they Trust the community not necessarily Yelp And also there’s something that we can Do a lot better than some of these big Companies this is the gap that no one Pays attention to and the Gap is that if I go to Best Buy not alone not only do They not have what I want in stock but Like the salesmen don’t know about video Cameras half the time or they don’t know About computers or they can’t get me Something custom or specific this is why Amazon got big so fast because if you Noticed there was a gap in the Marketplace from these big corporations Now the same thing is happening online There’s a gap in the marketplace all Right when someone goes and searches for Car accident lawyer Orlando Florida They’re not necessarily looking for Yelp No they’re looking for a car accident Lawyer Orlando Florida all right now if You get this smash a like button because You get to move to the Head of the Class Today it’s very very important okay so We take a look at this and we see that

In 2000 like four or five Yelp wasn’t Even a blip on the radar They didn’t even exist so what was it That made Yelp exist all right does Anyone want to take a shot at that put It in the chat box put it in the Comments what is it that made Yelp exist Because without this one thing they Would not exist wouldn’t even be there If this one thing didn’t exist and some People say the internet or uh whatever Computers all right it’s something much More specific and that is search engines Search engines what that means is that Yelp was built On the fact that people look up stuff in Google That’s it that’s all it is some people Say Google ads investors no not at all You can do this If you wanted to go out there and say Hey I want to rank and I want to make The best car accident lawyer review site For Orlando Florida alone You could do that very important we do It all the time you guys watch me do This all the time on my channel here And we start to understand exactly What’s going on right so we start to Understand that and we’re like wait a Minute That is the key we look at that and that Is the key going out there and Understanding that this traffic comes

From Google now we’re going to dive in We’re going to dissect this we’re going To look at it in a very specific way Because I actually think the Yelp Business model is very smart now getting This magnitude of user generated content Is pretty hard to do but we’re going to Talk about how to do it in a small scale Again remember most of us here aren’t Here to be billionaires But hey if we can make a hundred Thousand a year five hundred thousand a Year a million a year couple million a Year That might actually change your life now Disclaimer we’re talking business Business has risk the average person who Wants to make money online makes nothing So we got to understand Exactly what’s going on All right so Let’s scroll down here we could see that Yelp gets a lot of traffic we could see Most of yelp’s traffic comes from search Engines so basically The ranking on the search engine which Makes money so aha moment number one I Want you to write down search equals Money Search equals money what does that mean You look at Google and you’re like how Does Google make hundreds of billions of Dollars a year Well people search for Stuff and then they have ads that’s all

There is to it okay very simple because They’re big they get searches they have Ads now when we look at Yelp we need to Understand exactly what’s going on Because there’s several ways they make Money okay the first easiest way is to Look at their Yelp page let’s say we go To the car accident lawyer Orlando Florida There we go can’t talk today right but We start to look at this and we’re like Okay Um we have special offers for you Sponsored so these guys are paying Sponsored these guys are paying so we Need to understand that they’re paying Per click but what are they paying per Click we’re going to talk about that in Just a minute very very very important Okay so we look at this in Yelp is Basically out there to provide reviews On different products now the way they Make money is first by having lots and Lots of traffic come to their site so Lots of people are going to Yelp every Single day now Yelp advertising Is one of the first ways they make money We saw here they got ads they’re Charging these guys to be there on a per Click basic now how does that work it’s Based on cost per click okay we’re going To talk about this in a minute this is Going to give you a big aha moment what That means is that a business can

Actually pay to be here and how do they Pay well they pay every time I click so I if I click on Old Dan or l or whoever It is they are going to pay money for my Click okay that’s the nature of how it Works now some other ways that they make Money Is branded or enhanced profile you can Actually go out there and get a branded Uh profile which means that you are Going to be your own profile and it’s Going to be enhanced it’s going to stand Out from the others now another way they Make money Is with the advertising advertising Partner program which includes like call To action buttons About Us videos all Kinds of stuff slideshows about the Business and things like that another Way that they make money is through Transactions now sometimes on Yelp you Can actually order something direct Through Yelp right you could go and Order something on GrubHub or whatever It is and then oftentimes they have Partnerships where you can order stuff Directly now that’s like one percent of Yelp’s Revenue so we’re not going to Talk about that very much because one Percent of yelp’s Revenue is not what We’re looking at what we’re looking at Is something very very more important And more profitable and that is also the Full service program so what this is

Remember earlier on I told you that I Thought This button manage my free listing was Genius why is this genius well people Start to know about Yelp they go and They put their free listing on for their Business now what does that do for Yelp Does anyone want to take a shot at that All right I click manage my free listing I log in I put my business details there We go What does that do I want you guys to Think outside the box and think about What that does in addition to managing a Free listing it also adds user generated Content Which means I don’t have to make content They put their business but it also does Something way way way more important and If you get it smash a like button Because this is going to really open Your eyes to how I started my business Over 23 years ago okay and what this Does is this now gives Yelp a listing of Hundreds of millions of businesses so Now what do they have they have a Database of businesses who want more Businesses Wait a minute Now I get a list of people who want to Market they’re there and they’re like Please show me how to Market my business And have hundreds of millions of them Now we’re going to talk about how that

Works and how that’ll work for you as Well But we need to understand the ways they Make money we need to understand exactly What’s going on and that’s where their Full service programs come in and there Are gaps in the marketplace where you Could actually go out there and be a Service advocate for businesses that Want to get more exposure on Yelp you Can help them do that you simply become An expert in that and then you’re you’re Ready to go now with the user generated Content thing we need to take a look at That and understand how it works okay This is something we’re going to talk About more it’s something getting very Popular and it’s something that started Out with like Wikipedia and uh Yelp and Google reviews and all these different Sites YouTube YouTube is user generated Content we make these videos they put Them on YouTube it is user generated Content very important now a lot of People are getting really excited about User generated content as if it’s Something new but your old buddy Marcus With his gray hairs and being in the Business this long as Old King Solomon And said there’s nothing new Under the Sun so what we got to do is we got to Look at it in a real world way now what Most people are talking about when they Talk about user generated content today

Is they’re talking about getting paid by A brand to make content for that brand Now it sounds great it sounds wonderful There are ways to make that happen but We’re going to talk about that in some Other videos so make sure that you Subscribe if you’re not subscribed smash The like button and we’ll talk about That in a minute but now let’s go ahead And get into What I believe is the most important Part here which is the real value of Yelp traffic all right now there was a Reason that I used a car accident lawyer Orlando Florida and you’re going to see This with everything car accident lawyer San Diego okay we do San Diego right Like this you’re going to see the same Thing Lots of uh lawyers here okay even an Uber one San Diego you got these ads and Then down here you’re going to see Yelp As well okay best car accident attorney Near me in San Diego uh also I found This one here which I thought was very Interesting uh which was a lawyer site Here’s another one Um that’s got its own name and what you Can see is there’s a mix of these Coagulated or compounded review sites Talking about all this other stuff all These other companies and then mixed in The bunch you also have like a lawyer or Like this with a news site now why in

The world would La post best Car accident lawyers why would they do That what what is the deal there and We’re going to take a look and see what Is the deal because I think if you can See inside this and say wait a minute Why would they do that La I Think is just like a news site for the Local residents of La Jolla so why in The world would they put an article up About car accident lawyers in San Diego Now when we look at their traffic stats Okay they only have 233 keywords looks Like it’s relatively a newer page and They got 614 views a month now when we Look at this a lot of people think well Market shock you don’t know I mean Yelp Is Rich because they have billions of Views well maybe maybe not because I Would argue and submit to you that of Those billions of views there’s a Handful that are worth enough to make us A good living AKA this one here for car Accident lawyer in San Diego 233 keywords 614 visitors I mean come on That’s not hard to get at all and the Traffic value is saying it’s worth like Forty six thousand dollars a month So like is each click worth I don’t know What would that be like 50 bucks or Something crazy like that maybe even More is it well let’s take a look Because we’re going to take this with a Grain of salt because obviously if you

Get 600 views on your page you’re not Gonna make you know a 40 Grand a month But let’s take a look at this because Accident lawyer San Diego Is going for about 62 dollars a click Okay wait how does he help make money Well you go here you type in car Accident lawyer San Diego CA car Accident lawyer San Diego right these Are worth 62 117 122 172. what that means As these guys are paying now Yelp down Here Is like hey buddy I don’t pay nothing I don’t pay nothing people scroll down They click the yellow Yelp they don’t Pay anything What does that do that means they just Got for free What other people are paying 62 dollars A collect right I just clicked on Yelp That means Bear with me here think about this for a Minute that means Theoretically That click was worth 60 bucks 50 bucks 170 bucks okay are you getting It smash A like button if you’re getting it Because this is going to change the way You think about marketing because I’ll Tell you the number one way people fail Online is they don’t understand the Value of traffic they don’t get it they Do not understand it I learned this

Lesson the hard way uh years ago back in 2003 I had a website that ranked for all The terms related to mesothelioma Lawyers I got like 5 000 visitors a Month But back then There was no advertisers I couldn’t make Any money so I shut the site down a Couple years later it comes out and These lawyers are now on TV and they’re Paying 500 a click so what I had was Worth money but I didn’t understand the Value and I didn’t know what to do with It so I basically just gave up on it Okay so think about this now I learned That lesson and I’m glad I did because It taught me the hard way that I need to Value each visitor and when I look at Something with 400 visitors all right You might say 400 people Marcus I mean Come on you can buy 10 000 clicks from Babo over here for 10 bucks well yeah But not all clicks are created equal That’s what we need to understand and Once we understand that we can increase The value right what they’re doing there Is they’re like car accident attorney Increase the value by The Click Boom that’s where the rubber meets the Road and now once we understand this We’re like wait a minute so now you have For the root word lawyer San Diego I have 37 000 available visitors each and every

Month it’s a lot of people looking up Lawyers in San Diego I mean California Is pretty litigious but that’s just Plain redonkulous right there right and We look at this they’re like wait a Minute so you’re telling me I’d say I Only get 10 bucks a click or a dollar a Click if I only get a dollar a click now That’s worth thirty seven thousand Dollars a month now of course we’re Gonna make more than a dollar based on What I’m going to show you but we need To understand this because here it is Straight from the horse’s mouth This is a screenshot from Google and I Wanted to compare these so you could see Where the numbers come from where They’re coming from Is what people are willing to pay it’s Like a bidding war right you go out There and I’m like I will pay a dollar a Click and some guy with deeper Pockets Says I’ll pay two and some big guy big Lawyer is like I’ll pay 10. and it keeps Going up until they’re like hey I can’t Afford anything more than apparently 175 Dollars a click and according to Google There’s one accident lawyer San Diego That is going from an average of 27 to Be on the first page to 413 dollars for The top page bid now are you gonna make That no I’ve never made 413 dollars for One click in my life however I have gone through and I’ve made like

Eight dollars a click consistently on Hundreds of thousands of clicks so this Can work if you understand it now back To that old La Jolla site we could see That they ranked number four for Accident lawyer and all on and on we go Number two for best car accident lawyer And we have all these here okay so They’re getting traffic now according to Their traffic stats we can see That if we had the low range right let’s Say the low range eight bucks was the Low range up here eight dollars a click Times thirty seven thousand visitors a Month is about 300 Grand a month all Right now you think about this and You’re like Mark it’s 300 Grand a month You’re ridiculous this doesn’t even make Sense but we are living in a world where Some people make 296 000 like every minute or something Ridiculous like that I don’t know let’s See what Jeff Bezos makes Jeff Bezos Earnings per minute there we go let’s See if it comes up there uh so this is Working out uh for 2021 which is Actually more now that he’s making about A hundred and forty thousand dollars a Minute and I think this is important Because we get in this Pie in the Sky Way of thinking where we’re like wait a Minute Marcus you know all these Billionaires and stuff it’s just Billions but every billionaire can be

Broken down into a dollar metric you can Go out there and you could be like okay So Jeff Bezos Amazon which Again by the Way ladies and gentlemen Amazon got big Because they used free search traffic Jeff Bezos went out there said I want to Rank for books because there’s millions Of books and very few people know to Market for a book title he ranked for Book titles and the end uh was there now We need to understand that when it come Comes to Amazon you might have a little Product like this right Elgato camera Which I couldn’t even get to work for Our stream today so I got to use the old Non-4k version but we need to understand That Amazon might be making ten thousand Dollars a month or a hundred thousand Dollars a month on that one camera Right so while he might be making a Hundred and forty thousand dollars a Minute Someone else is making money with Something small and this is what I call Major in the miners major in the miners That means do something small really Good because do you think That you can do better than Amazon Selling this camera I think you can I think if you got this camera for I Think it cost me 160 bucks I think you Can do a better job at selling that Camera

Than Amazon can why Amazon’s a big Corporation they just type the stuff in The Box end of story now Amazon is using Ugc but you can do better because it’s Your own ugc show them the ins and outs Of how it works show them how to make it Work for today’s live stream because I Sure as hell couldn’t figure that out So we look at this and we start to Understand These big companies it can be broken Down so right here I have this one page on the La Jolla Site That has a traffic value of let’s say 10 Bucks a click so let’s say traffic value Is six grand a month Pretty cool right I like that And that is where yelp’s money is coming From There it is right you see here ads This guy this guy this guy there’s Yelp There’s La Jolla Okay so right here this is a portion of That Yelp here has a page and this page Makes money all right this is different From restaurants in Orlando This page makes a lot of money okay type Money if you guys get it type I I get it Because if you understand this this is Where the rubber meets the road and you Look at it and you’re like okay According to this La Jolla site they’re Getting a lot of traffic for this now

Are you ready for the next aha moment Smash the like button let’s get those Likes up around like a thousand likes or Something and we’re gonna have another Aha moment that’s going to show you how This works because if I go here Into semrush or ahrefs I can actually Isolate The term for Yelp so I could go here and I could be like I want Yelp and I want Lawyer Boom Yelp lawyer I only want the Keywords that Yelp ranks for related to Lawyer all right now we look at this and We’re like okay so they’re making a Billion dollars a year that’s a hundred Million a month that’s three million a Day okay so out of the 100 million a Month they’re making according to this If the traffic values are correct which Take them with a grain of salt I’m Showing you this so you get the big Picture Out of their 100 million uh three Percent almost four percent is coming From lawyers But if we were to look at yelp’s Keywords In the top keywords Lawyer doesn’t even show up In the top words She’s not even showing up Yet they’re making a fourth of uh four Percent of their money based on lawyer

Now that doesn’t even include attorney Right and we start to look at this and We’re like wait a minute So now you’re telling me that something Like San Francisco personal injury Attorney whatever with the day right This is another thing we start to Understand wait a minute so Yelp ranks For San Francisco personal injury Attorney Dolan law Interesting all right so we Google that And we’re like okay San Francisco personal injury Dolan law okay look it They are actually utilizing This guy’s traffic There’s his Law Firm there there’s his Facebook there’s Yelp And we look at the competition and we’re Like wait a minute The competition is like non-existent all Right we type this let’s go into keyword Explorer And let’s go for that exact word Competition’s nothing It’s getting a lot of traffic So Yelp is utilizing your business’s Name to get your businesses traffic to Charge you to be on their page Kinda In some keywords right very interesting So we got to look at this and there’s Actually something more Sinister which Yelp has which is if you do not

Advertise It’ll show related businesses which Means if I go San Francisco personal injury attorney Dolan law and I go click here They will actually show my competitors Ads on this page If I’m not advertising Wait a minute what So they’re using your traffic to make Money on okay interesting now That’s an interesting thought all right Lots of companies do that and we need to Understand That this works in a very specific way We got lawyers here four million we got 2.6 million so we’re at what about seven Million dollars of their 100 million a Month it’s coming just from the law Stuff Now let’s take it even further if we Look at Winter Springs food which if I Look up if I go to Food Winter Springs I Don’t know what it is with Winter Springs but the food is not good here And now I miss California because the Restaurants were good but here I’m ready to open my own restaurant just So I can cook and not have to do the Dishes but anyway I digress if we look Up food Winter Springs We’re going to see that a sponsored Result is Orlando Interesting so this guy’s advertising in

Winter Springs even though he’s not in Winter Springs which means the people in Winter Springs aren’t really advertising On Yelp interesting okay or at least They’re not paying as much as uh this Portofino Bay Hotel all right so we look At that we’re like okay that’s Interesting so they’re ranking for that So if we go out there and we’re like Okay let’s do Yelp and let’s type in Instead of attorney let’s type in food Right so right here 51 000 keywords 2.5 Million 150 000 visitors 2.5 million Let’s take a look at food Okay food near me 9 million visitors 17 Almost 18 million dollars a month but That’s a lot more visitors Right so we’re starting to understand Exactly what’s going on and we’re like Okay so they’re ranking for the terms Food near me uh Chinese food near me Mexican food near me Thai food near me Uh Indian food near me seafood all this Stuff okay so interesting very Interesting now again I want you to Think outside the box and I want you to Smash that like button because the poor Like button it it needs to feel some Love there right and we’re starting to Understand this and we’re like hey wait A minute what if I could do this but for My local area what if I could think Like that San Diego guy What was it San Diego

Um personal injury a lawyer whatever it Was okay so what if I could do like this La Jolla guy And say okay all I’m gonna do is be the Expert in one thing in one area Because there’s money there what if I Was just the expert On Winter Springs restaurants Okay you don’t want me to be the expert Because if I was you’d eat it like two Places and that’s about it but we have To understand this because I can go out There and I can do this and the problem Is is that people don’t look at this the Right way they think oh yeah billion Dollar business I can’t do it but just Last week we did a video on the banks Near me website that I bought that Ranked for all kinds of banks And they were looking for banks near me Or Um the keyword that I had years ago as a Joke Hotels near Cotton-Eyed Joe Knoxville Right and we had hotels near Cotton-Eyed Joe Knoxville I made a video I showed You how to do it didn’t even expect it But the darn thing rent and there we are Hotels near Cotton Eye Joe’s Knoxville And if you start to understand that wait A minute so as a business owner I can choose what I market and as a Business owner I can Market something Specific uh-huh

And I can choose to go where the money Is so instead of going for fast food Near me which you know maybe I can make It work maybe I can’t I’d have to find Some offers for it what if I went for Lawyers and got the big money Right because the lawyers are on TV They pay money to be there Starting to get it Smash that like button if you get it I Want you guys to really understand this Because this training is intended to Give you aha moments and help you Understand the magnitude of what we’re Talking about here and we look at Sponsored results and things like that Now here’s the big warning I talked About earlier uh this is a a guy I met At a business conference years ago his Name was Tim and Tim was an interesting Fellow this is an all right guy we had Some laughs and uh I found out later That Tim actually wrote a bad review About a company That was legit he legitimately didn’t Have a good experience he legitimately Bought the product and left his review Now It was a pretty harsh review But because of that review This guy like lost his house Lost his business lost like three Hundred thousand dollars for writing a Bad review online

So can you get sued for writing negative Reviews Yeah you can It’s very delicate thing because people Think oh hey I’m just gonna you know Talk bad about this company or whatever And you can actually get sued for it Because this is important this guy lost A lot of stuff for his review Now we gotta understand how this works Does that mean every review no but what That means is be careful with Advertising because years ago Right years ago Um there was a company there still Exists today it drives me up the wall And this company put me on their list And they said hey be an affiliate of our Company and go write bad reviews about Marcus and they went and covered the Internet with bad reviews and they say Marcus is terrible go buy my product and None of them even bought my product Now I can go sue them but you know Whatever I don’t know I don’t got that Kind of time but we start to understand That you need to be careful with what You do utilizing the bad review to Promote your product is not a good Method I don’t want to say lawyer X bad Me good go click on me or this hosting Company bad this one good click here so I can get affiliate commission that is An unethical way of marketing and you

Don’t want to do it now we need to Understand how this works because yes When doing review sites you could do Stuff in a good way and we’ll talk about That now When we look at Yelp uh their Pay-per-click platform goes from like 30 Cents a click to up to forty dollars a Click or more pretty cool okay uh Katrina says thanks for sharing your Knowledge good smash that like button Subscribe we’re gonna do lots of other Videos like this Um in the future so that you understand How this is working because for every Amazon There’s also little guys making money in Those niches If you understand how it works but Everyone is so caught up with what the Gurus are saying that they don’t look at How money is being made online in a real World way like no one tells you hey Check it out this search on Google is Worth x amount of dollars No one talks about that so we need to Understand it now here are some Yelp Competitors and then I’m going to get Into ways that you can take what you Just learned and use it to make money Online now Yelp competitors are Trip Advisor Angie Google Maps and search Facebook recommendations Yellow Pages This all it’s all like a different

Business model of Yellow Pages If that’s all it is it’s nothing new Under the Sun very important okay Jim Says he’s read read those bad reviews of My stuff and it’s quite obvious what They were doing yeah they all point to The same affiliate link it’s not a Coincidence and unfortunately the one Guy who was suing the company that did That uh he was actually not ethical Himself and he got shut down too but my Pockets aren’t deep enough to go after Uh some of those people’s uh you know And I’m like whatever my job here is to Provide you with so much good Information that you’re like this is the Guy I want to learn from this guy knows What he’s talking about he’s showing Real world stuff he’s showing where Things rank he’s showing where the Rubber meets the road and I can’t help But join his products and you can check Out if you want to Start some of our stuff cheap now Yellow Pages Groupon Bing Zagat HomeAdvisor Next door and things like that this is What they’re doing This is literally what they’re doing and If you understand this you’re going to Understand that this works based on a Search model This works based on the fact that Yahoo Google Bing all these other places are Getting lots of traffic and lots of

Searches this is why this works Jeff Bezos wouldn’t be who he is today Without Google search Wouldn’t be there you say but Marcus He’s worth 200 billion dollars Uh-huh Why Because of the way the internet works You look at PayPal PayPal has Elon Musk Other people we’re going to do a expose On the PayPal business model in one of Our up and coming videos Why does that work because of eBay If eBay didn’t exist PayPal probably Wouldn’t be what it is today very Important we need to start to understand This because if we can understand this We can reverse engineer it and we cannot Start to understand what’s going on Etsy why does Etsy work because it links People searching for random handmade Products and other products as it were To a very easy system to order and when You start to understand this wait a Minute so like all of these guys are Basically just making an easy way for Businesses to get more businesses and Transact online Yeah that’s pretty much it they’re doing It on a big scale what if I did it on a Small scale because maybe I’m not going To be the next PayPal or the next Amazon Or the next Um Yelp but what if I can do something

Very very specific what if I could just Go out there and say hey I’m just going To talk about the best you know uh end Of life attorneys or the best attorneys For Real Estate or the best Realtors Right because here’s the thing I don’t Know if I’m the only one but I’m kind of Irritated that everything like I don’t Like that I have to order everything on Amazon it drives me nuts but I go into The store and they don’t have it if you Had a store I’d pay more because I’m Like hey I want to support John the the Electronics guy So we start to understand how it works Now we’re gonna get that and we’re going To talk about the five takeaways to Actually make money with this model Okay number one is to start a user Generated site blog or tool you can make Your own blog about your specific area About restaurants or lawyers or movie Theaters or whatever it is heck you can Make one about the drive-in theaters That are left in the United States People still like drive-in theaters Right People still like certain things maybe There’s 50s uh diners and things like That and we start to understand exactly What’s going on Okay and you can make a user generated Site Number two you can make a review site or

A mini review site where you’re Reviewing different products in a Category you could literally make Millions of dollars a year reviewing Different products for YouTubers that Like to do live streams and things like That have friends that do this all the Time All the time You can talk to businesses you can find All the Yelp businesses that don’t have Their own website and be like you want Your own website so you don’t have to Pay forty dollars a click well call your Old buddy Marcus and I’ll help you do That that’s how I started my business Very important number three you could be A local business guide and tackle the Easy local rankings number four you Could use Yelp to find crazy hidden Niches wait what what does that have to Do with anything markets well actually Doing my research on Yelp and this is Why I come up with all these ideas Because I do this all day every day this Is what I do for a living and I love it And if we go here and we type in Something like food stamps I actually Found this Niche using Yelp and it was For food stamps and different places Near you that accept food stamps and That brought me to a bigger niche Which was a niche about food stamps okay And EBT I think is what it called

And I was like wait a minute So this Niche here for food stamps Has 1.1 million visitors a month Searching for different things related To food stamps As people are struggling What if my job what if my goal Was to help people that are on food Stamps find different ways to get help And other ways to get more help from Food Stamps or governments or whatever What if I could help them what if I was Like hey check it out what if you could Do these side hustles and make a living What if I could help people coupon and Save money what if I could help people Stretch their food stamps longer so that They could feed their kids better What if I was out there and I said all I’m gonna do is be the king in this Market and help these people out what if I was able to do that and I go out there And I’m saying well how am I going to Make money well You can actually go and find affiliate Networks like let’s say we go to offer Vault and we type in something like Uh food stamps or EBT or whatever it is Right And we have food stamps assistance they Pay you when someone puts their email And clicks a button Or we could do assistance So security assistance you got a low

Income housing assistance are you Telling me that you couldn’t do the work And again this is about doing good work Being honest being ethical and saying How would I help these people If I had a friend who was on food stamp How could I help them Maybe I got the time to figure out the Info Or maybe I can link them to the Different sites hey if you’re in Texas Click here hey if you’re over here do This and you can find niches and that’s Just one niche of many that I found Using Yelp I found out I’m like wait a Minute these guys they’re ranking for Like EBT and food stamps and all this Stuff or stores that accept And I’m like wait a minute 4 000 Visitors a month traffic cost of 33 000 For the word EBT Interesting people looking for debt help Near them uh loans Right and we start to realize wait a Minute this is how the internet works That is worth money and if I go out There and I say hey wait a minute I’m Going to do the best job I can to help These people with finding a good lender Understanding the property prices and Wherever they’re at understanding how This works understanding hey I got the Time I can do the research and if you Can learn to be a good researcher you

Can make a lot of money online and you Can help people right what did I do in This video I literally paid people to Research Yelp I compiled it and put my Own spin on it boom now I got a video That people are gonna watch and I’m Helping you understand how the internet Works now eventually you’ll get like a High ticket Niche or you’ll buy blog Profit network over at but either way I Make money and you start to understand Hey wait a minute I can major in the Minors I can make this work Or number five I could try Yelp places I Could go out there and be like hey There’s people out there on YouTube that Go and try Yelp stuff Right if we do Yelp One star We can see here People are literally going and eating At the worst rated Yelp stuff now not Recommended like if I did this I’d Probably have to go to the doctor every Day but they’re going there and they’re Like hey we’re checking out every one Star Yelp review Here’s a guy telling you how to remove Bad reviews Right and on and on we go and we see Wait a minute millions of views All I would have to do Is try it

Try the food I went to a five-star Yelp Restaurant in Orlando and I gave it a Zero star it was terrible it’s like what He gets don’t even know how to cook a Steak what’s the matter with you you Can’t cook a steak you don’t need to be In the kitchen at a restaurant but at Any rate I digress and we start to Understand I can do so many things with What I just learned and you’re going to Want to give this video a big like smash The like button and you’re also going to Want to go out there and check what’s Going on Right check what’s going on watch this Video several times because there’s aha Moments that are hidden in these Videos this one particular there’s a lot Of stuff you might have missed now if You want to get personal training from Me go to we are Actually re doing the blog profit Network we’re adding all kinds of Niche Reports keyword tools and not only that But we have a call every Tuesday that’s Right on Tuesday at three o’clock you Hop on a zoom call you ask your Questions I’ll check out your sites I’ll Review your stuff we’ll do keywords and All kinds of stuff And that is something that is well worth The money if you want personal help That’s over at so Smash that like button check out the

Links watch this again get the AHA Moments and I’ll see you in the next Training And thanks for being here smash that Like button

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