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AI its talked about everywhere and AI apps are being sold for millions and even billions of dollars… but how does this method work, how are these companies making money online with AI software and apps in crazy niches like house prices, movie showtimes, calculators, coupons, and more…

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Today ladies and gentlemen we are going To talk about a crazy simple AI bot side Hustle that makes millions of dollars Now I gotta tell you I gotta warn you at The outset I came out with a couple of Videos on this exact topic strategically To get your mind into the idea of Creating little AI Bots and softwares And little tools to make lots of money Online the Rakuten video did really well A lot of people liked it the next video Did really well but apparently there was Some naysayers and the third video I Came out with which was on the power Search tool which you’re definitely Going to want to watch uh that one got a Little bit of hate as well people said Hey Marcus this method is unbelievable It’s fake it doesn’t work one guy even Accused me of using fake money on my Live streams and you know what he’s Actually right it would be silly to have Three hundred thousand dollars worth of Actual cash in my backyard office that Would not be a wise decision at all Especially with inflation it’s losing Value by the minute but we need to Understand that this is something that Actually works so while some people Might think hey Marcus this idea Creating an app making 700 a day or Creating a little Search bot and making 3 819 dollars a day seems outlandish to Me this seems like something that no way

Know-how this ain’t gonna work however I Wouldn’t believe it myself unless I Actually did that that’s right ladies And gentlemen I’ve had several sites That have done as much as thirteen Hundred and nineteen dollars a day or More with what you are about to learn Now disclaimer does that guarantee that After watching this video You’re Gonna Make thirty eight hundred dollars no Absolutely not this is a business the Results are not typical implied or Guaranteed I don’t know if you’re gonna Make 3 800 709 41 million or zero in Fact the average person watching that Wants to make money online is actually Probably sadly going to make nothing Those are the odds however what I’m Gonna do today my goal goal is to open Your mind to something out there that You might not have thought of before Something out there that works like Crazy so if you’re wondering Marcus this Seems unbelievable this seems fake Nobody makes 3 800 in a day all right Well Jeff Bezos makes that in like a Split second but you know who’s counting We need to take a look at this so we Need to understand what’s going on Because take a look here and I want you To look at this and I want you to Understand that there is a world out There where money is being made so fast You wouldn’t even believe it people that

Are struggling to pay their mortgages Some people are making enough to pay off A house in a day or an hour or even less Than that now is that going to happen to You I have no idea probably not the odds Say probably not however there was a Simple little app that was created it Was called the honey app you might have Seen it if you watch all kinds of things Online on you YouTube there’s always Some kind of Honey app commercial Now that honey app was created by a guy In San Jose who wanted to find a Pizza Coupon he was broke he was down and out He had no money And later that app got sold to PayPal For yes you guessed it for Billion Dollars All right think about that here’s Another one Hotel engine 1.3 billion dollar valuation All right now these companies are huge But I want you to look at this because a Lot of people think software is Difficult software is expensive software Takes years and years and years to Create When an actuality The exact opposite is true millions of Softwares have been made Over the last couple years here’s an Example

Audio extractor Dot net this is a website Little tool it’s almost 500 000 views a Month Here’s another one a search for sobriety Calculator all right and I’m not just Going to teach you how this works and Give you the codes and hand everything To you in a nice little box I’m also Going to reveal 14 niches that this Works in and guess what ladies and Gentlemen I don’t know if you noticed There was no add to cart button on this Training that’s right what you’re about To learn is free information some people Will say hey this don’t work This isn’t true people don’t make this Money But you got to understand that there are People making lots of money gotta Understand how this works I want you to Take the next hour and suspend the ideas You have and the thoughts and feelings That you have around money because what I’m going to do is open your eyes to Something extremely simple when you see How simple this is you’re gonna be like Oh my gosh Marcus how did I not see that Before or you might be like markets You’re a genius and I’ll be like well I Found it by accident so you know Whatever finding things on accident Makes you smart then guilty as charged But we’re going to understand this in a

Real world way now as I said there’s Nothing to buy here if you do want to Learn this through one of my courses you Can go to simplesitesbonus.com but only Buy something from me after you’ve Learned value after you’ve understood How this works okay now if your mind is Suspended and you’re ready to learn Exactly how this works and you’re like Hey wait a minute let’s make this happen Then I want you to ask yourself What is the number one problem stopping You and other would-be marketers from Making money all right the gurus talk About it all the time and sometimes I Get mad because they’re like oh hey you Know what Add value all right give me my 10 000 Bucks and I might go I paid ten thousand For you to say two words add value what Does that even mean And it gets frustrating right how about You guys are frustrated when the gurus Are like hey let me tell you the secret Add value and you’re like oh yay that Was so worth flying across the country And paying four grand to sit in this Seat to hear every speaker on the stage Say add value now go buy something from Me and I’ve been to those conferences I’ve seen what happens But no one talks about what value Actually is and even when they do it’s Vague it seems like a lot of work

And it doesn’t seem as simple as the AI Bot I’m going to show you today so they Say add value add value add value what Does that even mean Well ladies and gentlemen today You are going to learn to add value in a Way that most the gurus haven’t even Thought about because the gurus are you Know stuck trying to do whatever they do In their Lambos with their monies and Whatever but we’re going to talk about Something that the gurus don’t talk About we’re going to talk about Something that makes fortunes something That makes lots and lots of money it’s Not even hard to do all right what does That even mean well value means can I Make something easier can I make Something simple what can I do to make This work and today ladies and gentlemen What we’re going to do is we’re going to Talk about something that I called the Variable all right the variable is Something that is going to make your AI Software your little Bots that you Create make lots of money let me give You a little hint If you were to go and look at certain Websites okay let’s say we go to like Bar chart or Redfin right let’s say we Go to Redfin all right we go to Redfin Here like this and you’re gonna notice That there is a variable Up here in the Box it’s called a zip

Code this is this is the way the Internet works all right type internet If you get it the way the internet works You go search for something on Google It’s going to show up in the URL bar you Go you bid on a domain at the GoDaddy Auctions it’s going to have the domain Name right here okay very simple this is The way that the internet works and if You understand this it’s gonna make a Lot of sense and sunny says she can’t Make money because she doesn’t have Traffic all right we’re gonna that’s Gonna solve the problem right here Because if you want traffic what you Need is something worthy of getting Traffic right you need something worthy Of getting you need something that People actually want to look at consume Use everything like that and today we’re Going to show you how that works and We’re going to show you in a real world Way okay got lots of examples here we Got some code we’re going to show you Right here that’s going to show you how This stuff works if you can understand Not even understand because I don’t Understand it but if you can know this Little code here right I put this on the Screen so you guys can see it because This is the key to making this stuff Work like if you get this all right I’ll Make it nice and big you can take a Little screenshot of it or whatever and

I’ll also have it downloadable at Downloadmynotes.com but take a look at This because this is the key this is how It works and guys this is something I Have used over and over you guys are Going to see examples of sites like my Domain value tool that I made the profit Scoop site lots of sites that I’ve done This on I’ve done this with money making Tools domain search tools all kinds of Stuff right this domain extractor Literally cost me like 50 bucks to make People use it every single day and it’s Very simple all right here’s another one I had Where I did this with glitter graphics So you might say well Marcus does this Only work in financial markets and fancy Stuff with very difficult traffic no I Did this with a glitter generator they Literally put their name in here they Put Marcus and then it would make a Glittery GIF that said their name Right very very simple and you start to Understand and you’re like wait a minute Are you kidding me Marcus you literally Made a thousand dollars a day with a Glitter generator Yeah I did and we’re going to show you How that works here’s another one Fonts we went here and they were able to Put their font in here and boom it would Generate a font or or something like That here’s another one this found gas

Prices for them very simple again what I Want you to look at This code here This code very simple Okay this is the code that has made me Millions of dollars disclaimer will Copying and pasting this code make you a Millionaire no will it make you a Thousand error no will it make you a Dollar no it’s not going to do anything It’s just a code it’s just sitting there What you need to do is you need to Listen to the rest of this training and Understand how this code works because If you get it like years ago I remember I was it was called Never Blue before it Became Global wide and it was an Affiliate Network and I was like Hey I Want to make something that Automatically puts this search box and This guy made the code for me and then I Had my programmer fancy it up and I’ve Been using it ever since and if you Understand this it’s going to solve the Problem for you you’re also going to see Over here We have an auto loan calculator so I’ve Had lots of different sites that use This in a very simple way but I need you To understand how this works all right Let’s take a look at some sites let’s See if you can understand how this works In a real world way okay here’s some People according to ahrefs searching for

Keyword tool all right so someone said Oh I have trouble getting traffic all Right well if you want traffic of people Looking up keywords you can find keyword Tool and if you owned a keyword tool Don’t you think you’d make more money Than just talking about keyword tools Of course you would here’s another one Over here Domain tool all right pretty cool uh 82 000 traffic potential that’s pretty Crazy uh we all okay who is look up Someone write that down that that can Actually work as well Um you can make a bulk who is lookup Site here’s another one right we take a Look over here and we’re like okay Here’s some sites that are doing the Same exact thing 13 million searches a Month 1.7 million and we start to understand Wait a minute so the idea here is to Make something that makes life easier That’s exactly it now you might be Saying well Marcus that’s that’s easier Said than done this looks like it’s Going to be difficult I don’t know how I’m going to make money with it well Good thing you tuned in today smash that Like button and we are going to dive Into this and show you how it works now Years ago I owned a housing bubble site I since then sold it which I wish I Didn’t I should probably make another

Housing bubble site because yes ladies And gentlemen we’re in another housing Bubble and that housing bubble site was Designed to help people understand how The prices of houses are working okay so Like I could go out there so your job Your job is to find helpful stuff all Right so what you’re going to do is you Are going to learn to be The master Researcher Okay that’s what you’re going to do how Many of you guys are like okay I can do That all this other stuff the gurus talk About I don’t know about that but I Could at least research things for People I could at least find things that Will help people get the result you want Let me show you what I mean let’s say You were going to do A housing bubble site and you’re like Okay well you know I go out there and Maybe I can Google Um House price By ZIP code okay so do like house price By ZIP code now again remember that old Thing about that variable You’re gonna understand that in just a Minute so house price by ZIP code you Can see Zillow here you can see Melissa Zip codes and all kinds of stuff and What you’re going to notice is much like Redfin right here

It works on a zip code If we can get the ZIP code there we go Right oh come on let’s reload there we Go it works on a zip code right here so If we do like Redfin zip code boom we Got the example here okay if we look at Melissa okay Melissa same kind of thing Emmett wants to work Can we lose our connection There we go all right are we still live Is everyone still hearing me Type live if we’re still live Come on I could go There we go looks like it’s trying to Load Um but the idea there is like okay yeah Melissa is going to have uh the stats And you’re gonna notice there is a zip Code boom there’s a zip code now what We’re going to do is we’re going to Pre-populate this in a very simple way To make this work okay very simple now Peter says like selling shovels to the Gold miners not mining it yourself not Necessarily like this is this is housing Prices this has nothing to do with Mining gold we’re not talking about that What we’re talking about is making tools All right so what we’re going to look at Here Is we have melissa.com Bar chart Redfin Zillow all of these Work On zip codes

Okay so if we look at this we’re like Wait a minute So all of these work on zip codes so I Could literally go over here And make a tool that links to all the Tools right so think this is where your Brain needs to pay attention Okay so What you would do is you would imagine Okay instead of this profit scoop power Search I could do are you in a housing Bubble or is your house in a bubble or Is your house overpriced or whatever Okay then instead of keyword We’re going to put enter Zip code Here Then leave the code here remember I said That code is very important you can see That code here and then you will also See that code On each of these links okay very simple So what we’re going to do here is we’re Going to say are you in a housing bubble Okay shrink this up because no one has a 9 000 letter ZIP code right and then We’re going to have uh you know your Housing market Is and then it’ll say click to research Okay then what we’re going to do is we Are simply going to find the links that Are going to help these people out okay Does that make sense everyone so like All I got to do is find the links I’m Like okay I got Melissa here and then

All I would need to do is go to the site Take the link like this and then I could Say okay check this out Instead of GoDaddy appraiser we’ll say Melissa Melissa house values boom okay then all I gotta do is go to this link instead of GoDaddy we’re gonna have this here like This and again you’re gonna definitely Want to watch the other videos after This one to make it make more sense but What we’re going to do is we’re going to Paste it And then we’re just going to take where The variable is the zip code And then we put all the stuff After it that is automatically going to Take the ZIP code put it there and what We’re going to do is use this with all Of these right so we’ll use it with Zillow we’ll use it with Redfin and what We’re going to do is we’re going to make A tool that is going to help them Understand if they are in a housing Bubble does this make sense to everyone Type got it or if you don’t have it say I’m confused all right we’re going to Make sure that by the time you leave you Understand this stuff in a real world Way so that you could go out there and Make simple little Faux AI Bots and little software tools That are going to help people just like The other guys did right the honey app

Is is pretty much The same thing okay So we’re gonna go through and we’re Gonna understand now to show you what This looks like in real time let’s show You guys uh the profit scoop okay so the Profit scoop there is one here where we Went through and we’re like the Profitscoop.com and I had I think it’s Called like domain search or something This is the one I actually made on the Last videos okay and the idea here is Okay can we help these people Find the value of their domain name Right and the idea was okay they put Their domain name affiliate Marketingdude.com and what this does is It says hey look now you can search GoDaddy cool now you can search estabot Cool and what it’s going to do is make Something of value this is very very Important because you could use this With everything okay very very very Important now uh Sunny says well the Problem lies in getting traffic well Once you’re done with this watch all you Gotta do is make a video on how to use Your tool you go out there and you’re Like hey check it out you want to find The value of your domain name watch this You guys are like Marcus I I don’t Understand I need traffic I can see You’re not teaching everything watch This we go out there

And we type in value domain watch this So you go to the old YouTube and you’re Like okay check this out how to Value Domains 30 000 views how to Value Domains how to Value domains how to Value domains all these people looking Up how to Value domains with lots and Lots of traffic hey there’s me so I got Some traffic I I actually do practice What I preach and you go out there and You make videos showing how to use your Tool hey you want to find out if you’re In a housing bubble use my free tool and It’s going to search these five or six Or ten sites and boom that’s how you do It and here’s how to use it does that Make sense to everyone if you guys get It you get it if you don’t get it and Then know if I can help you very much More but if you understand this watch Watch how this works and it doesn’t just Stop there we can make little tools like This little tool here is uh the Affiliate marketing dude toolbar which Is really cool right it floats around Like this it’s actually to show you how This works works it’s on I think Affiliatequeen.com On affiliatequeen.com Watch What Happens Right I have this little tool and They’re there let’s say they want to do House prices or find a recipe or Whatever they can download it or they Could just click this and it just pops

It up right like this they got a little Toolbar that they can use alongside Whatever else they’re doing right how Many of you guys are like wait a minute Wait a minute Marcus are you telling me That this is nothing more than a Glorified website and this code And it makes a little AI Fake AI tool that actually finds what People want and makes something helpful Right does that make sense okay and mind Magician says I’d rather Outsource while Making videos yeah you can Outsource This is easy to Outsource I do it all The time because I’m not a good Programmer I’m not a good coder but I do Understand this and I can I know enough To to make these things work in a sort Of kind of way but when you start to Understand this I want to show you how Big this gets okay because a lot of People you might not get it you might be Like Market I don’t understand I just Want to where’s that free button that Puts money in my pocket well we’re still Looking for that but check this out Let’s say you want to do this with a Coupon site all right take a look at These coupon sites here is uh Living With Coupons all right notice up here It says CVS Let’s take a look at the next one okay In CVS for those that don’t know is a Um it’s a store in the US okay it’s like

A you know convenience store kind of Thing here we go cvs.com all right You’re going to notice that the Variables are in the URL and if you Understand this the world is about to Change in terms of making money for you Right look at this CVS if you understand That this is how the internet works and All you would have to do is link to Stuff right so I could go through and I’m like wait a minute Wait a minute so I could just find 10 or 12 coupon sites that have the variable I Could link to it and say search here for Top coupons boom they put their search In it pre-populates and everything works And you could do this with research Tools you could do it with hotel Searches like look this one here Kayak.com literally Has the whole thing in the URL So they could type in Daytona I can find Them all the simple Daytona stuff and The cool thing about these is they Literally could be set up in an Afternoon if not less uh here’s another One Daytona and if you understand this It works here’s another one like a Downloader site this was a video uh Audio converter type site and you can See uh right here In the URL It actually puts my URL So you could actually be like hey put

The link to your site here we’ll extract The video we’ll extract the audio we’ll Extract the transcript or whatever and What you’re doing is you’re linking to All the other sites that already do this Anyway and putting in The URL right so you’re just making a Helpful site that links to other sites And you’re passing information to make It easy for them and you could do this With like a part search like okay well Enter your car I got a 1988 Dodge whatever Boom there they go uh like Anthony says You become an aggregator of links that Add value and solve problems I love this Exactly that is the key and what you’re Going to do is you’re gonna make this in A very simple way the secret sauce is in Knowing why you want to do what you do People are asking how do you make money Knowing why you want to do what you want To do all right if you look at maybe the Housing bubble site Okay what is it that you could link to That’s going to make Other That’s going to make money for you but Gonna make sense for what they want to Do Right so housing bubble I think Refinance I think selling your house Realtors all kinds of stuff like that Okay and you think about this this is

Something we’re going to do in an up and Coming video probably next week if we Can get the notes in time what we’re Going to do is we’re going to talk about How Google Maps makes money right how Many of you guys are like yeah I use Google Maps all the time I have no idea How they make money they literally Provide maps and take pictures of every Address in the United States which costs Money how does it work how does it work They got a satellite up there that’s Literally like making these Maps How do they make enough money to put a Satellite right and you start to Understand exactly how this works you’re Like wait a minute I get it I get it and what you’re gonna Do is say Okay housing bubble site you Want the coupon site you want to you Want to see a little hack of how this Works all right check this out we go Over to offervault.com Offer vault is an affiliate search Engine oh wait a minute you guessed it Aggregator so they’re literally doing The same thing it’s an aggregator of Affiliate links and if I type in capital Capital capital There we go Capital One Okay check this out we got Capital One Shopping so you’re like Marcus how do I Make money giving away free coupons well You get eight dollars every time someone

Downloads the Capital One Shopping Chrome app Wait a minute so so when you’re talking About this and people say Marcus you Don’t know what you’re talking about Nobody makes these kinds of Monies Well ladies and gentlemen if you had a Coupon site And you were able to give away a hundred Capital One shop like think about it if You sat there and you were like okay I’m Gonna do a good job I’m gonna make the best coupon tool That’ll search coupons I mean I’m gonna Do a really good job at that maybe I’ll Make it for like people who are Interested in crafts or Fabrics or maybe People who only shop on Amazon or people Who buy Tech stuff and I’m gonna make it Very specific how hard would it be to Get 100 people a day to download that It’s free they literally download it Free and according to this you get eight Bucks Right you get 100 people a day to do That which Is not uncommon The glitter website this one I showed You that uses the PHP tool To show them the glitter thing This site right here this one you’re Looking at you’re like Marcus this looks Really stupid This looks ugly again what the heck it’s

The sparkling dice what are you from the 70s you know what are you doing This site right here Made over a thousand dollars a day And when you start to understand this And you’re like wait a minute Are you kidding me Just by tweaking it a little bit and Adding the interactivity of okay instead Of just linking to glitter generators Instead of just talking about fonts Instead of just going out there and then Saying here’s how to get cheap gas What I’m doing is I’m saying put your ZIP code we’re gonna find you the cheap Gas Okay so we’re adding that a little bit Of yep you guessed it that’s what value Is Value is I’m going out there and I’m Helping these people find what they want I’m helping people do research and I Gotta tell you ladies and gentlemen I I when I was trying to hire a couple Months ago for a note taker I found out People don’t know how to do research Like I hired a bunch of people I’m like Okay we’re gonna do a two-week trial and I paid a bunch of money and it was Difficult the people I tried to hire the Notes were terrible the stuff was bad They didn’t know how to research So if you know how to research

Game over you win And if you know how to research and put That into a coin or a a tool That’s how it’s going to work someone Says can you do this with Bitcoin Absolutely that’s one of the niches We’re going to talk about all right so Coupon hotel search downloader sites Part search Amazon deal finder website Traffic and stats data imagine if you Had a tool it’s like put your website Name and we’ll tell you where the Traffic is We’ll tell you where this stuff is Right and then we could like do web Hosting we could link to how to get more Traffic we could link to services that Help them with their website word stuff Take a look at this There was uh this where would it go this One here uh thesaurus I don’t know how To say that word it’s a weird word but Take a look I can make one where they Put The word in and it’ll say here’s a Thesaurus that thing for your word Here’s the correct spelling of your word Here’s definitions of the word and you Have a nice little thing and they’re Like I put my word in here it defines it It gives me the spelling it gives me This it gives me that gives me that and By the way down here lo and behold I’ll Put a link to my grammarly affiliate

Program which will do all of that for You and help you write And how many of you guys are like oh my God I get it are you kidding me is it Really that simple even though the Results are not typical implied or Guaranteed the average person makes Nothing do you guys get the idea are you Starting to have an aha moment of like Wait a minute So all I need to do Is help people research stuff Help people thinks of stuff that they Didn’t know maybe we’re going to do a Crypto one and we’re like hey enter in The crypto code and we’ll show you the Trends from the top sites and you’re Like okay we have The top sites maybe it’ll go to Um you know a stock price for the crypto Maybe to go to where to buy the crypto Maybe it’ll go to how to do this or how To do that right and you start to Understand wait a minute so all I need To do I could go through and I could go And Google like uh Bitcoin Or um let’s do crypto Prices Okay and we can find all kinds of crypto Prices so like coin market cap Okay they have all these here and what You’re gonna see is it’s the same thing So here’s Bitcoin currencies Bitcoin There you go so like there you go I

Would link to that or I could do Currencies uh ethereum right and you’re Going to notice the variable is on all Of these and when you go through and You’re like hey This is what I visualize Okay I visualize This stuff where it’s like okay here you Go uh life hustle says how would you Promote manifestation programs here’s How I do it I’d make a tool that Actually goes out so I would go and I Would have someone write five or ten Manifestation Scripts Okay and then I’d say put your name in Here Put what you want to manifest in here And they’re like my name is Marcus and I Want a Lamborghini and then what it’ll Do is it’ll change all the scripts and Instead of saying your name here it’ll Say Marcus Here’s how to manifest your Lamborghini All right Marcus one thing whatever Those manifestation people are into I Don’t like that market because the best Way to manifest stuff is to go to work And actually get it but if you Understand hey I can use this I want to Think bigger I don’t want to just think About like an affiliate thing or Whatever I want to think bigger and when You start to understand Hey check this out check this out we go

Through we’re like oh hey wait a minute I could do this with words I could do This with hey how to find the best I Actually found a find the best website Where was it here it is here Right this guy gets tons of traffic he’s Doing the same thing it’s a big search Box for finding the best things and when You start to understand wait a minute This is something that people will come Back to and they’ll use over and over And over and over again and we start to Understand hey hey wait a minute I could go and I can use this in a real World way I can get these people who Want keyword duels Right I could get these people who want Route finders maybe go through and You’re like find the best route or a gas Price finder or an estimator or internet Speed test And you start to realize wait a minute So all I need to do is go over to like Downloadmynotes.com get the code that Makes this work set it up and now all I Gotta do is research things and find Links that’s going to work for people Right and we understand hey check this Out Here’s all the sites doing this hey wait A minute this is how the internet works Right look at this you got your top Acquisitions here Google Maps PayPal all these started out as simple

Little tools simple little apps to help People and like someone says how about Airline flights or Laos exactly right You could do like flight tracker flight Tracker okay and it’ll track flights and You could see hey just enter in the Number of your flight here check these Five sites it’ll show you if it’s on Time or whatever Okay does that make sense is everyone Starting to get wait a minute so I could Literally just find like the top 10 Links for something and I can use this Script to make a little bot that’s going To make money over and over and over Again and all I need to do is link to Affiliate stuff that sells that pays me Money right maybe I could do web hosting If we’re talking about this or internet Speed test right there’s all kinds of Speed tests all kinds of things And all I would have to do is link to Them Very simple uh where to find the best Coupon affiliate programs go to offer Vault the best one right now is uh the Honey app And the Capital One shopping and that’s Exactly what they’re doing life hustle Says doesn’t this require technical Skills to build if you can copy and Paste you can build it all I’m doing is Copying pasting right the URL is right There super simple so like this one

Right this has a semrush this goes Through and it actually uses my Affiliate link with the keyword Right it’s right in there I’m like wait A minute so I could literally send them To semrush with my affiliate link to the Search they want Right I’m like oh hey check this out Here’s semrush this is my affiliate link And this big code here is what the code Is going to replace and I can put in Like cat Boom it’s gonna take me to semrush Looking for the word cat through my Affiliate link bada bang bada boom the Same thing I used on my tattoo website And if you understand the Simplicity You’re gonna start to get it because This is something anyone can do this is Something you can do no matter how smart You are I’m not that smart like my Programmer has a joke where his job is Literally to fix what I ruin because I’ve always I’m always messing with Stuff right but if you understand how This works and if you want this code It’s over at downloadmynotes.com right This code is there we have it in a very Simple way you can download it you can Edit it you can tweak it whatever you Want Um and you can just use it uh Tyro says Is this like hijacking a website no You’re just linking all you’re doing is

Linking to websites that’s it you are Finding helpful things it’s the same Thing as if I was to say hey here are The 10 things you need to do to apply For a mortgage right number one get your Credit score all right you go over there You get your credit score you link into It very simple uh number two check out The prices in your area boom they put The zip code in the prices are there Anyway I didn’t say it’s there anyway and those Sites are like thank you you’re giving Me free traffic thank you very much That’s pretty cool and we start to look At this and understand exactly how it Works uh Sunny yes the PHP code is free There it is I paid a lot of money to Have this developed Um but we’re providing it for you uh for Free And there’s actually if you watch video One and two those show you how it works Okay so these videos this one talks About how the app works this one talks About how the Search bot works and both Of them have links to those codes so you Could go get those codes you could use It you could say thank you Marcus I Don’t want to buy anything you should Never get money I just want free stuff You could go do that That’s all fine that’s all good Um and if you understand how this works

It’s very simple you look at sobriety Calculated now this is an example where Sobriety calculator I like this one okay So we go through and we’re like okay Marcus how are you gonna make money with Sobriety calculator Well what I’m thinking is they could put Their date in so like I’ve been sober For eight years I would put in I think It was uh May 27th 2014 so I put May 27 2014 as my Sobriety date and it would say you’ve Been sober for eight years okay and then What I do is I go to some Print-on-demand companies and I find Little coffee cups that say I’ve been Sober for eight years I’ve been sober For 1 682 days or whatever right and They can actually order coffee cups or T-shirts or uh medallions right think About this if you guys think how many of You guys are getting aha moments right If you’re not getting aha moments then I Don’t know how it can help you but if You’re starting to understand Wait a minute Like I could literally make this do Whatever I want I could literally make this work in a Very simple way I could literally go out There and just find people that are Looking for Um search tools or calculators Right you can go out there and do

Calculators very simple BMI calculator 1.9 million searches a month for BMI Calculator all right now I’ve had Students of mine that have gone through My tools course Um and they’ve gotten BMI calculators Made for 300 bucks or less right I don’t Know how to make one my programmer does I’m like hey this is what I want okay And we go through and we’re like wait a Minute so I could just make a BMI Calculator and then I could link to an Affiliate offer or I could link to this Or I could link to a calorie counter or Whatever it is and we start to Understand hey wait a minute the sky is The limit because people are looking This stuff up auto lane loan calculator Right you can make a little thing that Says hey how much is the car 25 000 what’s the percentage boom here you Go you want a cheaper percentage click This affiliate link Uh here’s another one tip calculator They want to calculate tips right They’re sitting there at the dinner Table And they don’t know how to add and Subtract Or multiply and divide and like hey wait A minute There you go That’s what you do a GPA calculator These are probably people looking to go

To college Date calculator Compound interest inflation calculator That’s a cool one right you could go Through and you can find out what the Inflation is and boom bada bing bada Bang right and you start to realize Wait a minute this traffic is going to Work in a simple way life hustle says Well what about like an income Calculator to calculate how much a site Is making or whatever there’s tons of Sites like that there’s social blade There’s Um other stuff and you can link to all Of them so I put the name here boom It’ll generate all of them and when you Start to realize wait a minute this is Really how it works that’s all we got to Do Right or you take a look at the tool That I have Um the affiliate Queen one where’d it go I had it open here somewhere Where’d it go there it is uh this one Here we actually have one that goes out There and I think it finds Affiliate offers Yeah so like here Um let’s see affiliate tools I think It’s that one Okay maybe it’s under Is one of them and what it’ll do is It’ll go and it’ll search for affiliate

Offers it’s like hey check offer Vault Check Google check ClickBank check this Boom done done deal Um Shakir says inflation calculator nice But keyword difficulty keyword Difficulty doesn’t matter because the Built-in way to make it work is make a Video about it you’re like hey check it Out use my affiliate my inflation Calculator all these people are getting Traffic how to calculate inflation Calculate inflation right and you go out There you’re like okay that’s pretty Simple That’s all we do and if you understand This and you have the right affiliate Offer you can buy traffic you could Generate traffic you could put a press Release out about your new tool you can Make this work in a very very simple way Um ferret says we paste the code but we Don’t have images and other files that’s Why yeah you need to download the whole Thing right and then make some images You go through you paste some images in There Um and you make it work right this is an Image you could put whatever image you Want just drag and drop from your Computer uh here I’m using front page 2003 you can use whatever tool you want And when you start to understand hey Check it out this is what Marcus is Doing it’s very simple right you could

Do a domain search toolbar maybe you’re Going to do like Um name generator business Name generator okay and you’re like okay Check it out business name generator 81 000 searches a month I can make a simple Business name generator Um and we start to look at that we’re Like okay well what would they want Maybe they want to incorporate maybe They want a domain name maybe they need Web hosting maybe they want I just paid For a fancy sign with my business name On it for the new office it cost me like A thousand bucks it’s a big light up Sign right and you start to realize hey Wait a minute this is something that can Actually work this is something we can Go through how to look up a trademark Maybe they go to five or ten different Trademark sites or Um whatever it is and you start to Understand hey the sky is the limit I Could literally go out there and make a Tool for anything calculator uh search Research Price Finder and when you start To understand that all of these sites Are working based on zip codes or Whatever it is you’re going to start to Understand that you could link to things That are very very helpful again the Idea is that we want to Um we want to give something that is Very helpful right like when you go to

The profitscoop.com I don’t want just any tools I want tools That are helpful for you right I want You to go through and be like hey check It out Um here’s some domain tools trigger word Tools or content tools right we could go Through and say hey this is how this is Going to work Um maybe you can make one that’s going To check spun content or or plagiarism Checker or grammar checker blog tools Right and you start to realize that I Can make tools based on whatever it is People are searching for right maybe you Could do like a duplicate content or Um whatever it is right really cool okay Do I have classes in Orlando anymore uh Sometimes we do yeah can you share the Whole code the whole code is at Downloadmynotes.com it is literally the Whole code Um How do I link a coaching program for Manifestation using the example you gave About affirmations Um well you would have to get creative About it what is it they want for Manifestations maybe you could take the Top 100 quotes right uh actually this is Something that a company did called Mind Movies years ago and what they did is They said put your name in put the three Things you want and it would generate a

Movie based on what you wanted to Acquire they made a fortune off of that Same kind of thing that’s what I would Do and then link to affiliate programs Pretty simple Um Where do we start as an affiliate Beginner uh start with my beginner Videos uh vpns are nice okay I don’t Know what you’re talking about with that Uh where do you get the code The code is over at downloadmynotes.com Um If you want it to be automatic you’ll Have to have an app for that yeah that’s Exactly what you’re doing is an app Right you’re making a little app an app I know it sounds complicated and Difficult but it’s not they’re really Really really simple most of them you Can get done for like 300 or less or if You use this little tool you can make Simple ones on your own and when you Start to understand wait a minute this Could be very simple Like I could literally go out there and Say hey Um things to do here you go check it out You can do things to do To do in things to do in Things to do in San Diego Chicago Natural look at all this traffic I can Make one called things to do and it Could it could have their zip code you’d

Put your ZIP code in and then it’s like Restaurants in 90210 Um nightclubs in 90210 Painting places where he could go and Paint pottery or whatever uh date ideas 90210 right and all you’re doing is Passing the zip code and boom there you Go here’s 10 things to do in your ZIP Code now I could tackle this traffic Then I could lead to like Groupon or Whatever affiliate programs and when you Start to understand wait a minute things To do in San Diego maybe you could go Out there and maybe like Ticketmaster Has something Right maybe Ticketmaster has like a zip Code And guess what ladies and gentlemen it Looks like they do so let’s try let’s 90210 we’ll try the old famous zip code There all right so Ticketmaster come on Let’s see We’re gonna see if they have Um a link here which they probably do So yeah they’re doing a search okay and All you would have to do is figure out Sort search uh 90210 just figure out how They’re populating this which you can do It’s not too hard to do there we go near 90210 so search Let’s try 90210 And there should be a way To make this work it might take yeah There you go so there it goes events

Near 90210 so all I would need to do is Be like hey check out sporting events And concerts in your area hey check this Out check that out things to do in Miami Go see the dolphins go uh to a nightclub Eat some Um Cuban food they got great Cuban food In in Miami and you start to understand Wait a minute are you kidding me You can make a things to do app Yeah right pretty simple Um let’s see here Can you can you suggest a landing page Builder I use front page 2003 that’s I Use and the reason I use it is because It allows me to do the variable like Using WordPress or click funnels you Can’t do this stuff right this is Something you have to custom make based On the code that I give you uh how do You do a crypto affiliate program what I Would do is I would go find Um all the crypto stuff so I would do Like search crypto or crypto prices Crypto Prices Okay and you can literally find the Little code And you can make a little thing that That shows them the crypto prices of the Top cryptos for the day or maybe Whatever it is okay look at that Google Sheets crypto price that’s interesting Uh why are crypto prices falling crypto

Prices API whenever people search for API that’s what they’re looking for They’re looking for stuff that’ll make Little apps and things like that David Says would your programmer be interested In turning this PHP code into a WordPress plugin turning this into a WordPress Pro plugin would defeat the Purpose we we tried to make it a plug-in In the past It doesn’t work because at the end of The day It needs to pass this variable and WordPress messes with that Richard says I think you can have apps Made from Fiverr yeah you can you can do Fiverr you can do upwork you could do All kinds of stuff I actually use Onlinejobs.ph my program has been with Me I think going on 13 years now he’s Been here a while Um and I keep him on because he does Good work and he knows how my brain Works which is important and when you Start to understand wait a minute the Sky is a lit like this opens you up to a Completely new world Like this is the world Of people that are making insane amounts Of money Right and when you understand That the way it’s going to work Is based on Doing the research and understanding the

Variable Done deal Right uh life hustle says the same thing You talked to Kim yes I taught this to Kim she actually Um she wrote me out of the blue one day I didn’t know who she was and she’s like I want to learn to make money online and I want to interview you I’m like okay Let’s let’s have an interview and we did An interview we talked about how I was Doing downloads and tools she’s gone up I think she just crossed the 2 million Mark Um now her app is a little bit more Complex but again I think it was like a Thousand bucks and what it does is it is It extracted things and you start to Look at maybe you can do Um like there’s one that does email or Domain extractor domain extractor right This tool here so domain extractor is Looked up 1400 times a month I had this Tool made which people use all the time On the profitscoop.com This domain extractor I think it took Him Two days to make so it didn’t cost much At all and it was very very simple okay And when we start to realize hey wait a Minute so these people are buying Domains that’s why they want an Extractor and boom there you go Um we’ve done this with Chrome

Extensions we’ve done this with all Kinds of things and when you start to Realize that’s the key right we’re going To make the app and we’re going to use Like kind of a Faux AI it’s not real AI what we’re Doing is we’re taking the intelligence From our brain and our research and we Are putting it on a site that makes Something simple okay uh have I actually Have I ever reconsidered doing the PHP Class we are going to do the PHP class Um if you guys are interested start at Simplesites bonus.com you can get my Course there and it actually does have One of the PHP classes and then you’ll Be on the list for when we do have the PHP class in the future Which app can we combine to the word 009 landing page to get the coupon codes Automatically well in order to get them Automatically you’re going to need to Use like a data extractor or an Aggregator which you would actually Actually have to have a programmer Create Um yeah an email extractor that’s one Where like okay it’ll look at websites Or whatever email extractors are a gray Area because more or less if you’re Extracting emails chances are you’re Probably doing spam even if you think You’re not that is Spam you’re doing Bulk email that is unwanted by the user

I get those all the time they’re like Hey I made this free Email sequence for you and I’m like yeah I get 19 of these a day it’s spam but There are other things people want to Extract like maybe they’re looking for Maybe transcript download transcript Um I pay to have transcripts downloaded All the time Um 2600 3 000 all kinds of stuff people Want to download uh transcripts I would Probably stay to like videos and not go To the other stuff but if you start to Understand wait a minute this is now Opening my mind this is now helping me Understand that affiliate marketing Isn’t just about some guy with his fake Lambo it’s about providing value it’s About providing value in a way that You’re helping people right you look at The honey app okay that’s an extreme Example it’s really big Okay Um but I can make something simple Something that works in a real world way Something that’s going to help these People right maybe I’m out there and I’m Like hey maybe I’ll find the best prices On a product Okay maybe I’ll do this maybe I’ll do That and you start to understand hey all This is doing is linking based on zip Codes and links and and search boxes and Different things in here and different

URLs okay on this one obviously you’d Need to decode the URL so it’s coded in There but you’ll start to understand Wait a minute now I could go out there And I could tackle traffic that I wasn’t Able to tackle before And this is going to work in a real World way and Danny says the number of Things that can be done with this is Infinite exactly and that has what that Is what has made me the most money On my stuff is is the fact that I’m Thinking about this in a different way Right what if you did this with recipes And you’re like tell me what you have in Your fridge and I’ll tell you what to Make Pretty cool or maybe Um something simple right I have fifty Dollars what could I afford boom it’ll Populate it Um and you start to understand hey this Works in a real world way this is Something that’s not pie in the sky this Is something that I can send massive Amounts of traffic to and make lots of Money why because this is traffic that Before now you weren’t able to tackle Traffic of things to do You couldn’t tackle this it was out of Your league But now you can Right and if you understand hey This works uh can we do luxury watches

Affiliate program coupon code you can do Whatever you want Um I don’t know if I do luxury watches Because why why not do something easy Why not let them tell you what you want Right you could do Um Software you could do a downloader you Could do Um HTML viewer right and when you start To realize you could do this with Literally anything cam says how about Traffic do you pay for it if the numbers Make sense of course I’ll pay for it if They don’t make sense I probably Wouldn’t things to do in San Diego I would probably do a press release and Link them to my free site Why not why would I have to pay it right Um so I would go through and I’d be like Okay I’m gonna find a tool that they would Want and maybe something that leads to Something expensive how to upload People want to know how to upload things How to upload a video how to upload Photos how to upload to Spotify how to Upload your resume Right and we start to understand wait a Minute this puts us in a whole new League right how to maybe you could do Um check sentence Right they want to check a sentence for Uh grammar there you go put your

Sentence in the box boom it’s going to Go to grammarly it’s going to go to this It’s going to go to that and by the way Grammarly has an affiliate program which Is very simple okay uh D affiliate says Can you show us how to build this from Scratch if you want to learn how to Build this from scratch you are going to Need to get like simplesites bonus.com Um I do have videos in there it’s it’s a Lengthy process it’s very difficult to Do these types of trainings live because You never know what the URLs are going To pull up Um but if you understand hey you know What this Was a this was a program called webfetti It was a Um affiliate program I got paid two Dollars when they downloaded it and what Happened Is I now was able to go to a different Traffic and this is where you need to Understand it okay right now your Thinking is small for the most part for Most people because you’re thinking of Okay how do I promote a ClickBank offer What’s the best way to promote this Thing what’s forget about that what I Want to do is I want to open up the Traffic funnel to something huge And instead of glitter graphic or Myspace glitter thing or whatever I want A generator right maybe I could go

Through and do like uh graphic Or let’s do meme generator Maybe I could do meme generator Boom look at that now I’m in a world of Millions of searches a month Meme text generator there you go like I Could literally tell my programmer today I want a meme text generator enter the URL of the image enter the text you want Boom done deal okay obviously watch out For copyright stuff and everything like That right does that make sense That makes sense to everyone Okay uh Fred says grammar check app Redirecting to grammar checking boom Exactly super simple Danny says I’m a Little overwhelmed watch this again Watch all four of these videos again This is something that Is crazy like this change my mind meme Generator Look at that four a thousand people a Month and we start to understand let’s Maybe uh domain generator Domain generator uh name generator Maybe people want a business name Fantasy name generator business name Generate and you start to understand Wait a minute the sky is literally the Limit here QR code generator that’d be a Complicated one but I could probably Make it happen Um all random number generator random

Word generated barcode generator like Look at this it’s insane and when you Start to think and the idea here color Palette generator uh AI art generator Text generator password generator there You go pretty simple uh word generator Invoice gen like you start to understand How this works secret santa generator Okay those people are probably gonna buy Stuff on Amazon if I’m an Amazon Affiliate boom there you go here’s the Secret santa generator Um wedding list generator and you start To realize hey this opens the world up To traffic I wouldn’t have been able to Get before This opens everything up and I start to Realize This is where you make the money This is where it happens Right and you start to say hey I can Make simple little tools Using the free code now are you going to Be a millionaire overnight of course not You could be a millionaire overnight but Take a look at some of these niches Right We got Um Twitter search right Twitter search Literally works on a URL you could do Enter your hashtag it’ll check Twitter It’ll check quora it’ll check Instagram Any other site with Hashtags

Right think about that You got uh best time to search on best Time to post on Instagram to make a Little tool that reminds them best time To pose on tip talk uh obituary search Put the name in boom here you go Ancestry right all those people looking For like uh all like the old people you Know like the the uh what do they call That ancestors and genealogy that stuff Right Um You can make that uh you could do Hospital bag checklist right uh what do You what are you staying in the hospital For I’m having a baby okay here’s a Checklist uh wedding checklist how to Remove duplicates in Excel now you can Literally make a thing copy and paste All your Excel stuff this will remove The duplicates boom Um Bible study tools right you could do Like bible study tools would be fun that One you could do like check this out Okay let’s do Bible study sites okay I Know there’s like uh Bible green Bible or blue Bible or Something Um Blue Letter Bible that was it and What they have is little search boxes so It’s like okay word verse word or topic First Corinthians what what uh Which one do you want King James version Search hey wait a minute Marcus are you

Telling me that the URL here KJV one Co and then you’re like oh wait A minute what about Strong’s Bible search ah okay so I could Literally go here and be like okay Here’s bible study tools I could go to Strong’s and and I could be like okay Where’s the strong search Okay so this one might have it yeah here You go Um d That’s not the greatest search Let’s do Romans 9 or whatever okay so we Could do this there it is Romans 9 1. so If you know how to make these variables Work Romans 9. Uh KJV Uh nine Romans or whatever right and you Start to realize oh so like I could Literally make a Bible study tool that Leads them to all this stuff Content marketing maybe there’s like a Checklist or a tool hey once you write Your content put it in here it’ll check The grammar spun content blah blah blah Done deal uh moving checklist okay how Far are you moving put zip code one put Zip code two it’ll generate a price Um How to remove a filter Uh Excel there’s that one again Um and on and on we go and when we start To understand wait a minute this is Literally the sky is the limit how to Remove a password from PDF uh

Backpacking checklist remove a Background image check this out guys Okay you want to do this watch this Remove background remove background I Just paid to have backgrounds removed Because I’m too lazy to make my own Background remover but maybe I’ll make One remove background millions of Searches a month Right check this out I actually went Over to I think I had a link here Uh where’d it go Oh or was it background Image Background Remover Script Check this out I could go get the script Over at like code Canyon or something For a couple of bucks All right 24 bucks this will Automatically remove backgrounds from Images this is a little script I put it On my site and boom I could get in front Of all these people that are looking for How to remove a background Right does that make sense are you guys How many of you guys had like the aha Moment Of a lifetime smash a like button if you Got the ah moment let’s see where we’re At here Does every advertising company allow us To pre-populate Fields no

They do not some do Um So it says how do I get a girlfriend you Don’t get one you you go out and meet People and then if you find one you find One There you go I don’t know what that has To do with anything but there you go uh Light bulb All right guys so yeah that’s the key You know how to remove this how to Remove that uh very simple right and you Start to understand hey This is where the rubber meets the road This is how you make money and if you Want to learn more about this we teach It in my course over at Simplesitebonus.com if you dug this Smash the like button have fun and I’ll See you next time simplesites bonus.com If you want the script it’s over at Downloadmynotes.com have a good one

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