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$3,819 Per Day With This Free Search Tool – Full Setup – Start Now!

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will you make $3,819 every day after watching this video… NOPE… most people will make nothing… but this is a busienss i have been doing for a long time and this free search app bot has helped me profit in a crazy simple way.

this is a little affiliate side hustle i have been using for over 20 years to profit by making simple little tools that help people do research online.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 22 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

Today I’m going to show you how this Simple free search app put over 2.7 Million dollars in my pocket [Music] Not only that but I’m actually going to Give you a copy of the code that makes The free search app work and if that Wasn’t enough I’m going to show you how I use the free search app on my tattoo Website a backgrounds and layouts Website that made millions of dollars The Profit scoop website and also on my Domain finding website and just last Week I went over my side Hustle free app Method that you definitely want to take A look at if you like this video where We went through and showed you how I’d Been using a free app method for 23 Years to put money in my pocket and I Asked you guys the viewers if you wanted To see the search method that I had been Using to make even more money and the Answer was an astounding yes it seems Everyone wants to learn about the power Search But first I have a very important Question to make sure you’re going to be Able to understand this concept I need You to figure out if you can spot Anything interesting in the top URL bars Of site number one Number two And site number three again just to make Sure

Number one Number two And number three now if you notice that Each and every URL contained a zip code At the end well then pat yourself on the Back because now you’re ready to start Making money and I gotta tell you this Method really is as simple as just Copying these links right like this into Like a notepad or whatever your favorite Text editor is and we’re just going to Copy them right like this here super Super simple and then paste them right Here now it’s very important that you Note where the variable is the variable Is what is going to be different in a URL for example if you’re looking up Whether your ZIP code is going to be Different than my ZIP code so that is The variable and for that we’re just Going to put V The V and V if you can copy and paste those Links and then figure out the variable Then I think the rest of this video and This money making strategy is going to Be pretty simple and I gotta tell you Today we’re actually going to build Something that I am going to use to make Money that’s right I’m going to build it Right here right in front of you so you Can see the codes how I’m going to use It and everything like that now the Example we’re going to use came from me

Taking a look at my search rankings and Seeing what kind of keywords my website Ranks for we could see here hey check it Out We’re still ranking for all that Cotton eye Joe stuff and the Gordita Crunch those are videos I made almost a Year ago and as you can see we’re still Right here on Google and right down here Yep that’s one of my many websites and The keyword that I found most Interesting to use in this video was the Keyword GoDaddy appraisal where I’m Ranking right here number 35. I want to Boost that raking up so I can get a lot More of the 6 000 people a month that Search for GoDaddy appraisal and I’m not Gonna stop there I’m going to use Keywords like domain appraisal domain Value domain worth and more and this Signifies tens of thousands of searches Each and every month for people Wondering how much their domain or some Other domain is worth and to me I think About this market and I’m like wait a Minute that leads into like web hosting Domain buying and selling domain auction Sites I mean come on this is a pretty Expensive Market but what does that have To do with my search box tool the Weather sites and variables hello buddy Pay close attention this is about to get Really good because when I use this on My tattoo website I had a website that Wasn’t making any money and I decided to

Put a search box on it so that people Could go to a page and look at the Different tattoos so if they put like Butterfly tattoo they would go to the Different butterfly tattoos if they put Heart tattoo they’d go to the heart Tattoos same kind of thing I did with my Backgrounds and layouts where they could Search for like a SpongeBob background And get that or a beach or a code or Whatever it is they put the search in The box and boom they go to a page that Not only shows them the stuff they’re Interested in but also yep you guessed It puts money In my pocket I even use this search box Code to take the zip codes on my weather Website and make tens of thousands of Dollars alright now step number one We’re going to want to go out there and Find something that people want to Research maybe the prices of something The value a domain tattoos or weather or Anything like that where there’s a Variable where they are doing research So in this example we can use something Like house value and there’s a little Secret here within the results you’re Gonna see that actually does have to Work for you remind me to tell you about That we can also check out this example That we’re going to be using today which Is domain value people are researching The value of a domain name or we could

Do something simple like maybe prices Where people are looking up gas prices Silver prices coupons whatever it is all Kinds of different things or even crypto Prices this could actually be a pretty Good one remind me I’ll tell you about That on Wednesday’s live live stream Where we’re going to talk to you about Tons of different niches that you can Use for your new search app that you can Build in an afternoon and you can see The word prices just keeps going and Going and going we can use tons of these Your brain is going to go crazy with the Ideas and the AHA moments from this Video step two we’re gonna go through And we’re gonna find different places That have whatever it is we’re looking For so if we’re doing house price we Could just go to Google search for house Price and then we’re gonna find the Different places that allow us to look Up the prices of houses and we can see Here we have Realtor.com again Take note of the variable we also have Redfin so for step two we want to go Ahead and find like three five or even Ten different places that have the Results that do the research for us and It’s very important that they have the Variable in the URL and since this is Pretty much how the internet works this Is going to be pretty easy and in this

Example all we have to do is find Different sites that allow us to Appraise a domain name so if we have GoDaddy right here like this and I put In power search profits.com click get Value hey check it out it says it’s Worth 959 bucks and I bought it for 15. But that’s not what gets me excited what Gets me excited is the fact that the Variable is in the search bar so that is Going to be site number one and I’ll Just replace power search profits with a V for variable now we’re gonna find Another site let’s say estebot power Search Prof profits.com zero dollars hmm But check it out There’s that variable Let’s copy this one and that is site Number two let’s find a couple more Here’s free valuator Power search Profits.com value eight thirteen dollars And seventy one cents wait a minute no Variable what Oh hey link to this appraisal there it Is replace it with a V and that becomes Site number three hey check it out the Variable is right there in the URL That’ll be number four here’s another One power search Tool.com and boom there’s our variable Right there let’s take this one too That’ll be Site number five and now all we need to Do is go over to the profitscoop.com

Where I have the file for you that Creates the power search now if you Didn’t watch part one of this video I’m Gonna put a link in the description to Part one that way all of this Tech stuff Kind of makes sense for you but watch That one after you’re done with this Video and then come back and refresh and Build all this stuff so that you get it In a really solid way now when you open Up the power Search tool at Theprofitscoop.com what you’re going to Want to do is open it in an HTML editor There’s lots of free HTML editors I Myself like to use front page 2003 if You can’t find it don’t worry just using One of the free ones that I have in the Other video now why we’re going to use This is so that we can split back and Forth between code and what it looks Like and first what we’re going to do is Find the power search code this is very Important because I want to make sure That it goes to the right website and You can see here what the code looks Like in real time now what we’re going To look at here is this is tools.php but When we put something in the Box we’re Going to see that it takes us to Search.php that’s very important and That is noted right here so we’re going To have two files one is going to be Tools.php the other is going to be Search.php tools is where you’re going

To say kind of what the tool is going to Do for them and then search is going to Be the actual functionality where we Have the links and you can see here we Have both of those in our HTML editor And we can hit split and see the code For each of them now it’s very important That you note this little request code This is the exact code we are going to Use to replace the variable with Whatever it is they put in the search Box so if we started with GoDaddy I Could go over here and replace this With GoDaddy URL and then the V is going To equal that funny little code the PHP Echo code right like this okay and then Of course I can change the text to say Go Daddy Appraisal boom there we go okay then I’m Going to do the same thing on the other Ones estebot Appraisal get rid of the Y then we’re Going to replace This URL Right like that Get rid of the variable here And put all the other stuff after the Variable free domain valuator replace The URL right here like this PC domains replace the URL Replace the URL right like this Remove variable And then our last one and then our last One domain index we’ll put domain index

Right like this replace the URL right Like that remove the variable or the V And boom there we go now we can put all Kinds of cool stuff like links to maybe A course about how to buy and sell Domains maybe web hosting maybe some Kind of domain selling service anything That we can become an affiliate of that Makes us money then when we’re done We’re gonna file save as search dot PHP And we’ll save this in a new folder Called domain variable or something like That this is just for us save Make sure all the images save And hit OK And now we got the code ready to go now We’re going to go back to the main page Right like this and we’re going to Describe what this tool is going to do We’ll say Find the value of your domain In seconds then we’ll put enter domain Here we can get rid of all these icons Then we can put some ads or affiliate Links right here like this and we could Save this one as something like domain Value tool dot PHP very important that You save them as PHP and make sure you Choose all files right like this again We’re going to save it to our domain Variable Folder and now we should have everything In our folder right like this then we’re Going to navigate to our cpanel where we

Upload all our files again check out Video number one in the description to Learn how to do this in detail we’re Going to navigate here we’re going to Create a new folder we can call this Domain search right like this create new Folder Then we simply open it Hit upload And drag and drop all of our new files Right there you got it now we can see All of our files are uploaded to the Profit scoop slash domain search and Here is our domain value tool when they Put their domain in The profit Scoop.com It’s going to take them to the tool we Made where they can click see the GoDaddy appraisal For evaluator Estabot PC domains and of course domain index And now we have a simple little tool That we can market and put in front of People who want to know the price of Domain names and actually give them Something of value so this is going to Be really easy to drive traffic to and Really easy to make money with because The idea is to make a tool that they can Come back to over and over again and Just imagine if they were able to check The weather or the allergies or prices

On houses or gas prices or whatever it Is that has a variable that you can use To make free tools that search all kinds Of places With one click and then just point to The stuff that makes you money you could Do this with coupons cryptocurrency and All kinds of things like that and if you Want to learn more about this subscribe Smash the like button and be here Wednesday at 12 p.m Eastern Standard Time for a live training on this exact Method

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