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This Side Hustle + Free App = $709 Per Day? Start Today Full Tutorial!

this is a super simple side hustle method where you can create a free app in a few minutes or hours and make passive income in a super simple way… remember this is a business and most people trying to make money make nothing… but if you get the simple concept this hustle could work well for you.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 22 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

Today I’m going to show you a simple Side hustle that I’ve been using to make A full-time living for the last 23 years Without having to make a bunch of Content without having to sell or drop Ship anything without having to make any Videos or put my face on camera or Anything like that with a very little Startup cost and something you can Literally set up in an afternoon yes Ladies and gentlemen I’m talking about a Simple free app that you can use as your Next side hustle to put passive income In your pocket each and every day okay So this is my friend Kim here I taught Kim this simple method and she’s gone on To make millions of dollars now I gotta Tell you the results are not typical Implied or guaranteed the average person Trying to make money online makes Nothing but I think if you understand This simple business model you’ll start To see how this whole thing works so That you can start making a profit first What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna use Our favorite keyword tool to find things That people look up on a daily basis in This example we are you using the ahrefs Keyword tool and we’re going to type Something in like maybe checklist or Ranking for YouTube ranking or something Like how to get more followers and You’ll see how to get more followers on Instagram has 19

000 searches a month or maybe even how To buy a domain name how to start a Small business or something simple like What to make for dinner with over 1.2 Million searches each and every month or You could do something like steps to Buying a house for the first time with Close to 19 000 total traffic potential each and Every month then we’re gonna head over To a clipart site I like but There are also some free versions out There if you don’t want to pay anything We’re going to type in our Niche plus The word icons Home buying icons and now we can see all Kinds of different icons related to home Buying this is super important and I Thought it’d be fun for this video to Actually set up a real live example Where you could get the template for Free you can watch as I build it and Then you can go visit it and check it Out and see how it works does that sound Like fun smash a like button and let me Know in the comments below so in this Example I’m going to be tackling Outsource article writing now you’re Going to notice it doesn’t have a lot of Volume which is fine because we’re Thinking bigger picture what I’m Thinking here is stuff like higher Riders with almost 1600 searches a month We got iwriter with 2600 searches a

Month article Checker content marketing And plagiarism Checker with like 500 000 Searches a month then what we’re gonna Do is outline the process so whatever You’re doing if it’s something like what To make for dinner I want to think okay What would be helpful for people that Want to know what to make for dinner Maybe an icon based on what they have in Their fridge do you have ground meat do You have chicken do you have fish do you Have beans what do you have right and They can just go there every day click On what they have and I’ll give them a Really good recipe or something like That or link to a really good recipe Again this is a very simple low content Method so in my example here what I want To do is I want to think about okay if Someone out there wants to Outsource Articles we want to think about what Would be helpful for them what are the Things that I use on a daily basis to Make this stuff work and remind me at The end I’m going to show you an example Of one based on domain buying because Just last week during the hurricane I Forgot to pay for a domain and the Domain company got all mad over fifteen Dollars even though I spend thousands of Dollars each and every week with them go Figure so an effort to help myself and Others with that problem I’m gonna have A daily domain checklist free app thing

That’s not only going to help you guys But also put money in my pocket stay Tuned again remind me to tell you about That one so for outsourced articles I Want to think about what is going to Help these people in the best way Possible first I’m going to list the Things they would need maybe a Plagiarism Checker maybe a duplicate Content Checker maybe a grammar checker Perhaps they would also like my content Template and also maybe some links to Outsource Places like iwriter and high Riders and Whatever it is next I want to think About the ways I’m going to make money In this example I can be an affiliate of Iwriter or hire writers or any other Content service I can be an affiliate of Grammarly web hosting SEO Services if They want to get their articles ranked Maybe an affiliate on Fiverr to turn Their article into a video and anything Like that you name it the sky is the Limit Now watch how easy this is I’m Gonna go back to clipart type in content Icons find some icons that look good That looks pretty good here’s another One here’s some others these look pretty Good then I’m gonna go PNG full size Download then they’re going to download Right here In my download section I’m going to hit Open with snagit editor or your favorite

Image editor then all I need to do is Strip out the icons I want let’s see for Plagiarism checker We’re gonna take this guy right here Copy then very important New Image we’re gonna make a specific Size for all of our new image icons Let’s do 128 By 128. always make sure the canvas or Background is transparent then we hit Create paste in our image size it Properly then we’re going to save this To a new folder we’ll call it content App and we’ll call this icon PC for Plagiarism checker Save then let’s take this guy here For our duplicate content Checker size It correctly like this File save as DC for duplicate Checker We’re going to do the same thing for Each and every topic we want then we’re Going to open the template that you can Get over at by Putting your name and email in and open It in a free HTML editor for me I like To use front page 2003 but if you can’t Find that there’s programs like coffee Cup and other HTML editors including Free ones that you can find online Simply replace the image up top as your Logo then put something that signifies What your app is about Outsource Content Helper you can get rid of these links

Here then we simply drag and drop our New icons in place of the old ones then Simply change the names to whatever it Was we came up with on our outline We have plagiarism Checker duplicate Content Checker grammar checker content Template monetize content and Outsource Content now I’m just going to go over Here and find some free plagiarism Checkers that I can use to link to this One does like 25 000 words so I could Simply link the text Right like this and I’m going to make Sure that I open it in a new window and Of course I’m going to check and see if They have an affiliate program that way I can use my affiliate link so I can Make money when they sign up next I’ll Find a duplicate content Checker we can Link to this SEO tools one here right Like this hyperlink new window Boom next let’s find a grammar checker For this example I’m going to use my Affiliate link to grammarly that way I Can get paid when they sign up again Hyperlink properties paste it right like That open in a new tab Boom then I’m going to link to my Content template and if you don’t have a Template or anything like that you can Simply write one then I can link to Things to teach them how to monetize Content and Outsource content of course Using my affiliate links wherever

Possible down here I can link to Affiliate programs and different things That make me money web hosting content Checkers grammarly whatever else we want If you’re doing this for weddings maybe You can link them to wedding credit Cards baby registries maybe you can link Them to some products they need to get Ready for a baby if you’re talking about How to rank videos maybe you can link Them to a video ranking course or tools Or softwares or whatever it is if you’re Showing them how to get more followers On Instagram or Tick Tock or whatever it Is maybe you can get them into a social Media course a social media platform Some kind of thing to help them build Their following whatever it is make sure It’s helpful and whenever possible make Sure you can get paid and if you’re Doing cooking maybe you can link to like The Slap Chop or something where you get Six bucks every time someone goes Through your link and buys this laptop And the sky literally is the limit what You’re gonna do is use this to drive Lots of people to your helpful little Tool then as they’re using the tool They’re going to click the links that Put money in your pocket and once we Have the tool the way we like it right Like this with all of our links and Everything we can even go a step further And add a power Search tool so they

Could actually enter some text and Search now I’m going to include this in A different video if we get enough Comments saying show me the power search Because this is actually a method I’ve Used to make a crazy amount of money in A really simple way just by copying and Pasting links and changing a little bit Of text so if you want a video on that Let me know in the comments say power Search and I will teach you that as well Now we’re going to go through and we are Going to save this to the folder we Created earlier called content app now This part is super important if you’re Going to be using the power search hack You’re going to want to save this as dot PHP if not you can save it as dot HTM or Dot HTML very simple so we’re going to Go through you simply title this Outsource Content helper file name index dot PHP Save allow it to save any images that You haven’t yet saved and boom it’s Gonna spit out the website code and if You did everything correctly you should Have an index file and all of your Images right here like this now in order To make this work properly you’re going To need web hosting which you can get Over at what you’ll want to do is Get a domain name that signifies the Tool that you’re using or all of the

Tools for me I like to use one for all Of my web tools since they’re all Related you wouldn’t want like cooking And drywall help and software on the Same domain you want to split those up But in my instance they’re all web tools So we can use the you Could go over to and Search for a domain that’s available With the web hosting so I could do Something like content Helper and if that’s not available I can Use one of the others or simply put Something like my content Helper and it Looks like this one is available then I Just sign up for web hosting click on Cpanel navigate to the file manager Click on public HTML and I can see all The folders that drive my website if I’m Using a new domain I’m going to Simply Want to upload it right to public HTML If I’m creating multiple tools on one Domain I’m going to go ahead and click New folder and call this content or Whatever the tool is about Create new folder click on it and simply Drag and drop all the files from content App right to the folder now if I go to Content you can see my new helpful app With all the links to the tools and Links that put money in my pocket and Now that I have something very simple Like this it’s going to be easy to share

It on social media make videos about it Make content about it or even drive paid Ads to get people to start using my app There are lots of ways to get free and Paid traffic and if you want to learn About those check the videos in the Description of this video and to show You the example of the domain one that I Created I actually have all kinds of Different tools for domains and Utilizing the custom search box you can Simply put whatever domain name you want In the box and it’ll populate all the Links with the domain name so if you Want to find the GoDaddy value you Simply click here it’s going to have the Domain already in there ready to go or The estebot value boom again it’s going To populate it 10 bucks what I’ve had this domain for Like 23 years and I know for a fact it’s Worth more than 10 bucks but you can see It’ll search the index pages and pretty Much anything you want to do related to Domains and this is actually a really Helpful tool for people that are looking To get into domain buying and different Things like that but don’t be fooled Into thinking this only works for stuff That’s web related you can actually make One with daily Bible verses where they Can go and say Hey I want an inspiring Verse or a verse if I’m sad or averse if I’m happy or whatever it is and you can

Link to affiliate programs that put Money in your pocket or maybe you’re Doing a mental health app or you want to Talk about hey what to do if you’re sad Or happy or depressed you could link to Better help which pays a hundred dollars A lead you can link to depression Courses and classes and influencers and All kinds of things that put money in Your pocket and at the end of the day We’re making something super helpful That we can put in front of people That’s going to help people on a daily Basis Drive tons of traffic back through Our website over and over and over again And put money in your pocket using this Simple method is what took me at age 22 To making my first seven thousand Dollars in one evening to generating Multiple millions of dollars online and The key is to focus on helpful tools Based on what people are searching for That they can use over and over to get Whatever result it is they want and if You want to see the live action version Of the one I just made go to the Content and I’ll put a link to this free Template so you can make simple little Tools and profit big time check out the Videos in the description to learn more About this method

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