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Businesses that Never Fail – 7 Online Business That Never Fail? Data Backed!

ok so i have been watching a lot of videos about data backed business that never fail… and those who know me know i never talk about NO fail or low failure rate business because they seldom exsist… but there are some things you can do to virtually guarantee your success.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Today I’m going to show you seven Businesses that are virtually guaranteed Not to fail wait a minute did you say Guaranteed yep that’s right if you Follow these examples you can make money And this is backed by data and in order To prepare for this video I actually Paid people to transcribe the top videos That were talking about no fail Businesses and what I found was less Than impressive a lot of people were Rehashing the same generic business Ideas that really doesn’t teach you much About anything and one of the top videos I actually found out blatantly Plagiarizing someone else’s videos so if You’re looking for generic advice like Lawn care or be a personal trainer this Video probably isn’t for you however if You’re in search of online businesses That are virtually guaranteed to succeed Backed by data that you could start for Less than 100 bucks then pay close Attention to this entire video maybe Even watch it twice so you don’t miss Anything now in order to get to these Seven businesses that are guaranteed not To fail we need to talk about what makes A business fail what is it that Inevitably makes the business end well Let’s take a look the goal of a business Is essentially to make money so it’s Logic to assume Businesses fail because of lack of money

Hey yeah that seems pretty simple right But why does this end up happening well First of all people might start a Business with money and funding and Happy thoughts and good ideas but at the End of the day it’s going to fail Because of lack of planning no matter How much money it starts with we see This with startups all the time that are Basically starting a business hoping That something works and then they have Bad marketing or bad planning and Eventually they run out of money and When they run out of money they’re Pretty much out of business now there is One business model that kind of Transcends this and that’s the business Model like Amazon or carvana where They’re losing a bunch of money up front To basically take over a market but Unless you have like a billion dollars In your pocket that you’re willing to Blow on a business so you can dominate a Market that’s probably not going to work For you which is why I don’t think it’s Wise for small entrepreneurs to take the Advice of billionaires because because Oftentimes their business models are Different their funding is different and They’re not exactly in your shoes when I Started my first business years ago for Less than a hundred dollars I had to Make it work I didn’t have a bunch of Funding or backing or anything like that

I had to rely on my skills my work and My ability to help other people and this Is key when starting a new business you Need to start lean mean and ready to Grow lean meaning very little budget you Don’t want to rush out there and get a Ten thousand dollar a month overhead Before you even open your doors not Unless you know exactly what you’re Doing and that’s why all the businesses I’ve started since the time I was 19 Years old have succeeded because I Started small kept them small until we Started to grow and then I invested and Even then I was super cautious about my Overhead and what I was spending money On and this is why I’ve stayed in Business for 23 years and lots of other People doing the same kind of stuff Fizzled out within the first year or so So if you want to make sure that your Business doesn’t fail keep an eye on the Bottom line AKA how much money you got In the bank so now we know that most Businesses fail because of bad marketing Lack of planning or low funds when you Run out of money you’re pretty much out So let’s talk about some of these other Videos and what they’re talking about With no failed businesses now when I was Doing research for this video I was Looking at some of these top videos and I actually got the transcripts and found Out that some of them were blatantly

Plagiarizing other videos like it was Almost word for word and I had to go Back and ask myself did I print this Twice and the answer was no one of these People was literally copying the other One and a lot of these people were Talking about the same kind of Businesses with a high success chance Like starting a vending machine business Or a cleaning service or some kind of Self-storage container place which Sounds pretty expensive to start if you Ask me or become a personal trainer but What if I don’t want to be a personal Trainer or deal with lawn care or number Six farming how is farming a no-fail Business throughout history Farmers have Failed like crazy in fact when I lived In California I knew a Dairy Farmer who Couldn’t even pay for his cows to eat Luckily some other company acquired him And the cows got fed some people were Talking about recycling businesses Getting a dump truck rental property Online selling selling what open a Laundromat Health Care can you be any More generic Transportation selling Candy start a staffing agency I thought This one was actually pretty smart only It lacked the details to get started Become an online tutor a freelancer or a Content creator and while most of this List is really generic and really Expensive to start and actually does

Have a pretty good failure rate there Were a couple that I actually liked and That brings us to the part you’ve all Been waiting for my seven businesses Backed by data that are virtually Guaranteed to succeed disclaimer the Results are not typical implied or Guaranteed this is a business there is Risk there is reward and the average Person trying to quote unquote make Money online makes nothing number one is An online service based business think Services like Fiverr only not using Fiverr to get customers or if you are Using Fiverr using that to get low-end Customers and put them into something Bigger to show you an example millions Of businesses are started online and Offline each and every year and a lot of Those businesses need a business name And so they turn to the internet to find Business name generators you could Literally start a business where you Help people find business names and help Them come up with business names charge Them a little bit or do it free and then Sell them business cards and web hosting And domain names and all the things that They’re going to need for their new Wonderfully named business or you could Start a simple service where people are Writing articles for businesses or Helping them getting ranked on search Engines or video editing accounting you

Name it there’s lots of online Service-based businesses that you could Start for next to nothing and the reason These work so well is because it’s a High profit margin basically you’re Trading your time for money or when you Start to grow other people’s time for Money and the only real cost you have is Advertising unless you do free social Media marketing advertising which if you Want to learn about that smash the like Button check out my other videos number Two is to be an online content creator Every day hundreds of millions of people Are looking on YouTube and Tick Tock and Searching Google and doing all kinds of Things to find information about Specific topics just last night my wife Found these videos with tons of views About funny dog teeth and as you can see Here lots and lots of people are Searching for dog teeth every day and You can see here on YouTube people are Watching videos with funny dog teeth so Your job would quite simply be to create Content about a topic funny dog teeth Accounting how to tie a tie or whatever It is we call this the wikiHow business Model I actually did a video on this Last week you should definitely check Out the link in the description for that Where you’re actually making content and Getting paid when ads are run on the Content or selling your own product Drop

Shipping or even affiliate marketing and You can become an online content creator Get lots and lots of views and make lots Of money number three is to be an online Middleman business this is where you are Going to go out there and find a Business that needs customers needs People to sign up or whatever it is and You are going to insert yourself as the Middleman in this business think Drop Shipping drop servicing selling products And adding an installation or a bonus or An extra software or tips on how to use It and on and on we go being a middleman Is a great way to make money for example If you were to look up canva tutorial There’s lots of people teaching you Different ways to use canva and they’re Getting you to sign up with canva Providing the service and when you sign Up for canva they give you their extra Videos or whatever it is and they put Money in their pocket as an affiliate of Canva I did this years ago with Drop Shipping where we added a little bit of Value to the gas powered scooters we Sold and actually showed people how to Use them and put them together and Everything like that it was super simple Took a couple minutes and drove my sales Through the roof and that brings us to Number four this is where you would sell Your services to a business maybe you’re Good at social media or finding new

Customers or managing Facebook groups or Putting together YouTube campaigns or Whatever it is and if you’re not you can Learn it pretty quickly and you go out There and find businesses that need need Help with marketing think local Businesses older businesses that haven’t Yet caught up with the Times personal Trainers dentists all kinds of stuff Like this they all need online marketing To stay ahead of the times and you could Charge them 100 200 or several thousand Dollars a month depending on the size of The business and how many new customers You can drive them again want to learn More about this model check out the Links in the description and now number Five is one of my personal favorites This is to fix up old ranking websites Each and every day I’m out there looking At the Domain auctions to find out what Domains and websites I can buy fix up And run as an affiliate a drop shipper Run ads on or whatever it is here’s a Domain I got just last week for 141 Dollars that had all kinds of rankings About Plumbing I can use this to Generate ad Revenue Drive customers to Plumbers sell different faucets and Products like Home Depot stuff as an Affiliate and on and on we go here’s one I bought for about twelve hundred Dollars that was all about pet rabbits And how to take care of your pet rabbit

And different products to take care of Your pet rabbit and as you can see the Domain actually ranks right now for lots Of this traffic meaning all I have to do Is put some content up and boom I’m Ready to profit and apparently bunny Rabbit leashes are pretty popular I Could use this domain to sell all kinds Of pet products and that brings us to Number six there are lots and lots of Influencers that are out there getting Lots and lots of traffic but they’re not So good at making money if you learn how To make money with affiliate marketing Drop Shipping drop servicing or any Other method you can reach out to Influencers and make a ton of money Helping them monetize Their audience This is something I’m getting into with Our new social profit plugin where it Does kind of what linktree does only in A better way that helps people make a Lot more money and get a lot more Traffic and that brings us to number Seven my all-time favorite method to Make money online which is virtually Guaranteed if you don’t give up Affiliate marketing this is where I go Out there and find a market in this Example it’s how to get a bigger booty Apparently lots of people want exercises And workouts for yeah that and we can See here the butt trainer affiliate Program pays 36 dollars per sale all

They have to do is sign up for the Trainer I get 36 bucks And boom we’re in business and since People are literally searching for Anything from different grammar mistakes To instructions on how to lose weight or Write a check or soundproof a room to Different products they can buy on Amazon hint Amazon has a huge affiliate Program or even different things that Canva does all you would have to do is Create content either in the form of Writing a video text infographic Whatever it is put it in front of people And sell products as an affiliate and This my friends is how I’ve made over 12 Million dollars on the internet from the Comfort of my own home and if you want To learn more about how I make money Online check out the videos in the Description

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