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$576 Per Day Finding Coupon Codes Online

ok we all see mr beast and other famous youtubers promoting honey app and capital one shopping and coupon type sites… but why!

because coupons pay big money… watch this entire video to learn how to make money online in a super simple way.

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$708 An Hour With PPC Ad Arbitrage?

$100 A Day Finding Coupons? [Super Simple] Make Money Online!

rakuten, ebates, groupon, honey, and capital one shopping are HUGE business all about coupons… you can promote these as affiliates and make big money.

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

please note… making money online is harder than most people watching these types of videos realize, it takes hard work, persistance, ability to learn, and other factors… this is not a guarantee that if you do one or even all of these methods you will make anything… this is a business and business’ comes with risk.

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Four dollars every 10 minutes finding Coupon codes online make sure you pay Super close attention to this next part And watch this entire video at least one Time all the way through okay let’s see Gvm Lights Coupon okay here’s one Copy and paste here’s another one Copy and Paste Now let’s try this one copy And paste think you could do this okay So in order to make money online we need Something called a constant A constant is something that we know is Going to pay us no matter what keep Watching and i’m going to show you Exactly what i mean paypal buys the Honey coupon app For 4 billion Why big companies are spending billions On sites like honey and slick deals Penny hoarder acquired 102 million Dollars Crazy coupon lady revenue 19 million dollars a year plane makes Emergency landing at orlando capital one Shopping money wise six moves to fight Inflation at the grocery store capital One shopping bank of america credit card Capital one shopping now in this example Our constant is going to pay us four Or eight dollars every single time

Someone downloads the free coupon Toolbar yep that’s right no selling no Getting people to fill out forms they Download the coupons and you Get paid This is extremely important because the Reason these companies like rakuten Which is worth eight billion dollars and Ebates retailmenot slick deals and Groupon make so much money and are able To pay people like mr beast millions of Dollars is because of affiliate Marketing affiliate marketing is where i Promote a product for a company and i Get paid now most of the time you would Actually have to sell a product in order To get paid but there’s also something Called cpa affiliate marketing cost per Acquisition or cost per action this is Where you get paid when people take Action on a website it could be Something simple like filling out a form Calling a phone number downloading a Tool or applying for a credit card we Can find all kinds of cpa affiliate Offers at places like offervault which Is a great search engine for these types Of offers and if we type in chrome Extension we can see capital one Shopping chrome extension pays eight Dollars every time someone downloads it Retail me not four dollars every time Someone downloads it so all i would need To do is go to this affiliate network

Sign up get my custom link Send traffic to this link and when they Add the toolbar to chrome i get paid Yeah So wait all i have to do is tell people To go get coupons they download the tool And i get eight dollars yeah Or if i use retail me not i send them to The page they click the button install The toolbar to chrome and i get four Bucks yeah and according to ahrefs the Word coupon is looked up over 36 million Times a month and if we isolate this to Just include non-competitive keywords we Still have 37 000 keywords with a search Volume of 1.8 million visitors a month And this is something that i’ve done Over and over i’ve actually had five Different coupon sites and lots of sites Promoting these free downloads and Simple little browser extensions and you Might be thinking but marcus four Dollars every 10 minutes that’s like 600 bucks a day which might seem like a Lot but actually one of the examples i’m Going to show you in this video is Making Over fifty two thousand dollars each and Every day in fact my personal best day Using this method was over six thousand Dollars and there’s several ways to make Money we’re gonna go through a couple of Them right now number one is to make ad Arbitrage sites now this hands down is

The fastest way to make money with this Method this is the same way that i’ve Used to make millions of dollars and What you’re gonna do is what’s known as Ad arbitrage you’re gonna go out there And you’re going to buy ads on other Sites for example you can set up an ad Run it on google adwords and bid on all The keywords about coupons and make a Blog about your coupon toolbar or Whatever it is you’re gonna notice that Sometimes not only do people use search Marketing like google adwords where They’re gonna show up right here like Capital one or retailmenot promo codes Whatever it is they’re gonna show up Right there now it’s important to notice That these are ads which means they paid To get there and they’re up there very Very fast sometimes these ads can be up In like five minutes if you want to Learn more about buying ads check out The link in the description and what Happens is now they’re in front of Everyone very quickly and very Inexpensively now down here These rankings are free they take a Little bit more time and a lot more Effort but they don’t have to pay when They’re clicked on and again remember When doing ad arbitrage you’re only Paying for clicks on your ads so if Someone sees your ad and doesn’t click You don’t pay and then sometimes you’ll

See arbitrage ads like this one here 11 Weird ways to make extra cash what They’re doing is they’re paying very Very small amounts of money sometimes Like a penny per visitor to get people From the msn homepage to click on their Ad and if you scroll down the page You’re gonna notice lots and lots of These ads here’s another one here’s a Car ad here’s a whole bunch of different Ads for different products and then some Promotions here like this one for dental Implants what he’s doing is he’s saying Well i can get traffic for like a penny A click on the msn homepage and when i Take them to ads for dental implants i’m Going to get paid a lot of money when People click on these ads and we could See here according to semrush which Gives us the pay-per-click cost as seen On google dental implants is paying four Dollars and fifty cents per click now of Course you’re not going to get all of That but you’ll probably get a good Portion and you’ll most certainly make More than the penny a click you’re Paying or this one where he’s doing home Loans another one for some kind of file Development and then money wise which is One we looked at earlier that has all Kinds of affiliate marketing instantly Search for better prices at online Stores he’s sending them right to Capital one shopping

Yes this gigantic site which is making Millions of dollars a year is using Affiliate marketing with the exact same Offers i’m showing you right here right Now so if you’re wondering if this Actually works cha Now you can use arbitrage and buy ads on Google you can use ads on facebook like This homebuddy guy is doing here you can Do ads on different websites like this And the traffic is pennies on the dollar All i have to do is say if i’m getting Traffic for one penny can i get one out Of every 400 people that come to my site To download the tool if the answer is Yes i can make some serious money now The second way to make money with this Method is to make a coupon blog this is Where you would build up a blog about Coupons you would go out there and find All the keywords about coupons but more Specifically we want the ones with low Competition so we’re gonna do a kd of Three or less then we’re gonna go out There and pick the keywords that have Very little competition we’re going to Make a blog we’re going to find the Coupon codes we’re going to put them on Our blog and then we’re going to promote The browser extensions and get paid Every time someone downloads them and we Would simply create content based around The coupon codes that we find so we Simply find coupon codes write about

Them post it on our blog and bada bing Bada boom the traffic comes to us And we get paid the third way you can Make money if you don’t want to spend Money on ads or you don’t want to build A blog is to post coupon codes on social Media sites and forums you can simply Find these coupon codes post them as a Way to help people save money and then Put a little link saying most of the Coupon codes i get i find using this Coupon toolbar and when they download You get paid it’s actually very simple And people are going to appreciate the Fact that you’re finding them coupon Codes in fact just the other day i was Buying this new set of lights for the Studio office here in my backyard and After searching all the different prices And everything i finally found a coupon Code that allowed me to get these for Like 500 bucks that saved me like 130 If you would have shown me that coupon Code i would have been really happy and I probably would have downloaded the Toolbar now always make sure as an Affiliate marketer you tell people You’re an affiliate marketer and you are Compensated and also make sure that you Don’t do anything shady and you follow All the rules on whatever platform You’re advertising or putting your Content on this will make sure you have A business for a long time

And of course remember the results are Not typical implied or guaranteed well i Might have made six thousand dollars a Day and the example we’re going to show You makes 52 000 a day the average Person trying to make money online makes Nothing so keep that in mind this is a Business there is risk and it takes some Work and now number four is to create a Deal finder channel if you were to Search tiktok for coupons you could see That some of these people have like 1.7 Million followers 100 000 views millions Of views they are getting views like Crazy simply finding cheap offers and Coupons and all kinds of things like That you can also see that over here People on youtube are looking up coupons Like crazy in fact my video i did on the Honey app actually got over 107 thousand Views and since it’s about coupons all i Need to do is say check out the link in The description or click the link in my Bio or go to my website and check out The coupon tools we have for you bada Bing bada boom i get paid and before we Get into that secret traffic hack let’s Talk about method number five and that Is to do a combination of all of the Methods i just mentioned if you want to Make big money and make this really work You want to combine these have an ad Arbitrage site make a coupon blog post Your stuff on social media lead them

Back to your blog create a deal finder Channel lead them back to your blog and Boom you are going to have a business That sings to the tune of money in your Pocket and now without any further ado Let me show you a very simple traffic Hack some of you guys might be saying Well coupons are kind of competitive but I found something that’s not competitive And that is the keyword Return Policy yes ladies and gentlemen eighteen Thousand people a month are looking for Dsw return policy and the list goes on And on and the competition is Non-existent you could simply make a Site copying and pasting and talking About the different return policies of These different stores and how to get Your money back and then link to things To help them save even more money smash A like button if you think i earned it Subscribe and check out the videos in The description that’s going to go into Each of these five methods in even more Detail

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