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$5K A Month – 4 Hours Work? – Google My Business Local SEO Hack

here is a super simple business model anyone can do… start for as little as $7 and build a solid business with real paying customers fast… better than SMMA or other local business services that take forever to get SEO results and then you are stuck begging customers to pay… this is a simple google my business local seo strategy for fast results.

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remember: making money online is a business… its not a guarantee… in fact most people trying to earn money online make nothing. make sure you follow all legal requrements and disclosure requirements.

Okay so the first thing we’re gonna do Is type in Aniston septic right like This then we drag and drop the toilet Right here now we make a simple PayPal Button so we can get paid copy and paste The code right here like this and voila We’re ready to make money [Music] After running an SEO business for over 22 years making millions of dollars Online there’s three major problems that I see that stops people from making Money number one is finding customers to Buy your services most people are going To tell you to go out there and try to Find customers by emailing people in Your local market but that’s super time Consuming and doesn’t always work Number two is proving that you can get The results you promise let’s face it Customers that pay big money want some Kind of proof and if you can’t show them That you got the chops you’re never Gonna get off the ground or make any Money And number three is actually getting the Rankings now after doing all the work to Find the customers prove to them that You can get results collect the money Now you actually gotta get the rankings No wonder so many people give up before They start making money lucky for you I Got a simple system that’s gonna solve All three problems and make this process

Super easy so you can start putting Money in your pocket So let’s hop in the backyard office and I’ll show you exactly how I made over 167 thousand dollars my first year Full-time with a local SEO company that Was super easy to run Come on all right so your ticket to the Five thousand dollar a month business With very little work is to work Backwards this is extremely important Because what most people do is try to Find customers and do all that what We’re gonna do is we’re actually going To get the rankings first and then Everything else is going to fall into Place let me show you what I mean over Here I have some websites that talk About the different types of local Businesses that exist in the world Child Care cleaning business services design E-commerce and on and on we go having a List like this is super important to Using this method because what we’re Gonna do is choose one of those business Types in this example I chose septic Companies we’re gonna go over to our Host right like this and we’re going to Add our new domain right over here where It says assign we enter the domain like This then scroll down and hit assign This domain that’s going to go ahead and Put this domain on our host account next We’re going to go over here to my sites

Click on ADD site click on create a new Site choose the first option and click On get started this is super important We need to put our number one keyword Right here for this example I’m going to Do Aniston septic I can also choose Another word that goes along with it Like maybe plumbers or service or Something like that let’s go ahead and Use the word service then as a tagline I Choose another keyword then we just go Ahead and copy and paste the tagline Right here like this click on next Choose the domain that we added in the Last step then we’re going to go through And turn all this stuff off and hit next And now we have a very simple WordPress Setup on our anistonceptic.com website Then we’re going to create a simple Blog Theme we’ll just go here download our Theme right like this extract it right Here like this and we’ll go ahead and Add a logo you could use paint or Whatever your favorite image editor is Put a little septic truck here right Like this put some text right like this Save as our logo right like that then I’ll choose a background from Clipart.com we’ll use something like This with nice grass download then we’re Going to save this image over top of Page.jpg right like this and now we have Our background and our logo zip the Theme back up right like this call it

Septic and now we’re ready to upload We’ll just hit log into WordPress from Our hosting control panel click on Appearance themes add new then we just Choose the theme we made septic install Activate and now we have a nice little Site to work with for Aniston septic Wait a minute what the heck is this We’re Pizza New Weir Pizza we’re Pizza Weird Pizza 386 dollars And it’s right there one two three four And this keyword gets 1500 searches a Month what five four three two boom you Got it keep watching this is about to Get really good and now all I have to do Is take my regular page that shows up on Aniston septic and I’m gonna make this a Page about Aniston septic services so I’m going to take my number one keyword Here which is Septic Tank Service Anniston Alabama which is a very coveted Keyword this is a keyword lots of people Want and that’s why they pay for traffic For this word so we’re gonna go ahead And title our page Septic Tank Service Anniston Alabama then down here in the Content I would just put something about Uh Aniston septic maybe I’d have like Aniston septic Tank costs and I can have costs for like You know draining the tank fixing the Tank whatever it is all the stuff that That septic tank people do I can put

That there and then I can have a part Where it says top Aniston septic Tank companies or whatever it is and I Could list some of the companies and I Could talk about different stuff like That so what we’re going to do here is Going to make very simple content based On what these people are searching for And what the key word is all right so Pay close attention to the keywords that People are using for Septic Tank Service Because what you’re going to find out is That septic service is actually a very Expensive keyword what this means here Is that on average for septic service People are paying 6.37 per click yep That means these guys hear these ads are Actually paying for the traffic so if You were to click on the ad it’s going To cost him money which means he’s Paying money to show up there now this Is very important keep this in mind Because knowing that people are paying Lots and lots of money means that if I Can show up for free I can sell my Website to these people without even Trying hard for a premium big Dollar Payday so I simply edit this page and Give content about septic tank services In Anniston Alabama now I can also have A portion down here that talks about Other Alabama cities that are nearby Maybe we’ll go you know a couple of Cities around Anniston Oxford different

Stuff like that unless some of those Companies as well because the more Keywords we rank for the more money We’re going to get for this site then as I mentioned before what I’m going to do Is I’m going to take that button that I Created with the PayPal button generator And I’m going to go ahead and paste that Right here on the bottom of my site so I’m going to have my content then at the Bottom I’m going to have a little thing Down here above the button that says Want to buy this website and the search Engine rankings click below okay and we Can have this little button on the Website that says hey if you want to buy This site click here to buy the site now Eventually some guy’s gonna look up Aniston septic they’re going to be the Owner of a septic company they’re going To see my site actually ranking in Google here they’re going to see the Content that I created and they’re going To see the button where they can Actually go and purchase the site if They want to buy this website from me And as you can see here they could just Click the button by the site boom I Deliver the site bada bing bada bang it Literally took me about an hour of work And I can get twenty five hundred Dollars or more for a website like this Wait a minute what 2500 bucks is that Guaranteed of course it’s not guaranteed

Nothing in life is guaranteed sometimes I get less sometimes I get more but Again this has only taken an hour of Work so even if I only get like 500 Bucks or a thousand bucks that’s still Money in the pocket that isn’t too hard To get at all and in the meantime I can Actually put ads on the website and make Money with ads I can put different Offers from offer Vault maybe looking at These different septic tank offers where Literally they call a phone number and I Get paid thirty dollars if they stay on The line for 30 seconds or a minute or Two minutes and they’re looking for Septic service so it’s a win-win we’re Actually going to be out there ranking For septic tank services in Alabama in Different places like that we have the Chance of selling our site we can make Money off of leads while we’re waiting To sell the site and of course we could Go out there and be aggressive and Finance and septic companies and say hey I own this site do you want to buy it Make me an offer so it’s very very easy To do but this all hinges on something Very important that I didn’t talk about Yet except a little bit when I was doing That little countdown for the site Newwearpizza.com now why in the world Would I pay 386 dollars for this site And if you don’t have 386 dollars to Risk on a site don’t worry I’m going to

Show you a method that’s super cheap you Can get these for pennies on the dollar And the reason I bought this site is Because it ranks for we’re Pizza we’re Pizza 10 to own and all different Pizza Words related to a geographic location Now it’s very important this domain does Not tie to a certain company it’s not Like Bob’s new weird Pizza it’s new We’re Pizza notice Aniston septic it’s Not a company it’s just the word Aniston And septic what we want is something Generic that way we can sell it to Pretty much anyone if we get a specific Company that’s going to be a little bit Tough to find and it’s a little tougher To sell because it’s a tight-knit thing That they have to actually want now when We’re looking at something like this I Want to show you the value of this this Is quite literally why my site ranks for Aniston septic because what I did is I Actually bought the domain Anistonseptic.com over here on GoDaddy Auctions for ninety five dollars so I’m Looking at this and I’m like okay for 95 It ranks for the term what are the odds I can make my money back well I mean Pretty darn good I could sell that Domain for 95 bucks easily but if I have The rankings and I actually have a site I think I could do a lot better I don’t Think a thousand dollars or 2500 bucks Or even a little bit more for a site

Like this is out of bounds I don’t think That’s difficult at all so we’re going To look at this and be like okay now I Can use this site I could build it up Same with the pizza I already rank for This stuff we go here and we’re like There it is right here’s my site I’m Gonna put up a site just like I did in Today’s video on this domain as soon as I take it over now remember in the Beginning where I talked about these Lists of different businesses this is Very important because here’s the thing At any given time there are domains Available in a small pool of things that You might want all right today might not Be the day for bowling alley words or Haircutters or septic or whatever it is But if we’re on the lookout and we know What these businesses are doing and what They’re paying that’s where the magic Happens because if we go over here and We say hey wait a minute I want to do Dog grooming all right now what I can do Is I can go over to places like GoDaddy Auctions and I can type in the word Grooming and I can see what comes up for The word grooming and we could see uh Holly woof grooming whatever that is Mobile grooming so Julie’s mobile Grooming I normally wouldn’t buy a Domain with someone’s name however this Does have a little bit of traffic so if We use our keyword tool this might show

Some promise so we’re going to go ahead And take a look at this in our keyword Tool now if you don’t have a keyword Tool you can use the ahrefs free keyword Tool you can use the Hoth keyword tool You can check out my video on my Channel About keyword tools that are free so What we’re looking for is keywords Related to this various stuff so Julie’s Dog grooming actually gets quite a bit Of traffic that might be a good one Although it’s not something specific Like I’d rather it be Los Angeles dog Grooming so we’ll keep looking and Usually what I like to do is scroll up Here and click the traffic link like This and if you pay attention the same Place where you got that PayPal tool Theprofitscoop.com you could actually See that we have a domain extractor so What I’m going to do is I’m going to go Here to The Domain auctions for groomers Then I’m gonna sort them by traffic I’m Going to highlight the entire list like This all right right like that then I’m Going to take this list I’m going to put It into the profit scoop domain Extractor Extract the list of domains right like This take the entire list put that into My favorite keyword tool whether it’s Ahrefs or semrush or whatever you’re Using go to the batch analysis put the Entire list in bada bing bada boom this

Is going to sort them by the ones that Actually rank for keywords so what I’m Doing here is actually taking grooming Domains looking for the ones that Actually rank for for this stuff so we Have Forest City Doggrooming.com 19 keywords so let’s see If they’re related there we go so Paw Palace Forest City dog uh dog boarding Okay this is good this is actually a Really good one so what I would do is See if the cost of the domain actually Makes sense so we’ll do control F find The domain it’s at twelve dollars with Three days to go I can probably pick This up for less than a hundred dollars So so not too difficult at all we can Also see all American mobile dog Grooming see if that one has some Traffic because we could buy that right Now for forty dollars that’s boom easy Ready to go so we could go through and See exactly what is working Central paw Um stuff like that now where this gets Really interesting is when we start to Use these lists and look for different Businesses that are out there so we Could do like handyman all right cool so Handyman we would go out there and do Handyman like this and don’t worry I’m Going to show you the super cheap method In just a minute if you don’t want to Pay five dollars or forty dollars or Hundreds of dollars for domains don’t

Worry keep watching again we’re gonna go Traffic and we’re gonna do right like This and we had handyman service Denver Was the first one so that’s probably Pretty good too so we’re gonna go Through put these in our extractor right Like this bada bing bada boom there’s Our list we’re gonna put that list over Here in the bulk analyzer analyze and London Pronto handyman Pronto handyman That’s actually a pretty good domain Winston-Salem handyman uh just handyman Perfecto handyman connection Florida Handyman service guys so we got all Kinds of different stuff here that looks Pretty good and what we’re looking for Is like this boom Jack pot there you go Handyman Miami this is one that a Handyman service would pay a pretty Penny for and it’s ranking like we look At it we’re like okay hey look you want A handyman in Miami you Google this and This is saying I’m Number 15. uh so Let’s try a different one so number 15 We got handyman services in Miami we Could probably build that up from a Number 15 but let’s just double check And make sure it’s actually ranking So we have Home Advisor and again up here there’s Ads and stuff which means These people are paying it’s got thumb Tag handy A1 Let’s try the next page and there we are

Pronto handyman right there right so That’s a pretty decent one again we Would need to see if that actually fits Our cost So you do Pronto handyman boom How much is it Okay 488 that’s probably worth it again I realize that some people don’t have That to risk but I I don’t think with That name I I wouldn’t not get my money Back I think that’s pretty simple I Think I’d probably get that Um so pretty cool right so we’re looking At this and we’re like okay some of These are ranking some of these are Looking good now if you don’t have the Means to pay for these even though some Are like five bucks let me show you a Way to look at these where there there’s A little bit less risk and you don’t Have to auction these are ones that I Could buy right now be ready to go have My site up right now the only difference Is is their expired domains so they Probably won’t have the rankings right Now and what we’re going to do is we’re Going to use a tool called spamzilla Right here okay spamzilla we’re gonna go Through and do the same thing so I can Type in handyman right here and I’m Going to see all the different things For handyman and sometimes I’m going to Find really really good ones right so my King handyman and we can sort these

Again by keywords if we want so we’ll do Positions And see if any have it so Bloomington That’s a GoDaddy bankstown Handyman Services Tulsa that’s a pretty good one Right that’s like okay I can sell this To a Tulsa uh handyman guy and let’s see What it ranks for Handyman Tulsa Oklahoma six keywords and This is actually very good this is a Jackpot and usually what this means if It’s got This little guy here it means it’s gonna Be deleted which means we could probably Buy it pretty soon if not we could Probably buy it now so let’s see if it’s Available So it looks like it is pending delete so It’ll be available in the next day or Two we just got to keep an eye on it and Then we can buy it for like nine dollars All right we could take a look at some Other ones here we got Brentwood New York Arlington handyman services and again Remember how I said that At any given time there might be good Ones in a certain Market that’s why we Need to kind of check every Market at All times when we’re ready to to set Something up so Arlington okay Arlington This one this is this is fantastic Arlington handyman services uh number 11. number five

This this is a damn good one right here Now let’s take a look so Arlington Again that’s a pending delete so we will Need to wait for that one Okay so we’ll wait for that see if it Comes up usually in the next day or two Or you can pre-register it if you want But that does cost a little bit more Money all right some of these down here If we do like X handyman or One Stop Handyman service okay we can take a look At this these ones are available right Now One Stop handyman service I can get For less than seven dollars right and we Can see uh what it ranks for okay so This is expired so the organic words Were probably in the movements meaning It used to have the rankings which we Could usually build it up and get them Back one stop handyman so it’s okay one Stop Tucson handyman Tucson it’s okay Right the rankings aren’t great it’s not Like these ones here Um but you know these ones wait for them Get them those those are pretty damn Good and we can take a look and see What’s out there now again we’re gonna Do this with everything we’re gonna Check the auctions we’re gonna check Um the spamzilla and we’re going to kind Of go through and be like okay well What’s the next business maybe I can do Beauty services or house cleaning or Landscape right maybe I could do

Something for landscape and see what’s Out there and this is what I do on a Daily basis is I’m always looking for This stuff so we got Upstate Landscape Supply Something there try a Modesto landscaper Modesto.com that’s a pretty decent sized City I used to live in Vacaville which Is kind of up that way so let’s take a Look here on movements Modesto Lawn Care landscapers Modesto That was a number 20 22 lawn service now Notice these just rank like a couple Weeks ago these were ranking this is Good I like this and landscaper Modesto It’s a good domain like that I could Tell to any landscaper in Modesto and Bam for seven bucks I can own that right Now I can put the content up right now I Could have this thing ranking within Like a couple weeks and I could sell This and it’s not that hard because it Actually ranked already So really cool stuff again there is a Little risk you’ll have to buy domains For like eight dollars ten dollars or if You’re if you’re really really hammering At home maybe you’ll get them for uh Auction domains like I got this one But again be careful and look at your Market and look at the Domain What are the odds that I can get 400 for This domain well the rankings I I think I mean if I make a dollar a day on it

With pizza links right then there you go So I could at least make my dollar a day Back but I think I’d probably have a Really good shot at getting this thing Ranking and probably selling it for a Couple thousand dollars now some of the Ones you can find on spamzilla are just As good like this one with a little bit Extra work you’ll have to make a little Bit more content you have to do a little Bit more work but this is pretty easy And then again all you’re going to do is Put your content put your PayPal link on All your pages or even in the footer of The site or the header somewhere where It’s like hey this site is for sale if You want to buy it and that’s when You’re gonna go for the big money but I Can also go out there once these things Rank like this I would just go over here And type in we’re pizza right like this And then all I would need to do is go to The guys that are not ranking good like Go to page five weird dough pizza we Could do that maybe there is different People here that are not ranking good Um mayor Meadow whatever that is Um and find the guys that are not Ranking good and go and sell this site To them be like hey you’re on number Five you want to be number one like Right now boom there you go you’re ready To rock by my site so this method is Ridiculously simple all you got to do is

Be out there and thinking about all the Different things you can do all the Different things you can buy and as you Found like I’ve found three four really Good domains on this on this training Well I’m trying to teach you guys which Makes it extra hard but pretty easy Right we just go through like this one 95 bucks that I I have no doubt I’m Gonna get my money back and then some Like there you go you just go do it but Again don’t risk money if you don’t have It really look at your strategy and be Like what am I going to do with this so Very simple concept all you got to do is Smash that like button check out the Videos in the description to learn more About how I rank how I buy domains and Make sure you subscribe smash a like and Check out those videos in the Description

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