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Get Paid To Watch Youtube Videos And Reality Tv ($719 Per Day LEGIT!)

this training is about how to get paid while watching youtube videos, reality tv, and live shows… this is a super easy method anyone can use to make money online.

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: you are not actually paid to watch the shows like a job… this takes a little leg work but if done correctly can make a TON of profits… we have examples of reality tv blogs, websites, and youtube channels that are making HUGE Money watching tv and blogging about what they see.

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make sure you always follow the rules, provide good content, and remember that most people trying to make money online make nothing.

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

please note… making money online is harder than most people watching these types of videos realize, it takes hard work, persistance, ability to learn, and other factors… this is not a guarantee that if you do one or even all of these methods you will make anything… this is a business and business’ comes with risk.

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Hello and welcome today we are going to Talk to you about how to make money Watching youtube videos and reality tv What could be better than sitting at Home and making one two three four five Six seven hundred dollars a day or more Well today ladies and gentlemen we’re Going to give you a very simple way to Make this happen so if you’re excited Smash the like button and subscribe and Let’s dive right in to What it’s going to take for you to get Those numbers now i got to tell you There’s a lot of videos out there Talking about this stuff and we’re going To go through that and talk about what Works what doesn’t work and my crazy Awesome method that’s making as much as 164 000 each and every month for some people That are doing this big time so I got one question to ask you and that Question is what if you could get paid To watch this video Yeah What did what if you could get paid to Watch this video what if watching this Video actually made you money well we’re Going to talk to you about how that Works because yes This video right here what if there was A way to make money we’re going to go Through we’re going to give you the the Way to do that and at the end you can

Vote with your like button or you could Leave a comment and say marcus i don’t Think this is going to work Because you know what do i know i’ve Only been doing this 22 years but there Actually is a way to make money watching This video and we’re going to talk to You about that in just a minute so let’s Go through and talk about how to make Money watching youtube videos and Reality tv first of all we need to Realize that america is pretty much Obsessed With tv Right the average household watches Seven hours and four minutes of tv Every Single day That would like make me tired i wouldn’t Want to watch that much so we’re going To talk about how this works now we need To look at this Because what Does amy’s baking company Have to do with you being able to make Money watching this video alright i know That spun your head a little bit but This is all going to make sense in a Minute and if you really want to make Money doing this method we’re going to Talk to you about what it really takes So let’s take a look here first of all The other day i was watching a chef Ramsay show you know that chef that

Yells at everyone for just about Anything like if you cook he yells That’s just the way it goes and we look At that and i was like okay This video this Tv show is interesting and i noticed That there was a restaurant on there and I went to google to look up the Restaurant because i’m like is it really That bad Like what’s going on do they have bad Reviews and i was kind of interested and I came across lots of different websites That were doing these interesting little Things things that are interesting but Make lots and lots Of money so pay close attention here we Have reality tv updates reality tv Revisited we have kitchen nightmare Updates Wikipedia e online and all different Kinds of sites related to Reality tv And roseanne says well amy’s restaurant Was awful she had to sell her bakery Well That’s something that you can actually Make money with Yes ladies and gentlemen Watching tv Just like you probably do anyway but With a little notepad could make you Money we’re going to talk about how this Works now

First of all i want to show you Something and this is an obvious way to Make it work We’re going to go into detail in this Method now This site here all Is about shark tank products Literally what this guy does is he goes Out there and he watches shark tank Right that show where they talk about Entrepreneurs and they say oh i’m not Going to invest in that oh that’s a bad Idea that’s a good idea right so this Guy’s out there and he’s watching shark Tank now not to mention his website’s Averaging like 119 000 a month worth of Free traffic which means your old buddy Here Is making Lots of cash so we got to keep that in Mind now what we have to look at here is The fact that many other people that are Going to talk about how to make money Online With youtube videos and reality tv and Watching videos they’re going to talk to You about what’s called ptc sites these Are known as paid to click or paid to do Something sites and these sites will pay You to watch videos they’ll pay you to Fill out surveys they’ll pay you to Listen to music now the downside to pay 2 click sites is the fact that you’re Not going to make much at all if in fact

You actually get paid because a lot of These sites ladies and gentlemen Are a scam so we got to keep that in Mind and this isn’t really how you’re Going to do that like if you’re going to Get paid a 5 cents to watch a video There ain’t no way you’re going to make 100 grand a month there’s probably not Even a way you’re going to make 100 a Month so paid to click sites are junk We’re not going to talk about that Another thing we’re not going to talk About is paid surveys right this is Where you go and you fill out a survey About a tv show or a video or whatever It is and you get paid like a quarter if You’re lucky Right This what we’re talking about today Ladies and gentlemen get ready is a real Method that actually works Yes your old buddy marcus has done the Digging I’ve been in these markets i’ve made Money with these types of sites and i’m Going to show you exactly how this works In a real-world way but first Since this is a real method that Actually works We need a warning and a disclaimer All right we got to have a warning Warning number one follow all the rules Don’t lie don’t cheat don’t do anything Weird all you need to do is talk about

The products talk about the shows talk About the people in a real world way Okay if you do something else you can Get sued right that’s a fact all right Next up disclaimer The average person making money online Makes nothing So We gotta look at that if there’s a Hundred people trying to make money Online watching videos about how to make Money online most of those people don’t Make anything Now this method that i am about to show You is guaranteed to work if you do it Now does that mean you’re gonna go and You’re gonna watch tv and all of a Sudden someone’s gonna knock at your Door and be like hey Here’s some money there you go no no no That’s not what that means at all what That means is if you do the work you Follow through this is a system that Actually works this is something that You can go out there and you can get Results if you are willing to do the Work all right it does take work that is A fact but it could be very rewarding so Let’s take a look at this The warning Follow the rules Don’t talk about things you don’t know About just go out there and look it up Like literally these sites over here

We’re going out there and they’re like Okay kitchen nightmares Right and you could see that they rank For all the different restaurants that Got closed main street bistro right he’s Like hey this was on here this is why he Didn’t like it this is what happened Yada yada great wonderful Excellent And he’s getting traffic so we got to Look at this and we got to understand Exactly what’s going on now when we look At this i’m going to take your brain on A little detour but there’s a reason This detour is happening that detour is To take a look at things like this Over 18 000 people a month Are looking for tick tock recipes best Tick tock recipes tick tock food recipes And on and on we go okay keep this in Your mind this is going to give you the Aha moment you need to have to make this Work ladies and gentlemen if you want to Make money you need to pay attention This is not like the other videos that Doesn’t teach you stuff that actually Worked this is something that actually Works now tick tock recipes keep this in Your mind next youtube recipes keep this In your mind very important Because what we’re going to do is we’re Actually going to go out there and i Think i saved my new notes let me just Make sure

Save And reload i know i put something in my Notes here i just want to make sure That it is in fact on the notes All right here we go we’ll wait for the Refresh and then we’re going to go over And show you the map and the plan of how This whole thing works guys this is Going to blow your socks off if you’re Wearing socks Be careful right because this is going To show you exactly how it works Hopefully if this does want to Reload okay there we go cool Hopefully we got our there we go okay so What we’re going to do here i’m going to Give you the plan right up front here 10 Minutes into the video i’m gonna give You the plan we’re gonna show you how it Works number one what we’re gonna do First is we’re gonna pick a direction Okay now your direction Could be Like a tv show so you could say hey you Know what i’m gonna do cooking shows or Maybe I’m gonna go out there and i’m gonna do Um maybe like the bachelor i don’t even Know how to spell bachelor so we’ll pick A different one right let’s say we’re Gonna do shark tank or whatever okay or Let’s say we’re gonna do uh the jersey Shore i don’t even know what those People do but apparently it’s

Entertaining so but jersey shore all Right and we have all this stuff And we have these what we’re gonna do is We’re gonna pick a direction so what i Want everyone to do right now to see if You have what it takes to make money I want you to smash a like button Make sure you’re subscribed and i want You to tell me your favorite tv program In the comments and in the chat box all Right go ahead and go i want to hear Those programs that you love to watch For me I like to watch the diners drive-ins and Dives and i don’t like it because of the Main character i like it because they Show good recipes from around the Country I like that right so that’s probably one Of my favorite shows because i could Just kind of tune out and be like oh hey That guy put cardamom on ham that’s Pretty good and i go put cardamom on my Ham and then i’m like hey that’s pretty Good that sounds weird i’m gonna go put Some cardamom on my hand sounds a little Weird okay so steve says he likes Baywatch isaac likes house okay someone Likes some other show csi shark tank Restaurant impossible all right so you Watch these shows anyway You’re watching them anyway how many of You guys Would like to get paid

All right this is the whole thing you’re Spending time watching tv and videos Anyway What if you could get paid Okay very very very important so we’re Gonna take a look we’re gonna understand Exactly what’s going on all right now Here’s the plan first you’re gonna pick A direction Very important so we could go out there And say okay well how do we pick a Direction well maybe we’re gonna go to Like our ahrefs keyword tool and we Could do something like Uh let’s say episode Guide oh wait a minute marcus episode Guide Episode guide so we go out here and We’re like okay episode guy hey wait a Minute wait a minute margaret ar are you Literally telling me That all these people Are looking for episode guide Right look at this so these people are Doing it and you could go out there and You could make guides on the episodes or You could do stuff like diners drive-ins And dives um recipes or products that Were on shark tank very very important So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go Out there and we could do like episode You could even do like episode 12. right People are looking up literally Whatever this is episode 12 episode 12

Episode 312. Are you getting the idea For that guy who likes csi i think law And order and csi are the same thing i Think i don’t know I don’t watch a lot of tv but there we Go Episode guide and that’s just 12. you Could do episode three Boom there you go right we can do Episode Nine Boom there you go how many of you guys Are looking at this and you’re like wait A minute This is really really cool Right and someone says they like Stranger things Stranger Things spoilers Right people like spoilers stranger Things spoilers people like stranger Things Episode Boom here we go or Where to watch All right how many of you guys are Starting to get it smash the like button If you’re like Wait a minute you’re telling me Marcus you’re telling me 90 65 and 34. You’re telling me 200

000 people a month are looking for where To watch yellowstone Right like okay how many is anyone Getting an aha moment type aha in the Box type it in the box because you guys There it is right and we look at this And we’re like okay where to watch Yellowstone we could do the research Okay it’s actually a pretty decent show Um let’s see here we’ll do where to Watch yellowstone Type that in google so peacock tv Okay um we got it looks like peacock tv All right so all we’d have to do is be Like okay is there a way to get paid Maybe we could go over here and do Peacock And see if there is or we could do cable Tv or you could do peacock um tv Affiliate program Okay very very important now someone Says show me examples of people making Money doing this don’t worry hero buddy Marcus has your back we’re going to show You this but first i need to show you What they’re doing okay because if i Just show you hey here’s 50 sites making Money it’s not really going to do much For you we need to actually show you how It’s working so first and foremost What we need to do is pick a direction Okay maybe you like stranger things Maybe you like a yellow stone Maybe you like this maybe you like that

Maybe like whatever it is okay so we Picked the direction and we’re like okay Here’s what we’re gonna do i am going to Do Shark tank or whatever okay We pick our direction Next what we’re gonna do Is we’re gonna say okay now i need to Get a website now Listen Listen up When you get your website Do not Use the title of the show in the website It’s risky Okay do something else so if i was gonna Do Shark tank or whatever okay What i could do Is i could do something like maybe i’ll Do Um Best Products Tv or something like that best tv Products or something best tv Reviews or whatever okay we’re gonna do Something related to that or if you want To watch my other videos and my other Stuff based on how to get expired Domains and um auction domains watch That just today i got an auction domain That was perfect for this It’s awesome right

So we’re gonna go through and we’re Gonna be like okay I’m gonna get my domain we’re gonna get A domain Make sure it’s a com unless you have to Get like dot me or something but i try To stick to dot com okay So we’re gonna first pick direction Number two we’re gonna get a website now Todd says these are review sites no They’re not review sites okay in the Example of shark tank Since it’s product related yes we would Do a review on the product or here’s the Products and how they did or you could Do here’s the businesses and how they Did you could do tv businesses Uh success or something like that okay Very very very important so we’re gonna Go through and we’re gonna look at Exactly what’s going on and we’re gonna Say okay number one pick a direction Number two we’re gonna get a website Okay if you don’t know how to build a Website or you don’t know how to get Domains and all that just go over to It’ll walk you through it very simple Number three This is the tough part Number three what you’re gonna do Is you’re gonna watch tv and youtube and Take notes now again remember i told you Ladies and gentlemen you can make money

Watching this video okay It’s gonna blow your mind when you see It and when you do it because here’s the Deal You’re watching This training anyway You’re watching the tv Anyway And people are upset like if you look at The searches that are done online a lot Of them are like celebrity names and you Know Net worth that’s a big one we’re gonna Look at So number one pick a direction two get a Website three watch tv and youtube and Take notes so i’d watch it and i’d be Like okay well you know on shark tank Today they had the Everlasting gobstopper and they had this And they have that and they have this And i take notes on them Very very important then i’m going to go Through And i’m going to i’m going to revamp Those notes so number four What we’re going to do is we’re going to Target all the low competition keywords And you’re going to notice that with These examples there’s tons of them Right you got like this cafe you got This kitchen nightmare term and you got Lots of traffic low competition so this Is very

Very easy to do Okay very simple we’re just gonna go out There for the shark tank products okay We’re gonna go out there i think i have A shark tank one Somewhere Okay shark tank products right for this One we’re looking at it we’re like okay This is pretty cool we got uh shark tank Products uh these products here and look Ladies and gentlemen Look at the competition All right i want you to look this is on A scale of 0 One hundred Zero Means easy good Basically put up a blog post and you’ll Rank and a hundred means difficult Zero Zero Zero zero Okay so very important now we look at This and we’re like okay handy pan All right handy pan we go out here and We’re like okay well i could go over Here to offer vault and i could say well Let’s do cooking Maybe there’s a pan cooking set there You go this is a cooking set that pays Twenty dollars for like a free trial or Something like that right Really really cool here’s another one a Cooking set cooking book you could do

Like knives cooking um Cooking knives or whatever it is right And we look at this and we’re like wait A minute so you’re telling me these People are interested in the cooking Thing and i can promote stuff now i can Also go out there and we got to pay Attention Because we want generic High converting offers And Specific related offers you’re going to Have two And the way this is going to work is Because of the fact that like if you go Out there and you try to get Traffic for You know celebrity net worth how much is Jay z worth how much is Whoever worth all right You’re gonna notice that that traffic They’re not really looking to buy Anything But there are ways to make money Listen up to me very very important Listen up All right when you go out there there Are ways to convert traffic that other People don’t know about this is what I’ve been doing for 22 years this is What i’m good at that’s about all i’m Good at i’m not good at many things but That is one thing i’m good at and so What we’re going to need is generic high

Converting offers what are these these Are offers like maybe we’ll go out there And do Um Gift Card Okay and we do gift card or something Like that okay maybe we do Email submit okay people looking um for Stuff where we get paid when they put Their email in a box okay so we’re gonna Find something generic like hey win this Win that download the honey app Download the coupon toolbar Something broad something generic now if We can If there is an offer that fits like okay These people are looking up The shark tank Pots and pans all right well maybe on That one I can actually go out there and maybe i Could promote The pots and pans Most of these Have Affiliate programs right so i could go Out there and i could sell those it’s Super easy It’s super simple now again this is Traffic that Once the show airs it’s gonna go through The rope Roof whatever that thing up there is

Called a roof right and we’re gonna go Through and be like okay so we pick the Domain or pick the direction get a Website and a domain number three we Watch youtube and tv and take notes Number four target all the low Competition keywords number five get Good relevant offers again we’re gonna Do generic and specific this is how We’re gonna get paid all right we’re Gonna write about the show we’re gonna Learn about the show maybe make a video About the show whatever it is and then We’re gonna promote the offers that fit Very important now one of the things That’s going to make this really work Is going to be Being able to get people From your stuff to something else right So maybe if you’re doing a video or Whatever you’ll say hey go to my website To get the full list of shark tank Products or the full list of episode Guides or the full list of where to Watch these videos okay or You know where to watch stranger things Or whatever it is so we’re at number Five we’re gonna get good relevant Offers and the number six we’re gonna Post content and get traffic It really is that simple now Of course there’s more to it you got to Do the blog you got to set it up Whatever but it’s not that hard you’re

Watching tv anyway my thinking is you Might as well do this so let’s take a Look at some example sites and how They’re doing This one here was actually they didn’t Even have a website so if you’re like Marcus i want to do this for free i Don’t want to pay anything they Literally went over to blogspot and set Up a site and they’re making like 250 a Month with very little traffic Pretty simple okay now let’s take a look Here And let’s go and take a look at what’s Going on okay so they got love island Love island uk love island season six Episode 11 right and we could see like Okay love island let’s do this Off screen just to make sure there’s Nothing weird With the searches on love island we want To make this Family-friendly right we got to be Family friend Okay so it doesn’t look too bad but we Got like love island 1.8 million searches for love island Okay pretty cool Right and they’re watching the show and It’s like okay good now can you make More than 250 bucks a month with it yeah I definitely think you can right not Hard to do at all okay very very Important we need to understand what’s

Going on now it’s a says uh i have a Site in the kitchen niche i find low Comp keywords but it’s tough to get Results now the reason it’s tough to get Results Okay There is a difference And let’s see if we could scroll down a Little bit there’s a difference between Two things here one Product Keywords Okay it’s the difference between product Keywords And info keywords Okay so if you have A website that’s about kitchen stuff and You’re talking about the the ginsu Cooking knives and you’re talking about The amazing nonstick pan and you’re Talking about the waffle iron and all That what’s going to happen Is you’re going to go out there and You’re going to be like okay Instant Pot If you search for instapot in google or Instant pot You got ads you have the instapot home Site You got cnet serious eats amazon you’re Probably gonna have walmart and all Kinds of stuff here Okay

What does this mean This means you went for a product Keyword Which is competitive why because like i Don’t care if it’s a kd0 you’re Competing with amazon now an info Keyword Would be something like what is the best Instant pot Top instapot under 100 Best recipes for the instant pot on and On we go now when we’re doing this When we’re looking at these I want you to take a look at the Difference let’s say we look for Mills street bistro Okay that’s a kd8 We got mill street bistro Reality tv revisited Reality tv updates Mill street bistro whatever Youtube Okay so this Is something that’s very very low Competition Lots of searches low competition and It’s actually low comp it’s easy like You will rank for this it’s not that Hard to do all right let’s take a look At another example here with Right again these are good because They’re talking about reality rather Than like something trademark or Specific now we could see here

That the traffic value of this site is Over 56 000 A month That’s a lot of money right how many of You guys are like dude if i could make 56 grand a month it’d be game over There we go i’d be done there we go a Couple of months and you know i could Retire or whatever it is now what They’re doing is they’re going out there And they’re talking about the different Stuff same thing with uh you guys saw Perez hilton years ago perez hilton came Out this is what he did now he made Millions of dollars because he added his Own personality and a youtube channel And all kinds of stuff but we could do This with just text or we could do this With outsourced videos or we could do This with anything okay Here’s another one gossip and gab this Was talking about next top model dancing With the stars he was kind of all over The place and i think he could do a lot Better if he reigned it in here’s Another guy Reality steve is basically just talking About the bachelor All right so if you’re obsessed with the Bachelor show you’re talking on episode 8 can you believe how mean sally was to Mr jones Simple right anyone can do this you’re

Watching the tv anyway guys when i watch Tv I got a purple notebook And a black notebook next to me all the Time Because i’m going to come up with where Do you think i came up with the idea for This video i was watching the the chef Ramsay and he was talking about the Restaurants and i googled the Restaurants and i was like that’s an Idea guys if you can understand this And smash a like button Things are going to change Because no longer are you going to go Out there and be like well marcus you Know the weight loss niche is too Difficult Well guess what there was weight loss Products on shark tank you could talk About them they get lots of traffic and This stuff works if you do it Here’s another one With an average of uh six thousand Dollars a month Six thousand dollars a month american Idol tv schedule american idol on Tonight different american idols All kinds of things six grand a month Talking about american idol Very simple here’s another one talent Recap this one’s talking about the voice And different um Different uh

Celebrities that are on these shows Forty two thousand dollars a month now Again ladies and gentlemen are you gonna Go out there watch tv and money’s going To fly out your tv No that’s not how this works you got to Do the work Right how many of you guys are here Because you want to do the work you’re Tired of watching video after video After video of stuff that does not work And you’re like wait I want something that works I want something that i can start and do I don’t care if it takes me an hour or Two hours or whatever a day chances are I’m probably watching seven hours of tv Anyway i might as well open the laptop Do some work while i watch the tv and Put some money In my pocket Right like that how do you like them Apples right and if that’s you If you’re tired of the junk And you’re ready to learn stuff that Works what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna Go through and be like hey wait a minute What about this guy stats for sharks He’s got all the different products and Guess what ladies and gentlemen The work is done for you If you have the keyword tools and you’re Like hey i want to see what this guy Ranks for there we go there’s what they

Rank for kitchen nightmare updates he’s Getting the traffic it’s all about Kitchen nightmare updates and we look at This here’s another one um look at this Net worth Net worth johnny depp net worth Or kelly net worth and you look at this And you’re like wait a minute are you Telling me marcus are you telling me That these net worth sites over here Somewhere i know i got one up there we Go net worth websites are you telling me This guy’s getting 1 million A month Worth of free traffic And all he’s doing Is figuring out the net worth are you Telling me that there are people on Youtube That are just literally making videos About net worth of people right net Worth Let’s say we could show you guys an Example look at this Net worth All kinds of net worth you can even do Like Jeff bezos or whatever Jeff Bezos Net worth boom look at this 2.6 Million views 5 000 views 6 million and on and on we

Go Right and you start to look at this and You’re like wait a minute these guys are Making Tons of money Focusing And this is simple like you talk about Net worth all you gotta do is be like Hey dude check it out Um I can make this work I can make this work in a simple way i Can make this work where i could go and And and just talk about this net worth Well let’s talk about like investing Hey you want a net worth that’s more Than it is now here’s some investment Tips here’s some um ways to make money Here’s all this stuff right and we start To look at this here’s another one shark Tank chopper 14 000. Worth of traffic a month now is that What he’s making no he’s probably making More unless he’s terrible at marketing Right i know with this kind of traffic i Can make more because we’re like okay Shark tank shopper There you go here’s all the products They’re looking for these products There you go I don’t even want to know what that Product is that like whoever named it Needs to be like hey buddy you know what You need a new name for your product i

Don’t think that’s what we want to call It but we can take a look that we’re Like 15 grand worth of traffic all he’s Doing is watching oh here there’s that Product there it is the amazing pan the Amazing this the amazing that here’s Another one Where this guy watched the magician guy Right and he he reveals all the magic Trick secrets and he went out and he’s Like hey how is this trick done how is That trick done and you go out and You’re like hey check this out Here’s how they’re doing it It’s not hard to do look at the Competition it’s nothing Right david blaine how did david blaine Bend quarters all right i’ll tell you How and it’s actually pretty simple you Go out there to penguin magic who has an Affiliate program Let’s see penguin magic right they have An affiliate program i think they pay Like uh 10 or something so you go there and You’re like penguin magic Uh folding Quarter Folding coin there we go right folding Coin and you’re like okay there you go That’s how he does it that’s how he does It you need to buy this coin and you’re Gonna be just like david blaine Boom there you go right and you look at

This and it’s like hey this is how it Works Right um address says hey this is fake Is it fake Is it fake that people actually rank for Words and make money Like like what is it you don’t believe If anyone’s out there and they’re like Margaret’s you need to you need to prove To me then you shouldn’t be an internet Marketer Don’t like if i have to convince you That these guys are making money then You need to stop Walk away and stop trying to make money Online That’s what you need to do because Ladies and gentlemen you can see Right here Right here david blaine uh chris angel Levitation talk about that there’s a Levitation lottery stuff All kinds of things and you look at it And it’s like okay this guy can make Money in a very simple way and he is Making money and here’s another one Kitchen nightmare updates All right hey check it out this guy’s Talking about kitchen nightmares Restaurants still open Uh different restaurants and on and on We go e-reality tv this guy’s talking About uh different cafes Kitchen nightmares italian restaurants

On and on we go and we look at it and We’re like wait a minute This Is there This works here’s another one Idol chatter okay that’s a good one so He’s talking about american idol Thousand dollars a month worth of Traffic now again if you understand how This works If you understand how this works you can Make a lot more with your traffic the Problem is is people don’t know how to Convert the traffic so it’s not really Going to get them where they they want To go okay now we’re going to go through And we’re like okay let’s take a look at This one on camera audiences i like this One because it probably branches out Into Maybe like how to be On a tv show like how to get tickets Maybe there’s like uh let’s see let’s do Tv show tickets What i’m looking for Hey look there he is uh he’s number one Number one tv show uh tickets So these are tickets so yeah you could Do like uh tickets for sale How do you get tickets stubhub so yeah You could actually go out there and Convert this traffic into people buying Tickets to be on tv shows Right how many guys are like what are

You kidding me Yes this is how we make money now ladies And gentlemen the reason people don’t Think this works Is because they are still trained To think you need to dig ditches and Build Things out of concrete to make money you Don’t you know there are people making Money talking about reality tv All day every day and you start to look At this and you’re like okay on camera Audiences right take a look at what he’s Got You look at his traffic and it’s like Okay i can do this Right american idol tickets Um on camera audiences american idol This guy ranks for all kinds of crazy Stuff you could go through and say well I just want words about tickets I want to talk about how to get tickets And guess what Ladies and gentlemen these companies Stubhub ticketmaster they’re gonna They’re gonna pay for ads Right so you could do adsense you could Do all kinds of stuff and make lots of Money here it is look at here you go Dancing with the star tickets this Tickets how do you get tickets here One competition one Literally one like what are you doing There’s one there you go uh steve harvey

Tickets um nfl tickets uh america’s got Talent tickets and there you go Now you can make a ticket website um we Got idol forums these are people talking About american idol reality fan forums Uh big brother he’s talking about big Brother tv and so you start to look at This you’re like oh hey you mean i can Even do this on youtube yeah there’s People doing this on youtube making tons Of money now again these are estimates Chances are From what i find i actually make a lot More than the estimated tools say right The estimated tools say you’re gonna Make you know I think a thousand bucks or something I’m actually making like a hundred Thousand so you know i’m in a different Niche but if you do the math and you Start to understand wait a minute I can build and i can grow and if i have 50 000 people watching my video or Visiting my site then i can make Money and if you start to understand This You start to see hey here’s a guy here Talking about reality tv Talking about reality tv 205 a day How many guys if you make 205 a day Talking about reality tv Which you probably do anyway and you Probably go to work and you’re like hey Did you see

Whatever tv program was on you’re Talking about it anyway Might as well get paid for it and as Promised i’m going to show you how to Make money watching this video as well Here’s one um Making 29 bucks a day that’s a thousand Dollars a month Not that hard to do uh here’s one two Dollars a day 60 bucks a month now again He’s probably making a lot more but if You get the idea here they’re just doing Recaps of the shows here’s what happened On the bachelor or whatever now the way To make money The way to make money Is to go out there and find Specific things Okay maybe i could promote a share max Or maybe paramount plus streaming Right very Very important and if we start to Understand that this is not just about Traffic It’s about converting the traffic into Money That is the key We need to understand exactly what’s Going on We need to go through and say this is How we’re gonna make money off this Traffic now Ladies and gentlemen Could you

Have gotten paid Money To watch the video you’re watching now How do you get paid To watch youtube videos well check this Out Did you know That right now 2 000 people a month are searching for How to get paid to watch true crime Shows Four thousand or actually eleven Thousand a month are looking for how to Get paid to watch videos Three thousand get paid to watch netflix One thousand get paid to watch horror Movies Get paid to watch Videos on you all these people are Looking this stuff up to the tune of 42 000 people a month did you know that While you were watching this video You could have taken notes and made a Blog post about how to make money Watching videos I literally just showed you how to do it You go on there and you’re like what did Marcus say here’s the top steps now Again come on over here Don’t plagiarize Don’t copy Don’t do anything shady But how many of you guys if you’re Honest with yourself

You say mark is provided in the last 40 Minutes Enough info for me to write a good blog Post Or make a video About How to get paid to watch videos How many guys are like wait a minute are You kidding me Like i could have literally just taken Notes on this video yes and you can do That for anything You can do that on all videos you can Say i watched the top 10 videos about x Here’s what i learned Did you just get that Did you just get that i watched the top 10 videos about x Here is what i learned just yesterday So You guys need to buy some stuff over at Because i’m actually paying to build Another backyard office next to this Backyard office which is not cheap it Costs a lot and so i was looking up Drywall alternatives because i’m not Sure i want to sheet rocket or do Something else and so i was watching Videos on drywall alternatives And everyone talked about all this stuff So there was like this guy talking about This this guy talking about that this Guy talking about this and i can make

Notes On all these things And i could go through And i can make my own content Like steve says reaction videos are Popular now yeah you could do a reaction Video or you can do a compilation here’s The top 10 things i learned from these Top videos here’s the top stuff here Here’s the top stuff this bada bing bada Boom here’s i i watched the top 10 Cooking shows here’s the best Recipes i found Right and if you start to understand That ladies and gentlemen there are People out there making more money than You even think possible Doing this exact Same Thing They’re out there look at these Let’s take a look here’s one Best viral recipes according to tick Tock Celebrity Net worth They go out and figure it out Here’s another one celebrity net worth 1.2 million dollars We got The best Stuff on youtube best cameras on youtube That’s this best that right we have um

Shark tank products are going through They’re listing all the products Not hard to do we got Uh get paid to watch videos We got this guy doing lists And you start to look at this and you’re Like wait a minute I could literally Make a youtube channel Or i can make a blog About where to watch Right where to watch Where to watch yellowstone where to Watch harry potter Where to watch this And all these people you got millions of People searching for where to watch You can even do like tv apps You can even do how to not have cable And when you start to understand That the traffic here is dirt cheap And it’s so easy to do now miss pac-man Says so many ideas hard to stay with one And that’s why You need to focus On this This is your plan Pick a direction first Okay so pick a direction you say okay I’m gonna do yellowstone Okay good so i’ll do yellowstone or Maybe i’m gonna do tickets Tickets to the to the top tv shows or uh Maybe i’ll do like

Yellowstone Show or whatever And i’m like okay Yellowstone show where to watch it maybe I’m gonna do this and you start to look At this and you start to focus Uh Simon says uh can you do political Topics of course yeah you could Absolutely do political topics And once you start to understand that People are searching okay now i’m gonna Go through I’m gonna i’m gonna pick a direction Okay then i’m gonna go through i’m gonna Get a website i’m gonna go to i’m gonna set up the site Number three I’m gonna watch the youtube i’m gonna Watch the tv i’m gonna take my notes Number four i’m gonna target the low Competition keywords that are easy to Get Number five I’m gonna get good relevant offers What is it that i can use to make money With these things Number six I’m gonna post the content and get Traffic This is all we gotta do Roseanne says if yellowstone is on Peacock and amc would you promote both Absolutely

Yeah i’ll be like here’s app one here’s App two and of course We’re gonna get paid For the app so we could do like um What’s it called Uh hulu Right and hulu will pay 25 to sign up Netflix Right netflix um we got netflix Let’s see netflix sign up 35 dollars per Sign up right so they sign up for Netflix it’s a free trial i get 35 bucks Pretty good right and you’re like okay Well if i get all this traffic How many of them can i get to sign up Well quite a few let’s let’s see what it Looks like so if we did Uh 35 bucks a sign up let’s say you want To make a hundred grand a year How many of you guys if you made 100 Grand a year you’d be pretty happy 100 000 a year Over 35 That means all i would need to do Is get 2857 a year that’s less than 10 people a Day That’s it Less than 10 people a day and i can make 100 grand a year a lot of people think Oh well you know making a hundred Thousand dollars a year is hard and i Used to think that too when i first Started 100 000 a year might as well

Have been 50 million I didn’t see a path But I got there within my second year is That going to happen to you probably not Results not typically applying a Guarantee but if you look at this and You focus and you say wait a minute All i need to do is get 10 people to Sign up for hulu or netflix or whatever And someone says oh well that netflix Offer was for new zealand well they have Lots of offers here’s one for Norway and you can find the us and you Can find out guy there you go there’s Your u.s one right There’s another u.s one all right so Pick the one that goes for your traffic And when you start to understand wait a Minute This is how it works This is how it works You just go and you do it And if you want help we have a forum we Have a Place where you can hang out you can ask Live questions every tuesday you can go To sign up i’ll Help you learn all this stuff but guys If you keep it simple And you focus and you say wait a minute I’m watching tv anyway What if i did like these people are Doing where i make a site about where to

Watch shows or a site about net worth or A site about uh kitchen nightmares or a Site about These recipes that people find on tick Tock or youtube videos or whatever it is And i go through I could actually start to make money In a very simple way And bada bing bada boom that is how it Works smash the like button Subscribe and check out the videos in The description That are going to go Into even more detail thanks for being Here I’ll see you next time

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