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$10,095 From A $165 Investment? Crazy Side Hustle!

this is a detailed training on how and why i buy domain names for profit… we will talk about godaddy auctions, namecheap auctions, hugedomains, and more…

i examined over 300 domains that sold at auction and figured out the equation to make this stuff work like crazy.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 22 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Zero dollars twenty two hundred and Twenty nine dollars fifteen hundred Dollars a month in traffic two thousand Dollars worth of traffic eighty thousand Dollar asking price zero dollars on Estabot the heck is going on here the Day was august 8th 2022 with reported domain sales of over 323 000 And that is when i noticed something Extremely interesting In business and side hustles there’s one Thing that you need to know in any Equation and that is something Guaranteed so that you can reverse Engineer everything and start making a Profit in this example our constant is The domain sale which went for 101 000 And yeah from what i could find the guy Bought the domain for a whopping 15 or Less wait a minute he turned 15 bucks Into a 101 grand by following a simple Formula that’s right n Plus b l Plus The secret magic formula equals the Domain value and if done correctly you Can turn a simple little investment Into thousands and thousands of dollars Now in order to figure this out so you Can actually make money what we got to Do is go through these 300 domain sales

To figure out what’s selling why and how We can buy and sell these for a massive Profit so we’re gonna have to do A little investigating Let’s go to the backyard office and Check these out [Music] Come on let’s go All right let’s get to it in order to Make this work we need to understand why Some of these domains are going for huge Amounts of money and some aren’t and Also we need to figure out why tools Like the godaddy appraisal tool and Estabot are giving us crazy figures that Aren’t even making sense they are Literally saying this is worth zero Dollars or 22.29 when we know for a fact this thing Sold for over a hundred Thousand dollars just a couple weeks ago And just so you know that i’m on the Level here you can see where i bought Over a hundred thousand dollars worth of Domains in the last few months alone yep That’s right actually do this stuff for A living but it’s not the ones that i Bought we’re going over today we’re Gonna look at the ones i didn’t win wait What why well if we look at the ones i Didn’t win we can get an objective view Of who’s out there buying these what They’re selling for and what they’re Doing with them after they buy them so

If you’re interested in making money Online using this method watch this Entire video at least one time all the Way through because i guarantee you’re Gonna get more information than some Paid courses out there all right so Here’s some excel files we’ll be going Over in just a minute where i did Extensive research on the domains that i Didn’t win going back to about March i think it was we got some in june Some in march everything like that now i Want to pay close attention to this one Here Icobench.com this is a very interesting Site because what i can find from the Wayback machine is that this domain was Registered in about 2017 And that’s when it started to come Online and get built and everything like That now i couldn’t find any information As to when this sold in the first place Other than estabot showing it was Registered in 2017 which is probably Pretty safe to say This was the first time this domain came On the market and we could see the only Sale since the time it was registered For eight dollars or fifteen dollars or Whatever it was was the sale a couple Weeks ago for a hundred and one thousand Dollars now why is this domain worth the Money if the tools are saying it’s worth Between zero and twenty two hundred

Dollars well let’s take a look over here At the ahrefs overview for this domain First of all i note that this domain is About cryptocurrency which is worth a Lot of money i could see that it has a Url rating of 57 and a domain rating of 72 which is exceptionally high and That’s all just fancy talk for how many Related backlinks does it have what We’re gonna do is look at the backlinks And see if they’re relevant to the niche Market that this site’s in so we can see Here we have coin Point pay Different blockchain these are all very Relevant backlinks to what the domain is About and you could see there’s like Four thousand pages of them we can also See it has three We can also see it has almost four Thousand organic keywords ranking right Now and two thousand of them dropped Which means this thing had tons of Keywords driving tons of traffic and Again It’s all about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and things like that and According to Similarweb.com this site is getting over 60 000 visitors a month and again it’s In the crypto market which is sky high Profits so if we go back to our equation Over there we can see n Equals the actual domain name what niche

Is the site in what kind of topic and What is the value of the niche obviously A site about funny cat memes isn’t worth As much as a site about mortgages next We have backlinks or bl this is how many Backlinks the site has pointing in that Are niche specific then we have the Secret magic formula which for me is the Organic keywords how many keywords does This rank for right now and can i get That traffic as soon as i take this site Over so if i took this site over right Now I would be ranking for the word Planseon which is a crypto we can see Here the site is ranking Right down here that is worth money Let’s get to the next part and that is Where we’re going to come up with our Domain value is this making sense if not You’re probably going to want to watch This video several times and this is Where it’s going to get really Interesting you see what i did is i took All the domain auctions that i didn’t Win some of them because i forgot i was Bidding on them others because they went Too High in price for me to justify and Whatever reason so there’s over 270 domains on this list we can see According to the columns over here what The domain name was How much the domain ended up selling for

The opening bid When it sold and just yesterday i spent All day figuring out what is actually on The sites now this is important of the 277 domain names that i looked at over 69 were registered by a company called Huge domains huge domains is a reseller Of domain names they buy them at auction And resell them over and over and over And make tons of money yeah they’re one Of the biggest in the industry and based On this list here one out of every four Domain names i looked at was purchased By huge domains like this one over here Perfectmagic.com that they bought for 398 And are selling it now on their website For almost 10 grand but wait Here’s one they bought for and thirty Five dollars they’re selling for over Ten thousand dollars why would one they Paid less for be worth more we’ll talk About that in just a minute we could Also see that 29 of the domains actually Have a site in progress 10 of them Aren’t even resolving one of them was Actually my student who’s out there Getting traffic hey good job man two of Them were listed on squad help 27 had Godaddy parking 24 of them were linking To spams and virus stuff one of them Being sold on dan.com seven of them are Redirecting to cpa affiliate offers so What exactly did i learn by going over

All these domains well first of all what You need to remember is that when buying Domains at auction you’re only dealing With a small group of people who are Buying domains at auction that’s not to Say what the actual domain value is Worth on the open market for example to The auction people that domain for the Ico bench for the crypto stuff was worth A hundred thousand dollars at that one Point in time however if they were to Resell it as a crypto money making site As a business they might have gotten a Lot more money i’m not sure but you Gotta do the research now when we look At this we need to understand why these Domains go for what they go for just Yesterday i was bidding on this domain And i was willing to go to about i think My bid was at 2 000 and that’s as high As i wanted to go and this guy wasn’t Budging now the reason i liked this Domain was because it had lots and lots Of backlinks to it so when we’re looking At this we could see it’s got backlinks And it’s got lots of rankings for Different things about florida so what I’m thinking is i can make a florida Travel site which would be pretty Valuable and this domain would be Perfect to build that site on actually It turns out that this site was a tv Show that used to be on different tv Networks for different things you can do

In florida it also has some kind of Youtube associated with it and all kinds Of other stuff so pretty interesting and I don’t think it was a trademark which Is good because we want to stay away From trademark stuff that’s just a gray Area that we don’t want to touch with a 10-foot pole so we could see here that Was this domain worth two thousand Dollars yeah it probably was however i Knew at the end of the day i probably Wasn’t going to make a florida travel Site because i don’t have that much time On my hands but to the right person this Can be worth a lot of money now could i Have bought it for two thousand or three Thousand or four thousand and then Flipped it for more Yeah i probably could have however how To do florida that’s a pretty specific One and it’s kind of risky we can see Here one stop archery.com sold for 320 And this one was actually pretty good What i’m looking at is is there Something tied to this niche tied to This domain that i can make money with We can see this is all about hunting and Archery and bow hunting and different Things like that which is worth quite a Bit of money someone running an archery Site can make a lot of cash we can also See some kind of clickbank product here A religious site some weird ones some That went for four thousand dollars or

More and i was actually bidding on this One until i found out it did have a Trademark associated with it but it was A pretty good site about compression Gear and the problem i had was for four Thousand dollars it only had a position Of 81 on a keyword with 70 searches a Month Yeah that’s not worth much to me at all And you could see None of the rankings were that good and For that reason I’m out and if you’re looking for a Quick way to look at these at a glance You can actually go to the ahrefs batch Analysis Copy and paste up to 200 domains click On analyze and then sort them by Keywords then i could just open these in A new tab and see exactly what these Domains are about this looks like a Bunch of random junk next again Pretty random not much i can use here More random stuff but wait Check this out this one is all specific To anxiety self-worth quotes Affirmations and all kinds of self-help Stuff that makes tons of money and we Could see that domain Went for only 360 bucks and it happens to be one of my Students hey that’s pretty cool so we Could see that valuing domains is very Very important and if you can learn how

To have a trained eye you can make lots Of money let’s take a look at some Others and look at some of the data here We could see that this entire list had Over a hundred thousand dollars worth of Domains on it and the average sale was Only 370 So the question is what is the actual Name worth what is the nature of the Site and the backlinks and rankings and What can we do with it now there’s some People out there that are listing their Domains on squad help like fun beam or Swim tails which are kind of random Domains and they’re hoping that someone Likes the idea and wants to call their Company fun beam or swim tails or Whatever it is and this guy bought this Site for 184 dollars he’s trying to flip It for 19 000 or close to it this guy Bought one for 333 he’s trying to flip It for 4 500 Now this is a different method where We’re going into buying cute domains and Hoping that they sell for more lots of People do this personally for me i don’t Want to have a hundred thousand dollars Worth of domain names tied up hoping That they sell that’s just not my Business model what i’d rather do is Find the ones that actually have the Rankings that are in tight select Categories that i could build a site on If i want to again my end goal is to

Build a site up like the ico bench they Built the site up on the site and you’re Ready to go and now the guy bought it For a ton of money and he’s doing the Exact same thing he’s building it up and Making money in that market and we could Do this whether we’re going for tech Sites or how to do florida or fishing Tools or anxiety or whatever it is we Can go out there and build these sites In a really cool way or even flip them For a profit which is exactly what some Of these big companies are doing we Could see here the list of the different Ones bought by the big company they Spent over 13 thousand dollars the Average price was two hundred dollars And eighty-one cents the average price They’re selling them for is thirty three Hundred and sixteen dollars for a Whopping grand total of 222.5 000 That’s like 209 grand in straight profit But the question is Are they actually gonna sell for this And can you afford to sit on thirteen Thousand dollars till they end up Selling most of us probably can’t which Is why using the method that i’m Teaching here works like crazy a couple Weeks ago you guys saw me by the domain Aniston septic aniston septic.com This domain ranks number one for septic Tank service anniston alabama aniston

Septic all kinds of different keywords Related to aniston septic companies i Bought this domain back in march for 95 And the question i have is with all the Septic tank companies bidding on traffic For these keywords what are the odds i Can get my 95 back and the answer of Course your result’s not typical implied Or guaranteed Is 100 And if you look at some of the domains At the top of the list the ones that i Paid the most for you could see here’s One about bitcoin has rankings and Traffic for the word bitminer which is a High profit market or this one i bought Just a couple days ago bunny supply co Which actually ranks for all different Types of things for rabbits and bunny Backpacks and rabbit accessories and pet Bunny supplies and on and on we go and My thinking is this would be great for Affiliate marketing or drop shipping This is a site that i could build up Make some money with and later down the Road sell it for 10 20 Maybe even 50 times what i paid for it Or this one here satellite which links To a light for depression Chairworkouts.com which i already sold To one of my students and he’s ranking For the word chair workouts which gets Tons and tons of traffic yep there he is Right there number two and the list goes

On and on here’s one i found for salary Data which is all about different Careers and how much money they make now The rankings weren’t great but the Traffic and backlinks were there which Is what made this one a no-brainer and At 499 dollars yeah i can turn that Around For a big profit and if you want to get The domain list from this training check Out domaintoolbar.com And if you want to learn more about this Method check out the links in the Description For three videos on how i buy and sell Domains for a profit

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