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$21K With Crazy Etsy Niche – Sell These Digital Downloads…

no this is not about selling stickers and baskets, wreaths, tshirts, or anything you have to actually handcraft or create physically… this is about selling digital downloads and pdfs and stuff on etsy.

this niche will blow your mind 🙂

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 22 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

Etsy a place to buy and sell handmade Products and crafts or so it appears at First glance but last year etsy raked in A whopping 1.7 billion dollars in Revenue and in today’s video i’m going To show you three hacks to find out Exactly what to sell on etsy if you want To rake it in big time Warning this is not your run-of-the-mill Generic advice video what you’re about To see In addition to the thunder and rain Is something highly sensitive you’re Going to learn exactly how to go behind The scenes and find out exactly what’s Going on so you can profit let’s get out Of the rain and go in the backyard Office here [Music] [Music] All right ladies and gentlemen welcome To the show today what we’re going to do Is we’re going to talk to you about These etsy niches that are raking it in Big time now this is a very very Important training because A lot of people when they talk about Making money on etsy and download niches And different things like that what they Do is they forget that the tools are not Everything and most people are actually Yes ladies and gentlemen most people Are actually using the tools the wrong Way so today we’re going to talk to you

About how to use them the right way We’re going to talk to you about how to Find these niches what they’re about and Everything like that now it’s important To note that this training isn’t so much Going to be about The etsy building of the products all Right so we’re not going to talk a lot About building the products or creating The products a lot of videos out there Are going to show you how to do that It’s not that hard to do you can Outsource it what we’re going to be Talking about now is that if you are an Etsy seller or you’re trying to sell Something online we’re going to talk to You about how to kick it into high gear And actually start getting traction on Whatever it is you’re trying to sell now We are going to show you some niches That will blow your mind we got some Good stuff coming up for you with these Digital download niches including this One here Which is making over 21 000 a month Worth of free traffic now it’s very Important to look at this because again Most people are looking at this the Wrong way so what we’re going to talk About is using the platform for what It’s best used for all right very Important so what we’re going to do here Is we’re going to look at the platform Over here okay

Etsy Now a lot of people are going to say hey I want to make money on etsy or i want To make money on youtube or i want to Make money with x y and z and it’s very Important because this is flawed Thinking Okay you might make sales on etsy but You’re not really making money on etsy You’re making money on the internet And using etsy to do it this is a very Very important distinction because People look at everything backwards for The most part from what i’ve found when It comes to making money online so what We’re going to do is we’re going to take A look at this and say wait a minute Let’s reverse engineer this because There are people out there that don’t Know what to sell but yeah okay they Want to make money like patrick over Here on the etsy so what we’re gonna do Is we’re gonna understand that etsy First and foremost Is a platform Okay Now with all platforms if you’re looking At youtube if you’re looking at Pinterest if you’re looking at whatever We need to understand exactly what’s Going on and we need to look at it as a Platform And look at the benefits Okay very important because a lot of

People think they’re just going to put Something on etsy and they’re going to Get rich overnight there you go i mean i Saw someone on youtube do it where’s my Lambo Full of cash right where is it it should Be here by now but there’s something That we need to understand and that’s That etsy is a platform so let’s talk About the benefits of etsy and then what We’re going to do is we’re going to get Into a bunch of niches here you guys are Going to love this stuff but i got to Preface it make sure you watch this Entire thing these videos actually take A long time to prep for these live Trainings they’re a lot more difficult Than it seems because i want to give you Good information that you can actually Go out and use so the benefits of etsy Number one Trust Okay people trust etsy if i say hey go Buy my you know hand woven handicrafts Over on my website that’s not as Trustworthy as hey go buy it over on the Etsy okay so we got the trust number two We got Traffic Okay that’s a big bonus they have lots And lots and lots of traffic number Three They have an ordering System so i don’t have to go get a

Merchant account i don’t have to worry About all this crazy stuff i’m literally Ready to go so etsy they got trust they Got traffic they got the ordering system They got the back end they got the Platform they got the algorithm it’s all Set ready to go it’s much like here on Youtube right youtube’s got all this Fantastic software for creators where i Can go out there and i can make cool Stuff like this live and it pretty much Cost nothing for the software now i paid A lot for the studio and everything but You know for the average person you Could get started with nothing and they Provide the tools for you if i was to go Out there and upload videos and host Them it’s going to cost a lot of money But youtube actually pays you to do it Much in the same way that etsy does but You need to start understanding the Benefits of the platform and why we use Them okay because a lot of people are Like i’m just gonna put videos up and Make money i’m just gonna put this up And make money and we need to understand That that’s not always the case we have To look at what’s going on behind the Scenes and that Ladies and gentlemen is what this Training’s about and if you’re excited Smash that like button because we’re Gonna dive in to these etsy digital Download niches and show you how to hack

Your way into the top and by hack we Mean check out cool stuff not actual Hacking or anything like that all right So What we’re going to do is we’re going to Understand first and foremost etsy as a Platform now if i do outside stuff And drive them to etsy That is going to boost my sales and it’s Going to boost me up in the algorithm Now how does it work Well Let’s dive into it let’s get to it and Let’s talk about how this whole thing Works right here in the old computer now I showed you this example here That has over 21 000 dollars worth of Free traffic Coming in each and every month This is important to look at this is Important because This has Something to do with etsy but it’s kind Of tricky and we’re going to talk to you About how that works a lot of people Don’t talk to you about this stuff and Today we’re gonna iron it out you can go Use it i don’t care if you buy anything From me or not You can use it you can make money and Come back and say thank you or just go On your merry way right we’re gonna give You stuff that actually works now Here i found out that on etsy a lot of

People think that you need to make Little crafts and hand woven trinkets And things like that that’s actually not The case there are lots of people right Here and you might be like well wait Marcus i don’t know how to build a Glider or a shed i don’t know how to Sell these cornhole things or a chair Actually if you take a look at these I don’t think 4.99 is even going to Cover the shipping on this item So what this is Is a plan all right so what they’re Doing is they’re using plans of Different things to build very Interesting so let’s take a look at this Let’s look at it in a real world way Here is a site on etsy Called adventure printables that’s made Almost like ten thousand dollars a year Okay not much but hey how many of you Guys would be happy with an extra 10 Grand a year alright and that’s in Pounds too which i think is a lot more In the old dollar bills all right so we Got to look at this and understand What’s going on here okay so here we Have this they’re selling plans they’re Selling um business plans okay Interesting so we got business plans we Got like adirondack checker plans why is It so difficult to say and we got all This other stuff that people are doing On etsy here’s another one

Okay this one was actually a physical Store that i found was averaging like 33 000 a month according to the tools which We’re going to show you here in just a Minute all right now this example they Were actually building the wreaths and Selling them okay here’s another one Here Where it was an art place now this one Was like taking the cake i found this on The trending page of etsy 1.7 million dollars in revenue half a Million sales and it was mostly Deliverable items like svgs pngs Printables fonts Different stuff like that okay so They’re not actually building anything Not actually selling anything now they Might be creating images online we’re Going to get into that in a minute how Etsy is kind of making a run for Fiverr’s territory and we’re gonna talk About that as well and we’re gonna show You something very important which is my Hacking keyword system okay because a Lot of people are gonna go out there They’re gonna listen to the latest Greatest guru online and they’re gonna Be like well that person said i need to Do Planners so i’m gonna make Law of attraction planners because That’s what they said to do all right Here’s the deal ladies and gentlemen

You need to make decisions Based on good Data all right we need to base our Decisions on good data that’s what this Person did might be an element of luck Might be mostly looking at what’s out There and also i mean it doesn’t help That she’s got 2500 different products listed on the Oletsi Here’s another one i found now this one Had a lifetime revenue now again i want You to remember here That when you are doing this After etsy takes its cut right so you’re Going to sell these things for like 12 Bucks all right etsy takes its cut or Whatever the lady up there was doing Like a dollar etsy’s gonna take its cut And then you get the rest there are no Shipping costs there are no building Costs you’re literally going out there And selling a download which is my Favorite type of business model right if I could sell a download like this guy Sold um what 89 000 of these Over the lifetime or no i think it’s This one up here 18 000 of these over the lifetime of his Account Didn’t cost anything to fulfill the Orders they just put them up and boom There you go Let’s take a look at a couple others

Here this was one i found for logos Right if you were to go to etsy and let Me pull this up on a different screen Here And we do logos Logos right if you were to do logos on Etsy here right like this you’re gonna See that there’s lots of people selling Logos on etsy which can be extremely Profitable right they’re just building a Logo literally takes a couple of minutes To do And they’re selling it for 30 bucks 150 And on and on we go so what we’re seeing Is that etsy Before was thought of as like okay i’m Gonna make a basket or i’m gonna make a Hat or whatever and now we’re looking at It and it’s like okay this is actually Going into the digital download space Okay so we need to understand this and Look at where it’s coming from now logos Is a very big one 4.8 million people view logos on etsy to Buy them Lots of favorites the competition’s high But we’re going to talk to you about That in just a minute because what we’re Going to look at is the shops competing Not necessarily just competition okay And then we’re going to look at the Average price the average price of a Logo looks like it’s about 253 dollars Which is cool so like um oofy says he’s

In a third world country sell one of Those a month and you’re doing pretty Good depending on where you live right i Think he said 100 a month would be a big Help so imagine you sell one of these uh You’re off to the races now with logos You have to create it which i don’t like Doing i like automated stuff so that’s Going to bring us into the first niche We’re looking at here Which is barndominium plans all right What the heck is a barn dominium well a Barn dominium is like a barn all right Well we’ll try to draw a barn dominion Here here’s our barn Right Got our little doors here And then Um maybe we got a window up here right We got fancy stuff with windows up there And a barn dominium even though our barn Dominion looks like it belongs on super Mario brothers and it should be walking Around like if we put shoes on that that Thing would look like it came straight From super mario brothers all right but Anyway Aside from that what we’re looking at is Barn dominions are a barn slash Condominium right so what we’re looking At here is the fact That people are looking up these plans Online okay so if we go over here and we Look at what they’re looking up we can

See Barn dominion plans Has 59 000 searches a month on google All right so like if we go to google Barn dominium plans all right we search For barn dominion plans okay i want you To get this you need to understand this In a real world way okay so right now Let’s look at what we know Is a constant and if you guys have ever Watched my videos before and you paid Attention to them alright you know that We always talk about a constant Okay now over here Good old patrick with his money He likes the constant why does he like The constant because a constant tells me There is something there that we can Make money with it is a fact so what i Know here Are the facts let’s lay out the facts Here and let’s understand it fact number One Fact number one Barn dominion plans is searched for 59 000 times a month let’s also search for A lot more okay we’ll do the breakdown So you can see exactly how this works Here and i want to give you guys kind of A deep dive on how this works so that at The end of this you’re like wow marcus You actually Taught me a lot of good stuff that i Didn’t otherwise know so we’ll do barn

Dome in I am plans i gotta spell this stuff Weird kinda just call it a barn plan or Something like that all right let’s see We’ll copy it from here there we go see I can copy and paste that is that is Good all right there we go so we got Barn dominion plans Okay and what we’re looking at here is We have a traffic potential of 71 000 people a month and yes this is going To tie into etsy if you’re paying Attention okay so our constants 71 000 visitors a month are looking up barn Dominion plants that fact is a constant You know that you can take it to the Bank it’s a done deal now what’s our Other constant here we got another Constant over here That is Right here does anyone see the second Constant okay i’m gonna i’m gonna scroll Down And scroll back up tell me if you see The second constant what is that second Constant type it in the box when you see It it’s a very very very important Constant okay all right i’ll scroll down Again All the way so you can see the whole Page And i want you to tell me what the Second constant is

Okay we got sites we got uh bar insights Pinterest barn dominion floor plans all Kinds of things so let’s see if anyone Can guess What the second constant is It also gives me a break to have some Coffee which is good all right some People say price okay perhaps perhaps Okay That’s not the one i was thinking though Okay so let’s see if these start coming In um we’re looking for the second Constant okay someone says house plans Dundee said no ads Okay well i mean There was ads there right there All right uh someone says plans designs Okay What else we got All right plans okay the second constant Is Ads Okay so what i know Is two things Two things here One 71 000 People searching every month number two Ads what does this tell me this tells me Two things tells me number one A lot of people Here’s our people A lot of people are looking up these Plans that’s number one

Number two is Advertisers Are paying money For this traffic okay those are your Constants so now Now that you have a constant you know For a fact Traffic is there People are paying What determines a good niche Traffic is there And a way to make money if you have Those two things It is game over You win okay there’s some leg work Involved in making it happen but once You start to understand this right we’re Gonna pan back and then we’re gonna zoom In and show you exactly how it worked How many of you guys are cool with that Smash that like button if you dig it and Let’s dive in so the plan here Is that we have two constants One constant will not change until People stop looking up barn dominions Which i don’t think is anytime soon that Constant is you got people over here That are searching for barn dominion Plants that’s a fact you can’t argue With this people how marcus you know i Don’t know if the methods work Don’t worry about me it doesn’t matter What i do or what i think what matters Is do people search for it

Right so if you don’t like me that’s Fine Maybe you like me a little bit but That’s fine Because this is a fact and also Another fact is ads There’s one other fact That we want to look at okay One fact And that is Down here so we got lots of people Searching We got people paying money these guys Right here all these images They pay money when you click You click on it They pay money okay Very important so we’re gonna go through And we’re gonna look at one other Constant House plans Advanced house plans Okay the other constant we are going to Look at Is the fact that Etsy Over here somewhere Etsy where’d you go etsy Barnum plans um is the fact that well We’ll pull it up on another screen here Give me one second Pull it up right here I think one day we’ll have to do an Office tour so you see all the stuff we

Got going on here because i know a lot Of people are like he’s just on one Computer what’s going on We got a lot of stuff going on here if You guys want to see that smash the like Button tell me you want to see an office Tour which we’ll probably have because We’re actually building another office Right next to this office in my backyard So it’s gonna be like a little village Of places to work all right so we’re Gonna do Uh barn well you know what i think if we Just do Etsy.com and i’m going to do this off Screen because etsy ranks for some Sketchy stuff i’ll tell you what But you know whatever to each his own so We’re going to go organic keywords on Etsy and then i’m going to type in plans Include plans I’m going to put this over here okay Good so we got this here and we got Etsy.com so this is really important When you start to understand what’s Going on so what we have here Is The constant people are searching for it And people are advertising okay so There’s money right there there it is It’s money it’s like right there you’re Like okay i’m gonna get the money what i Gotta do to get the money let’s go get Some money to make this a little bit

More interesting here we go all right a Lot of people ask about my money and They’re like marcus i don’t believe you I think that’s fake money it is fake Money okay to have this much money in my Backyard office would make no sense at All so i get prop money because It’s a lot easier to use but at any rate Here we go we’re going to take a look at This and we got the constant here and We’re like okay here’s what we got we Know for a fact people search for this Stuff we know for a fact there is money Now what we’re going to do is we’re like Okay People are actually looking up Outdoor bar plants so if you search for Outdoor barn Okay Or outdoor bar rather all right we got Outdoor bar okay now We got etsy so that one’s like three Grand we got uh whatever this one is and On and on we go now you’re also going to See like this diy backyard bar plan Down here You’re gonna see lots of ebays lots of Other stuff And then you’re gonna see etsy is going To pop up again Down here yonder and you’re gonna see Okay we got this outdoor bar etsy okay So now again remember how i said earlier This is not so much about

Etsy As it is using the platform For the benefits What’s the benefit of this platform the Benefit of this platform is there is no Way In Anywhere That i can rank for outdoor bar it’s not Going to happen i mean are you gonna Compete with home depot hgtv country Living you ain’t gonna be on the home Page not gonna happen all right the Spruce does but he’s on the home page For everything that’s a little tip write That one down all right so there is no Way that i’m going to rank here you got Uh spruce wayfair amazon country living Hgtv home depot etsy Ain’t gonna happen Ain’t gonna happen All right so what we’re gonna do Is we’re going to utilize the fact That etsy ranks for this To put our stuff in front of the people Searching okay how many of you guys just Had a light bulb moment and you’re like Wait a minute marcus so this isn’t just About putting stuff on etsy and i hope It sells and yay wonderful it’s cute Because this person made money This is about going out there and doing Stuff deliberate Deliberately

Okay so we got outdoor bar and you say Well marcus you know what am i going to Promote You’re going to promote What it shows up for Okay got it follow with me very very Very important okay brian says do you Think there’s a market for templates That have larger print and bigger Writing spaces for those that have lower Eyesight well brian i don’t know You’re gonna have to do the research Look at what people are searching for Okay so we’re gonna go out there and We’re like well check this out Barndominium plans Is looked up quite a bit Right there we go looked up quite a bit We know Etsy ranks for it we know there are People on etsy that are utilizing this To make lots of money here’s a guy right Here this guy’s doing floor plans of Houses he sells them for like a hundred Dollars each he sells them on etsy and He’s making money there it is right There 97 000. now i went through because I just started using a couple of the Tools that i’m going to talk to you About today uh just recently and so what I did is i actually went out there and i Was like okay Let’s find these people on youtube and On blogs that are saying how much they

Make with etsy Let’s put their store in the etsy tool And see if it matches right so if They’re like i made 500 grand A year on etsy i’m going to use a tool See if it’s somewhere near that or above That if it is we know the tool’s pretty Legit This was pretty legit so we’re going to Go through and take a look All right now uh here’s another one here Shop nation store Which was about plans for shop furniture Work benches cabinets different stuff Like that now we can see here the Revenue according to the tool again not Typical applied or guaranteed and i Don’t know if that’s the exact revenue It’s based on an algorithm i think it’s Pretty accurate seems to be from what I’ve seen and they’ve done like a Quarter of a million dollars with twelve Thousand sales All about Plants furniture here’s another one Did fifteen hundred bucks and i thought This was important because hey if you’re New out there we need to look at people That are in our caliber right i’m not Going to go out there and be like hey I’m going to sell some monitors as an Affiliate best buy is my best buy is not Your competitor That’s not

Other sites are my competitors we have To look at this we have to understand Same thing when you’re dealing with etsy Here’s another one uh for mill works i Think Based on this yeah they’re selling plans As well because their average um Sale is about 16 bucks a little less Than 16 bucks if you do the math and We’re looking at it we’re like okay This is plans for garden planners Uh furniture Home decor Stuff like that now again this training Is not about how to create these but i Will give you a little tip okay If you want to create these you can go And you can buy the rights to pretty Much any plan you want within reason Right and we’re going to go through and We’re going to look at that and Understand okay If the traffic is there if the constant Is there People Searching People buying advertisers paying if Those are there then i know it’s Probably worthwhile To to do the work spend the money and Get the thing built Okay here’s another one john mark This guy has plans for indoor and Outdoor furniture

111 000 So far on his store 4 000 sales so it’s Roughly 25 bucks a sale somewhere in That neighborhood all right um we can Take a look at handyman’s uh daughter Here which is 285 sales okay let’s see What he’s doing because chances are when We look at this stuff we can probably do Better than them right and one of the Tools that i’m using um to do this stuff We’re going to talk about these tools a Little bit later you could check out Download Mynotes.com put your name and email You’ll get the tools you’ll get on my Mailing list you’ll get all kinds of Free stuff Guys if you’re not on my mailing list You probably don’t like making money Online that’s the only conclusion i can Come to is that if you don’t like making Money then you probably shouldn’t join My mailing list because if anyone here Is on my mailing list you know i send You lots and lots of good stuff and Again that’s at downloadmynotes.com You can get those and all kinds of tools Okay So um this tool here that we’re using is This one which is uh i think it’s called Allure allura Right pretty cool we’re gonna have a Review on these tools as well and we’ll Try to get them to give you some

Specials or something i don’t know we’re In contact with them And we got all this stuff here pretty Cool stuff and it’ll kind of show you What’s going on you can look at keywords You can look at analytics from a store Um so if i want to do like plans Right and the key here ladies and Gentlemen If you don’t learn anything from me Today You need to learn this And that is Don’t use the keyword tools the way They’re intended okay because if you do You’re just gonna get the results that Everyone else gets and what’s gonna Happen is they’re gonna go out there and They’re gonna do the The same thing and the competition’s Gonna get big and you’re gonna be like Internet marketing doesn’t work no it Doesn’t it does work you just need to be Looking at this in a different way we Need to shift our Thinking okay you’ve got to shift your Thinking now we can see here for the Word plans we got 4 million views Digital planner planner stickers digital Planning printable all right now this is Something that i look at that’s pretty Cool Because if i can go out there and say Okay i see the word printable this

Ladies and gentlemen is how you need to Start thinking okay in my opinion if you Want to be nuts like me Then you need to think like me but i Also make a good living being a little Different right so we’re gonna look at This or like okay i got printable i’m Going to take a look at this now i’m not Just going to look at The etsy results or or the the yes the Etsy keyword printable i’m going to go Through and i’m going to look at This okay so see how we did plans and It’s like here’s all the stuff they rank For for plans so if i can find one where There’s not a lot of competition and i Could put it there it’s going to be at The top of google as well Right so boom boom bada bing constance I’m in front of them i’m ready to start Making money so i could do the same kind Of thing with a printable I’m going to do this off screen just to Make sure it’s clean got to keep it Family-friendly here you know don’t want Any Weird stuff so we’re going to go out There we’re going to look up printable And we’re gonna wait and have some Coffee And it’s a good thing that i did this Off screen because there is some weird Stuff right so i got a printable Calendar looked up 115 000 times um

And then i could go in and say okay Calendar Calendar there we go well let’s call it Correctly there we go a gift certificate Template lots of stuff like that so There we go right now notice the way That i’m thinking okay if you’re not on My mailing list you need to be because We’re actually going to have a training About the way that i search the internet But we can see here when i’m looking at Stuff like calendar Okay When i’m looking at stuff like calendar All right printable calendar wall Calendar advent calendar and what i’m Going to start to do is look at this Stuff and be like okay so i got calendar And then i also have like template Template Okay Um and i can look at etsy resume Template boom there you go look at that I can do resume now when i think of Stuff like this i’m like wait a minute Resume leads to all kinds of other stuff Gift certificate template budget Template right and that’s not Something that other people would find Okay some do but if you think different You’re gonna find these niches that are Really really Really simple and have no competition Okay

So when we go through we need to start Thinking different here’s another one Wooden advice uh sixteen thousand Uh third coast craftsman thirty two Thousand Garden vintage quarter of a million Designs we got wood plants pdf that’s Kind of cool right so like we could look At that and be like okay etsy Dot com and i’ll put in wood plans pdf Well actually you know what i think I think our wonderful note person Um Took care of this for us Let’s see yeah there we go cool right so Wood plans pdf um we’re ready to go Right pretty cool stuff and we’re like Hey this is this is not that hard to do Right and kiara got these links so thank You kiara for preparing my notes in a Good way right and so we look at this And this guy’s literally just out there Doing wood planned pdfs there’s a dog Ramp one like i could probably build That and i am so not Good at building things as you can see From half the stuff i built in my office It’s all crooked and as they say in the South Caddy wampus but it serves its purpose i Don’t think anyone wants the plans for It though right and we can see here they Got all kinds of different plans and Things like that and we could start to

Look at this in a different way and be Like hey wait a minute these people are Actually out there making money and all We got to do is say well what are the Things that are selling the most how do I duplicate it what am i going to price It at and how do i get it built and and And Ladies and gentlemen how am i going to Utilize the platform and drive people Off platform To the platform because if you start to Combine the methods that i teach you It’s game over you win like what if you Had a youtube video explaining your plan If you want this plan you want to build This thing look how cool it is go over There and get it on etsy Right now you’re driving tons of people To it it’s going to boost it up in the Algorithm and there you go or you could Do press releases send them to your etsy Store or you could do this or that or You could have a website send them to Your etsy store Just this morning i was bidding on a Domain let me see if i can find out what It was But it was a domain that was perfect for This it was in the niche of like school Stuff and i was like hey this is pretty Cool like i can go out there and i can Make this work in a very very simple way All right let me just see if i can find

Out what this domain was If you guys are digging this smash the Like button and we’ll pull this up here In just a second Do Come on now All right there we go Gotta have the secret code All right so what we’re going to do is We’re going to look at how this works in A simple way Woodwork says make more money if you can Drive your own website no etsy fees well Yes and no Because the etsy fees You’re probably gonna get more sales Because of this the benefit of etsy is Trust Right so where you’re like okay whatever I’ll pay the fee Sometimes it’s worth it to pay the fee Just saying right like amazon they get You don’t even have to like think and You order a product right so sometimes It is worth Uh paying the fee okay so we’re gonna Look at this it’ll be like okay awesome Stuff Super simple stuff and i’ll try to find That Example for you in just a minute Okay So we got wood gears we got diy montreal Uh which six thousand bucks 63 000 and a

Lot of these guys are doing diy like diy Wedding stuff that’s pretty cool right Is our audio okay Good Okay um again Simplesitesbonus.com if you want to Learn the way that i learned this stuff Great program also if you want us to do Your niche for you check out Highticketnitches.com now here’s some People that we found on youtube um this Guy was or gal uh was doing flatter me Prints uh making 10 000 bucks pretty Cool and it looks like they were doing Um etsy printables which is pretty cool Like pngs and sn svgs and Different things like that So pretty cool uh we also have this Graphics one Okay six thousand bucks and again Remember I’ve been doing this 22 years Okay Listen to your buddy marcus here i’ve Been doing this 22 years And what gets me Excited Is someone getting some kind of results Right so even though you’re like oh six Grand whatever you know the guru over There makes six grand every five minutes Okay fine but the guru over there is Making his money By being a guru

All right has he actually been out there And done this stuff that’s the question I want to know because I was just watching someone i’ll go on a Little rant i was watching a guy um that Has a channel that i really respect i Was like hey this guy’s like an seo Dude this guy he gets it he’s making Money making a lot of money And he sent an email the other day and He’s like oh hey You know the best ways to make money as A beginner is to pretend you know what You’re talking about and go market Things to other marketers And i’m like okay That that to me Sounds a little bit like an mlm Multi-level marketing let’s teach people To market and make money teaching people Okay that’s all fine and good whatever Okay i’m not a big fan of that Because i want real world stuff i i am More excited about um you know there’s a Guru making 400 grand a month or Whatever and it’s like okay you’re Making that because of your guru Business and that’s what you started and The problem i have with that is not Everyone can do it Not everyone can do it and i don’t Believe in fake it till you make it i Believe in go do something simple Get the chops and build and grow from

There And uh i’m not that impressed with the People that are making money in the make Money space What i’m impressed with is like a couple Months ago or i think it was a couple Years ago now there you go time flies And my brain is gone but um there was This gal who was making money In the fish market and she just taught People like how to take care of exotic Fish how to how to do all this stuff With exotic fish and i was like okay This is pretty darn cool Like This stuff works And that’s something we can learn from Because anyone can do it it’s a niche That’s out there that’s like woodworking Plans right this kind of stuff Gets me up in the morning i’m like hey This guy’s making money with the Graphics that’s cool or the digital Planning gal teaching people how to make Planners and and download planner sheets And printable this and printable that And we start to look at it we’re like Hey This Stuff Works If you could go out there and make money In that niche that’s where it’s at and i Also like these niches because the

Competition in digital planning is a lot Less than like make money online or Affiliate marketing or whatever it is And we got to understand how it works And i know people come on here and They’re like marcus you know all you do Is make videos well i’ve been making Money since before videos were popular Online I’ve been doing this stuff for a long Time actually a lot of the niches i Started with was like cable tv Um you know how to build certain things Um downloads all kinds of stuff like That and the majority of what i’ve done Was all about these little niches that People like you can do Right and i think if you have the right Market in the right data and you start To understand exactly what’s going on And why I think everything’s going to start to Change for you because what we’re doing Is we’re listening to the wrong people In some aspects now there’s a lot of Good advice but you got to learn how to Pick and choose what’s going to work for You okay and and that’s one of the Reasons i make these videos is because i Want you guys to understand what’s going On digital planning gal uh all virtual Assistant this one was going out there And doing stock photos and things like That um here’s one for some jessica shop

With printable social media stuff right So there’s some social media stuff Sometimes they’ll sell like legal forms And things like that um and it’s very Simple Art prints Um stickers stickers was a big one Right and one of the tools that we use For that Is marmalade and we can see like Downloads or even stickers Stickers There we go we can spell correctly i i Will try real hard to spell correctly um But you guys get the idea and it’s like Okay you know now i can go through and i Can be like okay um these etsy people Are looking up stickers and we can do Let’s make sure this is clean Bear with me one second stickers Right and we could look at stickers here And we’re like okay all different kinds Of stickers and people say well what Should i make and the key is to go Through and figure out what people are Searching for we need to start basing What we do Based on where the market is because you Can have the greatest idea in the world But if no one wants it if no one’s Looking it up you’re gonna have a hard Time marketing it right you’re like okay What about the pet rock marcus you’re Wrong someone sold

A pet rock and i’m sure patrick probably Bought one there’s our pet rock right he Needs a happy face what is a pet rock Without a happy face right Well that got lucky because of the fact That it had a lot of marketing behind it Right there was a lot of people with Deep pockets that promoted this thing And that’s why that worked right so we Need to understand exactly how this Works and exactly what’s going on so That we could say hey wait a minute what Sticker should i make well maybe i need To make um bumper stickers or maybe i Need nail stickers okay there you go There’s a niche right Nail stickers these are little Stickers you put on your fingernails and It’s like cool Right and we could go through and see What people are looking up for Uh nail stickers boom and we could see What this ranks for okay we’re like okay Halloween nail stickers October is right around the corner Someone is going to make a ton of money With halloween nails they’re going to do It Might as well be you right and we start To look at this and we’re like okay so This is something That can work and you’re like okay Halloween nail stickers Okay

Um amazon amazon amazon okay so i might Want to do an amazon play here there’s Etsy there okay halloween nail decal Okay so this is something you can do and If you want to import them you can do That if you want to show people how to Make them and print them you can do that As well um there’s also i’m sure there’s Probably like fonts Yeah people selling fonts I mean this is something that’s Literally ridiculous and a lot of people Might be saying well marcus who buys a Font don’t they come with you know Windows and mac and everything anyway Actually i had a font site back in the Day and i had a download that was free That’s where i made most of my money But i also like i logged in one day and I noticed that people bought like 600 Worth of fonts I was like wait a minute Wait a minute Like Someone woke up and bought 600 worth of Fonts and i got like a 200 commission Yeah that’s exactly how it works but we Can’t think like everyone else thinks we Need to start to stop thinking And start letting This guide us let this guide us Right so we could go through and be like Hey you know what nail stickers this is Something we can use or or maybe

Templates or a planner Planner did i spell that right yeah There we go maybe planner and we’re like Okay planner stickers digital planner Budget template okay cool so we got Template And i start to let the keywords guide me And i start to say okay well what am i Going to put on etsy What is selling on etsy now and how can I get in front of them and it’s very Important to realize That i need to use other methods because If i’m new and i’m doing nail stickers Well there’s already someone there Okay now does that mean we can’t do it No that just means you’re gonna have to Get a little bit more crafty and you’re Gonna have to go out there and utilize Different avenues Okay maybe i could do a youtube maybe i Could do a pinterest like if you had 500 Pinterest links Going to your etsy You’re gonna get some traction It’s gonna happen Right so we need to understand exactly What’s going on and we need to say hey Wait a minute how am i gonna use this to My benefit how am i going to use this to My advantage and also What are people doing right if you look At the homepage of google it’s like okay Well there’s ads i could do ads if it

Makes sense right it does for this guy Or i can do Images right you’re going to look at These a lot of these are pinterest Right and you’re like okay here we go We’ve got barndominium And you’re going to find there’s etsy How did that work how did that work It worked because It has links going to it So if i get a bunch of people to link to My etsy store it will boost it up now You need the right links you want to do Good stuff and ethical things but Utilizing this is going to start to Change the game Right and that is the key you can go out There you can learn um the methods that I use to buy domain names right what if I bought a domain name so like right now One of the domains that i sold as a high Ticket niche last month all right i’ll Give you a little rundown On how this worked okay so let’s go up Here there we go high ticket niches.com A rundown of how it worked was i Actually bought A domain name let’s see here for Crystal Heart Okay i’m going to show you how this Works and this will this will make a lot Of sense to you okay what’s our constant Well we have one constant here

People are searching for it okay so Let’s get that constant We’ll go crystal heart People are searching for this jewelry Okay seven thousand almost eight Thousand people a month looking for Crystal heart good great that’s a Constant i know That’s a given we got ads there’s money In the market okay then what i did is i Actually found out at auction at the old Godaddy The domain Shop crystal heart Ranked on the homepage of google I was like wait a minute wait wait a Minute so you’re telling me That you went out there and lost your Chalk There it is Lost your chalk But you went out there and you got shop Crystalheart.com Which already ranked on google for all Different kinds of words about crystal Heart That’s what i did it cost me i don’t Remember what it cost me it’s like 500 Bucks or somewhere around there 300 Bucks something like that okay Now That already ranks so now all i do is be Like okay shop crystal heart let’s point Them at my etsy

And what’s that’s going to do now etsy’s Going to be like well this guy’s pretty Important I mean everyone’s linking to him so it’s Pretty important and then i go through And i’m like hey Now i can utilize this to my advantage Right and you start to say wait a minute Now i could literally go out there And do what i need to do because it’s Ranking there it is crystal heart you Can’t argue with that there it is go Look it up right and you’re like okay Wait a minute this is starting to make Sense to me Now i get it because crystal heart is Searched for People are buying it right and now i Could be like okay crystal heart Necklaces whatever it is and let’s see I’m just gonna do it off screen so we Get clean results All right And crystal heart On etsy Come on there we go um boom there you go Crystal heart on etsy and we start to Look at this and we’re like hey Check it out this is what people Are searching for Like that’s literally what’s happening So i could go and i could outsource this Stuff or i could do whatever i want And bada bing bada boom i’m off to the

Races i can make sales and we can see Here Crystal heart There you go so they’re ranking crystal Heart box they’re ranking number one i Might be able to outrank them i am right Out ranking them for crystal heart like There i am i’m outranking them with a Little domain that i bought right and so We’re starting to look at this and be Like hey wait a minute so you can Actually make this work in your favor All right um do you guys want me to keep Going until i figure out about this Other domain smash the like button if You do and let’s see if the likes are Coming in Um i’m having fun i think this is pretty Good stuff so we have to look at this we Have to understand What’s going on okay and this is why i’m Very particular about the stuff that i Buy the domains i buy and look at all This traffic this is all related to Crystal heart so all i would need to do Is be like okay here we go this is how It works i got the constant the constant Is people are searching ads are there Boom we’re ready to go we’re off to the Races so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna Start to stack the methods On top of each other Okay so i’m gonna start to stack these Methods up and be like okay

I need chalk And we’re going to stack the methods and I’m going to be like okay i’m going to Use youtube How hard is it to make a video about a Crystal heart Necklace Take me two seconds right probably a Little bit more might take me 90 seconds Right or we’re going to go through a Medium post Or get a domain name Or go out there and and get backlinks Or go out there and do a blog right when I start to stack these on top of each Other and start to use them based on the Data because i know the data doesn’t lie It does not lie i go here in my crystal Heart box Okay 700 searches a month it’s not a ton But i can sell some stuff okay Drift says how do you sell the item put It on etsy and put it in front of people Okay now this training is not specific About how to build or get the product if You’re doing crystal heart you could go To to um Alibaba or something like that get some Crystal heart necklace or jewelry or Whatever and make it simple um there was Also like different uh bracelet Right and you could start to look at This stuff and be like hey wait a minute So

Not only is this what searched for on Etsy But it’s also Like it ranks in google Right like this ranks so therefore i Will be in front of because far too many People they’re trying To rank on etsy It’s all they care about i’ll just want To rank on etsy i don’t care about that I care about that traffic Right and we got to understand That we could get in there and we could Use this to our advantage in a very Simple way It’s not hard to do all right let’s say You’re an etsy seller and you’re out There and you’re like marcus you know What buddy you know what bro this is not Working I i put up 500 different products And i’m not making any sales That’s because you are not doing the Other methods if you rely on one thing To work over and over and over again you Might get lucky and that’s what you see A lot of marketers out there they got Lucky they’ve been doing this a half Hour They’re like hey wait a minute you know I i did this and they got lucky like me Okay i made millions of dollars on Myspace it was probably

75 percent luck 25 percent me going and getting it I got real lucky now Had i just left it at luck i would have Made about 300 a day For like three years But i didn’t leave it at luck i went out There and i said i see something i’m Gonna use something else and i went out There and i was like okay i’m using Pay-per-click trap or i was using um seo At the time Seo got me 300 a day And i was like okay that’s cool what if I did pay-per-click do the numbers make Sense i went to pay-per-click start Making 4 500 to 5 000 a day and i was Like hey this works uh drift says do you Have to physically send it to them Depends on your business model there’s a Lot of people doing drop shipping So there you go now bracelets like if You’re gonna do a bracelet let’s say You’re gonna do What was that one onyx bracelet or Something feng shui I don’t even know how to spell that who Came up with that word feng shui Yeah so feng shui bracelet Um If i was gonna do that literally I got a bunch of them for a video um and They were like two cents each so this Here feng shui bracelet for wealth yeah

I’m probably gonna source them myself Because why would i drop ship it like Literally i could ship it to him for 35 Cents i buy it for 4 cents Might as well make as much profit as i Can And you can see here feng shui bracelet Is looked up quite a bit Okay so we look at that we’re like okay Well maybe maybe not and again I can’t stress it enough you need to let The market guide your decisions If you’re making decisions because of What you think No you need to make it based on What is actually being done What’s actually being done out there and And and how can we utilize it right and We start to look at that we’re like hey This can work in a real-world way i’ve Done this for 22 years i’ve made Millions of dollars online and we have To look at it and say well what is it That marcus did to make it work how do You reverse engineer it and pick up the Pieces because sometimes there’s luck Sometimes there’s Planning But everything Can be Uh reverse engineered Someone says do you buy large quantities Of product no I’d probably just put it up there and

Try to sell some maybe get 10 of them Right see if they sell i’m not going to Buy it but i’m not going to fill my Garage until i know this stuff’s going To sell Okay very important like i I like to be as lean as possible I want to run this thing as easy and Lean and inexpensive as possible i want To prove my concept and then i scale This is very important prove concept Then scale prove concept first then Scale far too many people they get Garages full of stuff because they think It’s gonna work yeah sell one first Right i remember when i was doing drop Shipping of scooters i sold the first One and i’m like okay Let’s let’s figure out the cheapest Place now that i know it sells and then You know i was 23 years old at the time Sold 16 000 bucks in one month worth of Gas scooters and i hadn’t even ridden a Gas scooter at the time didn’t even know What they were like now you guys know i Like my my gas powered toys but um Really cool right and the lambo full of Cash is kind of fun too but we have to Understand exactly how it works Uh someone says is it like affiliate Marketing Well here’s the deal guys You need to understand this because a Lot of people are like is this like this

Is this like There’s two things There’s traffic And there’s money Okay affiliate marketing is money How are you gonna get paid affiliate Marketing how am i going to get paid Putting products and selling them and Drop shipping them or whatever okay That’s how you’re going to get paid Traffic how you going to get traffic It’s all this stuff we talked about Okay so when you look at it there as old Solomon said in the bible there’s Nothing new under the sun It’s all the same you’re either getting Traffic Or you’re making money with your traffic There’s Affiliate marketing drop shipping swap It out doesn’t matter right i did Affiliate marketing with the gas powered Scooters then i found out yeah it’s not Really making me that much because i get You know five percent Drop shipping i get 60 So i switched it’s interchangeable drop Shipping whatever Okay so we start to understand this and We start to realize that all of this Stuff fits in one category or two rather Traffic and conversion and then once we Start to understand that bada boom bada Bang we’re off to the races and you

Start to realize that hey This stuff isn’t as hard as people make It out to be it really has to do with Stop relying on one thing to get you There Right Make it happen people say well marcus What if it doesn’t work it’s going to Work i remember when i first started my Business 22 years ago people said well Marcus what’s your backup plan what are You going to do if it doesn’t work i was Like i’m going to make it work and They’re like oh What is this new concept i’m going to Make it work Plain and simple that’s what i’m going To do and i’m going to do it until it Works why Why am i able to do that Let me tell you why I’m able to do that Because of constants If there’s a constant I know people are searching and i know People are buying all i got to do is Figure it out that’s all i got to do is Say where am i going to go what are they Buying how is it working where are they Getting traffic from maybe i could do Tick-tock videos about my bracelets There you go maybe i could do this maybe I could do that once i start to get Sales then it’s going to spiral out of

Control etsy’s going to push me to the Top i’m going to get the rankings Bada-bing bada-bang we’re done that’s Why Ladies and gentlemen that is why These little guys Are exciting Six grand okay i can reverse engineer That and i can take that to the next Level where i see six and people are Like six grand okay you know i went to Work and i made eight grand why would i Do Okay Go away let’s start to look at this i Can scale that 60 grand I can scale that How It’s all about constants Smash the like button subscribe binge Watch my other stuff go check out Simplesitesbonus.com if you want to get My course highticketnitches.com if you Want a done-for-you niche let’s make Some money let’s have fun and i’ll see You next time

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