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Helpful Content Update – End Of SEO Traffic OR Hidden Opportunity?

today we are talking about the google helpful content seo update and the impact it will have on some seo websites getting traffic… this is an overview from someone who has been doing seo since 1999 with thousands of websites and clients.

is this the end of easy seo rankings… or a hidden opportunity to bank tons of cash?

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The year Was 2004. I was about 24 years old just bought a Big house in california and i was happy Making a thousand dollars a day with Free search engine traffic to a 24 year Old that just bought a house in northern California that was some good cash Considering i never went to college i Didn’t have a formal degree i didn’t Have anything like that yet here i was Making a thousand dollars a day on Autopilot and then It happened It shook the seo community by storm I went from making a thousand dollars a Day Down to making 150 to 300 on a good day What happened the search engines Overnight Changed a policy that changed my income Which seem like forever and today we’re Going to talk about search engine Updates and what’s going on because a Lot of people in the seo community are Flipping out over the latest google Update and over the last couple weeks I’ve been going over countless documents And reports to figure out exactly what’s Going on and why and today we’re going To shed some light on the subject we’re Going to take a peek back from someone Who’s been doing seo since 1999

We’re going to take a look at what Worked then what worked now and what This update is all about so strap in for A wild ride smash a like button if You’re If you’re excited and Subscribe if you like this kind of stuff Today what we’re going to do is we’re Going to talk about the seo update alert We got it over here on the chalkboard We’re going to talk to you about how Everything works in a real world way So that you can understand who this Update affects what it’s about what you Can do to prepare and even thrive from This update and also We are going to go over some very Important things that you need to know And an opportunity that is hidden in Plain sight yes ladies and gentlemen After doing this for over 22 almost 23 Years there is opportunity in every Seeming Tragedy and we all know that if you Listen to everyone everyone’s kind of Like chicken little where the sky is Always falling and that’s how i felt Back in 2004 because i was listening to Everyone rather than looking at the Voice of logic i was getting emotional Rather than looking at this as a Business here i am as a business Platforms change things change but what Are we going to do to make this work in

A real-world way all right how’s the Microphone are we getting distortion or Are we doing okay We sound all right type okay if we’re Okay and we’re gonna dive in talk about How this works now what i did in Preparation for this is we went through The documents from google from other Seos and different things like that to Kind of look at okay what’s going on Here and how do we make this work okay How do we make this work now when we Look at this update we need to Understand exactly what’s going on so We’re going to read this for you i got It on this screen over here because After doing this 23 years i do need to Read it a little bit bigger or i need Some bifocals or something like that but I’m not ready to commit to that until The gray hairs really start coming in so We’re going to talk about how this works What is this all about well last week Google announced what is called the Helpful content update which is part of A broader effort to ensure people see More original helpful content written by People this is important For People In search results now let’s talk about How This thing works right how does this Work what’s going on here well we got a

Lot of stuff now you’re going to see all These people and all these gurus talking About ai all right you’re going to get a Robot and the robot is going to write Content and you’re going to go to the Bank and hopefully the robot can fix his Camera there you go hey the robot work There you go right but we have this and A lot of people are talking about a.i And things like that now a lot of seo People are freaking out about this Update because of the fact that they Think it’s going to affect Everyone they’re like hey what’s going On here is this going to weed out every Niche site except for like forbes and Other big guys well let’s talk about That because we want to talk about what The ultimate goal is now when you look At the ultimate goal here Okay we’re going to take a look at the Ultimate goal which is focus on People first Content Okay people first contact what does that Mean Well that means ladies and gentlemen That at the end of the day There are people Like patrick over here searching google Here’s this guy he’s searching google Now back in 2003 2004 when i was doing Seo A buddy of mine noticed that if you

Search for a certain Pizza restaurant or pizza delivery in a Certain geographic location There was all these weird dirty sites And we were like hey wait a minute like This can’t be good because People want pizza not this other garbage And the search engines looked at that And they were like wait a minute we we Have people at the end of the day That are searching google Now if these people search google and They type in the word pizza restaurant And they get all this garbage What’s gonna happen well eventually They’re gonna be like well you know Maybe i’ll go over to yahoo because this Google stuff isn’t really cutting the Mustard it’s not really serving the Purpose that i want then The guy leaves goes to a different Search engine and that would make google Very sad because google likes making Hundreds of billions of dollars every Year from people searching so if they Lose that that’s where the problem is Going to happen so what they need to do Is say wait a minute at the end of the Day this isn’t about algorithms it’s not About gaming the system it is about People Searching okay so if i search for pizza Or if i search for A topic that i want to learn about

Okay They want this guy to be happy so that He keeps coming back to google which is Why you’ve been coming back to google For the last 20 years or however long it Is so we need to understand that Because it’s very important when we look At this right What is the helpful content update now Stay to the end of this smash the like Button because i am going to show you a Hidden opportunity that’s insane it’s an Opportunity that existed years ago And it’s actually going to get better With this update and i’m going to talk To you about that and we’re going to go Through it in a real world way this is Stuff that other people don’t talk about Because You know maybe they haven’t been around That long or maybe they just don’t see It or whatever it is or maybe they’re Too consumed with what’s going on with Their website or whatever it is to look At the bigger picture and we need to Look at the bigger picture and that is Why a lot of people are calling this Update The ai crusher why because robots aren’t That good at writing content for people Because robots are not people like if You’ve ever watched those for some Reason i watched robot videos a few Years ago

And these robots said crazy things and I’m like yeah i don’t think they’re on Our team everyone’s excited about the Robots but i don’t think they’re Rallying to make life better i mean They’re answering questions in a creepy Way which means Ai If you have an ai site if you listen to Those guys who sold you an aai software For like nine dollars and you’re like Yeah i got rankings Okay that’s a problem that’s a problem So we got to look at this in a real World way we got to understand what’s Going on so the core Of the update and this update is called The helpful content update now at its Core the google helpful content update Aims to target sites that post seo Focused content okay what does that mean What does that mean well I get people all the time who argue with Me And they say marcus you know what buddy You’re not using this seo plugin You don’t use meta tags You don’t use alt tags on your images What are you doing you don’t know what You’re doing marcus you have no clue What you’re doing yet I’ve said time and time and time and Time again That it does not matter all this stuff

What matters is that you get the keyword That you want to Rank for And you focus on this guy first What content can i give this guy now Back in 2004 Same deal i got sucked into those Content things we were using one called Traffic Monsoon or some stupid stuff like that And this traffic monsoon you would Literally go pick all the keywords you Want it would scrape the results on Google and make a crappy web page and it Would rank And it worked until It didn’t okay it was called gaming the System and that is what this is about This is about People who are looking to game The System Are you out there just trying to get Traffic not providing helpful content That’s why it’s called ladies and Gentlemen The helpful content update now will Normal good sites with good content be Affected of course that’s how algorithms Work as we said earlier robots aren’t Perfect so if you use ai to locate and Get rid of ai and locate bad stuff at The end of the day there’s not a human Element now they are going to have a

Human element we’ll talk to you about That in just a little bit but we need to Understand as a whole What exactly is going on here what are We doing now Let’s go into a couple more things and Then we’ll show you some results and Talk to you about the way this is going To work now um If we look at this dan sullivan said for Example if you search for information About a new movie let’s say you’re like Hey when is game of thrones episode 1000 Coming out i think there’s probably more Than a thousand of those now right and You search for that Then uh you might have previously seen Articles with aggregated reviews now What’s an aggregator an aggregator is One of those things that goes out there And it just aggregates so it’s like an Ai It goes out there and it’s like hey i’m Gonna check all these movie sites site Number one says six months site number Two says eight months at the end of the Day We don’t really know it’s just Aggregated Garbage so When you look at that what’s happening Is they’re generating content based on Other sites this can be good this is a Little bit of a gray area which we’re

Gonna see where this starts to pan out Because obviously if i’m getting stuff From other sources and compiling it in a Way that again Is good for our user i don’t know if our User shows in this angle but There’s our our user’s over there Somewhere there he is right there There’s our user right There All right If it’s in a way that helps our user Then at the end of the day that’s going To be a good thing so there are some Ways you can use it like ai yeah you can Use it to help your writing right maybe You want to word something different or Maybe go get an ai content and then use It to do your research or whatever it is Now I haven’t found any good ai things yet And at the end of the day it looks like Garbage so you know we got to kind of Look at that as well so what we need to Do is see that so they’re saying uh Danny sullivan is saying That uh if you have aggregated reviews From other sites without perspectives Beyond what’s available elsewhere so Literally you’re Copying pasting rewording the same stuff That’s out there anywhere Yeah that’s something where this isn’t Going to work because that isn’t super

Helpful the sites that you got that Information from are more helpful than You Although you can use that i believe In a way for a different type of search Term okay very important we’re going to Talk about different search terms and Different things like that now another Thing they said was that the update is Automatic and it’s not going to like be Turned on and off and it’s going to Target sites Rather than just individual pieces of Content which is really interesting okay Now Who is this update going to affect Done this Is the big Warning who’s this going to affect right We all want to know are we going to be Affected well whenever there’s an update Everyone’s affected even if you’re not Directly affected your search engine Rankings will fluctuate because as People drop out and new people come in It always fluctuates things so again What you want to do is you want to watch This Without emotion Okay all this is All this is doing like a lot of people i Remember back in 2003 people flipped out There was a guy who made 18 million Dollars

I think in one day because he was Serving the market that was frustrated About this okay now We’ll talk about that in a minute Unfortunately one of those guys is no Longer with us i think he passed last Year great guy awesome guy um but he had A seo training thing and stuff like that Now what we need to look at is we need To not look at this with emotion okay All this is Is providing data Okay So if your search engine rank drops Your traffic drops you say why okay There was a guy i was talking to on one Of our Private customer webinars yesterday and He was like hey i got hit back uh with The update four months ago and now my Traffic is almost all back And i’m like okay cool and he was like Yeah i’m real i’m real bummed about it I’m like why you bummed about it it went Away now it’s back and you’re doing Better What’s there to be bummed about it’s Just data it’s not the search engine Saying it doesn’t like you it’s not the Algorithm saying hey buddy i don’t like You no it’s just an algorithm it’s Something that’s going out there and What we’re going to do is we’re going to Look at the data and build and grow okay

So very very very important now who is This going to affect let’s take a look At who this is going to affect okay this Is going to affect websites in the focus Topics of online education interesting Arts entertainment shopping and Technology now a lot of people are Pointing to the fact that this looks a Lot like a product oriented Update like they mentioned several times That hey if you’re reviewing a product Right and you don’t actually have the Product and you don’t have first-hand Knowledge about the product then they’re Going to be like hey you know we’re Going to we’re going to let the guys Through that actually use the product Because at the end of the day Yes ladies and gentlemen We find that more helpful for the user So if you are focusing on the user Even though your rankings will go up and Down just because that’s the nature of The beast that’s what happens Okay If you’re focusing on the user at the End of the day you’re going to be all Right okay it might not be tomorrow you Might have drops you might have things That go up down whatever but what’s Going to happen Is the data is going to show you What google likes and we’re going to Talk about some examples here that are

Very important i think we need to Understand them because when we look at This there’s lots of people talking About Let’s go back over here There’s lots of people talking about What google’s saying here on their thing So if you want to read about it you can Just go to It’s right there what creators should Know about the google helpful content Update a lot of this data here shows you What’s going on right and we’re looking At this as like a site thing right so if You have a website that’s about a bunch Of random topics And you’re just trying to get rankings Like if that is your end goal You’re toast right that’s just how it’s Going to work because if your end goal Is not to help the user not to provide Good Quality content then at the end of the Day google’s going to be like yeah you Know we need to clean up our stuff here Because there’s some junk okay does your Site have a primary purpose or focus Okay now there’s a gray area here i was Listening to some people earlier they Were talking about forms And they’re like what about forms like If you look at some of the rankings on Forbes let’s see if we have them here Here we go right forbes ranks number two

For the word youtube Now here’s where the rubber meets the Road and here’s where we need to really Look at this Okay Forbes Youtube Post is about the first episode of halo On youtube or something like that hollow Halo whatever okay So the question is Is this relevant if this guy here Is searching for youtube Is that relevant now why is it ranking Number two it’s ranking number two Because it’s forbes Like that’s what it is they’re like Forbes sir Come here And have The nice chair come on here you go Forbes sit here you can have whatever Ranking you want that’s why it ranks Right because forbes is gigantic so we Got to understand this we got to look at This in a real world way and we got to Say okay why does that rank well it Ranks Because Yeah it’s forbes now let’s take a look Here And let’s see now and and we’ll also do A little test all right let me do a test If you were searching for youtube

That’s all you put in google youtube And you saw something about the first Episode of whatever show is now free on Youtube Would you would you be like yeah that is That’s what i was looking for Or would you be like no I was literally too lazy to put dot com And so now i’m gonna click on youtube Which is the number one result and That’s that’s the gold right that’s it Like there you go It’s just youtube and that’s what we’re Looking at here okay So we need to understand That when you search youtube This is the most relevant because that’s What it is now if they search youtube Halo Sure yeah if i search youtube halo and I’m going to do this off screen so that We know it’s clean i don’t know what a Halo is you always got to be careful of This stuff Okay so if i do youtube halo There you go there’s the first result There okay so it’s a music I think something like that right so Halo Halo maybe it’s a game i really don’t Know which is like okay well you know Maybe maybe they need to know and this Is what is called Search intent

Okay so what is the search Intent Of this guy right he’s looking up Youtube he’s like okay I want to watch videos on youtube My intent is to watch videos now when You look at keywords you have to Understand the intent because that is What this is going to work for now Introvert says what about press release Sites excellent question press release Sites are about news now today If we look up youtube On Google where did our youtube go we had It here somewhere Let’s youtube All right Youtube and i want to show you something Okay so youtube here if we just search Youtube on google We’re gonna see That now the Update is running now We are going to see Over here Okay That youtube Is number one and then we have lots of Press Releases okay so there’s lots of press Releases here about this so maybe it’s That press releases will be stuck to the Stories rather than actually ranking

Although in some instances it can work Well again we have to look at What is the user intent at the end of The day what does the user want at the End of the day if he’s searching youtube He probably just wants to go to youtube Like that’s what it is i mean you look At this and you’re like okay You have how many people per month Searching youtube We got uh 134 million people a month i doubt Of those 134 million a lot of them are Stockholders and they want to look up The stock no they’re looking up That now if we go for bitcoin mining or Bitcoin mining why is that on forbes Well that makes a little bit more sense To be on forbes than youtube okay why Because okay forbes is a money site Bitcoins money mining bitcoin is about Money that’s kind of the deal okay we Could take a look at some others here Dogecoin price yeah that fits uh cowboys I don’t know like maybe they’re looking Up actual like cowboys yeah write them And get the bull and all that or maybe They’re looking up the football team i Don’t know And then there’s lots of other stuff as Well that may or may not Be Fitting like this steering wheel cleaner Like there’s literally 312 000 people

About looking up steering wheel cleaner I didn’t even know that way like Who cleans your steering wheel i didn’t My steering wheel did never gets that Dirty i don’t know But we could see here that forbes is Ranking for steering wheel cleaner And they have like the snippet here okay So interesting stuff you got youtube you Got lots of youtube you got uh ethos Care which probably yeah that’s a car Care site so that’s going to make sense You have amazon for products right are There products about this so what They’re doing is they’re trying to Really fit and say what’s the guy Looking for how do we help them out Rather than just hey i’m out there and Ranking for everything because i’m Forbes or cnn or whatever it is okay Does that make sense smash your like Button if if that makes sense to you All right Let’s keep on rolling okay so now we Have Who the update’s going to affect now This was important Content created by a.i That one yeah that that’s going to have Some problems content created by ai will Get the brunt of google’s new signal now Notice How they’re calling this a signal Interesting all right so they’re calling

It a signal what does that mean well Right now forbes Has a signal And the signal is Forbes Good right if forbes Went for your number one keyword the Keyword you want and they put it on Their site today and they said let’s say Your number one keyword is the steering Wheel thing Okay and they wrote an article that was Not in any way shape or form About the steering wheel Because of the signal That sucker’s gonna rank That’s how a signal works it’s basically A flag That says hey Here’s our flag That does not look like a flyer it’s a Flag okay there we go it’s a flag that Says Hey this is good rank it so what they’re Saying is hey wait a minute what we’re Gonna do Is we’re gonna flag sites and we’re Gonna say hey you know what If this guy’s a known Ai guy Right if he’s out there and all he’s Doing is ai stuff that’s going to be a Flag That is going to

Mess things up right that’s going to be Like okay it’s going to be hard for you To rank okay you might be in a pinch if You’ve been pointing low quality if You’ve been what does it say okay i need My bifocals here um you might be in a Pinch if you’ve been posting Low quality repetitive content Purely for the sake of getting traffic From the search engines There you go That is what they’re after and if we Look at this as a whole we’re like okay So what they’re after Is someone just gaming the system to get Traffic Without providing value and this is Something i talked to you guys about Over and over and over again which is at The end of the day We need to be focusing on the people Because that’s that’s what’s going to Help us make money now there is one Thing That might tweak this a bit and it might Tweak your results Which again if your results fluctuate Ladies and gentlemen it’s data That’s all it is is data it’s just going To show us where we’re at now it might Affect things sure but at the end of the Day it’s just data and we’re going to Read it and we’re going to learn to grow With it okay

When will the update take place it’s Basically rolling out right now so you Might see Some fluctuations over the next couple Months okay Now again it’s data wait and see where Stuff goes Wait and see what kind of content Goes what i’m going to be doing and i’ll Be updating you here on the channel is I’m going to watch some of these big Sites that we speculate What’s going on Okay so we’ll be like hey how did forbes Do how’d they do did this did the update Actually do what google said it was Going to do Which is at the end of the day i Searched for the steering wheel cleaner And there you go like like Looking at that word Steering wheel cleaner Steering wheel cleaner That sounds like a product So like this here In my In my brain Would not fit Amazon would because if i’m looking for A cleaner that is a product to clean With if i’m looking for how to clean My steering wheel then yeah this might Work Okay now what should you use yeah that

Would fit what should you use what Should you use to clean your steering Wheel that that’s pretty pretty solid How to clean maybe maybe not and we Gotta look at this because sometimes Like these guys are literally Just writing about all this car stuff so They can get insurance traffic Or warranties or whatever it is okay Very important drive detail that’s a car Detail site that’s probably pretty good Car care reviews Probably pretty decent and we can take a Look at this and see how these fare out Based on what they’re looking for now Very important now one thing i will say Also As a caveat this is why Here on my channel I talk about lots of ways to get traffic And lots of ways to make money because What we need is a multi-pronged approach Okay we want to go out there i want to Have youtube videos i want to have press Releases i want to have things that are Going to fit in a real world way that’s Going to drive traffic to me because at The end of the day i don’t want to make Five bucks a month i want to make Hundreds of thousands of dollars a month And so we need to understand exactly What’s going on And what these people are talking about And and where to get in okay and we’ll

Talk about that big opportunity in just A minute because this is going to knock Your socks off because while everyone’s Flipping out i’m going to be doing Something very specific That is going to to make lots of money Okay So there’s what we got uh why was the Content or why was this update created All right um updates created to increase The rankings of high quality Quote Original Content High quality original content they don’t Want Copy and pasted and duplicated and blah Blah blah blah blah okay we need to Understand that So uh increased rankings of high quality Original content to ensure that people Searching are finding exactly what They’re looking for in a few clicks Interesting All right there’s a lot said there a lot Of people say well they didn’t give us That much info actually yeah they did They gave us a lot of info What they’re saying Is in my opinion We want to get the closest to one click And done That’s what they want they want the Closest possible to this guy searches

Google the first result he sees is what He wants he closes google and goes and Cleans his steering wheel That’s what they want okay now sucks for The other nine results and we’ll talk About that because i don’t think it’s Going to have the intended effect Because We got to look at it as like Some searches you want multiple things Right like i don’t want to go to google And be like what is this thing on my Head Oh you better go and and get your Affairs in order i had a thing on my Head and it’s over and here’s why No no i need to get an opinion a second Opinion right i need to go to the next Site and be like oh i had that on my Head because i got stung by a bee and You’ll probably be fine or whatever it Is okay does that make sense does Everyone get that because You have to look at this as a whole as a Multifaceted approach and understand What’s going on Okay now um how can i find out if my Content is helpful Well do you have an existing or intended Audience okay so how do i find out if It’s helpful here’s the deal and this is Where it comes to what i’m a big fan of Which is niche sites okay so let’s say You have your niche site okay you got

Your niche site Over here Okay you got your niche site and your Niche site over here Is ready to roll and your niche site is About Car Cleaning Tips Okay car cleaning tips now what they Want to know is if my site is about car Cleaning tips If i was to go to everyone on my website Right now And say hey guys i just wrote this new Article about How To Get better gas mileage Would these people like it okay this is A lot like youtube you can learn a lot From youtube and i think google is Getting a lot of their signals from Learning what youtube is talking about What youtube’s doing as well because What we’re looking at with youtube if i Came out here and i posted a video about How to fix your boat Okay how many of you guys would watch it Type boat in the box Probably not because You guys are here to make money and Learn about seo and learn about how to Make money you’re not here to look at

Boats Okay It’s not what you’re doing so google’s Going to look at that and be like well Wait a minute so that’s about boats yeah That’s that we’re not going to rank you For boats that’s not good now if you Keep doing it and you keep doing it and You keep doing it Then There goes that flag that i had trouble Drawing earlier that says hey This guy He’s just trying to game the system It’s all he’s doing He’s trying to game the system and That’s what they’re after people use an Ai people trying to game the system People trying to put irrelevant results And this has been a cat and mouse game For years with the search engines where It’s like hey Game the system we got to fix it game The system we got to fix it just like Right now on youtube there’s like a big Comment scam problem we talked about a Few weeks ago and it’s like yeah that’s Not Valuable stuff So we got to do that and take a look at How to fix it so Is this something that your existing Audience would like Does your content clearly demonstrate

First-hand expertise and an in-depth Knowledge for example expertise that has From coming and using the product or if You’re like best places to stay in Barcelona Did you actually go to barcelona now It’s a gray area because like how they Gonna know if i went to barcelona or not You’re gonna ask for the passport i Don’t know what are they gonna do right Tickets whatever they’re gonna do um but We have to understand exactly what’s Going on and we need to understand that There still is value In compiling information On your own Okay Here’s the top 10 seo tools Maybe i used eight of them maybe i use One of them Whatever okay so we need to understand Exactly what’s going on okay is there Something going on in chat here We good I think so So we got to take a look at that we to Understand exactly what’s going on okay So does it does it clearly demonstrate Is it something i’ve used is it Something i can help with if it’s a Compilation is it a good compilation did I do my research or did i just get The latest person out there to write it And whatever okay it’s like when you go

And you outsource articles and the the Content we had this in the beginning When i first started outsourcing Articles um i would go out there And i’d ask for an article and i’d be Like i want an article about Seo traffic it’d be like okay and i get It and i read it and it’d be like Hello seo traffic is really good lots of People want to get seo traffic because Seo traffic comes from the search Engines and when you get seo traffic you Need to understand that search engine Optimization is the best for seo traffic And you’re like okay that’s a lot of Words but you didn’t say a damn thing Nothing you didn’t say anything And that is what they don’t want That’s garbage so what you got to do if You are outsourcing If you are outsourcing you need to learn Which in blog profit network i have a Tutorial i have a Template and we got a system that gets Good content okay now will some of it Get flagged of course some of it’s Always gonna get Drop grow whatever that’s the nature of The game so we need to understand Exactly how this is work okay how this Is going to work Does your site have a primary purpose Or Focus

Is your site about a certain topic or is It just i just want traffic okay Interesting After reading your content will someone Leave Feeling they’ve learned enough about the Topic to help achieve their goal Okay so if they’re doing research will They leave saying hey that was good i’ll Do some more research Or are they going to leave going uh I saw a lot of words about seo seo Content but it didn’t really tell me What seo was so no i wasn’t happy with That okay that’s a good gauge is it Going to help you Um and lastly are you keeping in mind Our guidance for core updates and Product reviews okay good so product Reviews Honestly if i was a product reviewer i Would probably like only review products That i Actually used and i would probably do Video based stuff Okay so i would look at that and start To understand exactly what’s going on And say okay how do we fix this what do We do all right um next We want to look at this is what the Whole is looking at and then we’re going To talk about the opportunity all right What they want is more original helpful Content

Okay Also one of the things i saw is they Kind of want a one and done Like you look at snippets you look at The way they’re going they kind of want Like The first result to be it i don’t know Why maybe that’s for voice search so you Go hey google find me an elephant They’re like here’s an elephant now i Don’t need to go find any more elephants Right maybe that has to do with it maybe It has to do with something else but we Need to understand it but we also need To understand that there are literally Billions of search terms that people are Searching for and a lot of them have Different things and different stuff Okay Now Also got to look at search intent On page off page ranking tactics it Looks like This is going to push More towards on-page stuff I think that’s the way it’s going Because okay well you know if you have a Million backlinks and they’re not that Relevant well maybe that’s not going to Be the ranking signal it was maybe Forbes isn’t going to get the favor that They’ve gotten So far but we shall see we don’t know i Mean a lot of times people said oh 2003

This is going to clean it up did it well If it did we wouldn’t need another Update so obviously things change and Grow and go from there um also what i’m Seeing is that this looks like it’s Gonna get away from the big sites Tackling all the traffic Right they’re gonna be like okay forbes Yeah you could stick to news but Why you ranking for youtube that don’t Make any sense Um also ai is a big one here Okay ai is a big one um very cool Uh also firsthand experience and review Stuff so what we’re looking at here is Mainly it’s gonna be a site-wide signal They’re saying it’s not a penalty But it will Kind of guide you and be like okay well If you are a offender of crappy content You’re gonna have to sit in the corner For a few months now the good thing is Is this update is something that’s Always going to be going on Right so if you fluctuate wait it out See what happens see where things land See what they like see what they didn’t Like boom bada bang bada boom there you Go okay um very important so more bit More focus better content which is going To equal more money okay at the end of The day this is going to equal more Money because of the fact That my screen wants to jump around

Because of the fact that uh Having better user experience is going To make people read your content more Which is going to keep them longer on Your site which is more ad clicks more People engaging like if i get you to Engage and then i say go over here and Buy this thing you’re much more likely To buy the thing if you’re engaging okay Very very important And a lot of this was um years ago with One of the google updates uh they talked About what’s called mfa or made for Adsense And what it was was a bunch of people That would make Skimpy content with the sole purpose of Ranking so that they can get adsense Clicks okay that’s probably gonna you Know go by the wayside uh hopefully Because a lot of that is garbage content So we got to look at that as well now um You can do your research you can take a Look at what all these people are saying About this stuff You can go through and say okay well What is this going to go how’s it going To work i like to go through and use the Keyword tools and watch what happens Right let’s see at the end of this is Forbes still going to have 31 million Keywords or is it going to fluctuate and Again remember That you need to understand exactly

What’s going on and you need to Understand that traffic is valuable okay Traffic is valuable now someone had Mentioned how is this going to work for Local sites well i would think that with The singleness of purpose of we want This guy searching to be happy then the Local results will probably be local Businesses now is that to say you can’t Make a compilation and talk about Different places not at all test it out See what works but what you don’t want To do And this is something i never really Advocate um it’s something that was Popular in like 0.203 is auto Junk content That’s what we want to get away from Auto-generated junk Content okay we want to get into the Niche we want to write good content we Want to focus on what the people want And why and we want to focus on a very Very important opportunity because when You look at this it’s like okay medium Ranks for stairs in the woods That’s a difficult one because it’s like Okay well You know what am i going to write about Stairs in the woods is it a book is it a Movie what is it okay and dave says like Yelp exactly okay And does yelp provide a good experience Are people going to yelp

Instead of Searching for multiple stuff on google If it does that’s going to give a signal That actually yelp is doing a good job Right why because i could go to yelp and See pictures of stakes and stuff Okay Very important uh we could also see like Stairs in the woods we’ve got to look at Why that would rank right why would that Rank what’s going on there uh we could Take a look at other stuff bitcoin wiki Okay what maybe that has to do with Medium maybe it doesn’t um and is the Medium Writing actually good Right so we got to take a look at this And understand yeah things will Fluctuate things will Get mixed up a bit but we need to Understand exactly what’s going on and The opportunity Ladies and gentlemen Let’s talk about this big opportunity You guys ready smash that like button if You’re ready for the big opportunity Here that i think is something that’s Huge Okay i saw this happen in o3 um i didn’t Take the opportunity the way i should Have an 03 because i was 23 year old and I didn’t know much about anything right And we need to say hey what’s going on So

The opportunity that i didn’t take hold Of back then was the fact that A lot of sites that actually tried to Make good content People would go out there and when when The search engine rankings fluctuated They’d call it quits they’d sell their Site or just let their site die off by The wayside um one of the things that I’m going to look at here if i can find That button there it is right there Is You know a lot of these sites are going To fall away A lot of people are going to give up A lot of people are going to get Frustrated and this is one of the things That i look at over and over is if i got A guy Making 150 bucks a month with his blog Or his website in a specific niche Chances are already He doesn’t know what he’s doing if he’s Only making 150 we’re talking to a guy Yesterday he comes on the channel And he was like you know I’m making three sales a day what do i Do And i’m like well here’s your traffic Here’s how you like 5 or 10x your sales Here’s how you do it Okay most people When they get affected by an update They’re just going to give up they’ll be

Like whatever it’s only 150 a month gets A better you know go do something else What i’m going to do is i’m going to say Okay who are all these sites what do i Do how do i buy them and revamp the Content in a real world way that’s why a Lot of people are like oh marcus you Know should i just buy a site and then Copy their old content Yeah if you want the old penalty if you Want the old rankings to drop sure go For it not me i’m going to make new Stuff Right and i’m going to go through And i am going to find Domains that come available In these markets Right so i got i’m ready i got my Filters here and i’m like boom what’s it Name cheap auctions all right and i can Go through and say hey check this out Over at namecheap auctions We are ready to go Right we’re ready go we’re like okay i Could go here search namecheap auctions I can find the ones that have the Rankings so just go Positions And i can find the ones that have Rankings and say hey wait a minute so Yeah i could i could start a song lyric Site or maybe this one about money or or Whatever it is Right and i start to understand exactly

What’s going on Right we’re gonna go through and be like Hey check this out I’m gonna go through And i’m gonna find the domains that that Are good and what happens here is Twofold the domains There they are there i was just talking To the camera and not showing the Domains you guys gotta remind me there Right so we’re gonna look at this and I’m like okay check this out right i go In namecheap i see the domains and i’m Good to go right just a couple minutes Ago before this training i actually got This domain Uh I’m like okay this is all about like Different kinds of fishing stuff pretty Interesting i can use that or or Whatever okay and i’m buying domains all The time and what i can do is go through And say hey what’s out there what’s Available i could check godaddy go daddy Closeouts or godaddy um Godaddy regular and i’m buying domains All the time because i know that hey i Can i can piggyback on some of these People who did a good job But didn’t know how to monetize it Right there’s so many people out there That do a good job And they don’t know how to monetize it Okay now if we know how to monetize it

Boom we swoop in we’re ready to go We’re off to the races and we’re going To go in there and we’re going to see Lots of sites start to drop by the Wayside i’ll be like hey wait a minute Now i can go in Swoop in Get these sites and start to watch Exactly What’s going on Right and if we can look at this and say Hey wait a minute if i can combine this And again at the end of the day This is all about providing good content There are Novels of information written about Google updates but it’s really at the End of the day Is it really helping them right like This says what type of page is it well It’s a news website homepage what’s the Purpose inform users of recent events Okay Makes sense A shopping page to sell or give Information about a product okay good Video page to share a cute video of a Cat currency converter to calculate Right so like if you have a page that’s Like mortgage calculator And there’s no mortgage calculator Then that’s gonna have The issue Okay that’s gonna have an issue it’s not

Gonna do good it’s gotta have what it is So What i would propose Is sit tight don’t get emotional Watch your stuff watch your rankings and Focus because now What we’re gonna do Is get away from all this junk i talk About this all the time I talk about this all the time we need To go through And find the stuff that’s doing good And focus on that better Because like i said This guy making 150 a month who calls it Quits because the algorithm change or Whatever We’re going to go in there and say hey What post because there’s probably two Posts or one post that’s making all this Money So if i can learn from that and i could Say wait a minute If i spend as much time on one good post With a good strategy in a good keyword And a good plan of action That’s gonna do better than this old Push the button ai gets me 10 bazillion Yeah that’s exactly it That’s exactly it so we need to Understand exactly What’s going on And that’s why we’re here to understand Okay hey

We need to provide good stuff We need to watch what’s going on we need To understand what they’re getting rid Of What they don’t like And like rod says Now there’s probably going to be a lot Less junk competition yeah there will be A lot less junky competition uh the Cream will rise to the top And then you know and eventually they’ll Probably have another update because It never really knocks it all out in one But if you start to understand hey At the end of the day this is about People Like one of the things i see on youtube Right now there’s a lot of videos that Are just repetitive repetitive Repetitive stuff And i’m like okay how is this How do these go to the top i don’t know They know something i don’t and they’re Probably making money on it but at the End of the day i want to provide good Content that’s unique That shares something of value from my Personal experience and that’s why When a lot of people Talk about niches that um That are You know passion niches Okay patchy niches will stay Because if it’s something you’re

Passionate about something you know About Then that’s probably pretty good Right you go through you you work it out Will it fluctuate sure the guy on there Says has fluctuated from a 33 to a 16. Okay well let’s say take a look at the Rankings right a lot of things here and This is one of my pet peeves this comes From years ago Uh years ago when i was a magician Right you would go hang out with other Magicians which i hated i hated hanging Out with other magicians because all They do is try to fool each other with Other tricks and like hey check this out And their whole career was based on Fooling other magicians and i’m like i Don’t want to do that I want to make tricks that make average People happy not just to magicians and You have the same thing with seo people They speak seo they look at data and at The end of the day there was a guy who Was like hey my ranking’s fluctuated i’m Like okay are you still getting traffic Yeah you still making money yeah Then why do you care Why does it matter Right if the end goal is always the end Goal then then that’s what we have to Look at which is very very important So i hope this shed some light on how it Works

Check out the links We’ll have notes And information about uh the update As well as if you’re in uh blog profit Network or even if you’re just on my Mailing list Over at um You can get updates and things like that And new videos and stuff like that so It’s very very important you got to Understand uh what’s going on why and You got to look at the data and Understand everything not from an seo Guy Because again google’s telling us hey All that meta tag and stuff all those Seo plugins you got on your site yeah That’s not what makes a difference What makes a difference Is making a difference Getting good content focusing doing the Work doing the good job and focus on What really matters so thanks for being Here guys i hope you enjoyed this Training smash that like button Subscribe let me know your thoughts in The comment and let’s make it Happen Rock and roll have a good day And subscribe and click the bell and

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