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3 Page Fish Website + No Face Videos = $188.22 Every Day?

in this video we are diving into the fish niche… this is an affiliate niche i have used many times to profit online in a crazy simple way. this works well with specific stuff like fish plants aquariums and more.

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Today I’m going to show you a very Simple way to make money without having To show your face write tons and tons of Content get overwhelmed with tech stuff Sign up for bogus websites that only pay You a fraction of a penny per day or Anything like that that’s right in this Video I am going to reveal the website That I made about fish That generated up to a hundred and Eighty eight dollars a day or more in Profits for me oh yeah and did I mention It was just a three-page website so Smash that like button and let’s dive in Nineteen hundred dollars a month Fourteen hundred dollars a month six Thousand dollars a month almost ten Thousand dollars a month with no Competition here are six reasons you Want to stay to the end of the video Number one I’m gonna show you the 188 Dollar three page website blog about Fish that made me a ton of cash and part Number two I’m gonna show you a simple No face low content method to make tons Of affiliate commissions part number Three we’re gonna do a deep dive into The fish aquarium Niche like you’ve Never seen before yeah some people are Making a hundred thousand dollars a Month or more part number four I’m gonna Show you the exact affiliate offers and How you’re gonna make money part number Five for those those of you that are

Willing to invest I’m going to show you A simple shortcut I paid 509 dollars for That’s going to help me get tons of free Traffic to my brand new Fish website and In part number six I’m going to show you How to get started even if you have no Money no idea what you’re doing or even If you’ve never owned a fish in your Life I’ve made thousands of dollars with My Fish website and I’ve never even Taken care of a pet fish are you ready Smash a like button let’s dive in Alright part number one let’s go ahead And dive into the 188 dollar per day Betta Fish website now betta fish are These little blue fish I’ve never owned One I know my uncle had one when I was a Kid and it got mad at everything but at Any rate I chose this Niche because it Was searched for a lot as you can see Right here this is the amount of times These keywords are looked up each month In relation to betta fish now remember This isn’t just about betta fish I just Want to show you my website I also had Goldfish website a chinchilla website a Hamster website and tons of other Websites which made me lots of money but We can see here that Betta fish care is Looked up over 13 000 times a month how to take care of a Betta fish 2100 times a month and on and On we go from different things that are Wrong with betta fish how to know if

They’re sleeping what to feed them what Is fin rot and everything like that you Name it people are looking it up like Crazy but how is that going to make us Money well when I had my betta fish Website it was a simple three to five Page website based on keywords that I Knew I could rank for so when you see a List like this whether you’re using Ahref semrush or any other keyword tool You’re gonna see a competition column Here called KD what we want is the ones With the lowest competition those are The easiest ones to rank for now in this Video towards the end I’m going to show You a little hack that’ll get you ranked For the is even if they’re big Competition so you can get lots of Traffic so stay tuned for that but what We’re going to do is we are going to Choose our keywords all right we’re Going to find out What people search for related to The Fish whether it’s a betta fish a little Shark Goldfish Guppies whatever it is you name It we’re gonna find out what people are Searching for then we are going to Create a blog or website or you can even Do like a medium page or a free website Or a Facebook group all about these Various fish then what you’re going to Do is you’re going to find offers that Pay you money whether they’re affiliate

Offers AdSense monetization with my 188 Dollar a day website the main offer was A book on ClickBank about how to take Care of betta fish and we can see here It pays 17.98 every time someone buys The book to learn how to take care of Their beta fish pretty cool right and of Course since thousands and thousands of People are searching for this stuff There’s room to make lots of money in Addition to that I also promoted what we Call email zip submit freebie offer that Helped them save money on different pet Supplies and fish tanks and things like That so as you can see it’s a very Simple straightforward three-page Website all I did was focus on what People were searching for create a Little bit of content around that search Term and then point to the stuff that Makes me money and now for part number Two the simple no face low content video Method now when I had my beta fish Website before I sold it to one of my Students I actually had to go out there And get traffic from search engines and All kinds of stuff like that we didn’t Have like Tick Tock and YouTube the way It is now back then and we didn’t have All this stuff that actually makes it a Lot easier and if you don’t want to make Videos don’t worry you can Outsource it What I want to show you is very Important so let’s scroll down here you

Could see here’s a website about Aquariums getting about a hundred Thousand dollars worth of traffic six Thousand four thousand nine thousand and On and on we go and if you look down Here in my notes which you can get over It downloadmynotes.com you’re going to Notice that we have several different YouTube channels and Tick Tock people That are making video videos about fish And getting tons and tons of traffic you Could see this guy here has over 23 Million views on his videos all about Fish and the key to making this work is Because it’s such a tight knit Channel If I go out there and I make videos About coffee cups and elephants on Safaris and different things you can Order from fast food my videos are going To be all over the place and people Aren’t going to know what to buy but if I keep everything tight knit to like Betta fish or aquariums or pet fish or Something like that then I can make a Website and tell them about it like hey Get free tips on how to take care of Your Betta fish over at my website Whatever it is.com and you can see here That’s exactly what these people are Doing with very specific channels about Very specific things now some of these Guys are actually showing themselves on Camera which you don’t need to do in Fact I can go over to storyblocks.com

Get an account and get all kinds of Videos with fish and different things Like that I can then pay someone to do a Voiceover or do it myself into a Microphone like this put some text on The screen about the various fish and How to take care of them and boom I’m Ready to rock and if you want a little Hack to make money with this make sure That in each video you tell them to go To your website to download the notes From the video so they could take care Of their fish hey wait a minute Marcus Isn’t that kind of like what you do Aren’t you telling us to get your notes Like this over at downloadmynotes.com Yeah that’s exactly what I do all day Every day and it makes me tons of money Here’s another one all about different Fish tanks one here about tropical fish Different aquariums all kinds of aquatic Pets and more so if I wanted to make This work with my betta fish website I Would simply do the research learn about The betta fish have someone write some Content turn it into a video upload it On the channel tell them to go to my Website for the notes rent and repeat And if I’m focusing on the things people Are searching for that’s going to drive Traffic to my videos which puts people To my website and puts money in my Pocket you can even see here on Tick Tock people are making simple little

Videos where they’re just filming Various fish talking about the fish the Aquariums and things like that and since Most videos on Tick Tock are a minute or Less these are super easy to make in Fact here’s a guy filming a shelf in Walmart talking about what not to buy For betta fish that’s got 167 000 views Here’s another one with almost 2 million 1 million 2.3 million there’s a lot of traffic Here and with all this traffic you can Make some serious money and if you don’t Want to make videos yourself you can Outsource them on Fiverr you can Download video creation tools that make The process super easy you can Outsource It or Heck if you want to make a good Living get some fish take good care of Them and document what you do it’s super Easy and now for part number three a Deep dive into the fish aquarium niche As we know fish and Aquariums get lots Of traffic and make lots of money we Could see here tons and tons of people Searching for all different things from How to cycle a fish tank what fish can Live with betas aquarium shop different Types of fish and shrimp more types of Fish and shrimp and even different Things like aquarium green algae how Long can betta fish live 125 gallon Aquarium betta fish tank 28 000 searches A month hey wait you mean I could just

Make a video about a bunch of different Types of betta fish tanks point to Affiliate offers and make money yeah Questions about fish and on and on we go And down here you can see all these Sites making lots of money with traffic There’s sites like aquarium genius Aquarium Co-op fish lore aquarium advice My aquarium club and more that are Making tons and tons of money you could Do this with Drop Shipping affiliate Marketing AdSense monetization offers You find on offer Vault you could build A mailing list to make money over and Over and over again from people who have Pet fish the sky really is the limit and Now let’s dive into part number four Affiliate offers and how we make money Just to show you that content is super Easy to Outsource in addition to Outsourcing all these notes up here I Also paid someone a hundred bucks last Night to find 20 different affiliate Offers related to aquariums and fish and I posted that on my blog here and turned It into a video and yeah it’s the one One you’re watching right now and we can See here nextdaycoy.com is a Big Fish Website that has all kinds of different Things for your pet fish and I think you Can even buy pet fish on their website Somehow and they have an affiliate Program that pays you money when people Buy stuff we also have saltwater

Aquarium which has different aquariums Aquascaping and pretty much anything From filters and lights and pumps and All the stuff that keeps your fish happy Healthy and in their tank then we have Beta lovers which is a specialty site For betta fish they have an affiliate Program on ClickBank that pays pretty Well I know that’s the one I used you Have Petco with an affiliate program That offers two percent or more Commission on various products Marine Depot the shrimp farm if you’re looking For rare shrimp pet shrimp snails Neocardinia whatever that is and Affiliates can get 10 commission when People buy the shrimp and play plants And snails and whatever else they buy Dr Tim’s Aquatics which has an affiliate Program for various different things you Can put in your aquariums different Seahorse aquariums water ponds Gardens And all kinds of things like that he Also offers a 10 commission Pete’s Warehouse pays six to eight percent Commission and they have all kinds of Products related to fish tanks and Different things like that wait a minute It looks like they even have some Products that pay a whopping three Thousand dollars commission yeah some People buy some really expensive fish Tanks and if they buy them through your Affiliate link you can get paid fish.com

Aqua experts glass Aqua Warehouse Aquatics craft Decoy for koi fish dream Aquarium and on and on we go and to get This entire list check out Downloadmynotes.com and now for method Number five my crazy simple shortcut I Paid 509 for that’s virtually guaranteed To Skyrocket me to the top of the search Engines to get tons of free traffic That’s right ladies and gentlemen just Two months ago I bought this domain Freshwatercentral.com at auction on GoDaddy for 509 but why in the world Would I do that well as you can see here From the ahrefs keyword tool Freshwatercentral.com ranked for tons And tons of keywords related to fish Tanks different types of fish sharks Neon rainbow fish shrimp six gallon Tanks fresh water salt water you name it The list goes on and on and it just Keeps going and these are all keywords That I can use to get tons of traffic to My website and the way this works is Simple this is based on something called Backlinks what that means is other Websites that are very big link to my Website we can see here the the Wikipedia page for aquarium actually has A link that says how to pick supplies For your 40 gallon aquarium and that Links Yep you guessed it to my domain Freshwatercentral.com here’s another one

For neon tetra discus fish bamboo shark Links on pet helpful and on and on we go Tons and tons of links pointing to my New website all about fish tanks and Aquariums and all this stuff that we’ve Been talking about that puts money in my Pocket so quite simply all I need to do Is get some content for the keywords That this site used to rank for Put it up on the site then the search Engine should pick me up in a matter of Days since this has backlinks and boom Almost instant free traffic to my Affiliate links so I can get paid part Number six if you like this method and You want to get started first you’re Going to want to find out what people Search for related to fish you can use Semrush ahrefs or any free keyword tool In fact if you go over to thehos.com There’s a free keyword tool you can use And you can type something in like betta Fish Like betta fish right like this Prove you’re not a robot and you can see All the different things people search For with the competition and everything Like that now it is limited because it’s A free tool but hey it’s enough to get Started until you make some money then The next thing you want to do is get a Website or a YouTube channel or a tick Tock or some kind of place where you can Put your content about the keywords that

Are being searched for then choose an Affiliate program that fits your content Best if it’s about betta fish use beta Fish stuff if it’s about aquariums link To the aquarium ones and again you can Get the full list over at Downloadmynotes.com then you just create Content in the form of blog posts videos Or whatever it is and link to the stuff That puts money in your pocket and if You want to learn more about this method Check out the blog video link in the Description

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