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$19,500 A Month No Face Youtube / Blog Niche Exposed!

watch this entire video to see exactly how these guys are making money with simple no face youtube channels and blogs and affiliate offers.

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Wait a minute four thousand dollars to Ride roller coasters twenty seven Thousand dollars a year thirty six Hundred dollars a month nine thousand Dollars a month almost twenty thousand Dollars a month all right ladies and Gentlemen strap in because today is Gonna be a wild ride I’m gonna show you Five killer ways to make money online Without showing your face without tons Of competition without having to Endlessly blog about topics you hate and Yes my friends anyone anywhere can take Advantage of this net so smash that like Button stay to the end and let’s dive in Yes this is an actual picture of me Getting on a roller coaster before I get Sick that’s right I can’t handle roller Coasters at all one time my family Drugged me on the little slinky dog Roller coaster in Disneyland and I was Sick the rest of the day then they Drugged me on Mount Everest and I was Sick for that day too so me and roller Coasters don’t fare that well but if you Like roller coasters this is a crazy Cool way that you can make money now Before we dive into some of these sites And YouTube channels and all these Places that are making money simply Recording roller coasters and reviewing Roller coasters and stuff like that I Want to show you something kind of Interesting just last week on Friday I

Made a video about pet fish and Aquariums and I put that post on my blog As you can see here and my blog’s about Affiliate marketing it’s not about fish But something interesting happened that Post actually ranked for 79 different Keywords related to things like does Petco sell fish beta tank ideas Freshwater aquarium ideas betta fish Tank ideas koi fish for sale saltwater Aquarium setups and on and on we go in Fact one of the keywords I rank for Aquarium Co-op is getting over 31 000 Searches on month on Google and my blog Post teaching you how to make money with Betta fish and fish tanks is actually Ranking for that term by accident so if I could rank for these terms by accident I think you could do a lot better on Purpose which is why you want to watch This entire video because this stuff Actually works yep that’s right if you Actually search for does Petco sell fish You can see right here my site is Ranking and ranking for all these words Provides lots of free traffic wait a Minute Marcus did you say this method Cost nothing yeah all you really need is The ability to compile information maybe Ride some roller coasters hold a video Camera and yep that’s about it and after This video if you want to download the Notes that I used along with keyword Reports and stuff like that you can

Check out downloadmynotes.com and if you Want personal training and lots of Keyword reports and niches and cool Ideas check out blogprofitnetwork.com Where we hang out every week and talk About ways to make money live in a group Setting to help you get to where you Want to be making money online now let’s Dive into these five ways that you can Make money with this Niche first of all I want to talk to you about how this Simple Niche works because we could see There’s lots of sites making lots of Money and getting lots of traffic we can Also see there’s tons of people doing YouTube like this guy here who simply Filmed himself on the Space Mountain Roller coaster and got like 15 million Views you can also see that his channel Is all about roller coasters and he’s Got almost 400 000 subscribers here’s Another one with 1.8 million subscribers All about theme parks and roller Coasters another one with 1.2 million All about roller coasters 14 000 22 000 and on and on we go there’s Even people talking about how to make Money with Theme Park Tycoon roller Coaster games or something like that so As you can see this Niche has lots of Traffic and lots of money and the way it Works is actually very simple if you Were to take a look at this keyword Report showing the keyword

The competition and the amount of times The search term is looked up in Google Each and every month you could see that Roller coaster has looked up a hundred And fifteen thousand times a month now That one’s kind of competitive but what About stuff like Lego roller coaster Tallest roller coaster in the world step Two roller coaster and different names Of different roller coasters that people Want to learn about or see videos of Like this one here the Kraken roller Coaster which gets over 3 800 searches a Month and we could see here 2.6 million People have watched this little video Where he just goes on the Kraken roller Coaster 3.8 million views and on and on We go I don’t think I want to go in There And these guys make money with affiliate Programs AdSense and all kinds of things Which we’re going to talk about in just A minute we can also see reports from Various different websites that rank for All kinds of things like this roller Coaster here with very little Competition Superman ride Full Throttle And you can see that people are actually Searching for the individual roller Coasters to see what the rides are like Here’s another one for theme parks near Me and roller coasters near me and all Different kinds of terms related to Roller coasters and theme parks and

Here’s another one talking about steel Vengeance iron gawazi which I think is The fastest roller coaster in the world Diamondback Kings Island and you can see The traffic is literally astronomical And the competition is non-existent but How are you gonna get paid well method Number one is to get paid to be an Actual roller coaster tester that’s Right you can go out there and type in Roller coaster tester jobs and find an Actual cool job writing and testing Roller coasters like this news report Here talking about how to get paid four Thousand dollars to be a roller coaster Tester or you can check out zip Recruiter and different job sites to Find jobs that’ll pay you but if you’re Looking for a way to make recurring Income and lots of it you’re going to Want to pay attention to the next method Which is going for crazy big roller Coaster traffic hacks as I mentioned Earlier lots and lots of people are Looking up all the different roller Coasters you could simply find Information about the roller coasters How tall they are how tall you have to Be how fast they go how scary they are What kind of roller coasters they’re Related to hint this is something I Always look at when I go on a ride or my Family wants to take me on a ride I look At a ride that I can handle and then I

Look at stuff that’s similar to that That way I know what I’m getting into And lots of people are searching for the Same kinds of things and in this method Number three you could start a simple Blog talking about all the different Roller coasters and do the research and Make tons of money or you could start a YouTube channel where you talk about the Various different roller coasters one Way you could do this is actually go to The theme parks and film the roller Coasters like other people are doing now You want to make sure that you have the Copyright and it’s okay to do that just Check on the roller coaster website and Different things like that to make sure You can actually use that footage most Of the time it seems you can or you Could simply use stock footage and talk About the different rides and hey wait a Minute we can actually figure out where These stock footages came from use them In our videos and boom there you go so In this example here we could find out What this roller coaster was from and Then put like a little text or voiceover That says this is how tall you need to Be here’s how fast you need to go here’s How much the tickets cost and everything Like that and do a little review of the Roller coaster super simple and this is All information you can find online free Anyway all we’re doing is compiling it

In a way that makes sense helps the user Understand what they’re getting into and How the roller coaster works and boom we Can get paid through monetization and Some other cool ways I’m going to talk About in method number five and we’ll Get to that in just a minute but first I Want to show you the notes here that you Can get over at downloadmynotes.com Because what we did is we looked at lots Of different theme park and roller Coaster YouTube channels and websites to Show you an idea of what they’re making Now remember this is just an estimate While some people are making hundreds of Thousands a month many people are making A lot less and the average person trying To quote unquote make money online makes Nothing so you got to remember this is An actual business but we could see here Theme Park Review is getting an estimate Of a hundred thousand views on their Most recent videos and the estimates say They’re making like 375 thousand dollars A year or more now again take this with A grain of salt some people are making a Lot more some are making a lot less These are just based on the algorithm Based on the average across the board What channels make and my averages show That I’m only making about 300 to a Thousand dollars a month which in fact I’m making a lot more than that so again These numbers take them with a grain of

Salt coaster Force you can see they got Lots and lots of traffic here and lots Of others that are doing the same thing Now there is one secret to making this Work and that is the way that you are Going to find the profit offers method Number five and you can see here that There’s lots of affiliate offers from SeaWorld which pays four percent Commission on tickets when people go to Sea World undercover tourists which pays Two dollars per ticket Disney City Pass Which pays two to five dollars a ticket Or twenty dollars per vacation and on And on we go you can see over at Downloadmynotes.com we have lots and Lots of affiliate offers related to Theme parks some different things that These people are going to want to go to To go on their rides but there’s Actually one big secret that I tell all My travel affiliate websites roller Coaster websites and theme park websites And that is to promote travel rewards Credit cards as an affiliate credit Cards are one of the highest paying Affiliate offers that pay anywhere from Fifty dollars to three hundred dollars Every time someone applies for a credit Card and if you could show these people Hey if you use this for your next Vacation you could save five percent or Whatever it is then you can make lots of Money and the key here is to be very

Creative find offers where there’s Giveaways or free trips or Vacations or Free tickets to theme parks and Different things like that provide your Audience some good information that’s Going to save them money on the rides They want to go to make it super generic And promote things like the honey app Capital One shopping or other offers That pay you per download like this Capital One shopping app that pays eight Dollars per download that’s something Generic that lots of people would like And the key is to make something very Helpful promote an offer that everyone’s Gonna like that pays you for the lowest Barrier of Entry filling out a form Downloading something putting your ZIP Code in a box anything that’s super easy That pays you a lot boom that’s gonna Put money in your pocket and if you want To learn more about how this works check Out Blogprofitnetwork.com where we teach you Everything you need to know about how to Make money with blogs and YouTube Channels and everything like that you Can also check out highticketniches.com If you want to get one of our niches That’s pretty much set up for you and Make sure you subscribe and check the Links in the description for more Details on how to use this method to put Money

In your pocket

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