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In this video, Vick Strizheus (aka AskVick) talks about what is affiliate marketing and how to do it right. You’ll also see exactly how Vick went from $0 to $30,000 within 30 days by following this specific blueprint.

Affiliate marketing is a real-deal business model that can make you a lot of money.

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In this video we are talking about what Is affiliate marketing how it works and I’m gonna show you a strategy to go from Zero to making over thirty thousand Dollars within the first 30 days selling Other people’s products Hey guys welcome back to the channel Welcome back to another video in this Video we’re talking about what is Affiliate marketing and i’m going to Show you a stealthy strategy that i Don’t see anybody Talking about uh that allowed me to go From literally zero to making over Thirty thousand dollars per month within 30 days of implementing is it is amazing So if you are brand new to this channel Uh please consider subscribing to get More awesome videos like this and uh While you add it smash that like button This will help us with the algorithm and We can spread this message to more People thank you so much okay let’s get Down to this my intention with this Channel is to share with you things and Strategies that will help you take your Business to the next level make you more Money and hey if you can make more money You can probably be a little bit happy Or probably a whole lot happier right You know i can’t solve all of your Problems but if i can help you solve Your money problems you can probably Solve like 95 of your other problems

Okay so that’s the intention for this so Let’s get to this what is affiliate Marketing okay a lot of people ask me This question like what is affiliate Marketing you hear a lot of people Talking about affiliate marketing what i Did is i just did a quick google search I’m like you know what do people say About affiliate marketing so here’s what I’ve you know here’s what i see right This is according to shopify right there So shopify has a A blog post on this does how does Affiliate marketing work and here is What they’re saying okay Number one uh find or join an affiliate Program okay Choose which offers to promote all right That’s what everybody else is talking About that’s good i guess right obtain a Unique affiliate link for each offer Hmm that’s getting a little bit Interesting share those links on your Blog social media platform or website Can collect a commission anytime someone Uses your link to make a purchase You know what the problem with this Model my friend you know if you’re gonna Do that particular model here is i can Predict an outcome you’re gonna have and That is probably gonna be zero sales uh Or very very low sales you will probably Spend more money trying to advertise Your so-called affiliate link than what

You will make back and so you’re gonna Go in reverse Not a really good position right i don’t Do this model that’s what most people Are doing out there as a matter of fact On youtube if you search like what is Affiliate marketing how does it work You’ll you’ll find the same stuff right Find an offer go to amazon associates go To clickbank find an offer join an Affiliate program get your unique Affiliate link send traffic to that link And wait and hope pray and hope you’re Gonna make money that is garbage advice I’m sorry to tell you but it is the Truth and i’m here to tell you the truth Okay because i’ve i was you know i Changed I made a lot of money doing affiliate Marketing but i did it the wrong way in The beginning And then i discovered the right way and I’m gonna share with you What allowed me to go from zero to my First thirty thousand dollars within 30 Days never looked back and i was able to Take my affiliate marketing business uh That was generating over three hundred Thousand dollars per month consistently As much as four million five million Dollars in a year simply selling other People’s products No fancy you know offices no big Overhead no huge staff anything like

This it is incredible If you understand how to do it right so My approach to affiliate marketing is Completely different Than what majority of people will teach You on youtube or elsewhere okay So before i show you the model that Um i’m using within my business i’m Gonna show you how i initially Have my biggest breakthrough within Affiliate marketing okay and how you can Model this for yourself as well now what Is affiliate marketing affiliate Marketing Is simply when you connect you know There’s a There’s a there’s a person over here Right You know there’s a person over here he Wants to go to the airport Let’s see how do we Draw an airplane oh my goodness right There is a person he wants to go Don’t left now i’m i’m not a uh what you Call i’m not an artist okay i’m here to Get you a point all right so this person Right here wants to go to the airport Right Here comes a little company we all know Called uber Okay And Uber says you know what we’re gonna Connect what this guy wants

With You know how he’s gonna get there so Uber delivers this connection See between what the user Wants He doesn’t want a taxi he wants to get To an end destination keep that in mind People don’t buy products people buy Outcomes solutions representations Meetings you know what i mean they don’t Buy products people couldn’t care less About a product they don’t care about Buying this marker okay let me let me Let’s take a step further here okay so That same person okay Right here now he got to I don’t know hawaii right and now he’s Like okay where am i going to sleep All right i need a place to sleep Aka i need a hotel Well here comes a little company we Might all know about right Okay Airbnb And what did the airbnb say airbnb said You know what we’re gonna do we’re gonna Connect once again connect right keep That in mind This person with what they what With what they want they want a Particular result they don’t care about A product so they are they are Delivering a connecting Solution okay

Uber owns no cars watch they have no Cars okay but they’re the biggest World’s biggest transportation company Right now okay airbnb owns zero real Estate but their biggest world’s largest Hospitality company Now here’s what they do own what they Own is called a system of connecting Okay So my my approach to affiliate marketing Is like this i don’t want to sell a Product i don’t want to depend on one Product i don’t want to god forbid man i Don’t ever wanna depend on an affiliate Link like everybody else will tell me Like oh go to amazon and get yourself an Affiliate link and like send traffic to It that’s garbage you’ll never make Money let alone build the business Around like let me tell you let me let Me take a step further here okay So You might have heard about this company Called nerdwall let me show you here on A screen as well all right so here’s a Nerd wallet here’s a company and their Approach to affiliate marketing is a Little bit different okay very very Similar to Uber and airbnb okay Nerd wallet owns and creates zero Products they don’t own any products Now They’re making about half a billion

Dollars a year What they own is simple website like This okay And so if i go here and if i go Mortgages Okay And i can take a look at what they’re Offering here i can search mortgage they Can you know offer me all these kind of Tools maybe i go to banking right here Right Let’s see if we can see So highest interest accounts best high Interest accounts banks right here right See they got like an article um And then they’ve got like you know they Review different banks and stuff like That now when i click on learn more Right all of these are affiliate links Right here see checking accounts they Are collaborating with access bank here Consumers bank all right so if i go here See it now redirected me redirects me to Another page right here look at this Look at the link right there right now I’m no longer on nerd wallet i’m now on This bank’s website and this is what’s Called an affiliate link now when i come Here All right and if i transact if i open up An account what’s going to happen is This bank right here access bank They will pay nerd wallet an affiliate Commission

Okay make sense and that’s how nerd Wallet is making About half a billion dollars in a single Year 100 Through Affiliate commissions so when i when i Talk about affiliate marketing my friend What i want to talk to you about is how Do you build a business Not a promotion not a you know Transaction thing not a little funnel Not a little whatever that’s going to be Like You know maybe flash in a pen if you get Lucky right you know what i mean i want To talk to you about how do you build a Business do you want to build a real Business like nerd wallet credit karma Was just sold for around 8 billion or Something like that Owns zero products 100 affiliate based Right do you know a company called Expedia dot com you know expedia Is just like uber just like airbnb Okay They Don’t own any planes they don’t own any Cruise ships they don’t own any hotels They connect Us right customers with what we want All right and so they’re working with Third-party companies airline companies You know hospitality companies you name It right

And they connect us and when we transact Those companies pay Expedia and expedia is a multi-billion Dollar company So when when i do affiliate marketing i Do something very similar obviously a Little bit scaled down version but you Can really if you do it right like i’m Gonna show you here right You can build yourself a business that You can even sell one day if you want to Okay Completely different approach so let me Give you Um a little bit of a perspective how i Started with affiliate marketing how i Broke through this was my big Breakthrough with affiliate marketing Because i started out in 2005 you know and i wanted to promote Other people’s products I got introduced to this affiliate Marketing world and direct selling you Know promoting other companies products And they told me right That company owner those gurus those Mentors at that time were telling me hey Vic here’s an affiliate link Go send traffic to it And what they did was vic went and Grabbed his affiliate link which by the Way Tens of other Tens of thousands of other affiliates

Were promoting Right next to me right and we were like Doing Email solo blasts and then you know Pay-per-click marketing and you name it And i spent like twenty thousand dollars Trying to promote that affiliate link Not a single sale i’m like How am i gonna make this work So i did what most people are teaching You to do when it comes to affiliate Marketing that did not work If you tried it let me know in the Comments if that worked for you right Probably not so much And it’s not fun And then I got myself a breakthrough completely By accident i discovered this This model um completely accidentally Would you like me to share with you okay Now you gotta promise me one thing when I share this with you what i’m about to Share with you If this gives you like wow an aha moment Give me a thumbs up would you all right Because this stuff we want to spread the Awareness to more people who are looking To build a an affiliate marketing Business and make a full-time income or You know Or even take their business to millions Of dollars per year completely possible If you do it right okay so let me show

You my breakthrough and i’m going to Show you the model that i was um how i Broke through to my first 30 000 Um within my you know per month within The first 30 days of applying this it Completely changed everything for me i Dis it’s like discovering firemen i was So jacked up i’m like man Things will never be the same again ever You know what i mean it was really Really cool so i was promoting this Product right here You know Uh all right so i was promoting this Product somebody else’s product this was Years ago this product is no longer Around it was called directory of ezeens Right Doe Okay and that product was basically like A like a yellow pages for directory of Like um Online magazines you know and Newsletters and subscriptions and stuff Like that So What happened was it provided a Subscription service to this directory It was 197 Is what it was selling it was a Clickbank product right if you are you Know familiar with affiliate marketing Uh at least a little bit you probably Heard about this affiliate network

Called clickbank Right they have a lot of different Products a lot of it is junk um but Some of them you can probably find some Good ones back then I’m talking probably 20 2009 you know 2009-2010 Um There were more more better products on Clickbank than it is now right I’m gonna do another video by the way That’s why it might be a good idea for You to subscribe to this channel if you Haven’t already because i’m gonna be Posting like where do i find affiliate Offers what i’m looking for how i find Affiliate offers right now you know we Have a a business model that’s doing Millions of dollars per year Consistently consistently just selling Affiliate Um you know just through the affiliate Side of it okay so you know not that Long ago we did a A little affiliate promotion for A third-party company generated around 600 000 In sales Five days okay five days 50 commissions 300 000 Five days that’s all it took okay Completely differently than how Everybody else is doing it i’m gonna

Show you how i do that so make sure that You subscribe hit the like you know hit That notification bell so you’ll be Notified when i start posting these um Follow-up videos and we continue to talk About this anyway so back to this Example Director of ezeens this was a product That everybody at that time everybody And their cousin was promoting because It was like a you know popular thing Right Directory 197 bucks a month or a year Rather Might have been a lifetime maybe maybe It was one time payment um and then People would get this access to this Directory of you know business Opportunity uh newsletter publishers Like Uh money management like all kinds of Different publishers different natures And whatnot so it was just a really Convenient directory okay for people to Find those publishers and then tap into Their newsletters and that kind of stuff And reach their audience okay Uh That product paid 97 Commissions so for every like 50 right So Uh for every Uh for every sale that somebody bought

Okay I as affiliate as an affiliate i would Get 97 commission Okay now track with me this is what you Know it’s gonna be You’re about to to have a massive Breakthrough for your business i think Right if you really get this so what i Was doing Is Initially right i was like doing what Everybody else was doing i was like i’m Gonna say you know just send traffic Advertise this affiliate link right That’s your little affiliate link right Here All right And so you just take that affiliate link And send traffic directly to the thing Everybody was doing that Everybody in their cousin was doing it People were promoting this on their Blogs on their sites you know people Were promoting it Directly like that And a conversion rate on that product Straight to that it was a it was a Really good converting product it was About two percent Okay two percent Of people so if i send 100 people here Two of them would buy Okay 98

Just It was just wasted traffic Okay And then i’m like hmm One day i remember we came back from Church It was on a sunday afternoon And i sat down in front of my computer I’m like i want to create i want to Create a value piece around this product All right Um i want to i wanna do something with It i just felt like you know i could I could create more value um in the Marketplace around that product so what I’ve done is i said okay what is this Product about what do people want right What kind of results do they want okay Keep track with me this is a good idea For you to start taking notes you know If you’re if you’re that type okay All right so people don’t care about the Directory what they are really buying That for Is for the result for the outcome right They’re looking for a particular Solution to their problem All right at that time i was Marketing to people who were like make Money online type crowd right this was Years ago All right And so i said all right why don’t i do This i’m going to create

Over here i’m going to create a little Landing page okay I’m a little opt-in page right here okay Where people can opt-in And i called it like the 48 hour cash Machine Okay And so I know sounds hypey don’t do that okay This was like 2009 or 2010 okay And let me tell you the reason behind This because the people that were buying This kind of stuff they were looking to Make money at least the crowd that i was Selling that to okay keep keep you know Keep track of that so result they were Looking for how to make money because They Would already promote Other business opportunities or whatever And they were looking how can i get more Exposure to my business opportunity well One way that they could do that is by Tapping into This You know newsletter list of subscribers Who were pretty interested in that type Of stuff and director of ezines just Made it easy for them to do that you Tracking okay so what i did is i created This landing page i had a you know hired Out the designer said hey i need to i Need you to create this landing page for

Me Call it the 48 hour cash machine okay And i was and i said you know get it for Free get this 48 hour cash machine for Free okay so people opted in They got on my list Important piece okay as soon as i opted In i took him to the 48 hour cash Machine Where Okay 40 okay By the way that is no longer around so That’s don’t don’t go searching for it This was many many many years ago But i’ll tell you this was my first Breakthrough Of like significant You know money with affiliate marketing Okay So when they opted in on this page i Said you know what i’m just going to Focus on value okay i said hey here’s What these people want they want to make More money And i’m going to tell them how to make More money okay i said hey guys Welcome to the 48 hour cash machine this Was a free video i said step number one You know if you want to make more money You need to find uh you know an Opportunity you need to find an offer Where to promote what to promote you Know that type of stuff and i showed Them at that time i was showing them

Clickbank because this product was on Clickbank i don’t recommend clickbank Right now there’s way better options you Know we go to private offers and i’m Going to do another video maybe on this Channel talk more about that a little Bit later on as a matter of fact i’m Going to post that you know here a few Days in a few days i’m going to post Where i find those private offers and Stuff like that but at that time i was Talking about hey go to clickbank here’s What to look for for product here’s how To select a product Okay so a video one video two there were About ten minute videos and then video Three i said hey Traffic wise so now you got a product You know you went and you got yourself You know um you know you said that’s the Product to promote Step number three is to cash in and the Whole kind of reason behind this name The title 48 hour cash machine was look If you have the right audience Okay and if you put the right product in Front of those right correctly selected Audience okay when you drop an email Blast back in those days that was a good Strategy that actually worked not so Much today but back then it worked Pretty good Usually from my experience right i would See

Results Sales aka cash Within about 48 hours because it’s email Marketing email drops to the right Audience with the right offer so we’re Basically taking you know uh offer to to To audiences match you know and uh Usually within 48 hours you know people Would get start to see sales so that’s Why i called it the 40-hour cash machine So in video three here i just basically Explained to them the process watch What this product offered But i talked about it From a manual standpoint okay so in Other words i told them how to research Newsletters How to research those you know different Ezines and you know online Uh you know publishers with like big Lists and stuff like that what questions To ask how to approach them how to vet Them out and all that stuff in other Words i told them i showed them in for Free these are free videos they didn’t Have to pay for this I showed them How to find these e-zines manually Okay and they could do that And then at the end of that video i said This i said by the way There is an easier way for you to do it And that’s called I call it my super ninja tool okay

And i did a demo and i showed him a demo Of this directory i said hey here is What i’m using you can take this manual Approach and it’s going to work it just It just requires some manual stuff Manual work right But here is a product that i’m using And i demoed and i said hey all this Manual work this product eliminates you Don’t need to research it’s all vetted It’s all you know it gives you all the Data that you need Different niches you can just search for What you’ve got for you’re promoting Boom that’s the directory of ezines Right and i said look that’s what i’m Using You know uh here’s a demo Show them a demo and i said hey below This video i want to drop a link And if you click on that link it’s going To take you to the directory of ezines And you can grab it for yourself if you Want if you don’t want totally cool just Do the manual way but if you want it There is a link below this video And so this link right here was my Affiliate link to this product so when They clicked on that link Boom they went there Okay All right so what happened is this i Sent an email To

A small list of subscribers that i had Okay over here I sent an email And i said hey guys i just posted A free training called 48 hour cash Machine You can get it here I send them this link not that link i Send them this link So what happened here is immediately That Made me stand out stand head and Shoulders above everybody else who was Promoting this product because it wasn’t About this product it was all about the Result That my target audience is wanted make Sense okay so what happened is this I send this email out Okay And i go to sleep It was like Sunday or monday okay wake up the next Day Check my clickbank account 700 bucks Okay a few hours later 1500 bucks 1700 bucks 2300 bucks i go whoa i might be on to Something here right So what happened my friend is this People that went through this process Okay

Instead of two percent conversions like I was seeing prior to that my conversion Rate on that was north of 20 it was Between 20 and 25 Okay 20 and 25 Conversion sales conversion it’s crazy Right i started to do a little bit of a Paid marketing now watch What happened was i went to the same Places where i was advertising this Product directly And where all of my competition was Advertising that product directly where It was generating us about maybe two Percent conversions right i went and Started to run This link now for this Pre-framer okay To those same places metaphorically Speaking fishing in those same pot you Know puns Crushed it I remember my first 30 days of running This model right here Off of 97 sales i made over 30 dollars In a single month Okay crazy blew my mind I said hmm I wonder If i can do something here and this is Where i had the biggest Breakthrough of my career my friend Okay

Again this was i’m going back 2010 you Know so Over a decade ago right I said I wonder If i take this model right here that i Built out Obviously it’s working for me Right If i Invite my people here That purchased i said hey if you Purchase Let me know send me an email and i’m Going to get you access to my private Members area And i said i’m going to build myself a Little community here Okay we call it a hub Okay this is a little place a little Members area it was it was pretty Primitive at that time you know as my First one you know And inside there i said hey guys i want To test out a little idea okay So I have this funnel that’s working really Well for me made me over 30 000 last Month right I said i’m gonna Let you test it out for yourself so i Gave him a little affiliate link over Here For this funnel

And basically anybody that purchased As one of the perks They could promote Their own affiliate link For this particular funnel does that Make sense so what i did is i created a Little system very very simple mind you Right very simple system But i created a win-win and so what i Said is inside this members area i said Look This is a clickbank product so what You’re going to do Create yourself a clickbank account if You want to promote this you’ll be able To promote this at no at no cost i just Want to see if it’s going to work right And then they inserted their affiliate Link Within the members area there And then when they promoted this funnel Right here That’s already done It’s it’s these videos already shot this Is already working already been proven To work right This clickbank id this link that they Saved there it was dynamically showing For them So now All of these people here Okay When they promoted that link They promoted a landing page it allowed

Them To capture a list if they wanted to Okay which is going to get me to a Little bit more advanced strategy for um Activating multiple sources of affiliate Income just a second i’m going to show You But if they wanted to they could you Know plug in their own autoresponder to Build their own list I gave them this page right here and Then this link would dynamically show Their link for clickbank so when they Made a sale they got paid the 97 not me Okay so what’s the benefit for me in all This why am i gonna do this well first i Said you know what I’m gonna try if it’s gonna work right And so what happened blew my mind These people who have never made a dime Before Started to run this model right here This guy emails me vic i just made 500 Bucks this guy emails me vic i just made Two thousand bucks thank you so much i Just made 3 000 bucks my first 30 days i Just made 15 000 my first 30 days in Other words this started to work for Them as well as it worked for me people Started to scale people went from Nothing 15 000 20 30 40 000 in a month Running somebody else’s product somebody Else’s offer through this system right

Here that i have created That i have created for them and i’m Like We are on to something here and this is When i coined the term you know systems Work people fail Does that make sense And uh you know there’s a guy Um Bill gates you know a lot of them hating Doesn’t matter Uh When he was running microsoft when he Was Launching microsoft right he said a Phrase very very smart he said this he Said I don’t want to sell the box meaning the Computer he said i want to create the Intelligence that runs the box So in other words he wanted to create a System of control this intelligent that Runs intelligence that runs the box Makes sense So In this case the intelligence that sold The box right metaphorically speaking Was This stuff right here now pretty simple Not a you know it’s not rocket science Or anything like that right however We said we started to see that you know What systems work people failed So my people

That bought through my link now they had A benefit they we started to form this Thing called community right we started To create our own place Of to hang out right so people now had a Place to come in And now here’s what happened when these People promoted okay say vic what’s the Benefit for you well a i validated that That You know idea worked right B Everybody now that promoted and made Money and a lot of these guys made money Right now everybody’s happy everybody’s Like dude this is amazing this is like The best and coolest thing ever So when they ran this okay They did not have to put their face on The video all this stuff is done and Their people now started to come in into Our community and we created this little Ecosystem okay And it went viral because one customer Turned to 2 4 to 8 to 16 And we started to grow a community into Thousands You’re tracking Completely organically Okay Now what i have created here is a hub Okay so within that hub couple things Happened number one we had a community Okay

Second thing is i started to put out Additional training and additional Products okay so products Okay Guess what when there is a community And we recommend Other products even if it’s free Products but some of those products have Tools and resources for example I said guys If you want to build your own list you Need to have an autoresponder Okay an autoresponder you know what i’m Talking about right so get response Aweber you know email management Platform okay i said if you want to Connect your autoresponder you need to Have an account if you don’t have an Account Recommend it All right it’s basically tools and Resources right here okay Tools So like an autoresponder is a tool okay So for example i recommended them get Response i said hey You can buy yourself a get response And when i recommended get response Which is what i was using at the time Guess what link I inserted there In my hub It was my affiliate link for get Response

Does that make sense These people would need to buy get Response account anyhow right and pay You know 20 bucks a month or something Like that to get response If i have this hub And i’ve got this audience already and There’s a community okay why wouldn’t i Start to expand my affiliate business And start to grow it a little bit right By creating you know recommending other Things that matter and start to create My own little Nerd wallet-like Environment You tracking So I started to recommend different things You know get response you know over the You know like seven six years or Something like that um Heck it wasn’t it wasn’t even that long Maybe like Five years of running that model Get response Paid me Almost 400 000 Almost 400 000 you know how much i spent Or invested promoting get response Zero I spent not a red cent Marketing get response It was all Passive income completely passive

Okay Products we started to sell recommend Different things different products Money started to flow Effortlessly And you know what people said people Emailed people connected in the Community people like vic this is the Coolest thing thank you thank you thank You everybody it’s a win-win-win right So here’s what i you know here’s my Point to you my friend okay From that point on I always When i do affiliate marketing i never Ever ever ever ever rely on an affiliate Link ever and you should not either Because if you are relying on affiliate Link You are suffocating your business you’re Making a mistake You’re leaving money on the table In fact you probably are going backwards Okay not only is it costing you in not Building your list if you’re not Building your list obviously you’re You’re crazy Okay and i say this with love and Respect you should be building your list Uh when you have your list check this Out I never send them directly to the offer I always send them indirectly okay Okay second thing third thing

Having a hub So What i would like for you to To get out of this video Is Affiliate marketing Is a real business model okay like i Showed you uh nerd wallet half a billion Dollars a year that’s what they’re doing Okay maybe you know they don’t have this Going on but essentially that’s what They’re doing they have a front-end you Know value piece that they’re delivering Bringing people into their hub Recommending other things this is Passive free money okay All right so If you’re gonna do affiliate marketing You got to have a hub you got to have Your own Business That’s going to be run like a business And it would be a place of destination People for people to come to get the Value maybe you you know have some tools To offer in other words separate Yourself from the crowd and you can do This around any product you can do the Selling markers you can do the selling Paper Watches right you can do the selling Computers selling knowledge advice Physical products services you can do This around anything

Simply collaborating with other Companies to make your money does that Make sense So in the next video uh that i’m going To put out here what i’m going to do is I’m going to cover the big question a Lot of people are asking is how do i Find great products to promote as an Affiliate right And then we’re going to drop in more Videos i’m going to talk to you about How i build These systems here what platform i use How to do it if you don’t have A big budget how to do it if you’re not A programmer or designer so we’re going To cover all these good things here Coming up on this channel Hopefully this makes you think a little Bit differently about affiliate Marketing how to structure it but my Friend this is how to do it right okay Definitely the hub Business model here is a game changer Completely so here’s what i would like For you to do if you have not yet make Sure that you subscribe to this channel Smash the notification bell Um Hit the like button so that we can you Know spread this message to more people And If you could Help us reach more people by sharing

This message with others who you think Might benefit from it i would really Appreciate it okay stay tuned for more Videos to come we’ve got more greatness Coming your way really really soon and Then until that happens make it a great Day and i’ll talk to you soon [Music]

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