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Learn more about the top causes of constant mucus in the throat, and find out the best remedies.


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0:00 Introduction: What causes constant mucus in the throat?
1:50 Causes and remedies for constant mucus
11:22 Determining where the mucus is coming from
12:02 Acupressure for excess mucus
14:33 How to support your immune system
16:15 Learn more about how to get rid of phlegm!

Today, we’re going to talk about the different causes of mucus in the back of your throat.

Some traditional treatments for excess phlegm can come with side effects that create bigger problems. So, I also want to cover some great natural remedies for mucus in your throat.

Potential causes of constant mucus and how to get rid of mucus:
• Take apple cider vinegar or betaine hydrochloride before meals

2. Postnasal drip
• Use a neti pot with water and sea salt (for mild cases)
• Use a neti pot with water and a small amount of baby shampoo (for more severe cases)
• Use a Q-tip to apply a diluted povidone-iodine mixture to the inside of both nostrils and gargle with the rest of the mixture

3. Allergies
• Avoid potential environmental triggers
• Do intermittent and prolonged fasting
• Avoid dairy

You can also try a unique acupressure technique that I’ve found works wonders to get rid of mucus—and don’t forget to support your immune system.

The best ways to support your immune system:
1. Consume more garlic
2. Avoid sugar
3. Take vitamin D
4. Take vitamin C
5. Take zinc
6. Take calcium lactate (for a cough)

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain the real causes of constant mucus in the throat. I’ll see you in the next video.

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