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In this video, Vick Strizheus (aka Ask Vick) shares the #1 secret on how to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing 2021. Most people fail in affiliate marketing because they’re following a WRONG model. Watch this video to the end if you want to make big money in affiliate marketing in 2021.

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[Music] In this video we’re going to talk about How to make money with affiliate Marketing in 2021 let’s go Hey guys welcome back to the channel Welcome back to another video my name is Vic and if you are brand new to this Channel please consider subscribing and While you edit smash that like button so We can help you know reach more people With this information and thank you so Much okay in this video i want to talk To you about how do you make money with Affiliate marketing in 2021 how can you Potentially make a lot of money doing Affiliate marketing right and what is Affiliate marketing this is one of the Most lucrative business models i think Available out there on the internet this Is where you simply can sell other Companies products you don’t have to Deliver those products you don’t have to Create those products you don’t have to Customer service anybody um you simply Sell somebody else’s products and they Pay you commissions for it okay so Essentially you become like a connector Right you got a company over here with Products and then you got people over Here that have issues or problems or Looking for solutions that these Products promise to deliver and so your Job is in the middle you want to Basically

Connect them right you’re the connector When you do that this company that you Sold their product okay if this person Right here buys you get a commission Check from the company okay from what’s Called a vendor and this is amazing Because you can run this being location Independent you can run it from anywhere In the world as long as you have This right here like as long as you have A you know an internet connection and a Laptop You can literally do this thing it’s Amazing it you know it allowed me to i Mean this Affiliate marketing literally changed my Life when i talk about affiliate Marketing you know this is not new there Is a lot of information there’s a lot of Training out there on affiliate Marketing um and when i see what most of These people talk about when they try to Teach you affiliate marketing i oh my Goodness it makes me cringe i want to Put my i’m like what are you guys Talking about because most people are Propagating a wrong model For affiliate marketing that does not Work simply does not work and so a lot Of people fail to make any money with Affiliate marketing because they don’t Have the right information they are Running on a wrong blueprint and so in This video we want to share

That myth Okay i’m going to share with you a Blueprint I’m going to talk to you about a Strategy that can make you millions Can’t promise that obviously i’m not Here to make any income claims or Whatever but i can tell you this This is how i took myself from not Having a dollar 19 cents to my name to Being able to make over eleven thousand Dollars per day consistently every day Every day ever that’s over three hundred Thousand dollars a month Simply selling other people’s products i Didn’t have to create the products Customer service anybody it’s amazing it Changed my life completely i didn’t make That money selling like courses on how To do it i was literally running as an Independent affiliate now i was running On a different model so in this video I’m gonna show you that model as a Matter of fact let’s get to it right now There is three different ways to do Affiliate marketing bam shaky boom look At that all right so We got we got a digital whiteboard okay So here is um here is how most people do Affiliate marketing okay They basically have like an affiliate Link Okay So they go to like clickbank marketplace

There is a lot of different places where People can go to get affiliate offers Right you probably heard you know Other guys talking about well you can go To clickbank and get yourself a hop link Or get yourself or go to jvzoo or go to This amazon right and create yourself an Affiliate link and then just start Promoting that affiliate link all right So this is an affiliate link for Somebody else’s product Okay And What they tell you to do is they say Well all you have to do is just like get These visitors here We’re gonna call it traffic right get These guys To click on your affiliate link like Promote and get people to click on your Affiliate link and then when they buy Okay you can make money All right so hypothetically speaking Watch hypothetically speaking here is How this works okay As far as the numbers are concerned so If you let’s say if you sell a product And this product uh right here that’s Somebody else’s product you’re selling It can be different niche or whatever You know the niche is not important i Can talk more about like niches and Things like that in for you know other Videos if you want me to cover them just

Let me know in the comments if like Whatever questions you might have i’m Going to be clarifying this moving Forward All right so let’s say that you’re Selling a product that costs a hundred Bucks Okay And um your affiliate commission check Is gonna be 50 right so you know 40 50 That type of stuff and uh let’s say you Go out there and you run ads to your Affiliate link okay just standard stuff Standard affiliate link and you do what Most people are going to tell you like Hey just run traffic to your affiliate Link and you’ll be making money all Right let’s explore this particular um Channel right so you go out there and You spend money let’s say you run ads And you get a hundred people To your affiliate link right Hypothetically speaking let’s say that You spend one dollar per visit Okay let’s say it cost you a dollar per Visitor uh to acquire those 100 people So that means that you spend about a Hundred dollars to acquire to get a Hundred visitors to your affiliate link Trekking so far right now sometimes Maybe more sometimes less that type of Stuff right and so uh you spend a Hundred dollars you get a hundred people Right here

A hundred people All right to your affiliate link They see it Average statistical data Says that about one percent and if it’s A good offer if it’s a good offer If you do this model okay if you if you Send 100 people to your affiliate link About one percent that’s if you’re lucky If you happen to find good offer one Percent of those people will buy all Right so you get one person Okay let me be proper here All right so you get one sale Okay you got one of these guys From a hundred you got one sale see what I’m saying and let’s say if you’re Making 50 commissions which is pretty Pretty standard pretty typical um with Most of the affiliate networks out there You made 50 bucks So here’s what happens You made 50 Right but you spent a hundred dollars to Make 50. Can you build a business around this Around this concept right absolutely not Why because you are Negative 50 And you are sad you’re like this does Not work So A lot of people are engaged in this

Model Right and they’re blaming affiliate Marketing as like affiliate marketing Doesn’t work well it’s not that it Doesn’t work it’s because they’re doing It wrong and we don’t we can’t blame Them because they’re just doing what They’re being taught to do By a lot of these other guys and gurus And whatever else whoever’s propagating This right and most of these guys that Are propagating this message okay they Don’t know better because they’re just Repeating what they hear other people Are saying okay and it’s called blind Leading the blind so my friend this Business model is nobuyeno because You are losing money and it’s it’s Impossible to scale with this model okay Now a better model is something like This same thing we’ve got some people Right oh my goodness my hand Drawing is terrible All right we’ve got some people and we Send them to like A landing page All right and we build a list Okay And From there as soon as they opt in we Send them to an offer It’s somebody else’s offer As an affiliate so this would be your Affiliate link here

Okay and when they buy you can Potentially make money and this is what A lot of people are also propagating out There okay so same scenario here okay You spend 100 bucks you got 100 people Uh to your landing page here 100 people Your average conversion rate is going to Be about maybe 20 30 let’s be let’s be Uh optimistic here right let’s say you Got 30 people on your list well you just Lost 70s but you got to keep 30 but now They’re on your list so it’s good for Future right and maybe one percent buys Which will might not even be one sale Okay and you’re like oh my goodness i Just got these 30 people i spent 100 Bucks i didn’t make any money but i got 30 people on my list and then what a lot Of these Affiliate marketer trainers out there They’re teaching which makes me cringe When i hear this they say well you got a List so now what you need to do is just Hammer your list to the offer buy buy Buy buy buy buy buy buy right continue To write to to run traffic and then just Buy buy buy to the offer well What’s gonna happen here when you do That well what’s gonna happen is Your people will not respond to you all Right people like check this out for Yourself when you’re on somebody else’s List and every single email you get from Them is like buy buy buy buy buy buy

What do you do right well you Unsubscribe or even worse yet you don’t Even do anything you like completely Ignore them and when People That are on your list Ignore you And they don’t engage with your emails Your email delivery okay will go down Because your email service provider will Put you on a bad ip bad reputation ip And it’s a downward spiral because now Your people don’t even get emails Right because nobody is responding to You nobody wants to open up your email Your open rates go to like single digit Percentage points and then your Click-through rate is negligible it’s Almost nothing and so there is no Business model there so it’s a losing Proposition right so how do you win Right let me show you that let me show You a different business model and this Is what i’ve been doing for my business And this is more of like an island Metaphor okay so imagine this imagine This entire whiteboard okay is your Island Uh is it is the is the ocean rather Right and so what i want to do is i want To build myself I’m going to let this cloud represent my Island Okay my hub

All right my hub so what this means is This is like your place on the internet See most people here when they do this Kind of stuff they’re homeless okay this Guy has no no home on the internet Because they’re like there is no place There is no home on the internet for Them they’re just relying on somebody Else’s affiliate link right Uh this person here they’re homeless Because their landing page is not their Home online like you cannot build A business from a landing page and just A list That’s absurd right and we both don’t Know that uh now when you look at You know Building an affiliate or making money in Affiliate marketing especially in 2021 My friend you can win you can run Circles around your competition if you Just Change your approach and just change the Way that you you know go about do making Money as an affiliate marketer so Instead of relying on affiliate links What you do Is you create yourself a brand you Literally put a stake in the ground and You say you know what i’m going to build A business I’m going to build a business Simply by being a connector between Products and offering solutions to

People that are looking for answers to Their problems that these products can Deliver does that make sense and so Metaphorically speaking here what you do Is you build yourself a hub okay and Then in this hub what you do is you Deliver value Okay you offer uh you offer products Offer solutions Okay you connect Okay you build a brand okay i don’t Wanna i don’t want this video to go for Too long here but i wanna get the main Point across to you okay so now what you Do Is you have these things called funnels Okay you heard Uh You heard this concept of like well you Just need one funnel you just one funnel Away you just need one funnel to to Change your life not necessarily Complete information It’s partly true but not entirely true Okay see What i’m gonna do is i’m gonna have These funnels A landing page and a thank you page Okay and i’m gonna have them be like Pathways to my hub okay i’m gonna have These different pathways to my hub so When i when i promote All right when somebody comes in instead Of me hammering them i’m gonna bring

Them to my home to my hub on the Internet this is my brand okay now i Know this might not make a lot of sense Right now but let me show it to you here In just us just a second i’m gonna show You some companies that are doing it Very very very effectively it might blow Your mind okay and i’m gonna encourage You to consider Uh doing the Hub business model instead of relying on Somebody else’s affiliate link okay so What happens here is when i bring when i Bring people instead of like taking them On a list i actually bring them to my Hub and all the offers that i make Okay all of my offers i create what’s Called an integrated product suite with Somebody else’s products i don’t even Have to create those products I don’t have to create or customer Service these people i simply connect Them Okay and then so what i do is through The value that i deliver here Okay through the value i offer different Solutions and then i have this okay i Can sell different offers without sound Salesy without sound desperate and i’m Actually running like a real business Have you ever heard of this company Called bank rate okay bank rate well if You’re in the united states you probably Have heard about this company it’s a

Giant company right so when i go to bank Rate here i see home refinance home Purchase credit cards car insurance Personal loans basically all these money Related stuff right financial things now Did you know that bankrate Does not have any products at all They have zero products that they’re Selling okay how are they making money Well what we can do is when we go to all The way down to the bottom here i’m Gonna go to about us okay and let’s go Ahead and click on this little link here It says how we make money okay watch This Okay let me see if i can make this a Little bit bigger um you have any Questions bakerick has answers blah blah Blah we’re transparent about how we make Money and they literally tell you here Bankrate is an independent advertising Supported publisher and comparison Service we are compensated in exchange For placement of sponsored products and Services Or by you clicking on certain links Posted on our site let me interpret for You what this means basically what this Means is bankrate is an affiliate hub Okay it’s an affiliate hub so if i go Here all right let’s say if i go to Credit cards and i say okay best credit Cards for 2021 as an example all right And so on the bank rate right some

People think well bank rate is this Giant bank out there and you know Nothing could be further from the truth Right there it’s simply a connector so When i search Their products featured on their site Right well this company here is from Wells fargo so if i hover over this link Can you see on the bottom there on the Bottom left of my screen there it’s a Giant long link watch so when i click on This apply now it takes me to a Different tab And oh my goodness here we are we are on A wells fargo site Okay what just happened well what Happened is I was just redirected to wells fargo Through an affiliate link From bankrate from this this is an Affiliate link right here and now if i Get this card if i apply wells fargo Pays bank rate Money okay and so what bank rate does is They collaborate with banks they Collaborate with mortgage companies Lending institutions investing home Insurance basically everything money Related now here is how you win Big if you want to make a million Dollars Through affiliate marketing or with Affiliate marketing 100 possible heck I’ve done it all right and as a matter

Of fact i’m currently also uh you know i Have this Million-dollar experience through this Channel i’m not sure if you’ve seen the First video or there was a video here on This channel when i first opened this Channel up i said i’m gonna document how I’m gonna build a company from xero That’s gonna do a million dollars with Affiliate marketing without having to Create a product so i’m gonna basically You know follow this business model here And i’m gonna align myself with other Companies that have products and i’m Going to be an affiliate and i’m going To build you know You know a million dollar in a year Uh income here through commissions as an Affiliate entrepreneur okay with this Company so i’m documenting this um i’m Gonna be documenting this on my channel Here so that’s why another reason you Might wanna subscribe if you wanna learn More about this kind of stuff right now How much money does bank rate make let’s Explore that a little bit further right So if i go to uh um or here this is an Independent kind of a Uh place that you know kind of estimates Uh you know Different companies earnings and stuff Like that based on their annual reports And whatnot right according to allah Bankrate makes 434

Million dollars in a year That’s that’s almost half a billion Dollars my friend okay They have zero products this is how you Do affiliate marketing the right way Does that make sense okay do you see the Difference all right now there you have Some competitors right so landing tree Do you know landing tree Okay let’s go to google here and let’s Type in how How does landing tree make money okay And boom let’s see if we can explore That we pass your information to them Blah blah blah you should okay start Some products we are paid when a Customer makes a purchase or signs up For a service Okay so in other words These companies like landing tree look Landing trees making almost a billion Dollars a year okay they are a connector An affiliate Okay they are an affiliate for other Banks other lending institutions other Companies and they are making Commissions as an affiliate as a Middleman okay uh smart assets here a Hundred million dollars look at this They publish this this is a small fish Or five million dollars a year but Credit sesame you might heard about that Company 45 million dollars they’re Making right

Nerd wallet here or 300 or 300 million Dollars um as an affiliate does that Make sense So What this Shows us is when you build your Affiliate marketing the right way you my Friend can absolutely have a business Not just a promotion but you can build Yourself a real deal business Without having to create products Without having to customer service Anybody right without having to deliver Products without having a location With like tons of people maybe your goal Is not to make hundreds of millions of Dollars in a year but maybe your goal is To make i don’t know 10 000 a month 100 000 a month a million dollars a Month Totally totally doable as an affiliate Marketer okay but here’s the thing So what you do is you you identify okay What What do you love okay because i can be An affiliate for gadgets electronics i Can be an affiliate for sports stuff Computer stuff uh financial services i Can be an affiliate around whatever i am Passionate about And all i have to do is i have to decide Okay i’m gonna create myself a hub it’s Gonna be my home So no longer all right am i going to be

Homeless on the internet what do all Homeless people have in common literally No matter what city you go to what you Know state or country Every single person that’s homeless They have this right hand out Give me give me give me they are relying On somebody else to feed them for the Day Unfortunately so many people are doing That Trying to make money online Do you see what i’m saying now On the other side if you have a home Okay you have a location this is a place Where people can come to i call it your Hub and this is where you can Collaborate with other companies you can Deliver value to your people to your Subscribers you bring them home you you Know you build a relationship with them And then you recommend different Products different offers based on what They are pre interested in does that Make sense and so when you make that Recommendation You get a compensated from These companies in the form of affiliate Commissions and my friend you can create Yourself an ecosystem i don’t have a lot Of time uh here to really go into the Full tutorial on this kind of stuff but Hopefully this gets your mind thinking a Little bit differently about making

Money as an affiliate entrepreneur my Friend the opportunity Is enormous like when you know when i Hear people go say like well you know go To and get yourself an Affiliate link and promote that Affiliate link i wanna it makes me Cringe like i said right because i’m Like that’s not how you win that’s why So many people are failing doing Affiliate marketing i said That’s not the way to go so what i wanna Do is i wanna i wanna spread i wanna get This information out to a lot of people Um and we wanna help a lot of people Because there’s a lot of people out There struggling to make money and they Shouldn’t The reason they’re struggling is because They’re they’re getting the wrong Information you know and sometimes wrong Information can take you further back From your goal than help you does that Make sense sometimes no information is Actually better than wrong information And with the youtube and you know Abundance of information that we have Out there I believe there is there’s way too much Information way too much you know blind Leading the blind thing going on where People don’t even know what they’re Talking about and so anyway my mission My passion my uh reason that i’m

Creating this this uh channel here is i Want to Deliver to you Um hopefully you are a subscriber of the Channel um i just want to help you i Want to deliver to you ideas that are Sound ideas that are proven uh Strategies that work right now uh and Things that will really help you build Your business right on the foundation of A stone and will really help you build That create that lifestyle that you Always wanted for yourself and your Family because you deserve it okay The opportunity for you to make money on The internet right now could not have Been better you don’t have to do drop Shipping you don’t have to do a stock Inventory stock products and you know do All these heavy things Just let the other company that’s Already great at delivering the product Let them do all the heavy lifting you Just make the commission and then what You do is you create this Integrated product suite or integrated Offer suite within your hub Where you can have multiple streams of Income And you are known for this one thing What do you want to be known for if it’s Financial like nerd wallet great that’s What their niche is right but there is Bank rate there is a lot of competitors

And they’re all making hundreds of Millions of dollars so what do you want To do you want to sell Gadgets electronics Do you want to sell You know health and fitness things do You want to sell advice do what i mean What do you want to do okay You know you have a blank canvas here Anyway so i appreciate you hopefully This gets you thinking a little bit Differently about building an affiliate You know business let me know in the Comments if this information uh you know Was helpful for you let me know if you Have other questions and if you can do Me a favor And do a lot of other people a favor if You found this content to be useful if You can please subscribe to the channel If you haven’t done so already hit that Notification bell so that you can be Notified when i post another video and i Post videos regularly here every single Week so that you don’t have to miss Right you wouldn’t miss a video smash That like button this will this will Help Us with this algorithm To help get this message out to more People And then if you would share this video This message with Other people who you think might benefit

From it okay my intention here on this Channel i don’t want to sell you Anything necessarily i don’t want to Like you know get you to buy anything Whatever i want to simply serve you And deliver to you ideas That will change your business and Therefore can change your life i Appreciate you thank you so much and i Look forward to seeing you in the next Video [Music]

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