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Would you like to get a real, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make a million dollars in affiliate marketing, starting from scratch? Introducing – The Million Dollar Experience!

I’m taking a brand new company from zero to $1,000,000 doing affiliate marketing step by step and will be documenting my journey. I’ll be posting lots of amazing content on this channel – tips, strategies, my journey, answer your questions, and so much more!

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I’m gonna take this entity this company From zero to a million dollars in Affiliate commissions within the next Year What’s up guys welcome to the channel my Name is vic streisaws aka ask vic this Is a historic video because this is the First video on the channel ever A lot of people asking me this question Vic how do i make money online right Maybe they want to do affiliate Marketing because they know this is kind Of the future right you know they can Have a successful business on the Internet where it can be location Independent and they can make money Running it on the internet from pretty Much anywhere in the world that can help Them create that amazing lifestyle that Everybody wants these days Now unfortunately a lot of people are Not Making money online because they don’t Either know how to do it they’re Following their own advice wrong Blueprint you name it what i thought i Would do is something pretty crazy i Have not seen anybody else do and that Is this i’m gonna start a brand new Campaign And i’m gonna take that campaign from Nothing to doing a million dollars in Commissions in earnings in the next year For the next 12 months

And i’m gonna document exactly how i’m Gonna do that now what i will not do is I will not create a product i will not Create a service i will not have to Customer service anybody necessarily What i’m gonna do is i’m gonna do this Through A business venture called affiliate Marketing yesterday i created myself a Brand new llc that’s right Brand spanking new And what i’m about to do right now is I’m gonna go Hop in my car we’re gonna drive down to The bank and we’re gonna create a brand New bank account for this llc because What i’m gonna do is i’m gonna document Everything that i’m gonna do i’m gonna Show you what i promote i’m gonna show You how i’m gonna promote it and of Course i’m gonna answer your questions And help you Create an amazing future let’s go [Music] All right let’s go into this chase Branch here And open up an account [Music] Ladies and gentlemen we may have our First Entrepreneurial problem we ran into Turns out I guess if you’re not a citizen of the United states

They cannot open an account without a Passport which i don’t have at the Moment Bummer So we’re gonna go to a different bank And uh try to open up another account There under this llc let’s go So if we have never met you know i don’t Want to be a stranger to you even though I might be just this other random guy on The internet right On youtube or wherever you’re watching This so i uh started my journey as an Entrepreneur in 2005 After getting married i was young naive Did not know anything about marketing But i wanted to have a successful online Business because I wanted to provide a better quality of Life for myself for my family and You know i was watching how other people Were flashing their lifestyles and Things like that and i’m like i want That you know I did not know anybody didn’t have uh uh You know any list of contacts didn’t Have any money i remember i had to Borrow a whole bunch of money to get Started And then uh like invested like most of It to marketing campaigns and things i Did not understand Eventually ended up Waking up one day and realizing i don’t

Have a dollar 19 cents to my name To buy a loaf of bread to feed my family That day And it devastated me and you know i Don’t know if you ever been in that Position but i’m like You know i was at the point where i It was do or die you know do i go back And find a job because i quit my job you Know when i started my entrepreneurial Career Career you know Back in 2005. i was so sure i’m gonna do It you know Um And that’s where i had to make a hard Decision Luckily for me i didn’t give up And i said i’m gonna do this or i’m Gonna die trying And um Mentor showed up in my life And i was just smart enough to listen to Him And uh everything changed and i became Number one income earner in that company My life changed completely life Got much better and i’m like whoa that’s All i want to do is i want to run Internet businesses and so long story Short You know since 2005 2006 ish when i Broke through You know correct this

So-called success code right Um i was making my money on the internet And i did a lot of affiliate marketing Sold a lot of clickbank products Did direct selling Um Network marketing a little bit of Network marketing did some pretty cool Stuff you know it was uh I remember this one company we created The marketing system around which by the Way on this channel here what i’m gonna Do is i’m gonna like share with you all The Stuff that worked that didn’t work i’m Gonna answer your questions and my Intention for this channel Is to Give you The The naked truth you know what i mean About what it takes to to create A successful campaign what it takes to Build A real deal business on the internet That would that will withstand the test Of time because Stuff that i’m doing right now obviously I’ve been doing for the last 16 years You know and um Every single year it gets better and Better and better and better and better And so for the last 10 years or so i’m Teaching other people how to do the same

You know same stuff like how do they how Do you build and grow your your business On the internet successfully profitably Um and how do you not just only do like A promotion but how do you actually run A business because this is a little side Note big tip for you A lot of people are not making money Because they’re not treating their Online business like a business Okay so That’s that’s a big thing we’re going to Talk more about that in maybe upcoming Videos anywho so Um What i’m doing here and what i the Reason i’m launching this channel and i Think for the next year this is going to Be a phenomenal right by the way if you Would like to follow me on this journey As i’m taking a completely brand new Entity that i just created yesterday so We’ll be transparent this is Uh friday august 13th Okay friday the 13th i don’t believe in That crap so who cares right Uh yesterday Yesterday All right Look Yesterday i registered This entity As click On the 12th

And uh what i’m going to do is i’m going To take this entity this company from Xero And it’s going to do a million dollars In affiliate commissions within the next Year within the next 12 months And my intention here for this channel Is what i’m going to do is i’m just Going to Let you see behind the curtain if you Would like to Which would be really cool for you to Subscribe if you want to Follow this journey right And if you could Help me with the youtube algorithm Algorithm or whatever this thing is Behind the curtain that like controls Like where your video shows up and you Know they’re gonna show up to you and Stuff like that so if you could uh If you could please help me with that if You could hit that like just destroy it Just destroy that like button that Thumbs up button right if you like this Kind of stuff And then uh make sure that you hit that Notification bell and then subscribe Because what’s gonna happen here is uh a Few times a week i’m gonna be popping a Video like this Completely Like unscripted just Sharing with you real life behind the

Curtain of how i take this brand how i Expend it How i market it like You know what i’m gonna be promoting why I’m gonna be promoting how i structure It Uh I’m gonna be talking about traffic i’m Gonna be talking about marketing angles I’m going to be talking about strategies I’m going to be talking about Copywriting i’m going to be talking About finances I’m going to be talking and showing you Not only giving you theory By the way this could be worth more to You Than A 10 000 course or a mastermind that you Can go to because I’ll hold nothing back Uh But For the next 12 months We’re going on a journey and that Journey is gonna be how do i take this Brand from Zero where it’s at right now at the time Of shooting this And a year from now Hopefully if everything goes right as Planned right We’re gonna look back to this video And uh

We will make a million bucks in Commissions money in the bank account And of course i’m going to be Documenting the journey i’m going to be Showing you trans will be completely Transparent with you and all these other Things so should be pretty exciting Stuff Um So yeah i’m not sure if this is gonna be Beneficial for you but i think if you Are somebody who is you know on the Internet you want to build your business You want to Make money online which i think there Could not have been better time for us To make money on the internet And you don’t even have to create Products you don’t have to customer Service people necessarily because you Can just run as an affiliate if you want To which is the method that i’m um Gonna you know do for this particular Journey here with me uh for ask vic so I’m launching this channel i’m launching My uh instagram channel Um I’m launching my brand new site Uh you can find me on facebook so if you Want to follow along and just see what I’m going to be doing and also during This journey i’m going to be obviously Answering a whole bunch of your

Questions i’m going to be helping you With your business i’m going to be Talking to you about Ideas and strategies what’s working What’s not working i’m gonna be showing You behind the curtain behind the scenes Where this is for entrepreneurs so if You you know You know if you’re looking for like Cats and dogs here on this channel You’re not gonna find them uh it’ll be Business it’ll be entrepreneurship Marketing sales money finances here is What i believe in i believe everybody Can be successful look i started from Nothing And uh uh you know got myself to the Point where i was generating over 300 000 per month uh in affiliate marketing Just selling other people’s products Before i even started to teach affiliate Marketing and then for the last 10 years Or so i’ve been teaching affiliate Marketing and now what i’m doing for This project is i said you know what We’re gonna shatter any possible excuse For why somebody would not Make money as an affiliate entrepreneur Because i’m gonna show them so not not Only will i teach them you know guide Them Talk about the tools and programs and Things that i’m promoting and why i’m Promoting that and ecosystems and how i

Do that but i’m actually going to do it In real time and document my journey And so hopefully that will be of a great Benefit to people watching this and you As well And uh Hopefully you’re gonna make a whole Bunch of money with me as well okay so Here we are we’ve got to another banco Let’s go and see if we can open up an Account here Well ladies and gentlemen we are Officially in business got the account Opened up let’s go let me tell you what I’m gonna do next So anytime when somebody is asking me Vic What can i do To start making money the easy way i Don’t know there’s such thing as the Easy money but there is a low-hanging Fruit and what i mean by that is Affiliate marketing instead of talking About it i’m gonna show you How i will do it I’m not gonna make any guarantees for You or anybody However i’m gonna go on this journey With no safety net Today is August 13th when i’m officially Recording this i’m gonna publish this on The channel here probably a day or a Couple days later whenever that you know

Whenever you’ll see this right with an Intention of showing you how i will take A brand from zero to where he’s gonna do A million dollars within the span of a Year will i do it i think so i’ve done Some pretty cool things in the industry You know i’ve did a i’ve done affiliate Marketing campaigns that did six hundred Thousand dollars in a week in sales i’ve Done campaigns that did millions of Dollars in a week However this time around i’m starting From scratch i’m not tapping into my own List I’m not tapping into uh existing Customer base Which is what i’ve done before and i’m Going to show you How i would start from scratch And i’m gonna comment my journey so my Friend it’s gonna be exciting Uh if you enjoyed this If you like to be part of this journey And learn from what i’m gonna do here Right and maybe take some ideas maybe uh You know if you’re gonna watch it as an Entertainment i guess that’s cool too But i would like to be of a value to you I want this channel to be valuable to You as an entrepreneur Uh we have a lot of things we’re going To be talking about here and so i hope That this stuff is uh going to help you If you can do me a favor if you can

Please smash that like button if you Like this Idea or this angle if you want to Support me on this journey right make Sure that you subscribe and hit that Notification bell because when i post The next video you want to be notified Right and so that’s just going to help With the algorithm algorithms and Make sure you get notified also drop me A comment below please and let me know What is your single biggest Challenge Right now when it comes to making money Drop me a comment below what i’m gonna Do is i’m gonna pick your comments i’m Gonna take a look at what you’re Commenting or what you’re asking me and Ask vic i’m here to serve you like Whatever you want to ask me i’m going to Be answering your questions as i Document my journey as well and it’s Going to be awesome i think all right um That’s it for this particular episode i Appreciate you and i look forward to Seeing you in the next one coming up in A couple of days cheers [Music]

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