A medical transcriptionist is a professional who is responsible for converting and recording dictated reports into written documents. A medical transcriptionist can work in different areas such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, research centers, private practices and many more. The job of a medical transcriptionist involves the transcription of audio and video records into text. It also includes the translation of foreign language records into English. Medical transcriptionists also help doctors and other health care providers to prepare their own medical reports and correspondence.

Medical transcriptionists are required to have excellent listening and speaking skills. They also need to have excellent typing skills. The most important skill that a medical transcriptionist should possess is the ability to listen and comprehend the information being recorded. It is very important for a medical transcriptionist to have excellent grammar and spelling skills. A medical transcriptionist must have the ability to accurately transcribe and translate medical jargon into plain English. Medical transcriptionists must also be familiar with medical terminologies.


Medical transcriptionists should be aware of the latest medical terminology. A medical transcriptionist should have a good understanding of medical terms and procedures. He or she should be able to communicate effectively with patients, physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals. Medical transcriptionists should have a good command over the English language. They should be able to write accurate and clear reports. A medical transcriptionist should be able to type accurately and quickly. He or she should be proficient in using computer software programs. A medical transcriptionist should also be familiar with medical abbreviations and acronyms.

There are different types of medical transcriptionists. There are general transcriptionists, legal transcriptionists, medical transcriptionists, and clinical transcriptionists. General transcriptionists convert and transcribe documents into text. Legal transcriptionists transcribe legal documents into text. Medical transcriptionists transcribe medical reports into text. Clinical transcriptionists transcribe medical dictation into text. Medical transcriptionists usually work in hospitals, medical offices, and laboratories. They also work in private practice.



If you are interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist, you must have the right educational qualifications. You must have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. You should also have a certification in medical transcription. If you want to become a certified medical transcriptionist, you must pass the certification exam. You will be given a certificate after passing the exam. You will then be eligible to take the exam again every year. You can also get the certification by attending a medical transcription training course.

The next step in becoming a medical transcriptionist is to find a job. You can start looking for a job immediately. You can also apply for a job online. There are many companies which offer online medical transcription positions. You can find these companies online.

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  2. What’s up, I really like your blog! I tend to agree with this as I am a pharmacy and insurance liaison for a full-service BPO company.

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