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”Easy 1up Compensation Plan”

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If you’re watching this video, chances are you’re researching the Easy 1up compensation plan and you want to know how easy 1 up and the comp plan really works.

Well hopefully this video breaks it down easily and simply.


To Be an Expert or One of the Best

In this article I would like to show the difference in being an expert in your field and that of being the best. Also you may know more than most, but does that make you an expert?

Selecting Right Font for Your Logo Designs

A font can build or smash the design of the logo. With so many font options available, it becomes difficult to choose the right font for the design and to know whether the font style you have selected does fits the design or not. A logo designer shouldn’t overlook the font choice, font selection is a fundamental aspect of the design of the logo and it should not be neglected.

11 Down – 1 To Go

It is hard to believe the year is almost over. Did you hit your goals? With only 1 month to go in 2013 now is the time to decide what business model you are going top use to hit your income goals in 2014.

How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic

Writing blog post or articles on your web site, or for the various directories is now pretty much called content marketing. But only a few years ago, it was called article marketing. In this article, I point out some advantages of using social media and also why someone would want to start their own community.

The SECRET to Selling Your Websites for BIG Money? (Give Them Away)

Think you’ve got to ask for a lot of money to make a killing flipping, or selling websites? What if I were to tell you that the absolute easiest way to earn amazing money selling your online assets, or flipping web properties was actually to give them away? The funny thing is, it’s 100% true in most circumstances, and I’m going to show you how to do it, immediately below.

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