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$4,106 A Month With One Simple No Face Video – EASY! Tiktok and Youtube

making money online with no face videos… this is a super simple way to understand how this works… forget all the AI content that doesnt do very good and watch this training in full.

this method is talked about all the time and i think a lot of people get the wrong idea when it comes to making money with no face videos on tiktok and youtube shorts.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Are you looking for a real legit way to Make money on YouTube and Tick Tock Without showing your face well then Listen up because what I’m about to show You works if you do it that’s right if You actually take the time to do the Things I suggest in this video you can Make money but first check out some of The cool tables and props and things I’m Making for the new office we’re getting In just a couple of weeks wait a minute What’s that yeah that well before I Start the video I actually have to get Ready for dinner since my spaghetti Sauce takes pretty much all day to make And yes I promise this has everything to Do with your ability to profit online Pay close attention we’ll start with the Shallots Toss in a garlic clove And then add a little basil And now we’re ready to start cooking but You didn’t come here to see that you Came here to learn how to make money Online with simple little videos on YouTube and Tick Tock without showing Your face so let’s head over to the Backyard office and I’ll show you how This whole thing works in detail so you Can simply copy what I’m doing and start Making money online Wait a minute I’m taking this Okay so first we’re gonna go over here

To offer Vault and we’re going to type In kitchen this is going to show us all The offers and how much they pay us oh Wait a minute what does that even mean If you find something like this kitchen Super scissors it is paying us 42.75 every time we send someone to a Special link and they buy the kitchen Scissors or eleven dollars every time Someone buys kitchen gloves using our Affiliate link or when someone enters to Win a KitchenAid mixer free dish soap Pays 18 Authentic cooking knives 29 and on and On we go you can see there’s tons of Stuff related to kitchens and cooking This is Patrick Patrick wants to make Money online with videos that don’t show His face now Patrick already knows that There’s all these kitchen offers that Pay lots of money but in order to get This Lamborghini cash Patrick knows he Needs to get some traffic wait a minute How to cut tri-tip 130 000 views 36 000 views how to slice a Tri-tip how to carve a tri-tip and There’s only one person showing their Face wait a minute how to chop basic Knife skills 12 million views no face in That video dicing an onion how to chop Every vegetable Michelin star onions Chop onions like a pro this is some Serious traffic how to slice how to Slice an onion

Vegetables Tomatoes whoa dude is this like a hidden Gold mine right under my nose millions Of tick tock views cutting steak people Using The Slap Chop 26 million views use 1.5 million views 200 000 views and this offer pays 9.75 per sale wait a minute so I sell This thing for 20 bucks and I get 9.75 Yeah and with all this traffic It’s Gotta be super simple to sell five or Ten of these a day or more wait a minute That’s like 4 000 bucks a month yeah and It’s actually pretty easy to do then all He needs to do is make little videos About different kitchen skills then he’s Gonna use the traffic from those videos To make money with monetization as a YouTube partner and then drive people to The kitchen offers he found on offer Vault using this simple method how hard Do you think it’d be for Patrick to sell A couple of kitchen scissors a day or a Specialty knife or a Slap Chop or Anything like that and all I need to do Is use his kitchen tool and show people How to chop stuff all you would need to Do is put a camera on a little stand Right like this then aim it at whatever It is you’re going to cut Here we have The Slap Chop I could do potatoes Right like that goldfish

Right like that or even Some peanuts You can even show off your knife skills Hecco Hecko be very very careful watch your Fingers and always Safety First alright So now in just a minute I’m going to Show you the secret to making this work There’s a couple of little hacks that I Use to make these things take off get Lots of traffic and actually they’re Pretty easy to make so we’re going to Talk about that in just a minute hang Tight for that right now I want to show You how easy it is to edit and create These videos you can see right here I’m Making today’s video I’m about 5 minutes And 25 seconds into the video but if I Wanted to make just a simple little 60 Second clip or 10 second clip about how To cut something all I would need to do Is take the footage from my camera or my Phone or whatever it is and then chop it No pun intended the way I want in a very Simple way so I could do like this I Could actually remove the audio take the Portion I want right like this let’s say I’m gonna do the chi visits or the Cheese crackers here all right we’re Gonna take this right like that and then There we have it okay so I could go Through And I can show them how to make maybe Like a crust for Cracker chicken or some

Kind of recipe like that all right I can Go ahead and slow down the clip right Like this that’s about a 14 second clip And then I can have like an intro or Whatever it is then if I wanted to add Text all I would need to do is use this Little thing here Right like this And I could put something like Chop Fish Crackers for Cracker Chicken and just size it right like this Then if I wanted I could break it up Make a step one step two step three Something like that that’s very very Easy once I’m done with my video I go ahead and hit export Local file and I’m gonna go ahead and And then I’m going to export this as an Mp4 once I have the MP4 I could load That to Tick Tock YouTube or pretty much Wherever I want in fact a student of Mine uses this method to make about Seven to ten different short videos each And every day last I checked he’s Getting hundreds of millions of views And making thousands and thousands of Dollars each and every month so yeah This can be super simple but remember The results are not typical implied or Guaranteed putting a video up does not Guarantee you’re gonna make money this

Is a business and the average person Trying to make money online makes Nothing so with that in mind let’s get To the secret hack right here is a list Of over 250 keywords related to how to Cut how to slice how to carve how to Chop you name it and you can see here How to cut a mango is looked up over 79 000 times so if you know how to cut a Mango you can make a very simple people No face video showing people how to cut A mango make money by running ads and Also link people to cool cooking stuff That they can buy and use so you can get Paid even more you can see here 1600 People a month looking for how to chop Green onions how to chop garlic how to Chop parsley how to chop cilantro and These words directly link to something Like The Slap Chop you can show them the Manual way to cut these things and then Show them how much easier it is using The Slap Chop and every time someone Buys boom you get paid now in order to Do this the right way you’re going to Want to make sure that your video Actually delivers on the promise show Them how to cut the things chop the Stuff carve the turkey then the secret Stealth method that’s gonna put more Money in your pocket and that is to get Your own domain name I want to find Something simple I can see here Cookingcircle.com is on sale we got all

Kinds of stuff ranging from a couple Couple of bucks to five bucks eleven Dollars cookingclinic.com Fresh cooking clean cooking ideas is Only eleven dollars cooking fixes for Five dollars and what we want is Something super easy that people can’t Mess up we don’t want to have like two S’s next to each other like Marcus’s Cooking or anything they can misspell we Want it to be super simple and the Reason is because we are going to Brand It on our video so at the end of our Video we could do something very simple And say something like for a list of my Favorite Cooking hacks checked out and then down Here is where you would put your domain Name and lots of people who like your Cooking tips are gonna check out your Website over on your website you’re Gonna have the different offers that pay You money and if you don’t want to get a Website don’t worry lots of people do The link in description method and if You enjoyed this video check out my Other videos linked oh yeah in the Description

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