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Starting and Building Business Using a Coach – Stages of Coaching

Finding the best coach to help you with your online business requires looking for coaches who are successful and professional. Coaches also have a genuine interest in assisting online business and teaching owners how to market. So hook up with a coach to start or advance your business today.

The Virtual Holiday Office Party

With so many companies operating with virtual assistants, telecommuting workers, and out of town personnel and sales reps on their staff, getting everyone together for a traditional holiday office celebration can be quite challenging. But there is a solution! Host a virtual holiday office party!

It’s All About Giving – What Content Marketing and Holiday Shopping Have In Common

It’s the season of giving. We are all shopping for the perfect gift for the ones we love, with the anticipation of seeing their faces as they unwrap the package. There is a real connection between the giver and the receiver. And that is what is at the core of content marketing. Content marketing is about giving. Learn how approaching your marketing with a giving spirit can actually improve your results!

Book Reviews For Hire – Isn’t That Fraudulent?

Not long ago, I had someone try to friend me on a social online network. I wondered why, as I didn’t recognize the name, so I searched the individual out. Turns out the social networking individual was had a little small business specializing in writing Amazon reviews. This bothered me because, well, because I am an author and this person probably wants me to pay them to write reviews. This is not a legal business, as if it is not disclosed that the review was a paid endorsement it is effectively marketing fraud, at least the FTC believes so, well so do I.

The New Rich: How to Become Wealthy

The modern concept of how to become wealthy has shifted to a new paradigm. Previously wealth was about accumulating things. Now wealth is measured in terms of time and not material possessions. Time to travel, time to live life to the fullest on your terms, time to spend with the ones you love when you are young enough to enjoy your time and freedom. That is the new wealthy.

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