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WordPress SEO Plugins Tutorial – Rank #1 In Google?

in this training we are gonna talk about wordpress seo plugins and if they actually help you rank or if wordpress seo relies on other factors. we will go over all in one seo plugin, yost, seopress, aioseo, seopressor, wp rocket, and more…

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All right guys welcome to the show Hopefully the audio is okay for some Reason my wireless mic didn’t want to Charge but today what we’re going to do Is we’re going to be talking about WordPress seo plugins and if they Actually work to help you Get ranked and make money so we’re going To be answering that question today Which i think is very important because A lot of you guys do want to get search Engine rankings that actually work that Make you money and everything like that So what we’re going to do today is we’re Going to talk about 27 different Plug-ins that we’ve gone through and We’ve reviewed and we’ve looked at what Are the best what is it that we want to Do that’s actually going to help us make Money so we’re going to go through these Line by line we’re going to go through And answer the big questions of how seo Works and how you’re going to get the Results now i want you to pay attention To the fact that there is no seo magic Plug-in that is going to get you ranked All right there’s a plug-in i’m going to Talk to you about in a minute that’s Actually free it’s one of my plug-ins uh That we just paid to have developed and It’s pretty awesome it’s actually doing A lot better Than i thought it would do it’s kind of A complicated plug-in but towards

Somewhere in this training i’m gonna Reveal where you can get that for free So there you go you stick around you Learn you make it work now we’re going To talk about lots of plugins from the Yoast plug-in all-in-one seo rank math All these different plugins that are out There we’re going to talk about why and Where you need to use them so i’m going To have to kind of stay stationary here I can’t really go over to the Lamborghini filled with money because my Wireless mic Is not working but we do have money In the old lambo here And it is growing i ordered about 300 Grand worth of money for the lambo just Recently and for those wondering It is fake money there’s no reason i Should have 300 grand laying around in My office that wouldn’t make much sense Now would it so we’re going to go Through and we’re going to talk about These plug-ins and talk about how this Whole thing works so that you can Understand everything Now i want you to take a look at this Because what i do with seo is a lot Different than what a lot of other People do and what i’m doing with seo is I’m actually going out there and i’m Taking over old sites like this is one That i recently bought florida Geomatics okay and this is something

That’s going to be in an up and coming Video so pay attention to this one i Think you guys are going to like it um And this is one that ranked so like Right now um it is ranking for some of These keywords i think shrimp surveying Let’s see if it still uh ranks for this Florida geo something there we are so We’re number two right there so what i Do is i usually go out there and i try To get a domain or a website that Already ranks on google That i can use to get My traffic okay and you guys see me do This all the time i do this with the Florida site i got Satellite.com Which we talked about last week where I’m going through and i’m ranking this For various different therapy lights and You know Depression lights and things like that That people want now again what i’m Doing is i’m looking at this and i’m Like okay These are rankings that i want these are Rankings i can get so we’re going Through and we’re doing this and i also Teach you guys how to do this um with Expired domains as well which we’ve used Many times to get ranking Now if you have a new domain Similar kind of stuff but we’re going to Look at this and talk about

How it’s going to work because primarily I think most of you guys are following Um the information that i provide where We’re talking about Buying domains at auction or getting Expired domains if that’s you let me Know in the box and let me know in the Comments say yeah i’m doing expired Domains or auction domains and i really Want to boost up my ranking on something That already works that way i know how To tailor this training for you best and We will also have q a session as well so What we’re looking at here Is the top plugins now there’s lots of Plugins you can use from free plugins to Paid plugins one of the more popular Ones is seo press this is one where you Can do a free version or a paid version And basically the idea is to help you Get the keywords and get the information About your site now for me personally One of the things that might shock you Is i actually don’t use Seo plugins i’m going to talk to you About that in just a minute but i want You to understand that okay a lot of People are saying they do auction Domains and expired domains so this is Going to really make sense because when I go out there and rank there’s two Factors that we’re going to be looking At and these two factors if you don’t Have them i don’t care who you are you

Are not going to rank so we need to make This really understand and one of the Things that i want to talk to you about As well Is the fact that in our high ticket Niches program When i buy these domains at auction we Are now exclusively using those Okay testing are we back let me know if We’re back uh type something in the box Type 57 Uh if you can see us back all right and We will try to get this show on the road Again Okay we back type 57 if we’re back five Seven All right cool So we’re gonna try to get the show on The road where did we leave off Well let’s have a look here So we got uh seo plugins we’re talking About the difference between regular On-page seo and off-page seo where we Were going through and we’re like okay What is the difference here well on-page Seo Is where we are doing stuff on our site That is actually the content Of our website trying to rank in google Now when you look at this you’re going To look at tools like ahrefs and Different things like that and you’re Going to see a kd or a competition score Or something that looks similar to this

Over here okay now If you have a word like caribbean light Sun therapy or something like this this Is a very easy to rank for keyword Which means okay we could probably get By with just on page seo like i probably Don’t need a whole lot so it’s important To remember that if we are doing A low comp keyword we’re talking like Three maybe five maximum competition That would then mean that i can write Some content about that you guys saw me Do this uh with the keyword let me see If i can find it here it was a keyword That i did in one of my video examples Which was for the cheesy gordita crunch Calories or something like that okay so What we have here And we’ll wait a minute we had cheesy Gordita crunch calories right like this Okay the competition was one so this Would fit what we’re talking about and Then also it’s got 3 300 searches a Month which is pretty good so when we Look at this we can see That i’m either on page one or page two It does fluctuate a little bit but there We are right there okay now the reason This happened is because This content i had written is about the Cheesy gordita crunch and the calories They’re in right so we look at this and We’re like okay cool we got this rocking And rolling that is why that rank now

Some of the more difficult words like Spamzilla Okay spamzilla that’s a one phrase word So it’s a little bit more difficult to Rank for all right so this one here We rank number Three or four or something like that and The reason we rank for this is because Of Off-page Seo now i do have some on-page seo That’s how i noticed that it ran now the On-page seo got me to like number 57 Okay number 57 then what i did off page Seo And pointed it at this that’s how i got A number three ranking so there’s a Combination of off page and on page now Most of these plugins here most of these Plugins are going to focus on on Page seo so you got seo press which is Going to go through and it’ll be like Hey you know what if you have your title This or you do this this will get you a Better ranking okay it’s kind of like a Like a menu or a guide for getting Rankings now again these plugins are Only going to address On page seo we also have All-in-one seo for wordpress which is Going to go through and do the same kind Of thing it’s going to give you an On-page analysis it might show you some Backlinks you can get but it’s really

Not going to do Anything in terms of off-page seo so if You do that right because you know it Used to be content is king Which isn’t always the case Right content maybe can be king but we Also need people to like the content and Interact and click okay Dave says 95 title H2 and h3 tags not necessarily I am going to say that 97 Of what we do With our seo Okay 97 Is going to rely On a different factor so 97 is going to Rely on a different factor and if you Stick around long enough i’m going to Teach you that factor if we don’t have Any more tech snafus our internet Dropped to like one megabit per se it Was like it was like 1999 for a second Right but now we’re back i think we’re Up in the thousand gig range hopefully It stays all right so we have all in one Seo which is good it’s going to go Through now these plugins are they bad Are they good are they worth 30 a month Well maybe maybe not going to need to See What it is and we need to pay attention To what is that 97 What is that because if you can get Focused on

That there the 97 percent i think it’s Really gonna change the way you think About this now all in one seo plug-in For wordpress that’s a good one yoast Seo same kind of thing again it’s gonna Show you hey change your title change This do that do this now i think In my opinion this is my opinion i have Not tried All of the plugins but this is my Opinion and my opinion is is if you’re Going to spend money on tools I think you’re gonna do better With a good keyword tool Okay Like if you’re gonna spend 90 dollars a Month on plug-ins for seo I think you can get more data From The keyword tool and i’m going to show You how that works in a minute okay we Got lots of videos about seo this is Going to give you a broad overview and Then you’re going to watch the videos in The description that are going to go Over this as well so yoast seo is good They have a free version they have a 99 A year version they have some courses And they teach you about your keywords And your title and your meta description But again i don’t care what you do with Your descriptions and all this stuff If you have the wrong keyword You

Lose you fail Okay fact Fact you cannot argue with this i don’t Care what seo plugins you have they’re Not going to rank for you now they will Talk to you about interlinking and stuff Like that but again I think this is something you’re gonna Do better on your own by looking at the Data okay looking at the data because When i went through this is something That’s important that they don’t teach You Okay the the plugins aren’t gonna do This when i went through and i noticed i Was ranking Number 58 or 80 or something like that For spamzilla right i went through and I’m like wait a minute we got 800 Searches 500 searches if we do Some research on this keyword i can see That this is a pretty Bomb keyword it’s a good keyword Right 850. so we have lots of stuff we Got 4 100 Global volume potential these are all People looking for good stuff related to Domains and things like that which is Kind of what i do for a living and now i Can focus all right another one i Noticed was The keyword um godaddy appraisal tool it Was one that came up new right so it was Under new and we had um godaddy

Appraisal tool and i was like okay That’s pretty cool and that’s why last Week’s video was about Godaddy appraisal tool and what we’re Going to do is we’re going to start to Look at this stuff and we’re going to Start to understand what’s going on it Might be a little bit Older for that one let’s try I think it was under Organic and if we do go daddy i think It’ll show up Go daddy Okay and this is important because again No matter what plugins you get you need To understand the basic concept so for This one i was like okay go daddy Appraisal there was this word here 5600 Searches a month i was ranking like Number 80 then i noticed it popped up to 37 and i didn’t even try for this I didn’t get plug-ins i didn’t do Anything fancy i just happened to have A tool and a little video that i put for Godaddy appraisal tools and stuff like That okay a little bit of content it’s Just a transcription of the video Alright so now i look at that and i’m Like okay now i know i can go for that Word and i can do better okay so yoast Seo is good it’s gonna teach you some of That stuff we have platinum seo again It’s gonna show you url stuff so if you Need help with how to make your urls

Which we’re going to talk about in a Minute there’s going to be a zinger if You stick around i’m going to give you a Plug-in but you got to be here live to Get that plug-in all right awesome stuff So we’re going to go through And we’re gonna be like okay platinum Seo This does the urls it does some social Media title tag generator which guys Tags and stuff like that they’re cute And they’re fun and they seem important But they’re really not okay what is Important Is two things The right keyword And a good piece of content That’s it like here’s the deal guys if You’re struggling with seo All right stop struggling Instead Go for low competition keywords and then Once you start getting those you’ll Build your site and then you can go for The bigger ones but everyone comes out And they’re like i want to rank for make Money i’m like i don’t i may be nice but The energy and money and time and effort That i would put into that ranking Why don’t i just go for godaddy uh Appraisal tool those are guys who want You know godaddy appraisals and and Domains and stuff like i’ll bag that uh 5700 searches a month i’ll get spamzilla

I’ll get this stuff and what’s gonna Happen is i am now going to build a Business While you’re still trying to get a Ranking okay This is extremely important because once You understand that a ranking equals Money equals build business equals i can Grow Then everything’s going to change smash A like button if you are Digging this stuff because i think it’s Really important that you understand how It works all right next up we have the Premium seo pack This one Is kind of like a smaller version of an Seo plugin and it does audits so it’ll Give you like a score oh hey your On-page seo is a 40 you could be a 90. Again these things aren’t gonna make That much difference In the grand scheme of things okay what These plugins are good for in my opinion Is if you’re like Number 17 and and you can’t break Through To number nine or five or three all Right that then it might help but again I’m gonna look at this and i’m gonna be Like well i i rank for some of this Stuff I’m just now gonna start to do better And this is one of the seo things that i

Teach um that’s very very important When we go through and Come on up here let’s have a little talk Here because your old buddy marcus Actually practices what he preaches Okay this is very very very important Okay What we’re going to look at here Is we’re going to look at my page My site here all right i want you to Notice something this is a post For today’s webinar about wordpress seo Plugins With a list Of 27 different plugins Okay what am i trying to do here well Let me show you what i’m trying to do Because here’s the deal Plugins are good they will help yay Wonderful great Do not spend lots of time on the plugins Because they’re not really going to give You That edge you’re looking for here’s What’s going to give you the edge Okay here’s what’s going to give you the Edge and let’s see i don’t know if my Microphones ended up charging or not i Think they did let’s see if we could Switch real quick We’ll try to switch these microphones Here and make this work Okay hopefully this will Make this thing work here

Testing are we working Type 22 if we’re working All right good okay so what we’re Looking at here is this okay i got this Post and this post is pretty good it’s Got 27 different plugins all right now What we’re trying to do here Is i am looking at the key To making this work okay the key to Making this work is going to be Data Data is the key to making it work so What i have here Is i have this seo Plug-in thing Okay am i trying to rank for seo plug-in Maybe maybe not okay i’m actually The point of this video is try to rank For seo plug-in and stuff like that okay So what we’re gonna do is we are going To look at this And try to rank For the 27 Plug-ins Okay if i got traffic for those plug-ins Now i’m gonna get people that are Interested in seo they’re interested in Plug-ins it’s something that i can go Through and teach them And help them with okay Now what’s gonna happen Is i am going to keep an eye On this stuff over here I’m going to keep an eye on what i rank

For And i’m going to be like okay hey check It out we are now getting picked up for Whatever plug-in okay so i’ll do like Plug-in or i’ll keep an eye on the url All right and i’ll use my ahrefs or Whatever tool it is To try to try to look at this okay so we Got clickbank wordpress plug-in WordPress affiliate tracking so what We’re going to do is we’re going to Monitor Where it ranks Okay then I’m going to evaluate what the ranking Is worth okay so i can use premium seo i Can use seo connect or seo presser Connect now seo presser was kind of a Cool plug-in back in the day i don’t Know if they really updated it much um But it was kind of cool it was one where You know you could go through and it Would do internal linking so you’re like Hey everywhere on my blog that says X y and z i wanted to link to this over Here okay so that is something that that Worked well and it was helpful but again For you know 119 A year Is it worth that I don’t know i think i think for me if i Only had 119 bucks i’m gonna get a Keyword tool Okay

So we’re gonna look at that uh slim seo This is one that goes through and Again it’s gonna be site maps okay so a Lot of people talk about site maps what Is a site map well a site map quite Simply is a map Right so it is a map That links to stuff on your site okay And let me show you a tip About sitemaps because you can have a Lame sitemap that just shows stuff if You’re using wordpress it’s automatic There’s a site map it’s the rss feed That’s going to get picked up okay now Here’s what i do What i do Is i make a little L S M what would it be lss Lss Little site map site maps lsm that would Be it right something like that okay Little site maps and what i’m gonna do Is do little specific sitemaps Okay so what’s gonna happen Is i’m gonna go over here and this post So what i’m gonna do on this post is i’m Gonna be like okay what ranks Hey look we’re number 78 for sem rush Cool great wonderful great If that ranks then what i’m going to do Is this is going to be a site map To more detailed info

On each plugin right so i’ll go through And i’ll be like hey we’re ranking for This let’s make a post about it and Let’s make that link to it and then Google is going to go hey look here it Is boom they’re going to rank that page Or that post and everything’s going to Be wonderful are you guys getting this I know we kind of went through a loop With our tech issues and our microphones But i want to make sure you’re getting This because this is very very important Stuff and if you understand hey wait a Minute this is how to use the tools Correctly this is how to go through um Some other plug-ins semrush has a Plug-in ahrefs has a plug-in they come With their keyword tool which is kind of Cool so i would be in favor of those uh Semrush has a really good Competitive analysis that’s why i pay For a semrush account ahrefs is second To none for competition and um And looking at movements right because When i’m buying expired domains or Looking at other domains what i’m doing Is i’m looking at movements right so not Only do i want this data But i want to see what it ranked for Back in you know 2020 2021. let’s see if We can build this stuff up okay and what I’m going to do is i’m going to go Through and be like hey there we go it Ranked for desert ranch can i use that i

Don’t know maybe maybe not um it ranked For whatever can i use this stuff and i Can even go through and say hey i only Want Keywords that have a volume of a Thousand Or more Boom Now i can go in See what it ranked for So maybe Maybe i can use this desert ranch word Or maybe Damn if i can rank For the word shrimp That’d be kind of cool right Sell some shrimp i don’t know But we can go through and see okay Here’s some stuff that actually works That’s pretty good the competition ain’t That bad it ranked for it but There is A little flaw There’s a problem here It’s a problem that people don’t talk About when you buy expired domain names All right and the problem is Right here Florida whatever cases Ranch dot htm Okay that’s a pain in the butt That’s a url that’s gonna be tough to Use i either need to know html and make My own page and put a redirect or

I need to use the free plugin that Marcus is gonna give me If i stay On this training this is a plug-in that I built for me For our our team here internally we’re Going to give it to you guys if you Smash the like button and you hang out Uh for a little bit there okay So very important we got to understand This because that is going to help us But you got to smash the like button if You all want that plug-in all right Another one we can look at and say okay What did we rank for and again the data Is going to be the key I don’t care what the plugins are i Don’t care what other gurus tell you About seo it’s about data it is a data Game and it’s about understanding data Because here’s the deal if i was to go To ahrefs or semrush put nothing in the Keyword box right i go to keywords i put Nothing in it and i say i only want Things that are three competition or Less i’m gonna get hundreds and hundreds Of millions of keywords with low Competition and if you’re here to make Money that’s the key that’s the name of The game i go for non-comp words i get The rankings i point those to things That make me money boom bang done or i Go through and i get like a high ticket Niche at highticketnitches.com

And that’s where i go through and give You a domain that i bought so For example um you guys saw me do this With nerd getting fit right nerd getting Fit My badly neglected site which i’m Debating selling because i just don’t Have time to to build this one um and I’m not a diet niche buff But you can see here how long does it Take to get abs men Um this one ranks number 11 right and It’s because of The site is because i built it and and It’s because i went through and said Okay this is the traffic that i want Right i bought this with rankings it Took three days boom the thing was up And running now it only worked because Of what i’m teaching you and that’s an Example of a domain that we give you in High ticket niches i buy domains like This all the time and you guys can see What it actually ranks for And you can get the traffic right so Pretty simple pretty easy again i’ve Neglected it but if you do your work Like since You would take over a site like this and This would be your site that’s the only One you work on um but one of the Important things to making this work is Paying attention To the urls

The way that they are because when we’re Doing this with expired domains again We need to have that exact url now up Until today i have not found a plugin That allows you to do that Up until today but we’re going to give You guys one that that actually does That for you now it’s not completely Ready so i’m going to tell you to go to A link you can put your name and email In when i have it all nice and fancy You’ll get a copy of it okay sound fair Enough smash the like button and i’ll Give you guys that link if you stick Around so semrush Ahrefs very good google site maps is Good because i mean If you’re going to submit your sitemap To google that’s I mean there’s nothing really comparable To that you just submit it to google and There you go um again is it a is it a be All end-all no Like doing a press release or getting a Backlink is probably going to do better Than that like if i go through and Instead of having some sitemap plugin if I get a direct Guest post backlink To this page about seo plugins that’s a Jackpot and what we want is a jackpot uh Dan says there’s a plug-in that adds Html this is different this is built by Me for me for this specific purpose like

The plug-in i’m going to show you guys Today is It’s for expired domains and auction Domains so if you like that smash the Old like button we’ll give that to you Guys again Think about this We get a lot of money invested and stuff To teach you we got money invested in The plug-in i want you to use it free Okay if you say markets i don’t ever Want to buy anything from you because You got a lamborghini full of money why Would i buy anything from a lamborghini Guy full of money even though it’s a Lamborghini for Well I don’t think it goes very fast let’s Just put it that way And we got to look at it and say okay Well if you don’t want to do that then Enjoy the free stuff if you do if you’re Like holy crap marcus i totally see the Value in taking over a domain uh like Some of the ones that you buy right i See the value of like satellite.com I see the value of that okay i see the Value of this here resume sites okay now Resume sites this is the one i bought Yesterday cost me 22. All right pretty cool all right Freeresumesites.com This one’s different because you’ll Notice all the rankings

Are for the main site So i don’t need to do a whole lot of Work here right i just make my main site Fancy it’ll start to rank i put some Pages and posts on bada bing bada boom I’m ready to go okay so that’s a very Simple one pretty easy right this would Be an example of one you can get if You’re go high ticket niches dot com you Can get this one now and we’ll build it For you again they’re first come first Serve so you sign up and we we go Through a little interview and we say i Think these are best for you and then When we get one you like you land on it And there you go all right that’s over At high ticket niches.com google my Sitemaps again what we’re doing is we’re Teaching you the process a plug-in is Not going to do the whole process a Plug-in might do part of it Might help you with a little was not Going to do everything monster insights I haven’t used this one I know it always like every time i start A new blog it’s like put the monster on There and i’m like i don’t even know What the monster does So there we go um again this is gonna do Like a little bit of data And talk to you about outbound links Which i don’t pay much attention to uh Looks like it’s 199 bucks for this one This is okay

Uh again it’s gonna teach you like Titles and tags and stuff like that Which again Ladies and gentlemen please hear me Because this is where people get stuck They think That the on-page seo is everything It’s not That’s literally like ten percent Why is it ten percent it might even be Less Than ten percent and why Why is it ten percent Because one Having the right keyword is is a huge Point And then two Unless you’re out there trying to Mess with the system The content you write for the keyword Is gonna be about the keyword so if you Have low competition and unless you’re Doing like Trying to rank for seo plugins with an Article about puppies You should be fine like ladies and Gentlemen if you’re not ranking it’s Because you have the wrong keyword Plain and Simple Plain and simple or maybe you don’t have The right domain right sometimes i can Do the domain or whatever Okay and we need to understand this we

Need to understand this because so many People come to me and they’re like Marcus why am i not getting traction why Am i not making money because you’re Going for the wrong thing you’re either In the wrong niche you get the wrong Keywords You’re just Backwards And what we need to do is we need to Turn you around and get you on the right Path right so We got monster insights we got keyword Tool uh which is a plugin that has Keyword suggestions based on your Content okay Fine maybe great little expensive I’ve never used it but it is a little Expensive like i think you’d probably do Better with an actual uh keyword tool Rank math um that’s one that gives you a Um analysis and so it’s like here’s an Analysis of what you’re gonna get here’s An analysis of how your page is doing or How it’s not doing okay Google keyword planner google keyword Planner for me I use for paid traffic It’s all i use it for Because the keyword planner is for Adwords which is why it works good for That uh seo framework this one is Supposed to boost your seo again Titles pages descriptions

Social media Maybe yeah i don’t know i mean Again If you have the right content for the Right keyword You’re gonna you’re gonna be good google Search console this is gonna show you Your traffic excellent plug-in to watch Your traffic squirrey seo This one okay so 29 bucks A i consultant that proposes suggestions To overcome the causes of serp ranking Okay Um i think i could do this on my own Like if i go through and i say okay Let’s look at spamzilla As a keyword Okay um spamzilla so i could see Spamzilla i could see videos I rank here I could see some other blogging sites Okay So if i wanted to rank for this A youtube video would probably be king It’d probably be easy Simple backlinks it doesn’t look like Too many big sites i can see there’s Only 15 16 000 results that’s pretty Much nothing So do i need ai to tell me that And is ai perfect Not even close So would that help like okay i think You’d probably do better if there was

Someone in the business That could look at your stuff Okay now will it work it probably will Um is it going to get you ranked on a Word you can’t rank for no None of these is gonna do it Not gonna happen Schema pro um this can talk to you about Like rich snippets and stuff like that Which Sometimes rich snippets are gonna damage Your traffic because it’s actually gonna Show them what’s on your page before They get to your page which is like okay I don’t know if i want that Caching plug-in that’s usually for speed One thing i will say is speed plugins do Help Again go sparingly on the plugins Because it will slow your site down Which will affect your ranking is it Gonna be huge no if you have the right Content in the right keyword it ain’t Gonna matter if your site’s slow unless It’s Like Embarrassingly slow to the point of It’s not even showing up Redirection plug-in I would not use that for seo But some people do basically what that’s Going to do is it’s going to point old Dead urls at new content Right so like on this one i’m going to

Show you how we use this with my plugin In just a minute uh blog profit network Slash download.htm Right i would redirect that Simple okay Um wp rocket this is for page speed Broken link checker yeah this might help It’s going to go through and look at Broken links on your site See if you can make some new stuff That’s good Link whisperer this one is going to do Internal linking I don’t think it does much on backlink But as you can see Like if you were to get all these it’s Gonna cost you thousands and thousands Of dollars and i don’t know if that’s Necessarily a wise thing to do If you don’t have any rankings yet like If you’re looking to rank I’m gonna say go all in on the right Keyword tool and the right content and Maybe an expired or Auction domain name in your niche surfer Seo This one is going to do content editing And different things like that really Simple ssl this is important you do need A ssl The bad news is you need an ssl the good News is it’s free with any decent Hosting plan right like if you’re using A hosting plan that’s worth its weight

And salt then you know it’s gonna it’s Gonna https it and wordpress will do That too if you need to know how to do That you’re just gonna go to your Dashboard right like this and if you Wanna make it secure you just go over Here to settings General And then you put an s here Pretty simple okay now Let’s talk about the plug-in that i’m Going to give you guys and how that Works one of the things that’s important Here for um seo is your permalinks All right how is your link structure is It like this Or is it like an actual post name right You’ll notice on affiliate marketing Dude I use actual post names which is good Right so we’re like okay here’s our post Name um we got spamzilla It’s got hopefully spamzilla in the post Name but i actually wasn’t trying to Rank for that so it wasn’t in there um But since then we’ve added others here’s One for lift affiliate program you’ll Notice that in the url For our ranking it says uber lyft Affiliate program okay so that’s good That’s something you want now often Times when you’re doing this stuff with Expired domains or auction domains what You’re gonna see is a bunch of old junk

Like this or not they’re getting fit That actually was a pretty good one for Uh the backlinks but sometimes you’ll See a bunch of junk like this html htm Or you’ll have a structure with slash This slash that slash this whatever and It’ll be like this big confusing thing Which You would either have to make new Folders or put a new wordpress to make It work properly so instead what i did Is i came up with something um That works well so like this for Blogprofitnetwork.com Download.htm all right right now It’s going to this junky old content That doesn’t even work all right so what I would do is i would go through with Our plug-in which is called slug voodoo And what this is going to do is when you Make a new page or post so let’s say we Made a new page we’ll do an add new page And we’ll call this um Let’s see that would be Simple sites download all right so we’ll Call it simple Sites Download now most of the time when You’re taking over an old domain what’s Going to happen is this is going to be Dead it will not go anywhere okay so What you’re going to do is you’re going To create your new post Put your content here make good content

You’re gonna publish it And then slug voodoo is gonna Immediately Recognize it Okay and i think it was under pages so We have simple sites download so now all I need to do Is enter in my link and we’re going to Put it in with just whatever’s after the Slash okay so i’m going to do That where do we go So i’m going to do Pages And i’m going to do the big link But then i’m going to do After the slash i don’t know if we Include the slash let’s see It’s brand new plug-in but it’s pretty Cool so we’re going to go through and Take a look at what we have here Hopefully our internet’s going good Okay so we’re gonna do Uh simple sites download and then we’ll Put that in It looks like you do need the slash so We’re gonna do slash Download.htm Check boom what that’s gonna do Is if there was no page here and take it Over but Since there’s a page there it’s not but What that’s gonna do is it’s actually Going to send them to Whatever page it is you want right so

Let’s say it was slash Products this is where it really comes In handy slash products Slash Online slash 1234.php This is something that’s very common With lots of sites it’ll be like this Big thing where it’s like oh man that Link is huge i would have to create a Folder another folder install wordpress And then have this thing but instead i’m Now running it With regular wordpress right so now i Can go to blogprofitnetwork.com Slash Products online one two three four dot Php and bada bing bada boom now it links To my refund page or whatever it is i Want right how many guys are like dude That is pretty darn cool because now It’s allowing you To take the value of that link And put it to your new content Okay does that make sense to everyone That is why I rank for spamzilla because i bought Spamzilla.com Which a bunch of people link to And boom i’m just redirecting it to my Blog post now this is a different type Of redirect which isn’t as good see how It actually redirects to the url Mine Actually keeps that url intact

Right see how that’s actually intact and They’re looking at my page this is Extremely important Because now i can go through And i can take my site that i’m building Up and i’m like oh wait a minute now i Can do this like satellite Boom i put it up i’m ready to rock uh go To another site because some of these Will have crazy link structures i think There was one we did Grantorprise.com this is one of our um Higher price domains and you’re going to See why in just a minute and it’s Because it ranked for all different Types of products right so now Look at this Set of 250 blah blah blah blah blah Crazy and then he’s got product slash This then he’s got product slash this so There’s all these different links all Over the place which have seo value Which I wouldn’t even be able to use like this Would all be just garbage But now i can use them and point them to Content and i can even point multiple to One content Right so if i’m like hey all these for The squishmallows Let’s go in and i’ll put download.htm I also want uh download 123.php And what’s going to happen is it’s going To rank all of them there and you’re

Going to get all the links and all the Value to that one post which is going to Help and when you use this when you’re Buying auction domains This is insanely valuable you guys dig That smash the like button we only got 106 likes we need some more likes or you Know i don’t know The lambo might run out of money or Something i don’t know what happens if You don’t get enough likes but at any Rate there we go um and this plugin is Is very cool because it’s going to track Everything and make it very simple and All you have to do is make the posts That you’re going to make anyway And point them to what you’re going to Use now are these plugins good Sure there is some value to these Plug-ins and we will have them um Available for you as well so what we Want to do is we want to make sure That we’re looking at these in a Real-world way like what is it that i Need because it’s really easy to get in Tangents and again remember Remember The key Is 97 percent having the right keyword The next key is looking at the data and Where the links were because if you can Understand where you’re ranking and why That is going to help you boost and grow And make this work in a really really

Cool way And it’s very important to look at so if You do want this i think we’re we have It set up um Go to seo plugins.net Seoplugins.net it’s going to take you to This page all you need to do is click on This button here Fill it out and when the plugins ready i Will email it to you okay very very cool Again it’s not ready right now so just Sit tight once it’s packaged like right Now it doesn’t have any branding on it Um i need to put branding on it and put An intro video and stuff like that But you’ll be able to use this in a Really really cool way and if you grab It now you’re not gonna have to pay for It later on on slugvoodoo.com it’s we’re Gonna charge for it but if you guys get It now smash that like button um you Guys can grab that and start using it And tell me how it’s working for you but It’s very simple right that’s the name Of the game is really looking at These urls Looking at what’s working and looking at The data like this one here how to make Money without you on your face 6 800 Searches per month Damn i’ll take that we went from a Number 99 to a 24. Haven’t even done much on it now i can Build it up even more and when you’re

Using The old auction domains let me just get Some i have a list here of those domains But i need my code So we’ll put that in there um and i’ll Show you some examples of other domains That we’re looking at and You know you just go through and you Build them out Which is awesome like that florida Domain we’re going to talk to you about How to use that um in just a minute Because i think that if you guys are Able to look at this and understand What’s going on you’re gonna start to Look at this in a in a totally different Way Um that’s going to give you Real world Info right so let’s look at this one This is one Um that we had available in our boot Camp which by the way if you guys are Interested in joining boot camp today is The last day because we start at three O’clock um so this one here Right it’s got lots of old links for Like ikea and stuff like that Um we had another one let’s see what This one was like This was for like stickers and stuff Like that uh what slug voodoo does is it Takes over the old slug so this one Woof secrets collections dog sticker

Decals if i want to use this on one blog Without having a bunch of folders and Links i can do that that’s what slug Voodoo is allowing you to do it’s Allowing you To utilize The old Link structure so products Collections Products Collections see this would be a pain i’d Have to have five different blogs here Or folders and i’d have to know code Instead i would just go through and say Hey i want This one Product gate and then what i would do is I go to slug voodoo and say products Magic dog gate boom i want it to point To this post Does that make sense It’s different from a redirect because It’s actually it’s actually the page Like when you go here okay if i do Products Gate It’s actually Showing it it never redirects Well i’m going to do one slash there There we go Right it’s never redirecting it’s like Boom there’s a page there it is right so What it’s doing is it’s allowing you to Take control of that link and get all

The backlinks and if you want this just Go to Uh seoplugins.net It’ll take you here click the button put Your name and email you’ll get that and You can start using the plugin As soon as i have it available for you I’m guessing a day or two um i just have To add all the stuff but what you’re Going to see is that this is going to Come in handy with a lot of stuff that You do Because oftentimes sites aren’t made The way that we make them right like Here’s one that’s amazing Um Silver farmhouse Okay this one has lots of good rankings But again the structure is not Completely perfect for what i’m trying To do so i would either need to know Coding or i’d have to put a blog folder There a category folder and then a blog Folder and then a page folder and then 13. like oh my gosh are you kidding me I’ve been doing this 22 years and that’s Still a complete and utter pain in the Butt Instead i just go over here and i’m like Boom Boom there it is no folders no code no Nothing Instant content for something that’s Ranking right now right and you’re like

Okay so like pocket dog gate that’s Ranking magic dog gate it was ranking Number 18. I put my content up i’m ranking boom Right now right now there we are we’re Ready to go and what this allows me to Do is take my domains whether they’re my Domains whether i buy them at auction Whether they’re expired domains and it’s Allowing me To control My content and control what i’m doing Right so like if i look at Let’s say we want to do My journey This is one i got At uh auction So we got make money as a great cook This one actually the link structure on This is pretty okay but again some of Them i might want to combine Uh disease collections There we go so this would work for that Um and on and on we go and again these Are the domains like if you signed up For high ticket niches and you wanted This one which is how to make money with All these crazy things That’s a pretty solid one it’s it’s got Rankings it ranked yesterday for some Terms it ranks right now and again all We would need to do is build it up use The plugin to take over the stuff that’s That’s a pain

Boom there we go We’re ready to go okay you guys get it Are you guys like oh okay i see how it Works this is pretty cool and actually i Developed this for my high ticket niche People because when you guys get a high Ticket niche we need to build this stuff In a way that works and we need to get It to where you can utilize the links And i noticed that on some of the Domains i buy i’m like wait a minute we Can’t really utilize these so now we can Right and it’s very very important Because now I can use this product slash this now my My site builder can go in and be like Boom there you go And that is the name of the game like When you look at Some of our students They’re getting killer results because They’re just following the plan but like This slash pdf All right well i would either make a pdf Which i can’t monetize or Watch this ladies and gentlemen follow Along with your old buddy marcus here Because This is about to get cool because some Of them you got a million links to an Image i can’t do much with the name what Am i gonna put an image up and put a Link on the image that says click here To buy my thing so i can get a quarter

No i’m gonna go in i’m gonna take over Those links and i’m gonna be like hey i Don’t wanna send you to a pdf I wanna send you to my post And boom How do you like them apples right now It’s going to go through and it’s going To make it work and we got to get rid of The link i always keep typing 2 in there There we go Now i don’t need a pdf and guys this is Insanely valuable if you understand it Because there was one site We did for A high ticket niche guy it was paint Ball gun Manuals And this was all manuals for paintball Guns and i’m like okay everyone’s Linking to the pdfs Which is a pain in the butt i can’t do Anything with it so what am i gonna do What am i gonna do here well Okay we got this stuff but then we had a Bunch of pdfs that ranked which were The um The things there and so what we did is We started taking it over and we’re like Okay now i can utilize it see now i can Get this traffic And i can put it where i want and all i Have to do i could i could still have a Pdf that’s fine But i want this traffic to go to my

Thing that’s going to help me does that Make sense to everyone Smash the like button if you get it Again Seo plugins Dot net if you guys want a high ticket Niche check out highticketnitches.com If you guys have any questions or Anything We’re here all week but I gotta Go because they are rewiring the Backyard office because the power keeps Tripping so there you go but at any rate I hope you guys enjoyed this smash a Like button uh subscribe watch the other Videos there’s a bunch of seo videos in The description And let’s make money online together Thanks for being here

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