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Get Paid To Write Articles – WikiHow & The $55,901 Article…

today we are diving deep into the business model of sites like wikihow and many others that are basically writing simple articles and making insane amounts of profit.

wikihow boasts $15,000,000 per year in earnings and the business model they use is super simple… write articles based on what people search for and run ads…

only there is a glaring hole in this strategy that leaves MILLIONS on the table… so wether you are looking for sites that pay you to write articles or you want to start a blog or a huge company like wikihow… this training will show you exactly how to make the most money with each article you create.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Fifty five thousand nine hundred and one Dollars from just one article are you Kidding me is this even real well ladies And gentlemen today what we’re gonna do Is talk about the wikiHow business model How is Wiki how it’s kind of hard to say Raking in over 15 million dollars a year With this business model how does it Work what can we learn as affiliate Marketers and content marketers and how Could we start raking it in Big Time Learning from the wikiHow business model Now guys we got a treat for you today This is a doozy I was up practically all Night well by all night I’m in my 40s so That’s like you know one o’clock but I Want to show you guys how this works I’ve been going through this for the Last couple weeks understanding exactly Why this business model works and what You can do but first I got something Really important here and we’re gonna See who can guess this all right we’re Gonna draw something here and I want to See who could get us this and the person Who guesses what this is is going to be The winner today all right so here we go We’re going to try to draw this here Okay and then we have this here Got our window all right and a seat here Okay what is that does anyone know what This is probably not but maybe maybe if I put an arrow you know on on YouTube if You put an arrow people click so there’s

The arrow talking about what it is all Right we’ll we’ll make it like this here And no it’s not a pie okay it has Something to do with automobiles we’ll Put that over here because this is going To be very important and this actually Leads to a niche that is very very Profitable so if you think you can guess It type it in someone says airplane Someone says lighting equipment no one’s Got it yet this is actually something Pretty interesting and something that The wikiHow site ranks for now what We’re going to talk about today is not So much The wikiHow obvious way they make money Obviously you know they go out there and They make content they make money and That’s what this is but we’re going to Talk about a way that they’re leaving a Lot of money on the table and a way that Little content creators like us have an Advantage over big companies now we’re Going to take a look at a bunch of stuff That’s going on here And for Chad Chad G uh steering wheel You are the winner that was my terrible Attempt at drawing a steering wheel so What we’re going to do here is we’re Going to talk about this and we’re going To go through and we’re going to talk to You about how the steering wheel article On wikiHow is going to show you how this Works now Cricket says can you please

Tell me how to work from home where I Can earn a thousand dollars a month well If you want to earn a thousand dollars a Month we’re going to talk about how that Works as well we’re going to talk about How to make a thousand dollars a month How to make how some people are making a Hundred thousand dollars a month or more So we’re going to take a look at this And we’re going to say okay so you want To make a thousand dollars a month let’s Break it down in 30 days that equals Just thirty dollars a day all right We’re going to talk about this this Method we’re going to talk about today Is going to blow your socks off this is Going to show you the real world of how This stuff works guys this is real Examples you can’t argue I think you Look at it and be like uh well I don’t Like that Mark this guy he’s kind of Funny looking and he’s always got a Weird expression and for some reason There’s a toilet on the screen here but What we’re going to do is we’re going to Show you how this works because you can Argue with me till you’re blue in the Face but you can’t argue with wikihow’s Results and we’re going to dissect that And show you how this works so smash the Like button if you’re excited we’re Going to dive in and show you how this Works how people are generating as much As 55 901 from one article alone and how

I’ve actually made over three hundred Thousand dollars from one article alone This is where the rubber meets the road Now we’re going to go through this Training and we’re going to bring up This list of keywords actually went Through and painstakingly went through a Bunch of keywords that wikiHow ranks for Uh over 500 of them and found the ones That I think would work really well Because here’s the deal guys You got these big businesses out here All right let’s uh let’s show you guys How this works hopefully our eraser Works okay I don’t think it’s as good as we’d like But what you have here is you have these Big businesses out here okay And these big businesses right here okay They have disadvantages now they do make Lots and lots of money okay but they Have disadvantages and the disadvantages That they have is they can’t see the Things that us little guys can see so if You’re the little guy over here all Right what you’re gonna see is that you Could go through and you could do a lot Better on one article than they can do On multiple articles and what we’re Going to see is exactly how this works And how you can use that to make lots And lots of money now this is very Important because once you grasp this Concept it’s all gonna make sense for

You so stick around whether you like me Or not don’t pay attention to that pay Attention to what is being said because What’s being said here is how to start a Business based on what’s already working Because what we talk about all the time Is the fact that big businesses and big Content writers and stuff like that they Have a lot of waste all right and we’re Going to talk about that but first let’s Go into the wikiHow business model and Talk about how this works now if you Want any of the notes from this video uh Any of the keyword reports we have some Of them available over at now what I did is I Took a little screenshot a little Snippet of one of the top ranking Articles that wikiHow has and that is How to make a video into an MP3 right This is a lot of traffic there’s a lot Of gurus out there that rank for this Word as well which is interesting Because that’s not exactly I mean it’s a Good keyword but it’s not exactly like The make money Niche keyword and you can Actually see what is going on because You know the cool thing wikiHow does is It shows us how many times this article Has been read so we could see this one’s Been read 2.6 million times almost 2.7 Million times for how to convert YouTube Videos or how to convert videos into MP3 Now what we’re going to do is we’re

Going to look at the business model here Okay the model is content Article info and then ads okay so this Disney thing here this is actually an ad And what they’re doing is they are Banking on the fact that you know hey Check it out it’s a numbers game so They’re banking on the fact that if they Get x amount of people to read an Article x amount will click an ad okay This is this is the basic number game All right so we’ll we’ll line it up We’re going to do some math Unfortunately my magic draw on the Screen pen didn’t work so we had to Improvise and switch around but what They’re looking at is they’re looking at Okay if we get 2.7 million people to read our article Okay 2.7 million people read our article About converting the YouTube videos MP3 Or whatever it is okay what happens here Is they’re saying okay maybe maybe three Percent are going to click okay so three Percent click on ads which is usually I Mean that’s a little high for a site Like this but nevertheless it can work So let’s see what that works out too 2700 One two three is that I get that right I Don’t know my eyes are old so I can’t See this A link here all right there we go 2.7 Million times about three percent

All right just to get our math brain Going here uh so that’s about 81 000 People to click on the ads okay and what They’re doing is they’re looking at this And you can do the numbers and take a Look at the business model and see how This is working because I think it’s Very important to understand where this Is coming from so they’re saying 2.7 Million eighty one thousand let’s say They get I don’t know let’s make it up And say they get 10 cents per click on The ad which I think in this market is Doable if done correctly 10 cents that Would mean that article made a grand Total of eighty one hundred dollars Again this is hypothetical but I’ve been Doing this 21 years and I know what the Numbers look like and I know how this Starts to make sense okay so we’re going To look at this and be like okay so I See that model now remember how I said There’s a lot of money being left on the Table and that is a fact that is an Absolute fact because when you’re doing Stuff like this this is where me and you Can do a lot better We can do a lot better because instead Of like Disney which these guys they Didn’t come here looking for Disney they Came here looking for information on Converting videos to MP3 So my job would be to do better

And play something there that’s going to Work if that makes sense smash the like Button and let’s dive into the rest of This business model Now when we’re taking a look at this we Look at Currently They are ranking for about 29.6 million keywords now this is Important because here we see okay a 15 Million dollar a year amount but here We’re seeing that ahrefs and even Semrush or sem rush or whatever it is I Always say these wrong right they’re Saying that the average value of the Traffic is about 24 million dollars They’re like literally within 200 Grand Of each other which is kind of Interesting so what they’re looking at Is okay we got 24 million dollars a Month worth of traffic so like 24 Million a month okay let’s take a look At this here because 24 million dollars A month is pretty big right that’s a Huge amount so we’re looking at uh 24 Million a month Versus Uh 15 million a year so we’re literally Like I don’t know a quarter of a billion Dollars off all right that’s that’s a Little interesting so we got uh 240 Million A year somewhere in that range versus 15 Million a year okay so that’s a big

Discrepancy and we want to talk about Why that is right or I mean obviously We’re looking at the amounts that They’re saying right like we’re gonna Pull this up we’re gonna show you Exactly where these amounts come from And we’re going to show you what’s going On okay now first let’s backtrack a Little bit then we’re going to get into The numbers and the data and we need to Really understand this okay so we’re Gonna go here And we’re going to look at an article Like how to write a check all right if We go to Google and we search for how to Write a check Okay what we’re going to see here Is a bunch of results okay how to write A check we got and then We have okay interesting so and we have uh now when we look at this We’re like Okay cool so this keyword What this means is 217 000 people each And every month search for how to write A check now that doesn’t include Subcategory keywords or anything like That which is probably where this is Coming up with their traffic amount Right we’re seeing here their traffic Amount is 5 million people so 5 million People have hit this page interested in How to write a check now I love this Example because I’m like okay how to

Write a check that leads to banking Making money credit cards being an adult Understanding how to like run your Finances and stuff like that so the Market here Is worth a lot more and let’s see here This here and I want to show you how This works because I think it’s very Important to understand Exactly how this is working if I have My Eraser here there we go there we go We’re going to go with the less camera Angle less professional type Set up today because we want to get you Guys the information this is about the Information not so much the presentation So what we’re going to do here is we’re Going to look at over here We have an article about check writing Okay this is our article about check Writing okay and what we want to do Let’s let’s do it this way okay article About check writing did I do that right I did do that right okay now what we’re Going to do is we’re going to look at All the things That check writing could possibly link To okay so maybe we’ll have like bank Account and maybe there’s like a bank Account there we go that’s a b a bank Account affiliate program or a credit Card or loans or maybe there’s like a Course on how to do finances or whatever It is okay and what we’re going to do is

We’re going to take this which is easy And cheap right this is why the wikiHow Business model works because this Traffic is easy to get then we’re going To flip them to the stuff that pays us a Lot of money right does that make sense This is what I call flipping the market If we can take people That are looking for how to write a Check and we can put them to you know How to open a bank account here’s a Credit card here’s this here’s that then We can make this work very very very Important in a very good way so what We’re going to do here is we’re going to Take a look and say okay How to write a check they show you how To write a check and then they have ads Okay right here we can see There is an eHarmony ad that shows up Now It’s important to note again eHarmony Has nothing to do with writing checks Unless you plan on dating someone and Writing them checks which hey sometimes In the dating world that does happen not Advise don’t do that you know run your Stuff a little bit smarter than that but We’re going to look at this and say well This doesn’t really have a lot to do With writing a check Okay so what if we can do better what if We can understand how it’s working now Let’s take a look at this again we’re

Going to do a broad scope overview of How wikiHow works and how you can start Writing articles for money I even went So far to show you guys if you’re out There and you just want to make money I’m going to show you how to get paid to Write articles okay very important now Sharon says are you suggesting we write Articles on wikiHow I am not I’m Suggesting we learn from the business Model now let’s take a look at this okay With wikiHow this is according to Inc Ink share or something like that what is It let me let me find out the site so You guys can find it too ink Um ink fact okay so ink fact has a Little breakdown on the wikiHow business Model and it’s saying that it’s making Between 15 and 16 million dollars a year For quite some time which is pretty good Right so we’re like okay here we have This we have what we know is a constant The constant is wikiHow Is making 16 million dollars a year okay 15 to 16 million a year okay so that is Our constant That is something you cannot argue with WikiHow is making that money that’s What’s going on it is a fact game over They win but we can win also and I’m Going to show you how that works now When we look at this we’re like okay Pretty cool now Wiki out also boasts That they have like 250

000 articles on their site now I did the Math 15 million dollars divided by 250 000 articles it means that the average Article Is bringing in about 67 a year all right So like if you want to write articles And get paid 67 dollars That could work but I want you to Realize that this is what it looks like Okay What it’s going to look like is this and You’re going to see the example of this On your sites on wikiHow site and lots Of other sites what you are going to see Is that yes the average here Is let’s do it this way 67 Per year per article okay sixty seven Thousand dollars per year per article But what you’re going to notice is that There is the 90 10 rule the 90-10 rule says 90 of your Articles 90 of your effort Is not going to make the most money what You are going to see is that 10 of your Effort is going to make the majority of The money so if they have 250 000 articles chances are 25 000 or less are what’s producing the 15 Million right does that make sense to Everyone type 90 10 if you guys get it I Want you guys to understand this because It’s extremely important when we Understand this then what we’re going to Do is something very important

We’re going to go out there and we’re Going to figure out what the 90 is Right because I don’t want to do the Waste I don’t want to have a bunch of Employees I don’t want to average 67 per Article no I want to go out there and Focus on things that I know will work Now when we go through this and we look At the keywords that wikiHow ranks for Okay these are some that I like and Again remember that steering wheel in The beginning that’s what we’re going to Talk about here the steering wheel one Steering wheel cleaner has a very low Difficulty rate Gets 300 000 searches a month And leads into stuff that pays Us big Money okay are you starting to get this Type aha if you’re like okay I’m getting This I have an aha moment this makes Sense to me okay because what we can do Is I can say wait a minute do I want to Rank for coin flip like that’s that’s The number one on this list on this list That I came up with coin flip is number One so we look at this and we’re like Okay so they do rank for coin flip all Right uh let’s see here I’m gonna bring This up and I want you guys to Understand this I want you guys to get Exactly how this stuff works okay So coin flip We have let’s see wikiHow let’s do how To flip a coin or something like that

Okay there we go so how to flip a coin We have a video here which uh wikiHow Also has a video channel that gets quite A few views Um and all they’re doing is converting Their articles into like slideshow Presentations super easy like I said This business model is super easy and This training is designed to show you How this works as a whole so that all The other stuff makes sense to you like When you look at YouTube automation or Um you know blogging or article writing All the people talking about this stuff You’re going to learn a lot in this Training to understand how it works so How to coin flip Okay how to flip a coin now this traffic Here let’s see what kind of ads show up It looks like ads that are following me Around okay this particular article Has 238 000 views so we’re going to look At this and be like okay 238 000 views That’s one of their top is that one of The 90 percenters probably not okay so What we want to do is we want to figure Out what we can use and when we do this What we’re going to do in just a minute I’m going to show you some sites that’ll Pay you to write articles so don’t worry If you’re here for the article stuff we Will show you that but I want to show You instead of getting paid a hundred Dollars to write an article how to get

Paid big money to write article if you Want to learn how to make big money Writing articles but you know you have To take the risk because you’re writing It yourself and you’re you’re not going To get paid until the the revenue comes In from other streams so we’re going to Show you this for those that want to go Write articles for 100 bucks each we got You covered for those that want to go Out there and make a business we’re Going to show you how that works in a Real world way okay so What we’re going to do here is we’re Going to look at the structure and we’re Going to look at what’s going on so they Got 2.29 million keywords ranking okay We looked at their article structure of How to clean a steering wheel and we’re Going to look at some competitors so Here we have wikiHow we have competitors Here which are like Um Master Class you got wondershare how to Geek uh handyman SF Gate a lot of people Are getting it on this this is something That newspapers get in on as well and I Want to show you how it works on a grand Scale okay because these guys are doing A big scale you look at this one here their traffic value is six Million dollars a month who called me From this phone number is one of their Top ranking ones you got weather you got

A horoscope phone lookup so we want to Look at how this works elliptical Machine why in the world would a Newspaper rank for elliptical machine Well we’re going to show you sit tight This is very important here’s another One here The which is a huge media Outlet making millions and millions of Dollars each and every year with Content-based sites okay they started as A magazine publisher magazines aren’t as Popular as they were before the internet And so they they pivoted a little bit You could see some of the stuff they Rank for uh feng shui snake plant a Bidet attachment all kinds of stuff okay Very important some other competitors Here we have how to geek five million Dollars uh worth of traffic we could see All kinds of different things here that They’re ranking for we have uh Wondershare Which is a software company again we’re Noticing the video to MP3 uh different Effects how to do different things all Kinds of stuff here okay again this is Going to come full circle so if you’re Paying attention make sure you’re paying Attention because this is going to come Full circle at the end you’re going to Be like oh I get it and I didn’t get it Before okay here we go again We have

Um gardening know-how this is specific For gardening stuff okay lots and lots Of traffic 3.8 million dollars a month In traffic we got Um Live Strong this one’s been around For years uh Live Strong I think it’s Like a Lance Armstrong I’m not sure Though Might be something else But what we’re seeing here They rank for rowing machine how many Calories should I burn in a day What is your body lacking when you get Certain things smoothie recipes And on and on we go again what you’re Going to look at here is there’s a 90 10 Rule all right up here rowing machine That’s a Zinger of a keyword right like You look at rowing machine that’s Already in a market that makes a lot of Money but when we look at something like You know maybe how to cook ground turkey Yeah it’s not that big then that’s not That profitable okay so what we want to Do is we want to look at this and be Like wait a minute okay what can I get Traffic for and how can I make this work If you’re digging this smash that like Button let’s get those likes over a Hundred because I want to know you guys Are liking this stuff because we got a Doozy coming up all right so what we’re Going to do is we’re going to start to Look at this and be like okay I’m

Getting the idea this company is out There they’re making millions and Millions of dollars 15 million a year Are you look at that if you want to make A hundred thousand dollars a year okay That means in the Wikipedia or wikiHow Business model Just in the traffic this site has a loan There is room for 150 people to make a Hundred thousand dollars a year Think about that for a minute so like 150 people can figure out what they’re Doing and and make it work for them and Make a hundred grand a year now again of Course we got to do the disclaimer and To do the disclaimer let’s get the money Hat right the results are not typical Implied or guaranteed we don’t know what You’re going to make the average person Trying to make money online makes Nothing but when you look at this and You start to understand wait a minute so You’re telling me two things one you’re Telling me the wikiHow business model is Leaving a lot of money on the table yeah These big businesses are leaving a ton Of cash on the table you’re also Telling me that within this business Model within the traffic that this site Gets there’s over room for over 150 People just at the current Revenue model For 150 people to make a hundred Thousand dollars a year yes how many of You guys if you made 100 Grand a year

You’d be happier than a pig in the slop You’d be like Marcus that is crazy I Would totally be all over that I would love to do that okay and let’s Talk about how this works first of all If you want to go out there and write Articles and get paid per article you Can take a look go to Google type in Sites that pay to write articles you Look for them I found a couple for you Freelance mom is known to pay 75 to 100 Per article transitions abroad is known To pay a hundred dollars an article Income diary 200 an article guideposts Airlines Alaska Airlines was one of the Highest they pay up to 700 per article Now in order to get to a hundred Thousand dollars a year you’re gonna Have to write like a thousand articles At a hundred bucks an article now you Can do that there’s plenty of people who Do that however I think there is a Better way to make this work I think There’s a better way to make money than Going out there and and you know making Your fingers and brain tired writing Articles all day to hope that this stuff Works and the better way is to dissect The business model again let’s take a Look at this business model like wikiHow Is it’s a brilliant business model it’s A very smart business model Um it’s one that’s used by many Different places and what we want to do

Now Is talk to you about the difference Between an article site paying you money And you making money on your own article Why did wikiHow work well it worked Because they took a risk and said we’re Going to create content even though We’re not getting paid today because far Too many people They want to get paid today and this is The difference between your future bank Account And your later and and your bank account Now if I go over to you and I say hey Buddy I’m gonna give you a hundred bucks for One article okay you get your hundred Dollars you put it in your pocket And you go on your Merry way and you’re Like yeah I made a hundred dollars today Tomorrow guess what you got to wake up Again and make some more money tomorrow Because a hundred bucks it’s already in Your pocket’s already gone the article’s Already written but the question I have Is is why would these companies up here Pay you to write articles Why why would they do that well because They know that they’re going to give you A hundred bucks and based on the Averages even if they’re looking at the WikiHow example where each article is Making an average of 67 a year Okay by year two they’re already making

Profit on your article now of course the 9010 rule is going to come into play 10 Of the articles are going to be zingers And make a lot of money so we need to Understand this and this is how we Improve on the business model because What we want is not the hundred dollars Now is there anyone who wants that if You guys want that here’s a list of Sites you could go to and you can write Uh we got Alaska Airlines guideposts Chicken Soup for the Soul e-commerce Insiders I work well iwriter higher Riders or rev right you could go over There you could get your 100 or 200 Bucks right now Writing articles again some of them your Article has to get accepted so you might Not even get paid on those but what We’re looking at is instead of our 200 Today because everyone will go to work For money today everyone will everyone I Find is like hey you want to make money Today yeah go to work here’s your money See you later okay then you get fired or Furloughed or laid off and you’re out What I want to do is I want to forego Today’s money all right I’m not going to Take it I’m gonna put it over there I Want to put money in my future bank Account and when you put money in your Future bank account the way that it Works is simple because instead of you Going out there and saying you know what

Buddy I want to make x amount right and Again here’s that list for you but Instead of going out there and saying Hey I want to make x amount what we’re Going to do is I’m gonna say well ladies And gentlemen what could I do today Okay if I could sit down today you sit Down you say I’m gonna make a hundred Bucks I sit down I say you know what I Want to make one dollar a day every day Okay what does that mean if I make a Dollar a day every day so here’s you you Wrote your article Here’s your article that’s what your Article looks like it looks like a sock And you got your 100 okay and you’re Like yeah I got a 100 bucks I’m gonna go To the Olive Garden and get a half of a Dinner because inflation made the Olive Garden expensive all right but we’re Gonna look at that and we’ll be like Okay there you go you got your 100 bucks And you’re sitting here and you’re Laughing at me and you’re like Marcus he Made a dollar I made a hundred what kind Of businessman is he I made a hundred He’s got a dollar sorry as Biff would Say in Back to the Future sorry you lose But did I did I really because if I sit Down I take the same eight hour day you Get your 100 bucks I get one dollar a Day every single day till it Fizzles out Okay that means my same amount of work Just made I can’t write backwards

365 bucks a year And my goal is just how do I make one Dollar a day every day Can I sit down And write an article That’ll make me a dollar a day every day Yeah I think I can I absolutely think I can and this is What we’re going to do we’re going to Take a look at it and say okay well how Do we improve on this okay AKA how to Make 55 000 from what article now Granted This is a extreme example okay I have an Example where I’ve made I think 300 000 Off of one article but again it’s very Specific And you got to do it the right way Because what we’re going to do is we are Only going to go for traffic that we Want for example I went on the wikiHow Site and I found an article about cash App loans apparently I would never use Cash app but apparently there’s some Kind of app out there and apparently People want loans from this app now we Could see here that this one article On Wikipedia ranks for all these Keywords okay and it’s a very simple Article about how to get a loan on a Certain app Very simple anyone can do this is there Anyone out there that’s like yeah I Don’t think I could figure out how to

Write an article on a certain loan if You can’t then you know maybe you should Be doing something else but I think Everyone here can agree yeah I could do The research and I can figure it out or I can Outsource it either way okay So when we look at this this is ranking For all this stuff now what I look at Here is okay so we got what 8 400 1500 So there’s Ten Thousand Eleven thousand We got like 15 000 people a month Searching for This certain topic okay 15 000 people a Month searching for this specific topic All right now this topic leads to All kinds of money stuff that’s why I Like this one because we’re like okay We’re not just going after just any Traffic this is loan traffic and I don’t Know if you’ve noticed but if I was to Go over to like offer Vault or even uh The Google AdWords keyword tool the word Loan pays a lot of money right so if we Go over to offer Vault like this which Is where I like to find my affiliate Offers And we do the loan Okay you’re gonna see there’s lots of Loan offers personal loan pays 225 per Application 225 130 130 okay so cool so Of those 15 000 people okay you guys dig In this smash a like button if you’re Digging this of those 15 000 people per Year let’s say I get I don’t know let’s

Say I get 10 of them so I got fifteen Hundred Okay So I got 1500 people coming to my page Of those 1500 could I get two That’s a two all right well Mike we’ll Make that a two there we go two All right can I get two to fill out one Of these loan forms loan applications Yeah I probably could could I get a Couple to click on various loan ads yeah Of course I could and the name of the Game is I’m gonna write content based on Stuff I know I can get so we’re gonna go Out there And we’re gonna say okay we got cash app Loan a lot of stuff not too competitive All right here’s another one what is the Finance charge on a car loan okay that’s Pretty cool so we go over to our site Here and we’re like okay we got Um auto loan Auto loan refinance there we go so we’re Looking at that and we’re like okay These are things that we can use now They’re a little competitive so we’re Going to need a a three-prong strategy Here but I don’t think it’s going to be Too difficult okay Let’s take a look at this one steering Wheel cleaner now steering wheel cleaner Was the example that I was talking about Here how could you make a bunch of money Off of steering wheel cleaner well what

We’re gonna do is we’re gonna think Outside the box we’re going to start to Think differently In a way that’s going to make sense We’re gonna think about what can we do To get these people Into something that’s going to pay us Now here’s what we’re going to do we’re Gonna go over here And we’re going to look at cleaners on Offer vault Here’s something for laundry and Actually I found an article that Wiki Howard’s ranking for about how to get Mildew smell out of laundry 18 a lead that’s what this does Eliminate eliminate dangerous toxic mold From your laundry machine today like do You guys see how that works instead of Just running ads we gotta go over and be Like wait a minute so I could put this In front of them and and I write my Article I’m like hey guys you want the Truly free laundry machine cleaner That’s going to help you get that smell Out of your laundry boom there you go Right and we can go through and be like Okay let’s take a look at wikiHow And we’ll do Um let’s do keywords Explorer we’ll go To the keywords I’m just going to do This off screen real quick so that you Understand but how to clean a steering Wheel we can see here this one

Is showing you all kinds of stuff now For this one what we’re gonna do Is we’re going to look at it so it’s Viewed 128 000 times what we’re going to Do is we’re going to look at like as Seen on TV and I think I Didn’t I have it open here somewhere Yeah here it is as seen on TV car Cleaners right so what we’re going to do Is we’re going to promote this stuff This is going to pay a lot more money Because as seen on TV programs pay lots Of money right so we’re gonna look at This so we’re like okay this is how it Works and we go through And we start to look at each of these And say okay well how is this going to Work Okay we have let’s see yes it looks Clean I think so yes okay so for laundry Look at all the traffic Deodorizing laundry how to separate Laundry Um how to clean your laundry machine all Kinds of stuff one article same kind of Thing with the one about steering wheels And what we’re going to do is we’re Strategically going to place offers that Make sense here’s another one laundry Machine cleaner 18 a lead and oftentimes These are like literally Dirt cheap for the people like it’s you Know 10 bucks and we get 18. and if you Start to understand wait a minute this

Is pretty cool now Sharon brings up a Good question she says well how do we Compete against these big sites well we Don’t have to worry about that because Of the fact that the competition is so Low this is something we can rank for This is something you can do if you do The work okay because here’s the deal Instead of Being a big conglomerate And let’s see where there’s our eraser Instead of being a big conglomerate okay Here’s how you’re gonna compete because WikiHow yeah it’s a big sight great Wonderful good But what the search engines want is Something people want to read so wikiHow And other sites Are big huge sites okay So how are we The little guy Going to compete well here’s what we’re Gonna do okay we are actually going to Make a site About this specific topic Okay so I’m gonna go out there and be Like okay I’m gonna make a site about Different ways to clean your steering Wheel your foot pedal your windows Anything in your car Okay so I’m gonna make a car Cleaning website Okay I’m gonna go out there I’m gonna Find all the cool ways to make your car

Clean In case everyone getting this so now how Am I going to compete easy I am now the Authority In the steering wheel cleaner I could Literally make a site just about how to Clean your steering wheel Okay and we are going to do a good job I’m going to be the best Site about cleaning steering wheels that There is okay does that make sense to Everyone smash that like button if you Guys are getting this let me know Because this is the name of the game and It’s not hard to do we’re just gonna go Out there and be like okay here we go And I’m going to show you an example Where it’s not hard to do so what we’re Going to do is we’re going to take this Traffic and we’re going to turn it into Its own site if the numbers fit do the Numbers fit here yeah I think so I think These numbers fit with flying colors not Even a question and we’re going to pair It with articles backlinks uh video Marketing all kinds of stuff for how to Clean the steering wheel and we’re going To do a damn good job and here’s the Deal to do a damn good job in this Market I’m going out there and I am only Doing the 10 stuff that makes the 90 Money And guess what I’m gonna make more money Because I’m focusing on the things that

Are going to pay me that are going to do Them a service instead of having an ad Up there that shows Disney or at T that Pays Pennies on the dollar I’m gonna Show ads and I’m gonna make affiliate Programs and I’m going to put stuff that Makes lots of money when we look at this And we’re like hey uh finance charge on Car we could make a site just about Finance charges on cars how to negotiate Them how to use them how to refi them Boom now we’re in an art in a market That pays lots of money Let me show you how this works here’s Another one how to get a bigger butt Apparently people want bigger butts There you go now in this example okay There’s lots and lots of offers for how To do butt workouts there are tons of Offers I mean back in the 80s there was This thing called Buns of Steel and it’s Sold like crazy because apparently People want Tons of steel I don’t know something Like that but what we’re going to do is We’re going to say okay how do I do this Marcus I get it but how does this work How does this work in real world time Where we’re like okay let’s see if we Can do this without knocking into stuff Hopefully I think we’re supposed to get The new office next week which is Costing me a small fortune I just got All the computers and stuff for it but

We’re going to have a lot more better Training so if you guys like that smash That like button but how do we do this How do we take something like bigger Butt workouts and turn it into a site About the stock markets how do we Compete how do we compete with the big Guys well Euro buddy Marcus says if You’re paying attention if you’re new Here subscribe smash the like button Check out my stuff because what I teach You guys all the time is how to go out There and get a domain name that already Ranked for this stuff right so here if You were to take a look at which is Where I sell some of the sites you’re Gonna see is a domain I bought and I don’t remember what I bought it for I Think it was It was less than a thousand dollars I Think it was like 500 bucks or 300 bucks But watch this this domain If we type it in here Okay Look at this It already ranks all I gotta do is a Little bit better of a job That’s it Like it’s already getting traffic it’s Already working all I got to do is build It out and make it grow and in this kind Of Market how many of you guys look at

This and you’re like well you know you Look at the the butt or glute exercise Market and you’re like wait a minute you Telling me let’s let’s dissect this Market for you okay So let’s say we want to do uh keywords Explorer and we’ll do glute glute Exercise and glue workouts Because I don’t know how to spell Exercises so we have glute workouts here And you can see glute workouts we got 44 000 searches a month okay let’s let’s Learn how to spell exercises I’ll put it in the old spell checker Here all right so we’re gonna do uh Glute exercise so we got workouts 44 000 Searches a month we got exercises Another ninety thousand so we’re at like 130. uh get a bigger butt all that stuff Even more Okay so you telling me you don’t think There’s fifty or a hundred thousand Dollars a year in this niche It’s probably a couple million all right But if I just want to build and and make This work Again my goal is going to be take this Domain Build It Up Focus do a good job of creating content And go out there and set it up I already Have the starting point Write that get big it’s already A good domain right and we look at this

And we’re like hey check it out We’re already halfway there All I got to do is build this thing out And boom we’re ready to go and we start To look at this the right weight markets So you’re telling me The business model of Wikipedia is good It’s broad it goes out there and it does Stuff and figures out hey we’re getting Traffic right they’re getting a lot and We’re going through and we’re like okay Let’s take a look at similar web and Let’s go Um wikiHow Okay and we look at wikiHow and we’re Like okay wikiHow on similar web 107 Million visitors a month and they’re Making an average of about 1.0 like 1.1 million a month if you were To do the math one point Two million a month something like that Okay so they are literally making Less than 10 cents a visitor Okay let’s do the math here so uh 107 Million Over Let’s call it 1.2 million a month Is that right or no 1.2 million over 107 Million sorry did that the wrong way I never went to calculator School So we will try it so yeah they are Making on average Or at our eraser go There it is they are making on average

Watch this On average We’re going to take the math And we’re going to look at this because This will blow your mind and this is What average people are getting okay so They got 107 million Visitors Each and every month okay they are Making about 1.2 Million dollars A month For an average Per click amount Of one Cent There’s our scent one cent That’s what they’re getting Right that’s like literally nothing Can I do better than that Can I do better than that if I say yeah Let’s just skip ahead Let’s do the bigger butt Market The workouts are there the people are Paying for this stuff Boom There you go like I’m gonna go out there I’m gonna take my get big site I’m gonna put some content on it but am I gonna make money Right does everyone see that does Everyone see that and if you ever want To check out the domains I have uh what

We do is I buy domains in good markets That I know will make money and then I Sell them with content so like if you Get get uh that’s it comes With 24 pieces of content so we go out There and we start you off is it perfect Content no but it’s pretty darn good Like if you were to look at one of our Recent students Which got dog allergy Advisor Okay this is her recent site Uh this is all content we got her she Didn’t add any content yet look at all These rankings Look at all this traffic and it’s all About like egg allergy and dogs uh what Happens if my dog eat bird seed uh dog Treats allergies all kinds of stuff and Again what we’re gonna do is a 90 10 Rule let’s find our ten Okay Is honey good for dogs that’s a lot of Traffic yogurt so we got all kinds of Things here And all we’re going to do is Build It Up This is not rocket science this should Not create info overload right and That’s why we’re looking at this in a Very specific way we’re like hey check It out this is where this stuff works Right and we can go through it let’s Take a look at these these keywords okay And we’re going to take a look and we’re

Like hey these are all niches that we Like Um how to tie a tie that’s actually I Actually made money in that Um and it’s pretty cool right Um I didn’t make much it was a bet a Friend of mine was like you can’t make Money with that but I actually did I Made like I don’t know 1500 bucks or Something uh bidet okay that’s an itch That would work good I know something Fell over there scared me uh bidet Niche Uh screenshot on Mac how to lose weight Fast okay and we can look at the Difficulty and say hey steering wheel Cleaner yeah that’s something I can do Uh maybe I can go for Uh Spanish I like the Spanish one Because we can make a site about how to Say certain words in Spanish and lead Them to like uh Spanish Stuff how to Cancel Planet Fitness membership this is Insane like the how to cancel Niche is Ridiculous right we could do a site About how to cancel certain things okay And what we could do would be like hey You know what these these Banks make it Easy to cancel stuff right so we could Go keyword Explorer And you guys can see this stuff works There you go how to cancel Planet Fitness Paramount plus Spotify all these People they don’t know how to cancel Stuff you spend 10 minutes you sign up

For it for four bucks you cancel it and You learn how to cancel it and you Document what you did and make an Article or you pay someone to do it you Know Um all kinds of stuff how to fill out a Money order Um How to delete a page in word how to Lucid dream Um how to make friends one of the Best-selling books ever was How to Win Friends and Influence People Um very cool right I had to be a good Mother uh let’s see convert PDF to Word Get rid of so you’re gonna see that There’s all kinds of things that people Are looking for like double-sided Mirrors these are for people who are Afraid that the mirror is double-sided Right they like go to the hotel and They’re like it’s somebody watching me I don’t know are they watching me Maybe What’s going on right and that article Like that article gets so much traffic It’s not even funny Um how do you make money from dog Allergies pet insurance right you go to Offer Vault you look at pet insurance Um pet snacks or I would go here and do Like pet Insurance Pet insurance pays twenty dollars a lead

Uh dog food Dog food plan tons of ways to make money With that stuff and you’re like hey That’s simple that’s all you got to do That’s it we’re just it’s like when you Were a kid right do you guys ever Remember uh when you were a kid and You’re in grade school And this will make sense to a lot of you Guys Um and you’re in grade school and you’re Like okay check this out all right and You got this page In like kindergarten or whatever right And you had this page where you’re like Okay Up here there was like a fish Here’s our fish and then down here it Said the word fish Right we’re like okay and all you had to Do is draw the line from the fish or the Person to the word person or the Building to the word building and all You had to do is draw the line and That’s all we’re doing we’re like okay How to trim cat nails all right well Maybe I could do pet insurance septic Tank cleaning maybe I could do something With that Um and on and on we go and it’s very Simple all we’re doing is linking one Thing to the other and bada boom We’re good to go right so very simple And usually when I get more than one

Text it means they need something it’s Probably not though okay Um so there we go how to avoid a check Epoxy flooring leg raises and guys when You look at this there’s so much stuff That you can do so much stuff and when You pair this with what we’re doing with These domains it’s like oh hey check This out so like bonsai trees uh guitars This one was pretty cool bunny Supply Co This was about like bunny rabbits this One’s about fish tanks All kinds of stuff And you start to look at this and you’re Like wait a minute I see what Marcus is doing He’s basically buying Fixer-Upper Websites Building them up to rank for all kinds Of stuff We’re like okay rabbit pet rabbit Costumes rabbit supplies Outfits for rabbits uh nail clippers I Was that was very much like the nail Clipper one uh that this ranked for and You start to understand hey wait a Minute That’s it how to measure your hips how To build a house how to get rid of lower Belly fat how to season salmon a lot of People don’t know how to season that the Right way I like blackened salmon that’s A good way to make it Um or Dill hollandaise that’s always a

Good way to do that but at any rate at Risk of us being hungry uh we could take Other stuff right and you start to Understand hey wait a minute that’s it So like all I got to do is ask myself What do I think I could make is it worth It for me to go for a site like get big Butt like could I make ten dollars a day Twenty dollars a day hundred dollars a Day with that Yeah I don’t think a hundred dollars a Day would be difficult the traffic is There the the offers are there the way To make money’s there so all I need to Do is put these things together And bada boom bada bang Build it up and when we start to look at These business models what we’re doing Is we’re looking at like Wikipedia WikiHow business model or whatever it is And we’re like wait a minute so I could Literally just be the king in maybe like Compatibility or maybe how to swing a Golf club or maybe like the the pro and How to marinate a chicken or how to get Bigger arms and we start to understand That wait a minute these guys are doing The like throw it against the wall see What works which is what a lot of you Guys have been doing a lot of Internet Marketers out there they’re going to Teach throw it against the wall Hopefully something will work How’s it working for you

Oh it’s not yeah it didn’t work for me Either except back in 2003 when it Literally took no effort to make content But now you got to make some good Content so you need to make some good Informed decisions about what’s out There how you’re going to make money and If you don’t know the answers to those Questions then you’re not an affiliate Marketer you need to know the answer to What am I going to do how am I going to Make this work how am I going to make Money with how to draw a graduation cap Or how to make vinegar okay now this one How to make alkaline water oh hell yeah That one I can get all over that because Now I’m looking at how to make alkaline Water Okay And I’m like wait a minute this links to Water purifiers Boom there you go and these are the kind Of niches I find all the time in my Program at high ticket right Over there there it is down there right Um and there is where you could go and And we’ll find your Niche we’ll find Your profit method we’ll find a domain Uh we’ll set you up and we’ll work with You for an entire year to help you make It work but I want you to understand That the idea here is let’s look at Their business model because the

Business model is working It’s working and how can we learn from These businesses and if you guys want me To start dissecting other businesses and Show you exactly what they’re doing and How they’re making money let me know Because that is something that I I have Planned for you guys uh to teach you That stuff and if you’re not subscribed If you haven’t smashed the like button And the bell and all that fancy stuff uh Do that because we’re going to walk you Through how this stuff works in a real World way and if you want to get that Keyword report we have a small version At if you want the Big version uh check out we’re going to Start loading a bunch of keyword reports In there which is pretty cool And we’re going to show you how this Works and you can go over to to get your Domains and niches or you can check out if you Want something specific uh we have these All the time I try to make them pretty Inexpensive because like okay obviously I want to make some money uh but I Probably I think I bought this domain For 700 bucks the content is going to Cost me another 500 maybe even more and Then we upsell it and show you how it Works boom that’s how the cookie

Crumbles and you go through and you make It work and you can see this is the Model it’s a brilliant model right and They’re going through and working on What people are searching for and guys That’s what I’ve been telling you since The year 2000 actually 2008 is when I Started teaching but this is what I’ve Been doing for many many years and if You understand the model and you want to Do this check out We’re helping people all the time all You got to do is say Marcus I’m willing To learn I’m willing to see what these Business models are doing and look look At it because what they’re doing is very Smart and what they’re doing is on a big Scale and if we can narrow it down and Say I’m just going to use one thing I’m just going to use one and then I’m Going to rig the game by getting a Domain that is already ranking for this Stuff and then I’m just going to start To knock out good content for the stuff I think I can get and then boom there we Go we make it work so hopefully you guys Enjoyed this training check out for notes on the Training check out For domains and stuff like that and I’ll See you next time smash that like button If you dug it have a good one

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