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Find out how to make taking cold showers easier so you can take advantage of the benefits!

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0:00 Introduction: Why should I take a cold shower?
0:52 The benefits of cold showers
6:30 11 better ways to take cold showers
11:00 Learn more about the benefits of cold showers!

Today I want to give you some tips on how to take a cold shower for the benefits without feeling so uncomfortable.

When we’re too comfortable, our bodies weaken. So, adding a little stress, as long as it’s not overwhelming, can be a positive thing. A few other examples of good stressors are exercise and intermittent fasting.

The potential benefits of taking cold showers:
• Immune support
• Decreased inflammation
• Cognitive support
• Mood support
• Increased energy
• Increased fat-burning
• Improved insulin resistance
• Increased longevity

11 tips to make taking cold showers easier:
1. Start by taking a warm shower and gradually make the water colder
2. Rub the skin while being exposed to the cold water
3. Relax your entire body
4. Slow down your breathing
5. Turn on some music
6. Before your cold shower, do intense exercise
7. Don’t overthink it, just do it
8. Gradually increase intervals
9. End your shower with warm water
10. Gradually do portions of your body in the cold water
11. Do intermittent exposure to the cold water

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Thanks for watching! I hope these tips make it easier for you to start taking advantage of the benefits of cold showers. I’ll see you in the next video.

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