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The Ultimate Guide to Tag Management – Check out channel for full guide.
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And now we have our lead so we can jump Back over to tag manager and create our Tag so we can go ahead and click on Create new tag and then for our tag name I'm just going to call it the exact same Thing I've been calling everything else So I know what this tag is and then We're going to say Google ads we'll Click on tag configuration and we'll Click on conversion tracking and then we Need to drop in our conversion ID and Our conversion label and then go ahead And leave the rest of this alone so for Triggering here's where it's different From everything else that you've Probably done so far here we want to say Page view not all pages we don't want This to fire everywhere we only want to Fire it when someone hits this page so We'll go ahead and click on page view And we will click on save so now in our Blurred out Table here we have the trigger that we Just set up and we have the tag that we Just set up to only fire on the trigger

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