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You may be surprised by the hidden source of your acne, but it’s simple to take action to clear it up.

0:00 The hidden source of your acne (and what you can do to get rid of it)
1:00 One hidden source of acne is fluoride
1:57 Here are the action steps you can take to clear up your acne

In this video, I talk about the hidden source of your acne.

There are many things people do for their acne. They use creams. They scrub out what they believe is dirt in their pores. (It’s not.) They take medications, and so on. In other videos, I talk about high androgen causing acne, such as during puberty or if you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) — which is really high levels of insulin converting to androgen. By lowering insulin you can normalize androgens and get rid of acne.

Estrogen dominance can cause acne. This is why people take concentrated cruciferous products like DIM. They help with cystic acne.

But another cause of acne is based on the book The Hidden Cause of Acne by Melissa Gallico. She’s an intelligence analyst for the military and FBI so she’s really good at figuring things out. For her own acne, she figured out it was fluoride.

There’s a condition called fluoroderma which is almost identical to acne that comes from androgens.

Another condition is halogen acne. Halogen is a term for these elements on the periodic table such as fluoride, chlorine, bromide, and iodine. These elements are quite unstable; they’re very reactive.

You also have perioral dermatitis, which is acne around your mouth. Fluoride is the cause. It’s a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer and it’s crazy that they put it in our water.

These are action steps you can take to clear up your acne:

●Switch to fluoride-free toothpaste
●Use a water filter, whether it’s for your whole house, a pitcher, or for your shower. I recommend the products from Crystal Quest. Check out the link below. I don’t get any kickbacks, commissions, or favors from this company. Get the Smart Fluoride Filter along with the water pitcher.
●Avoid teeth whitening, whether at the dentist or using one of the at-home kits
●Be aware that bottled or canned tea, bottled, canned, or filtered water you buy from the store likely has fluoride in it. Most of the companies don’t filter specifically for fluoride.

Go ahead and take these steps, then comment below and tell me how your skin improved and your acne cleared up.

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