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Learn more about aging and how to support longevity!

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0:00 Introduction: How to live longer
1:40 Common signs of aging
2:31 The best test to determine how long you will live
3:58 Home tests for sarcopenia
5:08 How to increase longevity

One of my goals is to help people live longer, quality lives. So, let’s talk about longevity.

Of course there are common signs of aging like wrinkles, gray hair, or loss of hearing. But these aren’t actually good indicators of how old someone is or how long they might live.

I believe the best indicator to determine longevity is muscle strength. As a person ages, they lose muscle mass and strength. There is a strong association between the loss of muscle strength and mortality.

The muscles that are affected first are the anterior thigh muscles (the quadriceps). One test that is used to determine if someone has sarcopenia (muscle atrophy) is the sit-to-stand time test or a chair-to-stand test. You can also try the hand grip strength test.

The best ways to support longevity:
1. Take vitamin D
2. Do resistance-type exercise
3. Consume nutrient-dense foods
4. Do fasting
5. Keep your cortisol low
6. Improve your state of mind
7. Consume an adequate amount of quality protein
8. Take HMB (if you have sarcopenia)

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand longevity and how to support longevity. I’ll see you in the next video.

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