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If you or a loved one is trying to improve Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, it’s crucial that you avoid this food—do you know what it is?

0:00 Introduction: Improving Alzheimer’s symptoms
0:15 What is Alzheimer’s disease?
0:45 Insulin and Alzheimer’s disease
4:42 Fix insulin resistance and improve cognitive function
8:42 Learn more about what to eat to support a healthy body!

In my opinion, what you eat is the most important thing that influences dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. There is one food I believe you have to avoid if you’re trying to improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and that is refined carbohydrates.

Surprisingly, insulin is actually neuroprotective, and carbs increase insulin. If you’re deficient in insulin, your risk for amyloid plaquing goes up.

But this doesn’t mean you should consume more carbs. A high-carb diet is associated with high blood sugar, and people with high blood sugar or diabetes have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

When your insulin is too high, your body starts protecting itself against excess insulin, leading to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a deficiency of insulin inside the cells. It’s important to have just the right amount of insulin.

Refined carbs and sugar can also create brain inflammation. Not only that but sugar and refined carbs can destroy the energy sources for neurons and create oxidation and free-radical damage while also decreasing antioxidants.

This is why it’s key to fix insulin resistance. If you fix insulin resistance, the neurons can get the level of insulin they need for neuroprotection and to help decrease inflammation.

How to support healthy insulin levels:
1. Get on the keto diet (run your body on ketones)
2. Do intermittent fasting
3. Do OMAD
4. Consume nutrient-dense foods
5. Decrease stress

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Thanks for watching! Follow these tips if you or a loved one is trying to improve Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. I’ll see you in the next video.

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