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Simple Google Trick Makes $294 Daily – Instant Traffic Hack 🙂

here is an instant traffic hack i have been using for years to get super fast almost instant rankings for high profit keywords without even needing a website.

watch this google trick method in detail below:

how to rank fast in google

Secret Affiliate Traffic Method – How I Got (201,921 Visitors) Fast!

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

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Wait a minute 14 million dollars a month 2.9 million dollars a month 959 000 5.8 Million and they’re all doing what most People when they try to teach you how to Make money online they get the formula All wrong they’re going to tell you to Do something like this take a clickbank Link Put it on a free Classified ad site get a bunch of Traffic and make a bunch of money but we All know that that works about as good As leaving a jug of milk out in the hot Sun and expecting a cool beverage at the End of the day so today we’re gonna do Something a little different we’re gonna Take a look at some of these super high Income earning websites Reverse engineer what they’re doing and Find a solid way that ordinary people Like you and me can make lots of money But this is gonna be a pretty hefty Process so we’re gonna need to take the Lambo to the office [Music] All right so here is the real formula to Making this work copy this exact process For fast results first of all what we’re Going to do is we’re going to find top Income earnings sites in our niche now In this one i am deliberately using the Stock market niche because it’s Ridiculously competitive and if we can Make it work in this niche we could

Pretty much make this work anywhere so Let’s go ahead and take a look at some Of these sites over here we have which is the motley fool Website you can see they rank for Millions of keywords they got millions Of dollars worth of traffic each and Every month now what we’re going to do Is we’re going to click the back links Button on all of these websites and show You a little hidden secret here’s Another one we have here for All kinds of trading advice stock Trading financial insight stuff like That here we have and Which is popping in at 5.8 million Visitors a month now keep in mind this Is free traffic again when we talk about The formula that the other guys use with The clickbank and the free and the Whatever we want to really focus on what Makes money first before you start a Business a niche or whatever you need to Know How you’re going to get paid so let’s Take a look at how these sites are Getting paid if we were to go to google And search for something like top stocks We’re going to see a lot of ads here at The top And we’re also going to see some ads Down here at the bottom now i went over

Something that’s kind of a secret but I’m going to clear that up in just a Minute and since these are ads that Means they’re paying money for clicks to Their website no not sales just clicks And according to the google adwords Keyword tool over here some of these Guys are paying ridiculous amounts of Money just for clicks to their website But what does this mean about how you Are going to make money online well it’s Actually pretty simple if these Advertisers are willing to pay for Traffic in this niche and you can get Traffic in this niche then you can make Lots and lots of money so first off we Went and found the top earning sites in Our niche then number two we’re going to Take a look at their backlinks and what Is a backlink you might ask well quite Simply it’s a link that links back to a Website so if you ever go to like Wikipedia or something like that and They link to a website saying hey this Website has more information on whatever Or you click a person’s name and it goes To their website or whatever it is that Is known as a backlink wikipedia is Linking to the website which makes it Boost up in the search engine rankings And get lots and lots of traffic if done Correctly you can also see backlinks From different sites like maybe news Websites

Maybe there’s other websites like Directories maybe there’s bloggers or Guest blogging or whatever it is and There’s lots of ways that you can get Backlinks but we’re not talking about That we’re actually talking about Something a little bit easier and a lot More sinister and something that can Produce pretty much instant results wait A minute marcus i like them instant Results well good then listen up because When we take a look at these backlinks In a tool like ahrefs what you’re going To notice is that if we type something In like news right here And we isolate it yeah this same website Making millions of dollars a month is Actually pinging from lots and lots of Different news websites and pr outlets Wait a minute what Yep that’s right in fact if you search For something like top stocks as i did Earlier you can actually see Down here Top stories you can see that this Website actually dominates with three Out of four news results and since this Keyword gets lots and lots of traffic They are dominating simply by submitting News articles if we click here for more News you can see the motley fool yahoo Finance cnbc banking rates Forbes and on and on we go and step Number three we’re going to go ahead and

Locate the secret websites you can look At their backlinks and take a look at Where they’re at a lot of these guys are Going to use ap news pr web and other Press release submission sites now Remember if you don’t have a lot of Money there are some free press release Sites out there that you can find and Submit press release for free and if you Don’t have a website you can link to Your affiliate links motley fool Clickbank all these places have lots of Programs for stock type things now Number four This is very very important this is What’s going to get you results i’ve Used this for years to get millions of Visitors to my websites in a very simple Way but remember the results are not Typical implied or guaranteed this is a Business there is some trial and error There is some strategy i’ve been doing This 20 years and the average person Makes nothing but if you’re able to go Out there and strip out the lower Competition words i think you’re gonna Get ahead like crazy now notice how we Did like top stocks and things like that The way that i found that keyword is by Going to someone like which is A stock site i went to their organic Keywords right like this and then i went Ahead and isolated based on the lowest Kd number so i went over to kd and i put

It at 20 or less and since we’re using Press releases we can go a little bit Higher than if we were using a brand new Website and what this is going to do is Show us all the different keywords that They rank for that has low competition That gets lots and lots of traffic and Since these are like stock symbols you Could simply write a press release about What’s going on with the stock symbol It’s actually very simple take that Traffic lead them to your affiliate Links lead them back to your website and Boom you’re golden and you can see this Specific keyword actually has several of The websites we’re looking at now and And several press releases including one That was put up just 23 minutes ago and You might be saying yeah but marcus That’s cnn i’m just a dude in a backyard Office with a fake lamborghini well if You do a search for and your Favorite keyword tool you’re going to See that they rank for lots and lots of Keywords and some of these were put up Less than 30 minutes ago here’s one put Up a minute ago 59 minutes ago one Minute 38 minutes and as you can see These things rank super fast so having The right keyword with this method is Key and writing good content good Newsworthy content that warrants a press Release is also key then in step number Five we’re gonna submit the press

Release to these sites based on the Words we found in step number four Again remember before you do anything Make sure you know how you’re gonna get Paid Paid Money Then within our press release step six We’re going to point them to our Affiliate links or our website and Remember if you point them to your Website you’re gonna be growing Something over and over and over again And it’s gonna build and compound which Is key then in step seven we’re gonna Rinse and repeat the process and bonus Step number eight is to check out the Video in the description that’s going to Go in detail into how i use press Releases to get millions and millions of Visitors to my website practically for Free so smash that like button and check Out the video in the description

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