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How Start Dropshipping With $0 – Secret UGC Method (Free Course) No Ads / No Shopify / No Website!

here is a super simple step by step method to starting dropshipping without having to buy ads or use shopify or even have a website…

thats right you can make a simple buy link with paypal and generate UGC for your product. this is the real deal… ive been doing affiliate marketing internet marketing and dropshipping since before it was cool lol

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make sure you always follow the rules, provide good content, and remember that most people trying to make money online make nothing.

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

Hey guys it’s Marcus here I’ve been Making money online for over 23 years in That time I’ve done over eight figures With Drop Shipping affiliate marketing My own websites my own products pretty Much anything under the sun and recently I’ve been seeing tons and tons of videos Pop up all about how to make money with Drop Shipping starting from nothing and Since I’ve been doing this business most Of my life I’m able to spot some things That may or may not work some stuff That’s a straight up scam and things That are gonna cost you lots of money And Lead You Down the wrong direction so In this video I’m going to show you Exactly how to make money with Drop Shipping without paying to run ads Without having to pay or set up some Fancy Shopify store and with zero money To start this is a full step-by-step Tutorial that you can follow along with And start making money pretty much right Away now I gotta tell you when I was Doing research for this video I actually Went out there and transcribed a ton of Other people’s videos about Drop Shipping so that I could figure out what These other guys are talking about what Products they’re telling you to sell how Many of them are leading you in the Wrong direction some good things I Learned and my foolproof way to make Money Drop Shipping now in order to make

This work I need you to do two things Number one put your wallet and your Money away that’s right there’s nothing To buy Here number two smash the like Button if you’re ready to learn exactly How to start Drop Shipping from nothing And build an actual business now the First thing we need to talk about is the Difference between Drop Shipping and Importing a lot of different videos out There and a lot of different people are Going to tell you to go to AliExpress Find a product set up a Shopify and boom You’re ready to go however that’s not Always as easy as it might seem if I’m Gonna take this little two dollar Product and expect to sell it the Problem with using AliExpress or any of These different sites is the fact that This product is going to be sourced from China and other countries which means That two dollar product that you might Sell for ten or fifteen dollars is gonna Take weeks and weeks to get to the Customer if it ever shows up more about That in just a minute which means that No matter what you’re on the line you’re Risking your money hoping and praying That this thing sells and actually Arrives to the customer before they get Irritated and request a refund and while AliExpress can be a good place to do Drop Shipping and importing and stuff Like that we need to pay close attention

To the minimum order amounts and also How long it’s going to take to end up in The customer’s hand and in my opinion AliExpress is best for importing lots And lots of product and selling it Yourself from your garage or a Storefront or something like that and That would fall under the importing Category so if you’re looking to start Drop Shipping starting with zero dollars My recommendation and what I did when I First started years ago is to find a Good usa-based product based based Drop Shipping Company wait a minute what does That even mean well instead of going to AliExpress and looking for something Like car mount or whatever we’re Actually going to go to Google and we’re Going to type in something like gas Scooter Drop Shipping and what we’re Going to do is look for places like Scooter wholesalers Atomic scooter Wholesale Forum extreme scooters Blaze scooter and more and when we look At sites like this we can see that they Have a Drop Shipping dealer program what That means is as a wholesaler or drop Shipper you can actually get this 600 Scooter for like 400 bucks a net profit To you of two hundred dollars or more And the reason I like these companies is That many of them take Paypal which Means the customer can place an order on

My website with their major credit card Using PayPal I can PayPal my portion the 399 to the scooter company they then Ship the scooter to the customer and I Pocket the difference and yes this is Something I’ve actually been doing for a Long time and using a company that’s in The same general area as most of my Customers this is going to ensure a fast Shipping time and lots of happy Customers and that brings us to the Biggest problem in Drop Shipping what Product are you going to pick to sell Now it seems like everyone and their Brother is an expert on products so what I did it is I figured let’s look at the Data forget about what everyone’s saying And let’s look at what actually works And what has no competition and what you Can use to actually turn a profit so What I did is I took over 183 different Products that the other Drop Shipping Gurus are teaching us to sell and I Wanted to take a look at what the data Tells us about each product we could see Here we have something generic like Sandals and you have the difficulty Number now this number is from 0 to 100 100 meaning pretty much impossible zero Meaning pretty easy 63 meaning yeah it’s Going to be pretty difficult especially If you’re new and something like sandals Is not a super high profit margin unless You’re doing like some fancy sandals

Which again that’s going to be kind of Limited and we’re going to talk to you About that in a minute next we have Stuff like Nerf guns with over 271 000 searches a month now this one can be Pretty good however the action actual Nerf gun the brand is a trademark and it Might not actually drop ship for regular People like you and me that’s not to say We can’t go for like off Brands and Things like that we also have rugs Backpacks water bottles and as we can See most of these are way too Competitive for the new person to Actually get some traffic and turn a Profit we can see dog beds baby monitors Follow clava Sunset lamp wall clock tank Tops and while these do have a lot of Searches a lot of these are way too Competitive but wait what about this one That has a competition of six and over 9 000 searches a month well again this One’s kind of limited and when we’re Dealing with fleece leggings you’re Gonna have to deal with different sizes And different materials and all kinds of Things like that and the profit margin Again is pretty low as you can see here Most of these are retailing for like Eight to thirty dollars And you’re going to be competing with Amazon Target And other big companies another guy said To go for Croc charms which retail for

Like three dollars for a hundred which Again that’s pretty limited and the Profit margin is way too low think the Scooter example where we’re making like 200 or more per sale we got portable air Conditioner webcams automatic hair Curler this one actually might work Smiley face slippers again pretty Inexpensive but it could work electric Scissors sand sculptures Digital micrometers content creator kit Now this one I can sink my teeth into You’ll find out why in just a minute Busy book demating comb Skin tag removal that’s dealing in the Health Niche I’d stay away from that air Duster Lint remover But now we’re getting below a thousand Searches a month which means it’s going To be pretty difficult to make some Sales so if most of the things on this List are either too competitive too low Of a profit margin or too limited then How are we going to find a good product Well here’s what I like to do a I want To pick something with a good profit Margin either thirty dollars or thirty Percent that’s right I don’t want to Have to deal with a hundred customers Just to make 500 bucks I’d rather just Deal with two or three customers because At the end of the day it’s an easier Sale and I’m still making the same

Amount of money number B I want Something with lots of uses variations Or questions dealing with something like Leggings or mom jeans or water bottles There’s not a lot of uses or different Things like that you wear leggings and That’s pretty much the end of it you Wear mom jeans that’s pretty much the End of it there’s not a lot of questions There however if I’m selling something Like a video capture card A webcam pet products or something like That those allow me to make lots and Lots of content to sell the products Because I could show all the different Uses the variations answer the questions Or just entertain people while I use the Product so we want to make sure that Whatever product we choose if we’re not Going to be buying ads or paying for Traffic or anything like that we want to Make sure that the content pretty much Creates itself and that brings us to Number c It’s gotta be easy to sell we Don’t want any sizes like leggings or Shoes or shirts or anything that could Go wrong and we also don’t want to deal With weird stuff that could end Us in Legal trouble or hot water telling People about health stuff or whatever it Is so using these three criterias we Want to look at some of the products we Can use like pet toys treadmills or Balls or hamster wheels or whatever it

Is Fitness Products or workout products We want to think stuff that’s easy to Ship not like weights that are going to Cost more to ship than they cost for the Customer we want something easy yoga Yoga mats yoga workout tools or supplies Fun products like scooters hoverboards Different toys and games Power Sports Like little motorcycles or ATVs or even Streamer stuff and electronics like Video cards and webcams and green Screens like the one behind me and all Kinds of things of that nature these Kind of products are going to be perfect If you have no traffic you’re starting With nothing and you have no money to Get started so let’s say we’re gonna Choose something like a pet treadmill we Could see over here according to ahrefs My favorite keyword tool we could see Dog treadmill gets over 35 000 searches A month the competition isn’t that bad And we have lots and lots of other Keywords as well we can also see lots And lots of videos on YouTube about Different pets using treadmills we could See tons of videos on Tick Tock Including one that has a over 41 million Views 2.7 million and on and on we go All about dog treadmills then all I need To do is go to Google Type in dog treadmill Drop Shipping and Boom I could see all these different Companies that drop ship dog treadmills

I simply find a good dog treadmill then Sign up at PayPal or any other link Based order service that takes credit Card you can do PayPal strike or any Other merchant account PayPal is going To be your easy option then you’re going To want to go online and find a PayPal Button generator I got mine from Choose your button enter your item Number Item name the price you want to charge And your PayPal email once you’re done You can simply copy the link code right Here then all you have to do is share That link they can order the product you Place the order at the Drop Shipping Company they ship the product and boom You pocket the difference then you are Simply going to create user generated Content yep we are actually going to use The product show the different uses show Cool ways they can use the product for Different things and all kinds of stuff Like that we are going to create stuff For tick tock maybe stuff for YouTube Maybe we’re going to create infographics Or tutorials and guess what you don’t Even have to be on camera you could Simply just show how the product works Or link to videos about how the product Works and answer questions in an easy Way you can use your cell phone you can Use your computer or just create content

In a very very simple way or even Outsource it and the key is to go down The list of the keywords that you can Rank for this is why I had that Three-step process to finding the right Product because if your product is Limited you’re going to have a hard time Making sales and making content and if You don’t have money to go buy a dog Treadmill or a scooter or whatever it is Start looking around your house for Products you’ve bought recently I just Recently bought this webcam I could Simply make a tutorial about how it Works how to get the best resolution What the best settings are the best Lighting what kind of programs work best For it anything like that and I can Answer all kinds of questions and sell These things like crazy or this Microphone or my chair or my TV or Whatever it is as long as there is a Drop shipper that will send it to the Customer I can make user generated Content based on what people are Searching for around the product and put Money In my pocket and it’s very important That in your user generated content you Tell them to go to your website if you Have one or use the PayPal Link in your Description to buy the product and it’s Also very important that each channel is Around one product or Niche you don’t

Want to have just a random Channel or a Random Tick Tock all about random stuff You want to focus on maybe stuff for Streamers maybe I could do streamer Equipment like webcams and microphones And video cards and and video cards and Lights and all kinds of things like that That’s a niche I can keep doing over and Over and over again or the niche we Talked about earlier with an automatic Hair curler if we have this curler we Could show all the different hairstyles You can do with the hair curler then you Just say check out the link in my Description to buy the hair curler and Now let’s dive into some bonus tips the First bonus tip I have for you is to get Your own website it’s a lot easier for Me to have a website where I can have Terms and disclaimers and all kinds of Stuff like that which we should have Than it is to just send someone to a Random PayPal link plus if I have my own Domain name like get Or my hair or whatever it is I’m gonna get a lot more people to go to That link because then I can mention it In the videos rather than making them go To the description and find the link and Click the link and yeah you get the Point another tip is to focus on one to Three products to start don’t overwhelm Yourself don’t go trying to do Everything all at once just focus on

Something very specific and the last Hack I’m Gonna Leave You with which You’re gonna be glad you stayed till the End of this video and smash that like Button is to use the AliExpress hack That is where I’m gonna go to my Favorite keyword tool ahref semrush or If you want to do this with no money you Can type in the Hoth Keyword Planner It’s limited but if you’re on a budget This will work for you we’re going to Type in AliExpress and we’re going to See the products that AliExpress ranks For that get tons of traffic and have Zero competition Razer phone 2 card Holder cases 58 000 searches a month and zero Competition hey now this is something That just might work and using the AliExpress hack you’re gonna find all Kinds of things like Orbee gun That shoots these little And shoots these little Orbee things and You can see here these get lots and lots Of traffic RB gun Drop Shipping starting To get the idea remember this is a Business the average person trying to Make money online makes nothing so don’t Expect your results to be crazy off the Chart you gotta put in the work you Gotta make the content and you gotta Grow and the last thing I’ll leave you With is to always make good content that Has your users best interest at heart oh

Yeah and if you want any of the keyword Lists or notes from this video check out and if you want to Learn more about this method check out The three other Drop Shipping videos I’ve linked to in the description

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