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Affiliate Marketing Podcast #2

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Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough Has traveled over 3 million miles speaking to crowds as large as 17,000 while making as much as $47,000 in one hour!

He is only 1 of a hundred 10th-degree Black belts worldwide! He has been voted into both the Black belt & Motivational Speakers Hall of fame!

As an Evangelist he has preached in all 50 States and 28 Countries.

He has a Doctorate of Divinity, and a Ph.D. in martial arts!

He built a Team to over 1.5 million members worldwide!

He is a best selling author, the Founder & Formulator of the 21-day Breakthrough Challenge & the 30 Day Mental Self-defense program!

He is perhaps the most entertaining, enlightening, and electrifying speaker on the circuit today.

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