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rakuten… a multi billion dollar giant in the online business space ranking #19 on the top earning online business’. But how does rakuten use affiliate marketing to rake it in bigtime… why did they buy ebates and linkshare… what makes this business work.

and more imporantly what are 10 ways you can learn from the rakuten linkshare business model and make money yourself.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Rakuten the 15 billion dollar a year Giant today what we’re going to do is Talk about the cash back business model Affiliate marketing and how Rakuten got Started and now makes over 15 billion Dollars a year that’s right today we are Going deep into the business model deep Into how this works and not only that But I’m also going to show you 10 ways That you can make money online using What you’re about to learn today now I Got to tell you if you like online Business affiliate marketing and you Want to make money online you got to Stay for this entire training I have Been up practically all morning last Night and many days before prepping for This training to show you deep inside This business model and how it works now If you’re out there and you just want to Make money saving money on Rakuten and Get cash back rewards we’re going to Talk to you about that too we’re going To talk to you about how they make money How Rakuten works and the whole nine Yards now if you want notes from this Video we have them available at Downloadmynotes.com we have people Standing by to transcribe the notes so Those will be ready shortly if you have Not yet heard of Rakuten or Rakuten I Think is how you pronounce it it is Known as the Amazon of Japan now wait a Minute that’s a pretty bold claim I mean

Are you really the Amazon of Japan are You able to take on this giant business Model well today we’re going to talk About that and we’re going to show you Exactly how it works and are they giving Amazon a run for their money they Started around the same time so what Gives now if you were to go to Rakuten And you look up different cash back Deals like Nike coupons all right I Actually got a little Rakuten account so We can go through and show you how this Works you could see here that if you Were gonna buy some new shoes which Actually I’m in the market for because My shoes are getting kind of worn out so I was gonna go to Nike and check it out They say that if I use the Rakuten app Or I use the Rakuten website I can get Six six percent cash back meaning on my Hundred dollar shoes I’m gonna get six Bucks back hey that’s pretty cool right Like we like to save money but we like To get money more than that and we’re Going to show you exactly how this works We can also see here that it says if I Sign up for some kind of a t business Thing I’m gonna get a hundred dollars Cash back hey that’s pretty cool now According to what I could find the Information it said that in its more Than 20 years in business under both Name Rakuten rewards link share many Others um I think Ebates a lot of other

Companies they have given out more than One billion dollars in cash back rewards Wait a minute so this company with Affiliate marketing which she’s gurus And all this stuff actually is using a Business model that makes tons and tons Of money wait Marcus this isn’t just About gurus and Lambos with rented Helicopters talking about money no no This is a big gigantic business to the Tune of 41 million dollars a day for This business alone yes that’s right Ladies and gentlemen 41 million dollars each and every day so I think if you’re looking at making Money online if you’re looking at Cashback rewards if you’re looking at Affiliate marketing there’s something You need to learn in this training smash A like button if you’re excited and Let’s dive in even deeper we can see Here that Rakuten actually ranks the 723rd most popular website on planet Earth that means there’s only 722 Websites that get more traffic that’s Pretty big they get about 80 million Visitors a month or more They are ranking number four in their Category and the average person stays About two minutes on their website now We could also see they got some SEO game They got some keywords which we’re going To go over in a little bit we’ll also Get you information on where to download

These keyword reports and everything now This is a very important training Because right now Things are going crazy you can see that Dow Jones is dropping Tesla stock is Dropping which apparently everyone’s Freaking out about that and people think That we’re going into a recession which May or may not be true all right now What we got to look at here is this is a Business model that withstood two Different recessions the one in the Early.com boom and the one in 2008 and Soon to be the one right now now why Does this stand the test of time this Stands a test of time because this Business is built on saving people money And giving them cash back which is crazy So we’re going to look at this and we’re Going to take a look at what’s going on Because where did this all begin where Did Rakuten begin what was the idea what Can we learn and more importantly I know You’re here because you want to learn How you can get a piece of the action And we’re going to show you exactly how That works again downloadmynotes.com for My notes now let’s backtrack a little Bit There’s downloadmynotes.com right let’s Backtrack a little bit and let’s talk About how this works all right how does This business model work well in 1990 Hiroshi mikitani I think I said that

Correctly if not I’m sorry but uh he had This brilliant idea now I love the Origin story of this entrepreneur Because he’s a guy that kind of looks at Things the way I used to only he looked At it as a bigger picture which is why He has billions and I am still stuck With my smaller amount right and we look At that we’re like okay check this out What did he do well back in 1990 he Realized that the internet was growing It was big it was coming of age and all These businesses were kind of like okay This internet thing maybe it’s a fad Maybe it’s a joke I think it’s just a Bunch of people trying to connect Computers I don’t even know what it is And he went out there and he said hey Look guys you need to have a website or You’re probably not going to have a Business pretty soon because that’s the Way of the world the world is going to Websites and so he went out there and he Found business owners that wanted to get Websites much like I did back in 1998 99 I graduated high school in 98 in 99 I Started building websites for local Companies that wanted to put their Business online Now unlike me where I went out there and I wanted to get paid for my work that Day I was like here I built you a Website give me a couple thousand bucks Boom we’re ready to go that launched my

Business now for Hiroshi back then he Was like wait a minute I see something Bigger so what if I made a platform and I charged them a small bit so these Other guys are charging five ten Thousand dollars for a website what if We charge them like a hundred bucks or 300 bucks or a thousand dollars and then We charged them less for web hosting but It was all on our platform so everything Is going to the one space And this was brilliant I didn’t think That way back then I was still out of High school I still haven’t found my Brain yet I still I’m still looking for It but I’ve gotten a little bit closer Right and he found his and he said wait A minute let’s look at the platform Let’s look at the big picture and so he Started this and said hey let’s put all The businesses that were building Websites for on Ichiba Rakuten which was the big site Back then in Japan they were like the Huge site they still are and they listed All the businesses with the websites They built and bada bing bada bang he Was the source to go to because if you Wanted to look up your local business That he had managed well you had to go To his site And boom that is his sight in 1997 They started as MDM Inc when they were Building the websites and then they uh

Graduated into an internet shopping mall And I remember back in the day you guys Might remember uh internet shopping Malls were all the rage and I remember a Friend of mine had invited me to this Business conference and they had all These fancy cars outside and we go in And they’re like you’re gonna buy an Internet shopping mall and I’m like okay Well what what’s the gag here and so They talked about how many users they Had and and all this stuff and I did the Math in my head and I’m like okay all You’re doing is making money selling Internet shopping malls and that ended Up being kind of a bunk situation but With this here Link share And Rakuten this was not a bunk Situation this was a brilliant business Model and he said let’s make this big Shopping mall which is basically what Amazon wanted to do they were like let’s Make this big shopping mall where you Could buy anything from Little stands to Microphones to fake money for Guru Videos and pretty much anything you want You can buy on Amazon and that was their Idea and back then they looked at it and They were like that’s a lofty idea good Luck Jeff have fun selling your books And a lot of people didn’t believe in The business model much like this people Didn’t believe in it they didn’t know

What was going on but what he said is Look this isn’t just an internet Shopping mall what we’re doing is we’re Leveling the playing field so that every Mom-and-pop business can get online if You guys are digging this training smash That like button and subscribe let me Know you appreciate the work that goes Into these actually hired about four People to do notes I did my own notes And I had to revamp all kinds of things That was crazy but then I wanted to Provide to you a very very good Way to make this work okay so he wanted To level the playing field and say hey Look you can get online now at the same Time across the pond as it were link Share opens up shop now link share is a Company that’s dear to my heart back in 2003 I got started with linkshare back In 1999 I got started with ClickBank I’ve been doing this stuff for a long Time a lot of people say Marcus all you Do is make videos online well back then You didn’t really have videos online but Nice try So we gotta look at this now with link Share um I ran the famous tattoo website On uh linkshare platform I ran a Christmas tree website uh cable TV Website all kinds of stuff made lots of Money with link share Now in 1997 Lake share opened up as like A link sharing company hence the name

You guessed it Link share now we gotta look at this Because link share back in 1997 Kind of caught on to something that was Important And again sit through this entire video You guys are gonna get aha moments Galore if you’re willing to watch the Video this is going to train your brain To see things differently so follow Along smash that like button you guys Are in for a big treat Now link share And the beginnings of affiliate Marketing back in 2003 when the internet Was the wild west and you could just Pretty much put anything up and make Money right which you still can’t today People think it’s harder today I think It’s easier I’ll talk to you about that In a minute but with link share they Said well let’s get all these Merchants Together you got Nike you got TVs you Got computers you got all this stuff What if we made a platform Where the advertisers could come to us We go find all the businesses and Influencers and marketers back then they Were called bloggers and website Builders content creators Publishers if You will now they’re called influencers It’s a fancy name and you know people They think what they want but it’s the Same thing you’re providing content Online now back then it was very simple

And they were like hey we want your Website traffic that’s what we want And you can sign up for link share get Your link Share your link and get paid when people Buy stuff so it’s like hey you know what I am going to sell this little camera Thingy right here and it costs twenty Dollars and the merchant is willing to Pay me five dollars a sale so I log into Mer to link share I get my link I share That link with you saying hey everyone Needs this and every time it sells I get Five bucks now here’s how it works a Brief overview of affiliate marketing Again you’re gonna get an aha moment if You stick around long enough so smash That like button get ready it’s coming I Promise you’re gonna dig it you’ll be Like thank you Marcus I love this Training why isn’t there a love button Instead of the like button but at any Rate I digress all right how affiliate Marketing Works a brief overview First of all you have a website all Right there’s your website You put links on your website from Linkshare Commission Junction ClickBank Amazon click sales whatever it is you Want okay when that link is clicked And the person goes to the store and Makes a purchase fills out a form Downloads a thing whatever it is you get Paid all right it’s an automatic sales

Tracking all right it’s kind of like if You were to stand outside a store this Is hypothetical you stand outside a Store and you put a little sticker on Everyone who you talk to and when they Go in the store the checkout person says Oh you have a sticker we need to give Marcus ten dollars or five dollars or One hundred dollars or even more I’d Have made millions of dollars with Affiliate marketing this is how it works Like a little tracker very simple and The more trackers you get the more money You’re going to make okay very simple You guys get it let me know you get it Type it in the chat box say Marcus I get It put it in the comments say yes I get It this makes sense now that was the Foundings of Lake share and I’ll Remember back in 2002 uh I hung out with My friend Missy who started affiliate Summit and back then affiliate Summit Was like 10 people in a room and we’re Like Hey we’re affiliate marketers you Know when you had the coupon lady and You had this guy and and lots of us went On to do big things with affiliate Marketing and back then it was small People didn’t understand it people Didn’t get it but in 1999 Rakuten got it Their name in Japanese actually means Optimism Wait a minute pretty cool now Rakuten Saw this and they’re like wait a minute

Are you kidding me like we could Literally just send links To people and get paid Like like that’s it Marcus you you send Links and get paid so my job Is Create link from affiliate account send Link and get paid That that’s my job literally and Rakuten Was like oh wait a minute I think I see something Very important All right that’s a Serial optimism all Right 2002 they came out with Rakuten Points they’re like wait a minute so if We make a hundred dollars per sale What if we gave 25 Or 50. Back to the person shopping ah wait a Minute wait a minute and this is where Back in 2002 I was 23 years old I just Wanted to make money I didn’t have a big Picture I didn’t see what was going on You learn a lot of things you know when You’re 20 you know everything and then When you’re 40 you figured out you Didn’t know a darn thing but you’re Willing to learn which is good maybe When I’m 60 I will I will know like Three things but one thing I do know is Affiliate marketing and so rackington Points he saw the big picture and he’s Like what if we pass some of that back To the consumer

Pretty cool and so they were looking at This link share company and back then Here’s what it looked like right that is What it looked like this is what it Looked like ClickBank looked like this Right and I remember I used to run ads On ClickBank is as fun made lots of Money with ClickBank now in 1996 link Share opened by 2005 it became this huge Huge business and it was like wait a Minute This business just got bought by Rakuten So Rakuten they they were sitting there And they got money in their pockets They’re like hey we ain’t no slouch here Right we got our money and they’re like I think we’ll take one of these or 425 000 of these and maybe go buy uh or 425 Million of these thousand I don’t know You do the math and we’ll go buy And make this work okay we’ll go by and We’ll make this work and and we’ll make It happen and so they bought the company For 425 million Million Dollars 425 million dollars I don’t care who you Are that’s a lot of money unless you’re Like Elon Musk then it’s like hey hold On let me save up Okay let’s go buy it but you know he’s He’s busy buying Twitter or something Like that but at any rate link share for

425 million dollars they also in 2010 They bought buy.com for 250 million then It starts to heat up and they’re like Hey we’re building this business cash Back stuff we’re going to talk to you About cash back we’re going to talk to You about how this works again this is My wheelhouse this is the industry I’ve Been in for over 20 years now in 2014 They started up in the ante And they found this little company he Will use the little in quotes because it Wasn’t little and this company was Ebates and Ebates was doing kind of like This affiliate marketing cashback kind Of deal and this is what their site used To look like uh the earliest one I can Found was like 2003 I think it was Um and this is what the site looked like And it was like okay One two three eight Jets you get 10 or 16 cash back Uh one percent on Expedia now a lot of These offers if you’ve been around the Affiliate game These are like the known affiliate Offers like one two three inkjets have Been around since the dawn of time super Simple okay now why is this important Well this is important because when Ebates was bought by Rakuten for one Billion dollars All right what were they Well they were a place

As it says where it pays to shop online So they got paid or you got paid to shop Online and they got paid as an affiliate Okay now when they got acquired They had they said they have given give A look can’t speak today they said they Have given over 400 million dollars in Cash back to their users so if they gave Away 400 million bucks you could bet They’re making a lot now as of today I Think it’s Rakuten says that they save Or give cash back on average like sixty Four dollars per year per person now I Haven’t verified that but that’s what I Found They also bought Kubota Which is an ebook reader now I thought This was important Because it kind of ties in to the whole Amazon Play Like wait a minute So they bought e-readers they bought an Audible type competitor They’re kind of getting into this stuff Very interesting okay get ready the aha Moment will come to those who patiently Wait the reason we’re going through this In such detail is because you need to Understand how this Stacks up all right Even if you’re out there and you’re like I just want to save money I just want to Make money Marcus get to the point tell Me to push f569 and I will make money Automatically all right that’s not true

But a lot of people are looking for that The reason it’s laid out this way is Because I want to take you through a Journey to get the aha moment in the way That I had it now you could go and do Your own thing for the next 23 years Learn it on your own or you could pay Attention to the little nuances because This is gonna come full circle and You’re gonna get it now I want to talk about three things number One is the cash back business model okay This is known as incentivized marketing Some affiliate companies allow it some Do not we’re going to talk about how to Use it and we’re going to talk about a Step even Bigger all right you guys are gonna dig This smash the like button if you’re Excited uh next up I want to talk to you About reg paths back in the day of Affiliate marketing uh you might have Seen those offers that were like get a 500 computer for free or whatever okay Now the way that those offers worked I Will admit some of them were completely Shady and crazy but the way that the Ones that were legit worked is they Worked on what was called a reg path AKA a registration path they would say Put your info in to get this thing and Then they would show you offers hey do You want a mortgage do you want Insurance do you want this do you want

That the more offers you filled out the More money they got and the more money You got as part of your bonus very Simple so cash back incentivized reg Path and then rewards where they’re Rewarding you in some way For Doing the affiliate action all right now I want to talk to you about something Very important here and that is the Rakuten cashback shopping extension Yeah the guys know anything about me I’ve made millions of dollars with Extensions I love Chrome extensions browser extensions Toolbars everything like that now this Extension is used by over three million Users and I gotta tell you if you got Three million users using anything You’re gonna make money like unless you Like put your head in the sand or Something you’re gonna make money all Right so I want you to understand that Note that because that’s going to be aha Moment one when we get to it okay so you Can go to Google Chrome you can get this Or you can get it right on the the Rakuten site now you can see how they Work basically racket inside I could go Here I could type in like Nike or Something like that or I could type in Amazon Interesting how Amazon says no discount That’s interesting so they don’t give

Any cash back if you shop at Amazon Which is the biggest store known to man Interesting but they do have Adidas and Doc Martens and all this other stuff Very important okay very very very Important okay Now let’s go through and let’s take a Look at some others you got RetailMeNot Which is also a big one okay so we’re Gonna go through and we’re like okay we Got bracketon shopping okay now how does This work Marcus how does this work well Rakuten makes money through affiliate Marketing which I talked about earlier It’s a tracking you click it you get Paid when people buy it now When you look at this you’re going to See that on Nike and other programs like Amazon Fitbit whatever all this other Stuff you’re going to see that they have Commission amounts on Nike it happens to Be six percent cash back so I buy my Shoes I get six bucks pretty cool 100 Shoes six dollars cash back you do the Math now why does that work why in the World would that work That works pay close attention aha Moment is imminent That happens because the Nike affiliate Program pays 11 Commission Ah wait a minute Marcus so what Rakuten Is doing Is they’re getting 11 so I buy my shoes They get 11.

They give me six and they pocket five ah Brilliant but not only that Because hey that’s cool I want to get Six bucks when you buy your shoes But they’re also doing something very Important and we got a stick figure Diagram in just a minute that’s going to Make this sing for you it’s gonna make Sense and the 10 ways you’re gonna make Money with this are going to blow your Mind and I don’t care if you buy my Stuff or not buying my stuff will make Life a little easier for you but this Will work okay pay close attention all Right now they also have uh cashback and Scary good deals all kinds of stuff now HBO Max and BarkBox interesting so I’ll Give you 15 bucks on BarkBox and of Course there’s terms you have to buy the Right thing and stuff like that or HBO Max how do they do this well BarkBox on Offer vault Is available to anyone like you could go To offer Vault you can get BarkBox and You can be like hey check it out I got BarkBox and you can send your link to People and get 12.50 when people sign up Now because Rakuten link share is a Conglomerate gigantic company you could Bet barkboxes probably paying them more Then they’re gonna pay Oh Marcus here in The backyard office because old Marcus Ain’t driving a million signups a minute Or whatever that was a joke I don’t know

If it’s a minute it might be two minutes But we look at this and we’re like That’s how it works so they’re basically Just giving you a portion now again this Is known as incentivized marketing some Affiliate companies like it some don’t We’re going to talk to you about what to Do about that now here’s another one HBO Max 16 so I signed up for HBO Max I get 16 bucks it’s probably a free trial Probably cost me nothing Okay Now offer Vault says HBO twenty eight Dollars pretty cool so I pocket what 12 Bucks if I give away 16. that’s pretty Cool all right how many of you guys are Getting an aha moment smash that like Button let me know you want me to keep Going because I got a lot of good stuff Coming up in just a minute smash that Like button let me know in the comments Let’s cruise on down now We got some competitors okay Ibotta is a Competitor that was founded worth more Than a billion dollars says they’ve Given over 5 billion in cash back Refunds pretty cool and they call them Refunds but it’s actually just cash back A refund is completely different but I Remember back in the day there was this ClickBank refund program or whatever it Was and it was basically a cash back Thing and it it was weird but at any Rate upside is another one

Uh does some stuff on gas which is cool Upside was founded in 2016 says they’ve Given away 2 million or 200 million in Cash back uh shopkick another one you Also have the honey app Capital One Shopping top cash back Swagbucks and RetailMeNot now let me give you a little Hint About the up and coming Aha moment all right here we go here we Go get your get your notepad out because This is gonna be a doozy the hint about That Is the fact that like sleep shopping Check this out this is a Chrome desktop Extension that helps people save money You get 250 to give it away I’ve also Seen RetailMeNot at like four bucks and I’ve seen lots of others right so There’s lots of ways to make money very Very very Important okay So We’re gonna look at that now the Brilliant business model is this and Here’s our stick figure The Dread of affiliate marketing Is that you have to get people to come Back like if I say hey go to this site Order this thing and you go there and You don’t order I make no money and you Forget who I am Right you just forget that’s how it Works and we gotta look at this and we

Gotta understand exactly what’s going on Because what they’ve done is they’ve Made a way for people to come back hey If you keep coming back and you keep Shopping You’re gonna get more money like who Doesn’t like that like okay that’s Pretty cool like there you go now in Addition to that Let’s take a look at some of rakuten’s Keywords because I think we could see Something inside this business model and I believe I put a I believe I have a screenshot of it Somewhere I got a screenshot where to go It actually should I think it was on the Nike one it actually showed How much cash back they had given for Each program and I believe the Nike one It was like let’s see we’ll just we’ll Go here Nike there we go Nike It should say right here Um Yeah there you go so like on Nike alone Just on Nike 32 million Dollars Hey that sits a lot I don’t care who you Are and if you do the math if you get Like point zero zero zero zero one Percent you’re still making a good limit You’re point zero zero one I don’t know But it’s a small amount for a big amount And you could still make a living

Looking at this and we’re going to talk To you about those 10 ways in just a Minute now Nike Why is that important that’s important Because if you look at the keywords they Rank for watch this this is top 1000 Keywords That Rakuten ranks for let’s do Nike One Two Three Four Five six keeps going Nike promo codes 14 000 searches a month you got Nike Specific shoes 12 000 searches a month You got Nike uh Ebates 150. You got Nike discount code 24 000. how Many of you guys are getting it if You’re getting it smash that like button That thing should be over 300 it’s a Little sad right now help that little Like button out but are you getting it Like here it is this is the business Model In real life Nike discount code all right we go to Google And we do Nike discount code okay and Watch the sites that come up You got uh some ads Nike LA Times that’s Interesting uh RetailMeNot CNN coupons Groupon wired coupon follow coupon cabin Honey interesting it’s not an ad but it Shows the thing there and you’re gonna

See that this is how the business works There’s there’s Rakuten right there why Are they able to get over 70 million Dollars worth of commissions from Nike Or close to 70. That’s how Many of you guys are getting it How many of you guys are getting it David says he makes a killing with YouTube and Nike with eBay affiliate There you go right and and this stuff Works we’re not talking about Guru maybe Hypothetical no no we’re talking about Billion dollar business models and the Idea works Based on getting people back all right And you take a look at some of the other Keywords that they have eBay cashback You got coupons Macy’s home improvement stores they rank Number 13 for that Um Ulta coupons and on and on we go Right they’re not even like making their Own traffic this is all traffic that People are looking at Anyway are you getting it let me know in The comments below let me know in the Chat box and Now ladies and gentlemen Drum roll please may I have your Attention we are going to talk about 10. Ways You Can make money with what you just

Learned and if you’re ready smash that Like button let’s dive in here’s how you Can make money number one obvious Obvious you can Shop and Save money so you could go out There you can buy your shoes and get Cash back all kinds of stuff like that Pretty cool great wonderful that’s Obvious that’s easy you can make some Money depending on how much you shop I Remember years ago uh I used to use the Old Um The old uh mx1 card and I put a lot of Ads on the mx1 card and one year I got 10 000 bucks back I was like hey that’s Pretty cool that’s got to spend it Anyway and I got 10 grand back which was Great now that is number one that’s Obvious you can use these and if you’re A discount person if you’re into coupons You can save some money cool great Awesome we win number two This is pretty cool this is where we’re Getting into the good stuff come on down Let’s listen to some cool stuff here Number two you can promote Rakuten Rakuten However you say it right uh for normal People you can refer your favorite human Beings for money so if you’re a normal Person not an influencer you can get Thirty dollars when someone signs up for Rakuten and spends thirty dollars I

Think that’s how it works check it out And and see or if you’re an influencer And you’re gonna promote this and get More than 10 referrals you get 50 bucks Right so you’re like hey guys check it Out here I am I’m gonna show you how to Use Rakuten and save money and you can Get paid for that pretty cool 50 bucks I’ll tell you right now it adds up Really quick you get 10 of those a day You’re making a good six figure income You get six of them a day you’re making A good six figure income you get 20 of Them a day you’re making a thousand Bucks a day results not typical imply to Guaranteed the average person trying to Make money online makes nothing so all Of this money is in fact fake money but You get the idea right we want you to Understand that this is a business and How it works now yeah you can promote Rakuten and make a lot of money lots of People do it or number three you can Make an affiliate coupon site you go out There you make a website called Marcus’s Crazy coupons or whatever it is and you Can find all the coupon codes to help Them out link to stuff that pays you Money and bada bing bada boom there you Go pretty simple there’s lots of Students I have that make coupon sites One of them bought a coupon domain from Me a couple months ago they’re doing Really well pretty cool number four you

Can make a cash back rewards giveaway Site now again This is going to be the area of uh Incentivizing so it’s going to be a Little difficult you’re going to have to Get it going however you can promote Different cashback rewards programs You can see here Um Swagbucks pays 12.25 for a sign up Pretty simple you’re like hey guys use Swagbucks and get bucks For swag or something like that I don’t Know how it works but you can promote That and get some money as well Um you can also see Rakuten is on offer Vault with an insights and a sign up so Now the difference here is this If you’re up here And you promote this thirty dollars Fifty dollars all right these people Actually have to spend the money on Rakuten for you to get paid all right That’s a tall order Over here You get a dollar fifty when they sign up And download the app or you could do Sleep shopping or uh Retail Me Not get 250 per sign up how many of you guys are Getting this you’re like Marcus all I Gotta do is get people to sign up for The site spend some money and I get 30 Bucks or 50 bucks or just sign up for The site spend no money and I still get Uh twenty uh two dollars or or a dollar

Fifty or 250 or whatever it is you Getting it really cool let’s let’s keep Going here because I think this is Really really important you can also Make a cash back rewards review site so What you would do is you’d go buy the Stuff you buy anyway find out which Sites pay you the most Pretty cool or number six make a cash Back rewards Niche site right maybe you Go out there and you’re like hey If you’re a shoe person my mom used to Be a shoe fanatic I remember one year She put all her shoes on the stairs and It took up the stairs I go wait a minute Wait a minute you got way too many shoes You only got two feet what do you got All these shoes for but at any rate some People in their shoes am I right maybe You make a cash back rewards Niche site About how to save money on shoes and you Put all the cool shoe stores on there And you link to them or you link to the Apps that help them save money or number Seven You make an affiliate marketing portal Well Marcus what what what is an Affiliate marketing portal well I’m Actually making one right now because Yes ladies and gentlemen I practice what I preach and I do affiliate marketing All day every day that’s why I’m called The affiliate marketing dude and a cash Back rewards Niche uh marketing portal

Is where you’re utilizing the concept of Getting people back to you Over and over and over again all right And you’re gonna go through and you’re Gonna make this work okay So cash a affiliate marketing portal Is where you’re gonna make some so the One that I’m making right now is Actually it’s it’s for me it’s a day by Day affiliate portal so I’m gonna put it On the profit scoop and what I’m gonna Do is I’m gonna have links to things That I use every day so like every day I Use GoDaddy auctions I use a name cheap I use spamzilla I use all these things Every single day and I’m like I think That my students would like a page they Could go to every day and pretend They’re Marcus and click all the links How many of you guys would be like dude That would be super helpful like if you Could compile a list of the links you Use every day I’d be all over that and I’d use it every day type every day Unlike the song every day bro which is Not I don’t like that song but at any Rate right how many of you guys would Use that every day you’re like hey Marcus is just gonna put his tools up There and we can click on them and use Them But what you might not know is that Behind the scenes I’m going to have Affiliate links and I’ll disclosure it

I’ll say hey these are affiliate links And I could get paid when you use that Every day and how many of you guys will Come back to that be like yeah I’m gonna Use it because sometimes I forget links That’s why I’m making it because I Forget the links and just last week Namecheap is like you forgot to pay for Your auction and I’m like yeah but our Power was out three days and I just Forgot to pay it it just give me a break Buddy right and so I was out there and I’m like hey this would be a helpful Thing literally it would take me one day To make Literally I could get paid over and over every Time you guys buy domains and buy Software and get tools and all kinds of Stuff and boom now I’m off to the races And all I got to do is have that and you Guys see that I do that all the time uh With the site The Profit scoop Which we’re building out where you could Go here and you could click the tools That I have pretty cool right it’s like Whoa wait a minute so you just provide a Resource of links and and there you go So an affiliate marketing portal maybe I Have something for Remember to do this with your dog every Day take them for a walk feed them uh I don’t know whatever else you do with Your dog every day

Um throw the ball play the fetch Whatever Or maybe you have like hey here’s some Things to to check every day hey you Don’t check this check that whatever it Is and you start to understand maybe you Make a financial portal hey here’s top 10 ways to save money today get a Refinance use the add one card by Amex Use this get rewards whatever Or number nine Promote Cash Back Rewards credit cards All these people looking for coupons What if you’re like hey use this credit Card you don’t have to pay now And they give you a one percent cash Back or two percent or whatever it is Ah hey wait a minute Marcus isn’t that How you made like hundreds of thousands Of dollars with your gas rewards site Yeah that’s exactly what I did people Were like nobody with gas rewards wants To buy anything and I was like of course They don’t but I know they’re buying gas So like I don’t know last I checked gas Was not cheap And unless I checked people like to save Money what if I made a little Hub on hey Here’s how to save money with gas Boom someone says gas cards for RV Travelers there you go maybe you make a List you make a site you need this page When you go on an RV trip Here’s how to find your hotel here’s how

To do I don’t know my dad had that Sam Thing you have the Sam card and they’re Like hey you got a Sam card come on into The RV park and please go to the casino And spend all your money but you know I Digress that’s how it worked they were Like hey there we go Promote Cash Back Rewards credit cards And the creativity here Is what this is going to make work and Number 10 is to make a helpful daily Site which is hey what can I help people With maybe you’re in the Law of Attraction Niche and you’re like hey Here’s the top things you need to do to Manifest stuff every day or self-help Here’s the top ways to to help yourself Every day or football games when we Moved here to Florida we couldn’t watch The 49ers games and my wife was like Hey I want to watch the 49er games I was Like okay I got better stuff to do than Watch football but you like football We’ll put a big dish on top of the house And we’ll watch the 49er games and now We still don’t get them on Monday we Don’t get the 49er game unless you go to Some special Channel or pay Jeff Bezos More money I think he paid for the Rights to that and so we start to look At this and we’re like boom There you go Dan says a list on offers To lower your interest rates knowing That the rates are on the rise exactly

Or Grocery and cooking right I don’t Know if you’ve checked but like a basket Of groceries now cost double what it did Like six months ago or a year ago I’m Like damn man those those chickens are Getting rich because the eggs are now Six bucks I don’t know it is maybe There’s a golden chicken or something And we can make a site talking about the Price of groceries and how to save money Hey guys check it out today they got Sales over here tomorrow they’re gonna Have sales over here you can buy your Meat over at you know whatever this this Online meat place Omaha Steaks or Whatever and guess what ladies and Gentlemen every one of those companies Has an affiliate program which is why Rakuten makes so much money and I gotta Hand it to the the CEO or the the guy Who founded Rakuten Guys brilliant this business model works Like crazy it’s amazing Um daily deals maybe you have a book Site hey here’s the top books if you’re Interested in philosophy Here you go learning Coding making money magicians hey here’s The top places to go to learn new tricks Weather Health You name it now one of the things you’re Going to notice with sites like Rakuten And RetailMeNot and stuff like that is

That when you click and you’re like hey I want to get this Vistaprint sale What’s gonna happen boom automatically Sends you to Vistaprint Interesting so what did they do they Just cookied me remember how I said Affiliate marketing they’re gonna put a Little tag and they’re gonna track you Until you make the sale up here I talked About it somewhere up here Yonder right Get a little tag when you buy they get Money that’s why they do that That’s what’s happening right they’re Going out there they collect the thing They redirect you and they’re getting Paid you go to a record 10 and you’re Like hey I want to get Something I don’t know let’s see what we Want to get we’ll go over here Double cash back or whatever it is right And you’re like hey let’s check out the Deals let’s go to the old Target now They know you’re going to spend money at Target at some point and I think target Has like a 30-day cookie or whatever and They’re like okay well at T Boom hey let’s see this offer here That’s a pretty simple landing page Let’s see what happens We wait and well wait a minute now we’re On a T’s site check it out Ladies and gentlemen CJ affiliate what does that mean that Means they’re a commission

Junction affiliate They be getting paid When you buy the stuff And if you understand this and you Understand hey Marcus I get it Philly Marketing ain’t just about Some guy trying to Hawk a course Ain’t about that can courses be helpful Of course they can Someone says golf yeah you can make a Toolbar on golf you can make a page About God here’s the things you need to Know about improving your golf or what To do or etiquette on the golf course I Don’t know I I keep wondering would they Kick me off the golf course if I took The mini Jeep it just sounds so fun to Me to go bug golfers in the mini Jeep I Just think that would be fun But you start to understand You could do this for free make a PDF You don’t have a website go make a PDF Or make a website spend the money make a Website Learn the way that it works learn from Rakuten’s business model of Genius And start to understand wait a minute it Starts with a search And it goes to something helpful what is The value the value racket 10 is Providing Is sales for the consumer And customers for the merchant So what we’re doing they just found a

Creative way to do it and and they pass That on to the people And you start to understand wait a Minute Marcus this affiliate business is Bigger than you it’s bigger than all the Gurus put together even the fancy ones With the money and the Lambos It’s bigger And when you start to understand that it Gets you out of your head of well wait a Minute I can’t figure it out and some Guru has the answer there’s someone here That was begging for answers and answers And answers But the fact is you don’t have to do That the answers are in front of you What do you do you go find traffic People looking for stuff And you help them out And you help them out in a really really Good way and the Racket and business Model is so smart from the way they Started From like hey I’m gonna help businesses And I’m gonna make a portal Um That’s how this works and if you want Notes and want to learn more about Affiliate marketing check out Downloadmynotes.com I also have some Links to my video on the honey app which Is in the description fun video lots of Good info on how the honey app works how They make money and if you guys have

Some cool businesses you want me to Check out next put them as a comment on This video let me know hey dive into This business show me how this works and I want to show you guys how this works Because there’s so many ways to make Money online and I think a lot of us are Being jaded by all the noise but you Don’t have to be the proof is in the Pudding and you can learn exactly how This works and you can make money in a Real world way check out Downloadmynotes.com check out the links In the description if you guys dig this Business model give this video a thumbs Up help promote it in the fancy Algorithm I know that’s what the other YouTubers say smash the like button Whatever you gotta do let me know you Like it and

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