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Thanks for watching my Pinbank review!

Hey, guys welcome to my PinBank review now as you can see here on the screen I’ve got access to both the software of PinBank which you can see on the screen, and also the training which is extensive here as well okay, so what I’ll do in this video is I’ll run through both parts of that so you can make your decision or make your mind up whether you think this is the right product for you or not, but what is PinBank in a nutshell? Well, as the name might suggest this is to do with Pinterest, now you’ve probably heard of that platform, in fact, I think it’s the fourth biggest social media network in the world right now, so if you haven’t heard of it listen up because you really should, there’s a great opportunity here, especially for the affiliate marketers and the make money online niche people that are watching this video okay? Now a quick background on Pinterest, what is it okay? so I said it’s a social media network it kind of is but it also kind of isn’t basically what you do on there is you pin different pieces of content like videos and pictures okay? onto boards and people go searching for these boards for inspiration, and for more information about things and they find your board with your different pins, so your photos and your videos on there and they look at them and they click a link that’s going to be in the description of your pin and they go through to a website and they find out more, now a good example of people using Pinterest would be to find recipes for different foods that they want to create so they go on to Pinterest they search for a particular recipe that they want, they find a picture of a dish that looks great, and they’d love to serve to their family for example, and then they go through there’ll be a link to that recipe they’ll go there and then obviously make the dish, that’s one example of this being used or the way people would use Pinterest okay? So, this is a great opportunity for the affiliate marketers to make money online because there’s a metric that I read about Pinterest that said I think it’s something like 70 to 80 percent of people that use Pinterest right now so essentially the traffic that goes to Pinterest 70 to 80 of those people they then buy something from a pin that they see, so basically we have a pool of buyers that are using Pinterest so if we as affiliate marketers can get that traffic to look at our pins and look at our boards we have a great opportunity here to make a commission from that, okay? So, I think if you’re interested in exploring Pinterest then this could be interesting to you because they’ve provided software which will allow you to get ahead quicker with finding that traffic and bringing it to your pins and boards but also as you saw at the beginning of my video there is an extensive training section here it is huge, okay? This won’t be a case of taking you like one or two or even an afternoon to go through, these guys that have created it, Demetrius and Katarina I believe have put a ton of time into this, there is so much value inside of here for the front end cost that this is a reason why I’m promoting it, okay? so I will go through this in more detail later on in this video, now if at any point during this video you do want to pick up PinBank all you need to do is click on my link in the description below once you click on that link you’re going to come through to my bonus page that you can see here on the screen just scroll down you’ll see some yellow buttons at regular intervals click on one of those and when you do, you’ll go through to the PinBank sales page that you can see here and there’s Katarina scroll down there’ll be another yellow button here click on that and you will lock in your purchase through me. Now, there are two reasons why I go through that process, number one I’ve got a custom exclusive bonus bundle that I’m going to show you in a second available on this promotion but you’ll only get that if you purchase PinBank through me by clicking that link in the description, the yellow button on the bonus page and then the yellow button on the sales page, okay? that’s reason number one, reason number two, you can see a countdown timer there on my bonus page when that hits zero I will be removing all of my bonuses so to avoid disappointment you want to be making your purchase before that does hit zero okay? So, what are we going to do now? Well, the schedule for this video is we’ll go through my bonuses real quick so you know exactly what you’re going to get completely free of charge included with your purchase then after that we will jump into the actual PinBank software, and training area and I’ll show you what that looks like inside, how to use it, what’s included, so you get the review that you’re looking for when you came to my video right? and then last but not least we’ll go through the pricing so if you do want to pick this up you know exactly how much it’s going to cost you, okay? So let’s go to my bonuses obviously all available here on my bonus page I’ve got a bit of information that I’ve basically replicated from the sales page, in fact, let’s just look at this right so the world’s first software to automate traffic from over 478 million untapped buyers so that’s the number of users on Pinterest it gets 651,000 monthly visits to our sites and made us twenty-two thousand three hundred ninety dollars in under 30 days, what I will say about this is don’t expect to pick up PinBank and get these sort of numbers quickly, okay? The thing with this (and it’s another reason why I’m promoting it) is this isn’t a push button you know 30 seconds make x Amount of dollars and that’s it, okay? my reviews I try and read between the lines to tell you the truth behind -you know- a realistic time frame that you can actually make money with these various products that I review, okay?

So with this the 651,000 monthly visits and the 20-odd grand that Katarina made she used quite a lot of ads with Pinterest, okay? they do show you how to do it without ads and that is something that I would recommend, start with the free methods, get making commissions and then reinvest your commissions, take some profits out of course but reinvest your commissions into doing ads because they’re cheap and the buyers on there are amazing, and the results that you’ll get is amazing, because you can see almost just over half a million worth of monthly visits and a really nice number to be making each month so this -you know- this should be interesting to you and they do say in under 30 days so -you know- like I said I don’t think that numbers can be realistic in under 30 days but you can make some good numbers within a month, all right? so we go down here we have a little bit of a look so yeah there’s Katarina so it’s Demetrius and Katarina who run the whole training of this -in fact- it was Katarina that has been using Pinterest for a long time and so she’s becoming a bit of an expert on it and then Demetrius found out what sort of money she was making and he was like, right? let’s create a product around this so that’s what they’ve done okay Anyway you can go through that in the in Your own time I’ll keep going down There’s the pricing that we’ll go Through later there is a demo  from Demetrius that you can run through in Your own time look we’ve got 75 000 Monthly visits on his own Pinterest Profile there and 2 000 odd followers Uh but my bonus number one that I’m going to give you is an audience okay of Buyers every single month that you can Direct to your Pinterest profile okay Because You know I’ve been in this industry for Quite a while now we have various Pages and sources that we use To well that has traffic arriving on it What I can do is take that traffic not Even a portion of it all of it that we Receive every single month you can build Up your own audience from that traffic And then you can direct them to your Pinterest profile to boost the potential Success that you’ll get from PinBank Okay that’s bonus number one bonus Number two that I’ve got here is Your Pinterest profile at the top of People’s inbox is guaranteed so you can See what I’m trying to do here I’m Trying to get your Pinterest Profile in front of as many people as

Possible So that you’re not having to pay for the Ads straight off the bat uh because I’m Giving this all to you for free And then when you do eventually get to Ads you’ve built up a nice pot of money From the commissions that you can Reinvest in them okay so with this I’m Going to show you how you can get the Link to your Pinterest profile into People’s inboxes even if you don’t have An email list, okay? and it will be at the Top of people’s inboxes every single Time like I said guaranteed so this is An amazing way to get this working for You and get those commissions banked From PinBank, okay? no pun intended That’s bonus number two Bonus number three is my full PinBank Walk through how I would use this product and where I would send visitors Because I want to give you as much value As possible I’m going to film a walk Through as soon as I finish filming this Video for you guys and I’ll show you How I would use PinBank where I would Send people to how I would do that and I’ll make sure that’s all available on My bonus delivery page that’s bonus Number three bonus number four that I’ve got here is my keyword Rolodex so target These in the make money online niche for Best potential commissions so as you can See here

Amongst other things and we’ve got Different settings or different features Inside of the software we also have Keywords these will be one of the most Important things to use because you’ve Got to make sure that you’re targeting The right audience with the content that You’re going to be putting on your Pinterest Profile you can be putting world-class Content on your profile but if you’re Not targeting the right people Or if you’re not targeting people at all Then guess what no one’s going to see The content that you put on there so This is super important but where do you Start with keywords you can put in any Keyword you want well I’m going to make Sure that I provide you with a google Document with all of the keywords that I Would target with PinBank for the best Possible success If you’re in affiliate marketing and Make money online niche okay so I make Sure that’s available to you that’s Bonus number four And then last but not least is bonus Number five so it’s all vendor bonuses As I do with all of my promotions so any Bonuses that Demetrius and Katarina give To me to give to you I obviously will And again they’ll be available on my Bonus delivery page okay so this is Being launched on the warrior plus

Network today on November the 4th at Either 9 am 10 am or 11 am EST I will Put the time above my finger Right here right now Okay so when that time rolls around You’ll be able to make your purchase of PinBank jump into a warrior plus Account uh find your purchase you’ll see Two buttons look like this click on this Blue button and that will take you Through to my bonus delivery page where All of these will be automatically Available to you don’t need to send Me a receipt or a proof of purchase or Anything like that okay so that’s the Bonuses let’s now jump into the actual software and the training So I think let’s have a look at the Training first actually so when you log In this is the first page you’ll see Here’s Katarina there it’s looking Very Christmassy I don’t know if that if That’s the vibe that you get as well but I get like super Christmassy vibes But it’s cool it is what it is in fact I Love the fact that I think Demetrius Made all of this branding the PinBank branding all of this writing Everything Using the same method that he teaches You inside of here so I love the fact That he’s practicing what he preaches That’s really cool but all the modules

That you need to access down here so When I said at the beginning of this Video this is extensive I mean it look We got we got one two three four five Six seven eight nine modules and the Software which will be this and we’ll go Through that in a second and you get the Bonuses okay So and you go into each one of these Modules and there’s lots of stuff in Here you click on View now and it will take you through to The next page and then you’ve got module Two here all with lots of different Videos yeah building a website different Things that they recommend that you do Branding your profile there’s Katarina again Don’t use hashtags apparently I think I Saw that not a good thing to use in fact Where was the One thing that I wanted to show you just To just to illustrate if I got to start Here illustrate the value that these Guys are giving to you and the amount of Work that they’ve put into this so if I Go to the welcome to PinBank Module here real quick Uh where is it okay so yeah they’re just Introducing themselves there make sure That you watch those videos Go through to next

Uh Where is it there we go so we’ve got This Pinterest blueprint traffic bible Okay and I think this perfectly illustrates How much time and effort they’ve put Into this You know this is a beast of a product Look here this has Look at that That has 102 pages So Katarina’s making crazy good money With Pinterest and she’s just basically Dumped all of her knowledge into both This pdf but of course all of the Different modules that are available Inside of PinBank okay If you want to become an expert at Pinterest which you really should like I Mentioned before the traffic on there is Of superior quality This is the product to pick up in in In my opinion okay so you go through all Those different training things you make Sure that you read through this like I Said it’s not going to take you a couple Of hours it’s not even going to be an Afternoon but everything here that you Need to be successful is available okay And then we also have the software so Basically the story behind this was that When Demetrius found out that Katarina Was having great success with Pinterest

He said to her like you know if we were To create a software that would help you Do your job easier Quicker and better What would we create well she said that She was actually using a different Service that I think she was paying like A monthly fee for and it was integral to her business And being successful on Pinterest so Demetrius I think in conjunction with His with his business partner Alex I Think his name is built PinBank so that she could stop Paying for that uh start using this Instead but then also provide it to you Guys if you do pick up PinBank so That’s a pretty cool story behind that So as you can see here we’ve got Keywords trends pins boards people Settings training and log out okay now You’re going to get my keyword roller Decks that’s going to help you out with This section and I kind of touched upon Why you need to be using keywords Because you want to make sure that You’re targeting the right people on Pinterest so that they can see the Content that they’re interested in your Content okay And you can put in all sorts of Different keywords and click on find And it will give you all of these okay Because basically the reason why this

Software is good Is I don’t know if you remember YouTube right or not remember YouTube But remember this uh feature of YouTube When you start typing in a keyword that You’re searching for or a video that You’re searching for on YouTube it will Give you a load of like suggestions Below and that’s basically the algorithm Behind YouTube showing you what keywords Other people are searching for related To what you’ve already typed in okay now It’s my understanding I don’t know if It’s keywords it might be trends I’m not Sure but it’s my understanding that Pinterest recently stopped providing That So if you’re not you if you don’t have a Software like PinBank then it’s going To be very difficult for you to Understand what people are searching for What keywords are being searched for And that’s why this part is so valuable And imperative to getting success with Pinterest okay And then we’ve got trends here as well and so you can see what trends are working like if we go to latest Trends or what not what trends are Working but what trends people are Searching for so Thanksgiving decorations so I assume I Mean I’m not American but I think Thanksgiving is coming up in November so

That’s probably why right DIY garage storage Uh Christmas so people have started Searching for Christmas I guess it is November yeah right hello November November nails so you can get an Understanding of and there’s look There’s loads of pages down here that You can go through of what people are Interested in so that’s that can inform You on what affiliate products you want To be promoting Because if people are interested in that Already go to Clickbank go to warrior Plus find a product that has something Well if it’s DIY that’s probably going to Be a bit more Clickbank orientated find A DIY garage Course Training On Clickbank and go and promote that you Can see a big spike here This just gives you ideas basically right so you’d what you’d go and do is If you’re doing the DIY garage Training course that you’ve got from Clickbank you’d go and use what Demetrius recommends which is Canva create a picture talking about DIY Garage And click the link in the description And you put a link in there that will Probably go through to a website that You’ll build that Demetrius will teach

You how to do that or you can go through To the sales page of Clickbank and Potentially people will buy it but you Can see they’re interested okay Then we’ve got pins here as well so You can search for different pins in Different categories videos uh you can Import different pins but you’ve got Loads of different options here okay Then we’ve got boards as well so you can Search for different things here as well Uh with the same sort of thing and it’s A really nice piece of software it’s not Buggy you can tell they’ve put time and Effort and most importantly money into This as well that was going to settings But you I mean I’m sure you’ve used Different software that you’ve bought in The past that can be a little bit buggy A little bit Frustrating to use this is as smooth as Butter this is really nice okay so You’d search for different people like I Don’t know people to search for on Pinterest because I don’t use the Platform enough myself and I really Should I should start practicing what I preach But If you start using it and you see Popular people in the make money online Niche the affiliate marketing niche then You can go and search for them here and

Look they tell you how many followers They have how many people they’re Following themselves how many pins they Have how many boards they have to again Inform you as to You know what people you should be Following how many pins and boards you probably need to work up towards to get to their sort of level because you’re probably going to be searching for quite popular people on the platform right uh How many interests how many profiles so You’re getting like the you’re sneaking A peek on your competitors with this With this feature okay which is very Cool because If you’ve got competition which is going To be your competitors right then you Need to see what they’re doing how They’re doing it who they’re following How many pins they have so you can Emulate to that level you can follow the Same people because when you start Following people they can be like oh This person just followed me they’re Going check out your profile it’s a Great way to get traffic as well Uh you can see their reach so yeah this Is a way of sneaking a peek on your Competition And then we’ve got Then we’ve got settings here so you need To go and get keywords everywhere it’s a Free service uh once you create an

Account with them you put your API in There and I assume it’s probably going To power this keyword section okay and Then they’ve got training here as well That what I think is probably going to Take you through to what I’ve just showed you here yes it is there we go And like I said that’s extensive so go Through that so yeah that’s basically What the inside of the software looks Like and the training there is a ton Available this is worth every single Penny if you’re looking for a new Traffic source and you want to make more Commissions online this is what you want To be grabbing okay through the link in The description all right so let’s go Through the pricing so you know how much It’s going to cost you if you do want to Pick this up okay So we go through to my bonus page where All of the pricing is okay so oh I Didn’t mean to zoom in there let’s do That the front end of PinBank it’s Going to be 27 Okay so a little bit higher than uh most The products that are being launched on Warrior plus but in my mind and I think I tried to get that across to you in This video that is worth every single Penny because you know they’ve put a Time a lot of time and effort into it so You know it’s only right they get Renumerated for that right

So that’s the front end okay so you get The software and the training On all the stuff that I just showed you And you get a bonus which is a hundred Plus step-by-step guidebook to thousands Of views and clicks a month Then there’s another option on the front End which is the commercial license Which is going to be 37 So 10 more So I think the commercial license Basically means that you can Uh you would get permission to use PinBank As a service that you get paid for Other people so you can go on five or Whatever and say that your pin Pinterest uh can get traffic for people And stuff like that and you can use PinBank to do that for people or you can Do a service where I will sneak a peek On your competitors and give you a full Breakdown on their situation and provide That as a service if you get the Commercial license on the front end okay And then upsell number one which is a PinBank done few suite at 67 So this is a full uh done for you setup And opt optimization so identifying The correct keywords that that connect Your account to your target audience uh Set up your account according to Pinterest SEO strategies and tactics Creating an optimize creating an

Optimization of the profile boards They describe there’s loads of stuff There I’d highly recommend that one to Get started hit the ground running with It, okay There’s a down-sell on The first upsell Which is done for you sweet light at 37 You can pause the video and go through All of that stuff there yourself uh then We’ve got episode number two which is PinBank advanced training at 47 So How to run successful Pinterest Marketing campaigns so I think this is when you start Going into ads Yeah look see drive traffic using Pinterest ads, okay Uh take this course if you’re ready to Go pro with your pins so that’s Completely up to you if you want to grab That at the beginning upsell number Three I like the fact there’s only four Upsells here absolute number three which Is limitless traffic 197. uh you get access to their free traffic service users will get paid premium plugins to use for their websites Uh you also get 30 done few websites with content in various niches that’s Cool advanced training as well and a free traffic service okay upsell

Number four which is the agency edition At Dollars in this package uh the users Will get the option to be able to use Pinterest as a freelancing tool and a Quick way to start getting traffic to Your websites 24 7. uh together with a Checklist to 2k a month and the exact Roadmap to landing your first clients So I said that about commercial But it seems like if you grab the Commercial on the front end and then Also grab the agency they’ll Train you and help you on how to use Fiverr to post your services and then Use the PinBank Software to get paid in return okay That’s what it looks like but you’ll Find out more details As you go through the funnel they’ll Direct you to different pages you can Check out everything there okay but if You’ve got any questions then please do Leave them in the comments below I Answer any and all questions that I get But that was my PinBank review I hope You enjoyed it I hope it gave you what You’re looking for when you came to my Video in the first place if it did I’d Really appreciate you hitting that like Button below because it helps me out With the YouTube algorithm also hit the subscribe button and the Bell notification icon next to it so

You’re notified of any new content that I upload to YouTube in the near future but until next time until the next video That I upload keep safe and keep well and I’ll speak to you very soon cheers guys


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