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$104K From My Gas Prices Website – With Gas Price Memes?

ok here is a little video about my gas prices website that made over $100,000 online… and how it worked.

this is crazy and can work with memes, pinterest, youtube videos, and more… this is a super simple way to make money online

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 23 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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We’re gonna go over to and Type in gas prices then We’re gonna choose photos Find something that looks funny or Interesting here we go go ahead and Download it then we’re gonna go ahead And drag it over here to our favorite Image editor add a little text then we Just go ahead and crop it like this file Save as make sure it’s a png this is Important then in order to get paid We’re going to upload it to the secret Website right over all right let’s Backtrack a little bit because as you Probably know Your gas prices meme isn’t worth all That much unless you start to look at Things a little differently over here we Have our gas prices meme which at best Is worth a couple of cents but wait a Minute garyvee said i could sell these As an nft for like 50 000 Well buddy it doesn’t really work like That however there is a great way to Make money with these memes that you can Create yourself or even outsource keep Watching for my secret method but over Here by patrick and the old lamborghini Full of cash we got something that’s Worth big Big money and the key is something i Call flip the market because if we can Take people from a gas prices meme that Literally gets tons of traffic but makes

No money and get them to go over here to Stuff that pays us big money well then Ladies and gentlemen you can get rich Let me show you how it works there’s Lots of ways to make money from gas Prices geico’s getting in on it which Kind of annoyed by the little gecko does That gecko bug anyone else let me know In the comments oh yeah and smash the Like button you can see we have is getting in on the action The penny hoarder the points guy cnbc News we got cnet and on and on we go all These people are talking about gas Prices but why well quite simply because There’s a lot of money in this market as You can see here according to ahrefs gets over 13 million Dollars a month worth of free traffic That they’re using to make a fortune There’s people on tick tock getting Millions of views talking about gas Prices millions of people each and every Month searching for gas prices all kinds Of sites talking about how to save money On gas and of course People looking up gas memes but how is This going to help you put money in your Pocket well first of all the obvious Method would be to go out there and Actually write content about how to save Money on gas you could talk about apps You can talk about different tricks and Tips that you use to get better gas

Mileage all kinds of different things And of course if you don’t like writing You can always outsource this stuff for Pennies on the dollar and the key there Is to make some interesting content and Then get traffic for free or even cheap Using paid search methods more about That in just a minute in fact i actually Ran a very simple gas prices website Before i sold it a couple years ago Where we talked about different ways to Save money on gas and i actually made Over six figures on this one website Using paid traffic that cost me like two To five cents per visitor wait a minute I gotta pay for traffic i thought Everything on the internet was free Well calm down there there actually is a Free method that’s what all that talk About memes was in the beginning keep Watching you’re going to want to pay Extra close attention to this part Because what we’re going to do is take These people from free and cheap traffic And put them over to stuff that pays big Money example one the word gas prices is Actually only a couple cents a click on The major search engines however the Word credit card is like twenty dollars A click or more wait a minute marcus did You say twenty dollars a click yeah That’s right you don’t have to do Affiliate marketing or sales or anything Like that you could simply get paid when

People click on ads on your website and Since we know that this traffic is Either cheap or free and this traffic is Super expensive all we need to do is What i call Flip the market and since one of the Best ways to save money on gas is to get A gas rewards credit card This is going to be super easy Ah man it’s out of gas I know The gas pump That ought to do it Now before i actually started recording This video i went ahead and got all These different keyword reports for gas Prices gas memes and all kinds of things Like that that are ranking from the website now why would i Use rankings from pinterest you might Ask and the reason is is because i could Go out there and i could make gas price Memes put them on pinterest and have a Little watermark or link them to my Website that has information about those Credit cards and make all kinds of money When people click ads wait a minute yeah Reverse it watch that part again because It’s actually very very simple and you Can see here that ranks For Costco gas prices which gets over 176 000 searches a month cheap gas prices Near me 25 000 alaska gas prices and on

And on we go for different gas prices we Could see that pinterest also ranks for Gas memes biden gas meme gas meme taco Bell gas meme that might not be the kind Of traffic we want for our credit card Site but either way they’re looking for Memes we can see uh beer is now cheaper Than gas meme and all different kinds of Keywords we also have gas price map and All kinds of stuff gas price jokes Costco again calculator on and on we go So we could actually go out there and Make images about this stuff water Market and link to a site that has paid Ads showing them how to save money with Gas rewards credit cards and the method Is actually super simple this is how i Became one of the top credit card Affiliates with my gas price website and The cool thing about it is these people Are already thinking about gas prices And they’re already irritated by it even Though they’re just looking at memes Which is usually junk traffic this is Something that can work extremely well And there’s lots of ways that you can Make money with this from putting images On pinterest and other meme sites to Going out there and making a youtube Channel as you can see here all kinds of Stuff related to gas prices getting Millions and millions of views we got People searching for gas memes different Blogs so you could go out there and

Compile different gas memes and put them On a blog post you could do all kinds of Simple stuff to get people to your site And get them interested in the stuff That pays you lots of money that is the Name of the game taking people from Something that seems harmless like a Little gas price meme to something that Pays lots of money while thinking about How you can help them in the process for Example maybe people that are looking For like what happens in your second Month of pregnancy would be interested In gerber life insurance what happens in Your second month of pregnancy is a Super cheap easy keyword you can make Memes about it and gerber life insurance Or baby life insurance pays a fortune And you could use this method with Literally anything from making gas memes On your own to doing youtube videos Press releases on news sites as you can See if you were to search for gas prices Here in google you’re going to see all Kinds of different news sites and these Come from press releases and you can do A press release for pennies on the Dollar and talk about some new credit Card or some kind of new thing that’s Going to help people save money on gas Heck you can even go out there and Review different gas apps that help you Find cheap gas and save money and all Kinds of stuff like that

The sky really is the limit and it’s Super easy don’t over complicate it you Could go out there and get paid traffic This is what i did on my site where i Bid on the word gas prices which was Like two to five cents a click and Because the different offers paid so Much i was making a fortune you could Even go over there to offer vault and Find offers for gas cards and all kinds Of different things just make sure They’re legit do your due diligence a Lot of these offers are really good and Some of them pay when people put a zip Code in a box and hit submit yeah that’s Right they don’t even have to buy Anything they put their zip code in to Find cheap gas you get two bucks and Yeah that’s how it works you can even Find gas rewards credit card affiliate Programs those pay from 100 to 200 per Lead or more yep again all they have to Do is apply for a card and you get paid You get paid you get paid you could do This with contextual ads on different ad Content networks and get super cheap Traffic you can make helpful content for Seo to rank in the search engines around Gas prices and everything like that and If you want to learn more about this Method check out the video links in the Description of this video

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