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Make Money Scratching Lotto Tickets ($1,604 A Day)

this is a strategy lots of people are using to profit online in a big way… i even saw a HUGE mrbeast video on this where he got $1MM worth of tickets… there are lots of people making content where they scatch off lotto scratchers.

also i have a site that made up to $1604 per day till the lotto toolbar offer went away… but i made a good amount on that one.

this works with youtube, tiktok, instagram, and more… you can even have fun lotto live streams… make money without using your voice or face.

here is the lotto website video:

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remember always be eithical and play responsibly.

make sure you always follow the rules, provide good content, and remember that most people trying to make money online make nothing.

please note… we are not hacking – this is just a quick hack tool to find keywords and is completely public information if you know what to look for… after this video… YOU will know what to look for when finding killer niche keywords that you can build a business around

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Seventy three hundred dollars a million Dollars a year one million views two Million views what the [Music] I’m about to show you how i’ve made as Much as sixteen hundred dollars a day Online using the lottery and no this has Nothing to do with buying lottery Tickets and hoping to win and it’s Virtually guaranteed to work let me show You what i mean This is a one dollar lottery ticket this Is a 170 Scanner and that is my guru lamborghini Filled with lottery tickets And this is something anyone can do so Throughout this video to prove my point I’m actually going to be scratching over 250 dollars worth of lottery tickets Some of these tickets were a dollar two Bucks five bucks ten dollars and even up To twenty dollars per ticket so down in The corner over here i’m going to show You how much i win as the video goes on And not only that but you’re going to Learn some strategies that you can start Using right now that other people are Using to make crazy amounts of money Online so let’s get started [Music] All right so we’ve just started this Video and already we’ve been talking About some big numbers like this guy Right here talking about how much he’s

Making just doing slots and different Gambling things here on youtube we also Have lots of other people like Scratching away who basically just Scratches off lotto tickets and that’s Pretty much his channel we also have Slot queen who’s doing much the same Kind of thing that scott’s doing with His jackpot site and then of course Vegas low roller who’s doing this but on A lower scale instead of betting tons of Money he’s not betting that much we can Also see that over here lots and lots of People are searching for various terms About the lottery more about this in Just a minute so it’s no surprise that There’s lots and lots of traffic and Lots of money being made but how are you Going to be able to put money in your Pocket well we’re going to need to pay Attention to a formula but first take a Look at some of these people on tick Tock 4 million views just scratching a lotto Ticket 5 million Same thing and so yesterday i thought to Myself hey how hard can it be so i took Some of the footage and made a little 20 Second video of me scratching a lottery Ticket it’s actually this one right here And you can see that without even having A following in this niche with no title No fancy stuff only me scratching a Lotto ticket without any sound got over

200 views in less than 12 hours and just Imagine how much content i can get out Of this stack of just 250 dollars worth Of lottery tickets yep i could literally Take all the footage that you’re Watching right now in the little box Turn it into content for tick tock and Youtube and make money this is kind of Like the ultimate youtube automation if You will but we need to rely on a very Important formula M l t Plus F G T Plus o r a Equals Money For you and the fact of the matter is Most people trying to make money Scratching lottery and playing the Lottery and stuff like that online are Missing a key component that can put Them over the edge and make them 10 Times as much profit but i need you to Remember something very important the Lottery is a very specific game that Only pertains to people of certain age Groups make sure that you do this Ethically don’t encourage anyone to Gamble just talk about what you’re doing And make sure you stay away from some of The fraudulent offers that are out there

About how to win the lotto and all that Other junk or fake betting sites stay Away from all that and do this ethically It’s actually not that hard and it can Make lots of money when done correctly So here we have lottery calculator taxes On lottery lump sum calculator payout Calculator we can even do something like Lottery numbers and what this is showing Us is how many people are searching for These specific keywords and let’s spell This right here lottery numbers you Could see lots of people are looking up Winning lottery numbers and between you Me and the wall and the rest of youtube I actually made lots of money up to Sixteen hundred dollars a day with a Very simple website just showing the Latest lottery numbers and that is going To bring us into our first bit In our equation that’s going to make us Money this formula is very important the First part mlt stands for Massive lottery traffic the second one stands for free gaming tools that’s Where we’re going to go out there and Create the little winning number Generators and different tools and Different tax calculators lottery odds Calculators and have basically a giant Lottery info website and there’s a very Important key to making this work and That is in your videos you want to tell Them to go to your website to get the

Free lottery tools that’s going to get Your visitors back to your website where You can make even more money but there Is a way to make money without having a Website and that is using monetization You can use youtube monetization tick Tock monetization or whatever other Platform you’re using where they’re Going to pay you for the views on your Videos and remember the only way to make Massive money is to get massive traffic So if you’re not really getting massive Traffic you definitely want to rely on Your own website with the lottery tools Now some of these people over here like Scott who i used to work with he was Actually the owner of cpa networks that I worked with back in the day and i know He’s making a fortune doing this and That’s because he gets huge numbers As you can see here his channel has Gotten over 161 Million views and according to Socialblade which isn’t incredibly Accurate i actually find it to be on the Low side in most cases he’s making an Average of 50 to 650 a day or even up to Like 1400 a day When he gets more traffic but again he’s Got tons of views which is why he’s Making a decent amount of money me with My little 200 views it ain’t gonna make Much at all but remember the name of the Game is to make lots and lots of

Relevant content and point them back to Your website on every video i would Brand it go back to my lottery website To generate numbers and see the games I’m playing and everything like that the Idea here is to do what i call flip the Market we want to flip the market from The people just watching these videos of Scratching lottery tickets to going to Our website and clicking on ads that Make us lots of money and if i have a Reason for them to go to my website like Check out these free tools or get the Lottery numbers or get my list of Favorite games to play then i’ll get a Lot of people back to my site which Brings us to the last part of our Equation O r a this stands for other related ads If you could put ads on your site about How to invest a thousand dollars or Different stock picks or whatever it is Then you can make lots of money let me Show you what i mean if you were to go Over here to which is Where i find most of my affiliate offers So that i can make money you can see Here that the motley fool actually has Lots of offers where they predict Different stocks and they have a stock Investing club and all kinds of cool Stuff like that but again remember some Of the offers are straight up garbage It’s your job to make sure you’re doing

A good service to your visitors by Giving them good offers that are not Scammy or junk do your do research find Some good stuff and we can see here that This one pays 87 A lead for someone interested or signing Up for a free trial of the stock program You could also give them different Offers for credit cards or banks or Whatever it is anything finance related Because you know they’re interested in This kind of stuff and the name of the Game is to make good content provide a Good helpful site with tools and stuff Like that run some ads build more tools Get some tool generators number Generators and all kinds of things to Get people that are interested in Playing the lottery over to your site so That they can click on the ads that put Money in your pocket you can even Promote different giveaways and gaming Contests and different things like that Or even little game downloads and things Of that nature and the sky is literally The limit and for those that were Interested out of 250 dollars in lottery Scratcher tickets i banked a whopping Drumroll please 96. and if you want to learn more about My website that made over 1600 a day Check out we have a Video where i went through the entire Thing it was actually using a free

Download toolbar which i’ll talk to you About in that video as well make sure You smash that like button subscribe and Check out the videos in the description Including one of the videos on that Lotto site thanks for watching and i’ll See you in the next video

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