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Make Money Reading Eulogies? ($320 Per Lead?)

here is an interesting niche i found which actually has a TON of profit attatched to it. There are tons of people looking up celebrity deaths today and all kinds of crazy stuff.

remember to always be ethical and focus on helping people and running related offers and ads. there are lots of people making money in the who died today niche.

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remember: making money online is a business… its not a guarantee… in fact most people trying to earn money online make nothing. make sure you follow all legal requrements and disclosure requirements.

Wait a minute what 4 948 dollars in commissions 10 400 A month caskets on amazon 113 000 views 55 000 searches a month 670 000 views 23 000 4 000 a month 106 000 43 000 [Music] 6.8 million dollars a month [Music] Today i’m going to show you a very Simple way to make money just reading Eulogies online it’s actually not that Hard to do you don’t have to use your Voice or your face and some people are Making up to ten thousand dollars a Month or more so let’s go to the Backyard office and i’ll show you how This whole thing works All right Pretty snazzy what do you think of the Hat let me know in the comments below Today as you can see in this niche we’re Looking at there are millions and Millions of visitors available and the Competition is literally non-existent And i’m gonna take you through and show You exactly how to make money with a Niche like this first what we need to do Is look at our traffic methods there’s Three major traffic methods to this Niche we have celebrity Eulogy next searches for regular

People eulogies and last We have how to And prep Now what these are are very simple Celebrity eulogies are people looking For what’s happening in the celebrity World who died today stuff like that Regular people are people looking for Plots funeral plots different eulogies For family members or people they might Know in their community and number three There’s people searching for how to And prep this would be like how to write A eulogy how to prepare for a funeral What to wear to a funeral and how to Prepare for the death of a loved one and Before we go any further i want you to Know that this is a very delicate niche So you want to make sure not to do Anything shady or anything weird to make A quick buck if you actually focus on Serving the niche and doing it really Well you can make a lot more money than Being a shyster anyway so now that That’s out of the way let’s take a look At what people are actually searching For if we search for something like Celebrity died we could see lots and Lots of traffic specifically for hot Topics regarding today’s date you can See some others that are for like 2021 Or 2022 or recently or whatever it is we Could see the same thing happening with Stuff like celebrity deaths and this is

All part number one now keep in mind That if you’re reporting on this type of Stuff like with a news site or a news Channel then what’s gonna happen is You’re gonna get really easy traffic the Minute these things happen so if Something happens recently you’re gonna Tackle it and then you’re gonna get a Bunch of traffic very simple the second Way to do this is to look at regular Stuff which is regular people like going Out there and like how to find a funeral Plot or whatever it is and we can see Here find a grave or find a plot gets Lots and lots of searches each and every Month actually over 600 000 searches a Month and the last category how to and Prep we could see here typing in Something like eulogy you can see eulogy Examples how to write a eulogy how long Should a eulogy be how to start a eulogy And on and on we go then of course we Have the preparation niche which is all About like what to do and how to deal With things and how to help people Through a difficult time so these here Are the three main traffic sources this Is where the traffic’s going to come From and pay attention to each of them Because they’re all going to lead to Different ways we’re going to make money But first we need to get some traffic And there’s four major methods that We’re gonna use to get traffic from the

Traffic sources number one is having an Seo blog or website this is where you’re Gonna show up on google for a certain Term you could see that some of these Different sites are getting tons of Traffic and it works very simple Obituary template is looked up 27 000 Times a month and if we look on google You can see that there’s lots of Different rankings for obituary template And this is where you can get a lot of Traffic for free here’s a site talking About different obituaries for different Counties and different people and things Like that here’s one where they’re Showing different newspapers with the Recent obituaries here’s another one Focusing on newspapers this one is about Genealogy and also different records Here’s one focusing on various different Funeral homes More rankings for newspapers and on and On we go so method number one which Should be used with the other methods so Like even if you’re doing a youtube Channel you should still have a blog With seo and rankings because why not Get twice the traffic i mean you’re Doing the work anyway you might as well Get more traffic and for this what we Could do is take a look at different Domain names at auction we can buy our Own domain name we can find a domain Name with backlinks or whatever it is

For example one of the domains i found Was va which was pretty Cool it’s got some traffic it’s only 140 Bucks and this one ranks for all Different types of va funeral homes and Stuff like that and my thinking here is I can make a site that helps these People plan and do all the things they Need to do because if you’ve ever dealt With a situation like this there’s a lot To do and there’s a lot of money Involved so in that instance what i Would do is build this site all around Va funerals and what to expect and where To go get the forms and what you need to Do to get the headstone and various Different things like that the second Traffic method is what’s called an Aggregator using an aggregator you could Pay someone to make a script that would Go out there and search the top Newsletters for the top obituaries and It would compile them on one website and You’d get all the rankings from that Which is a pretty easy way to get Traffic aggregators are one of the least Talked about ways to make money but they Could be extremely effective in fact a Lot of people don’t know this but where we go to find our Affiliate offers is a cpa offer Aggregator that’s right they just have a Script that goes out there and finds Affiliate offers and organizes them

Nicely so that we can find them pick the Ones we want and make some money the Third way to get traffic is by using Youtube as you can see here youtube Videos about celebrity deaths and things Of that nature get lots and lots of Views and the third method would be to Use press releases you could see here ap ranks for all different types Of obituaries and that is usually where I get my press releases so now what We’re going to do is we’re going to take Our traffic and our keyword whether it’s Celebrity obituaries whether it’s how to Write an obituary whatever it is we’re Going to use that keyword and we’re Going to create Content if you’re using an aggregator The content will be created for you Otherwise you could create some content Like a little video about here’s the 10 Musicians that died last week or here’s How to write a eulogy and you could turn That into a video an article or you can Even outsource it if you don’t want to Write it or create it yourself and using This method where you’re making good Content that people are searching for You’re going to get Traffic but contrary to what people Think in affiliate marketing getting Traffic is not the hard part in fact if You got a credit card you can go buy as Much traffic as you want right now and

That begs the question What is the hard part well i’m glad you Asked the hard part is turning that Traffic Into money but lucky for you your old Buddy marcus has got your back and i’m Going to show you some solid ways to Make money with this traffic and the First way we’re going to make money is Actually pretty simple we’re going to Look at paid ads this is going to be Things like adsense or other content Networks that pay you to put ads on your Sites or videos and then you make money When people click the ads or view them Or whatever it is now what we have to Look at here is the value of certain ads Because if we have a website like this One and we’re just putting random ads on It we’re not going to make that much Money if we have videos with random ads On those we’re not going to make that Much money as you can see here by this Screenshot this is from a popular Youtuber that’s doing youtube videos all About different celebrity deaths and Things like that and we could see here That they’re not making that much money For the traffic they’re getting so what We need to do is we need to think a Little bit different and do what i call Flip the market flipping the market Means we’re going to take a keyword like This one here and we could see according

To the google adwords tool that it has Low competition and it doesn’t pay that Much money per click in fact whenever You see low you can bet that this number Is not going to be anywhere close to What you’re getting paid actually you’re Probably going to make like a penny a Click or two cents a click or whatever It is however if we were able to flip The market and say hey i think these People might be interested in something Like funeral Insurance you’re going to see that these Keywords actually pay lots of money like This one here paying as much as 23 Dollars a click now again remember That’s not what you’re going to get You’re not guaranteed that you’re going To get 23 for everyone who clicks on Your ad it’s going to be much less than That and not everyone’s going to click On your ad but this does tell us that There’s a lot more money in this market And this keyword then something like Celebrity obituaries or whatever it is So we need to keep that in mind when We’re looking at this because if we’re Able to take our market from looking at Something to looking at something else That’s higher value We can flip the market and make a lot More money so using those ads is going To work well and you can see here on Google that funeral insurance actually

Triggers quite a few different ads here Which means it’s a market that’s poised To pay us lots of money and it’s Actually very simple you can use adsense Azoic mediavine or any network that pays You to put ads on your website or if You’re doing youtube you just click the Monetization button as long as your Video is good content and it follows all The guidelines you should be able to Make some money and again remember my Stacking method where you can have Several videos that stack up to Something else that’s about something Like life insurance or several blog Posts that stack up to something that Leads to life insurance or burial Insurance or whatever it is and that Brings us to money making method number Two which is to look at life insurance Offers we can go over to Right here and we can see that life Insurance offers are actually paying Really well here’s one here that pays Twenty eight dollars a lead twenty four Dollars a lead and over here this one’s Paying three hundred and twenty dollars A lead and life insurance ties in great With this type of traffic the third way To make money is using people search This is something that you can use for The people looking for find a grave find A plot or whatever it is and people Search you can see over here on

Offervault actually pays a lot of money Anywhere from 15 to 28 dollars per lead And for all those keywords about find a Grave or find a plot you can use which has a grave locator Plot locator thing you could sign up There and get paid when people sign up For ancestry and use that feature the Fourth way to make money is with amazon Products Yeah you remember those caskets i showed You in the beginning you can actually Get paid to sell those you just sign up As an amazon associate use your Affiliate link and boom when they buy You get paid but wait a minute There’s actually something more sinister You can do in the celebrity market if People are watching videos on which Celebrities passed away we can actually Go over to amazon and find products that Are related no not the caskets i’m Talking maybe something like michael Jackson People wanting his glove or a cd clock Or some charms or whatever it is that You can sell that people are into based On the celebrity they like and again as An amazon affiliate you get paid which Also leads us to ebay collectibles you Can be an ebay affiliate and sell Collectibles for whatever celebrity You’re talking about and last but not Least you can make money with news apps

And tools over on offervault you can Find all different types of news apps And tools that people can download and They essentially get what they want Which is the latest gossip or news or Whatever it is so as you can see this is A market that makes lots and lots of Money and there’s many ways for you to Get involved make some content and put Some money in your pocket and if you Want to learn more about this method Check out the links in the description Where i go to even more detail and if You want me to be your mentor check out Thanks for watching smash the like Button and i’ll see you in the next Video

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