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If you want to know how to write landing pages that actually convert, this is the guide for you. Most people think it’s all about creating a pretty design or using persuasive language – wrong. There’s actually a lot more to it than that. In this guide you’ll get a complete breakdown of a powerful 4-step copywriting process to transform all of your landing pages into conversion machines.

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πŸ“” Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Conversion Anatomy
0:54 – Grab Attention
3:48 – Build Interest
6:28 – Create Desire
7:40 – Drive Action
8:31 – Outro

How To Write Landing Pages That Convert (Full Formula)

Do you want to attract leads and grow your business online? This Landing Page Copy tutorial video will explain step by step copywriting for landing pages and how to write for higher conversions…

Your landing page is a valuable marketing tool — this is where you get your email subscribers. But if you’re not getting email subscribers, then it’s not doing its job. The problem lies with you not knowing how to write a great landing page. If you want to get more leads, this video is perfect for you. We show you the best steps on how to build a landing page that will attract leads in no time.

A good landing page can make all the difference between your business succeeding and failing. Landing pages are used by startups, entrepreneurs, online marketers, bloggers and businesses of all sizes to drive traffic from Google search results directly to their website where they can convert these visitors into paying customers.

Many companies spend thousands of dollars on professional web designers and developers just so that they can build a basic lead capture page for them. But what if there was an easier way? Landing pages are a bit different compared to your usual webpage in that it is hyper-focused on one goal: getting the user to convert/take some sort of action (usually something like signing up or making a purchase) …

Getting more leads is hard. You need a landing page that converts. And make sure that it converts high enough for your business to grow. This video teaches you how to create a conversion-optimized landing page. It will show you exactly how to write a Landing Page Copy so that your email list will grow. Likewise, you are going to learn the super top-secret landing page copywriting formulas for the headline and the bullets that are virtually guaranteed to increase your conversion rates.

Interested in learning more? Make sure to watch Landing Page Copy video until the end.
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Let’s write some compelling copy for Your landing pages using a four-part Proven framework timestamps below along With some other hopeful links and Resources including a link to our Copywriter Playbook that has all these Formulas and more to help you Ace your Copywriting when it comes to launching Your sales funnels now as you can see From these landing pages simple copy Formulas like the ones we’re about to go Over convert really really well so you Definitely don’t have to worry about Over complicating this process or Wondering if these formulas are so basic That they’re not actually going to Convert so we’ll kick things off with The simple framework we’re going to be Using now this is a proven framework It’s not something I made up it’s been Around for decades now and it’s called Ada and it stands for attention interest Desire and action so as you can see on This landing page we’ll go through the Copywriting elements of each one of These and how they actually interact With each other so of course we need to Grab attention with our headline by Letting our ideal customers or prospects Know that they’re actually in the right Place and that this is for them so there Is a really simple formula that you can Use for your headlines and is the how to So we have how to result without

Roadblock even if roadblock how to break A roadblock even if roadblock and then Finally we have how to result in the Next time frame even if roadblock now With the results roadblocks and time Frames it probably doesn’t make a whole Lot of sense so as you go through this Particular exercise and really any Copywriting for that matter you want to Make a list of all of the results your Ideal customers after and all of the Roadblocks thereafter spend at least at Least 15 to 20 minutes on this sometimes It can take days if you’re writing a Full-on sales letter but here we’re just Making a landing page so we’ll use the Example of someone who is trying to Improve their Facebook ads so we have a List of the results that they’re after And the list of things that they think Are getting in their way so once you’ve Done this we can jump back over to our Formulas here and then you can see how We can start to easily plug and play These results and and roadblocks into These simple formulas so the first one We have here is how to cut your ad costs In half which is a result that they want They want to be spending less money Without starting all over so some people Who are running Facebook ads they might Look at their ad costs and go wow that’s Way too high I probably have to start All over right nobody wants to have to

Start all over and then skipping down One we have how to identify your best ad Opportunities without wasting cash Warming up your Facebook pixel so this Is something else where you can actually Call out some advice that they may have Gotten someplace else because back in The early days of running Facebook ads There was this thing called seasoning Your pixel right where essentially Marketers were telling business owners Hey just spend a few hundred or a few Thousand bucks to season your Facebook Pixel and then everything’s gonna work Just fine right so if you can call out Something that your ideal customer Prospects been told and you can say no That’s completely wrong you don’t have To do that that’s a really powerful way To grab that attention so remember with This headline and all of these ones that We’re looking at right now we’re just Trying to grab attention and show our New site visitor that they are in the Right place and that we understand some Of their struggles so of course you can Always pause timestamps below and we’ll Jump down to the second to last one how To force a campaign to scale even if You’ve been stuck or it’s been below Break even right so we can also talk About two problems that they have so we Might say okay you can overcome this Problem without having to fix this other

One first right so our headlines are all About just removing those roadblocks out Of the way so our customers and Prospects can take a step forward Towards what they ultimately want and so For our landing page example here we of Course went with three extra row as in The next seven days without increasing Your ad spin so that does it for a Headline so next we need to build some Interest with our bullet points and so Here we are going to communicate the Value or benefit of whatever it is we’re Offering on our landing page and of Course there are lots of different Bullet points formulas out there but Typically with a landing page you need At least three to get started three or Five for some reason odd numbers seem to Convert better and so I’ll leave a link In the description to our copywriter Playbook that goes through lots more Bullet formulas than there’s these three But these are the three we’ll start with So the first one we have here is the Number one mistake 99 of Facebook Advertisers make that forces Facebook to Waste your ad Spin and so what we’re Doing here is we’re specifically calling Out who this offers for Facebook Advertisers that’s pretty broad we Probably want to be a little more Specific but hey it’s just an example And then we talk about another problem

That they’re encountering of course You’ve made a list of roadblocks and Results hopefully and so we can go back To this list and grab some other things For our bullet points now this next One’s a little more complicated we have The Golden Spin creative ratio to Effortlessly create highly effective div Ads and so what we’re doing here is we Are giving a name to a strategy tactic Technique inside of whatever it is that We’re offering so instead of saying how To balance your budget or how to Allocate your budget correctly that just Sounds really boring and tedious we Could call it the Golden Spin creative Ratio it’s the same information or the Same technique strategy method whatever You want to secret we want to call it But if we give it a name and that’s what Mechanism stands for here here is a list Of mechanisms that you can use for your Own copywriting it gives us the ability To create some curiosity around what We’re writing and of course to just make Sure that we don’t come across as boring Is you’re going to learn this you’re Going to learn this you’re going to be Able to do that that’s just kind of Plain and it’s not going to help our Conversion rates so jumping down here The last one we have is plus a real life Case study of how this exact film blank With whatever it is that you’re offering

Allowed our clients or allowed us to or Has allowed other Facebook advertisers To turn a campaign from broke to Profitable in just 72 hours now if you Used a time in your headline you’re Probably not going to want to say in 72 Hours in your bullet point as well so You do want to make sure there’s some Congruency between your headlines and Your bullet points and you’re not using The kind of same sales copy tactics over And over again on the same page and of Course once we have our bullet points Written and our headline written we’ve Done the hardest part and this next part Is creating some desire and so this is Going to be either having trust seals Testimonials media appearances the types Of things that you want to put here is Some simply to show that you are a Credible source and that you’re not just Some random person on the internet Trying to steal their contact Information right now unfortunately most Of us don’t have this right we’re just Getting started or this is a brand new Offer so we don’t really have that kind Of social proof for it so what you can Do is quote yourself now I know this Sounds ridiculous us but if we go back To the examples that I showed at the Beginning of this guide I literally Quote myself on each one of those Because when we launched those

Particular offers they were brand new we Didn’t know if they were would work we’d Never had someone before so we can just Talk about our personal experience and How whatever it is they’re about to Receive has helped us achieve similar Results that our ideal customers want And that’s literally all you have to do Here we’re just adding some sort of Personal human element to it and Especially if you’re doing any sort of Content marketing or people might know Who you are then of course having your Face on here is going to help your Conversion rates and boost the Essentially trust worthiness of your Page and then finally we have our call To action this is where we direct people And tell them exactly what to do next in Order to get whatever it is that we are Offering and so here’s a list of just Some different things you can put on This call to action button you really Don’t want to overthink it now even Though this has nothing to do typically With copywriting you do want to make Sure that you ask for the minimum amount Of information because the more Information you ask for the lower your Conversion rates are going to be so if We made the perfect headline and bullet Point and creating desired combination But then we asked for all of these form Fields at once you better believe that

Our conversion rates are just going to Tank so name and email at really most Email at minimum and if you need that Other information you can always collect It later on in your sales process and so Here’s our final landing page this is The exact same process we went through When creating this landing page and all The other ones that you’ve seen earlier So go ahead and hit that like button and Subscribe for more marketing guides just Like this one make sure you check out That link in the description to our Copywriter Playbook that helps you walk Through that roadblock result exercise And of course has a lot more headline Formulas and bullet point formulas for Not just your landing pages but your Sales pages and upsell Pages as well so Until the next keep building the Business you love [Music]

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