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How I Earned $8.18 Per Click (Crazy Simple)

here is a method i have been using to maximize the amount i earn per click on my websites with paid ads, affiliate offers, and other methods.

this is part of what i call interactive information arbitrage… i learned it from the paid search arbitrage and contextual ad platforms.

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NOTE: the paid link shorteners mentioned have not been tested by me… we showed them as a baseline for what people are making per click and how we can do better with our own offers.

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 22 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

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Wait a minute eight dollars a click [Music] Pay attention because over the last few Days I’ve been watching tons of videos About how to make money per click some Of them are talking about how you can Make 40 cents a click 50 cents a click Or even like ten dollars a click or a Thousand dollars a day and what we’re Gonna do is talk about well is that Stuff actually true and second we’re Gonna talk about a real method that Actually works and to show you that I Know what I’m talking about I’m actually Going to go over here and reload this Page that shows how much I’m making per Click now it doesn’t break it down but You can do the math we can use a little Calculator here and do 286 thousand Dollars over roughly thirty five Thousand clicks which brings us to about Eight dollars and eighteen cents each And every click but does this mean that You’re guaranteed to make eight dollars For each and every click you generate on Your website of course not we gotta take This with a grain of salt and look at The Devil in the details pay attention Because this can make lots of money and I’ve been doing this exact same thing For over 23 years and this is actually One of my smaller accounts so smash that Like button and let’s dive in first Let’s take a look at what these other

People were saying I found some Screenshots of a guy here that made 116 Dollars and he got 23 bucks another guy Who made 43 cents off of 89 views it’s Like a half a penny of you or this one Here that made like 10 bucks off of 2500 Clicks four dollars from about a Thousand clicks and on and on we go most Of these people are not making much Money because most of these people are Using websites that pay for generic Traffic and remember the more generic Your traffic is the less you’re going to Make wait a minute what did he just say Strike that reverse it because if you Could take Generic traffic and flip it Into specific traffic you could Literally increase the value of the Click automatically with no cost to you It’s exactly how I got over eight Dollars a click on this one promotion Method and the problem here is that These websites don’t pay a whole lot Here’s one that says it pays eight Dollars per 1000 views or one thousand Clicks and these are known as paid link Shortener programs again I never use This kind of stuff because they pay so Low this one here says it pays eight Dollars per thousand views here’s Another one that says seven dollars per Thousand views and if we take some of These URLs and put them into similar web

We can kind of get an idea of what’s Being made here so if they’re saying That their top payout is seven dollars Per thousand views and they’re getting 514 000 views a month you can do the math Here and see that the entire site is Only making like thirty five hundred Dollars a month wait what where’s all That big money people are talking about Yep again that’s why you have to look at This with a grain of salt here’s one That does eight dollars per thousand Views eight bucks fifteen five and on And on we go and I’ve included some of The traffic statistics so that you could See exactly what’s going on like this One has zero traffic so I don’t think They’re making a whole lot and some of Them that are promising 14 per thousand Views again not a whole lot of traffic There and you can see tons and tons of Companies that are touting to pay you For all the clicks you generate with Their link shortening service there’s a Lot of them and the problem with link Shortening Services is what they are Doing is they are being the middleman so They are going to take traffic from your Website Put their ads on it And then direct them to the site that You want them to go to this is going to Diminish the value of your traffic and

At the end of the day you’re not going To make much money at all because let’s Face it getting a thousand visitors Isn’t that easy to do unless of course You know what you’re doing and you’re Getting paid a lot of money more about That in just a minute so instead of Using a link shortener service what I’m Going to do is something I like to call Flip The Market flipping the market is where we Take a generic term people looking for Something and flip them to something That pays more money let me show you a Simple example earlier this morning I Bought this domain name for fifty Dollars best these are people Looking for different colored braces for Their teeth and I don’t know if you’ve Ever had kids but braces are pretty darn Expensive and I’m thinking okay this has A lot of traffic and rankings for all Different types of words related to Braces and most people are going to say Well Marcus you know what if you go here And you type in lavender power chain Braces we can see the competition is low And it actually doesn’t give us an Amount per click because it’s so low There’s probably no one bidding on this Term and that’s where most people are Just gonna settle for seven dollars or

Fifteen dollars per 1000 clicks but no Not me because flipping the market has To do with thinking different and Thinking different has to do with what Keywords pay the most money on paid Search engines if we were to go to Google and search for something like Colored braces you’re gonna see that the Amount of people advertising is pretty Small there’s only two ads for here in Orlando which is why we’re seeing here a Lot of low competition on the paid Search side however if I type in dental Insurance we can see tons of ads up on The top a bunch of ads on the bottom and Ads on page two and three and on and on We go and according to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner some of these Guys are paying over a hundred dollars a Click you’re telling me advertisers are Paying 100 for one click on their Website yeah so in that case my job is Actually very simple what I’m gonna do Is take these people looking for Different colored braces talk to them About how dental insurance can lower the Cost of the braces get them to click and Make lots of money which is exactly what I did with the web hosting Market I got All different types of people looking For how to build a Blog and you can see Here how to build a Blog is not that Competitive however when we type in the Word web hosting these guys are paying

Tons of money now it’s important to Point out that I didn’t make eight Dollars for every single click that went To this website I got eight dollars for Every click that went to this website There is a little bit of drop off and This is what’s known as the effective EPC the effective earnings per click we Call it effective because it’s not on All the clicks it’s on the clicks on This website so if I was able to get a Thousand clicks to website one and then One out of every ten clicked over To website two the eight dollars a click Now becomes 80 cents overall and even at An effective EPC of only 80 cents we Would still be making eight hundred Dollars for every thousand visitors Compared to these sites over here that Are making like four ten or maybe even Fifteen dollars for the same amount of Traffic and when it comes to flipping The market this is actually a very Simple concept what we need to do is Take a keyword that people are searching For and Link it to something that makes Lots of money for example we can take Leaky toilet and Lead it to Plumbers Which pays a lot of money or maybe we Can do mortgage calculator and Lead it To refinance or what to do after a car Accident and Lead it to car accident Attorneys or how many drinks a week Makes me an alcoholic and Lead it to

Recovery and the key is to make very Good websites based on what people are Searching for with good information then We’re gonna take that website have some Kind of banner or click that says for More information about car accident Attorneys or more information about Refinance or whatever it is you’re Flipping the market to and lead them to That thing that pays you lots of money And using this example I was able to Bank almost 300 Grand with simple web Hosting now in addition to that I made Millions of dollars on other offers but You can see how this works and the key Is to think long term what is it these People are actually going to want if you Want to learn more about that check out The links in the description because I Got two more videos that go deeper into This topic

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