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get paid to create and sell digital products OTHER people tell you to make.

this is a simple way and yes it is possible to ”Get Rich Quick” but disclaimer… you probably wont make anything as most people do not have what it takes and do not want to do the work and deal with the ups and downs of a boring software download business… but if you do i think this video will help you.

Get Rich Quick – My $107K /Month EASY Boring Software Business

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REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 22 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.

Wait a minute did he say something about Getting rich quick well today ladies and Gentlemen we’re going to talk about that Exact process now i know there’s a lot Of people out there that say you can’t Get rich quick i know there’s a lot of Schemes and stuff that are out there Promising to get you rich quick but this Is something entirely different if You’re willing to stick around and learn Exactly what i’m talking about here Which is how to start your own software Business now you might be saying marcus Wait a minute get rich quick start your Own software business how does this even Make any Sense Well we’re going to show you how this Whole thing works and we’re going to cut It down and show you exactly what you Need to do because today you are going To learn my entire plan For how to start a simple software Business now this is something a lot of People don’t really know about me but I’ve been starting software businesses Since like 1999 2000 when i first made the herbalife Disc back in the day now i’m going to Tell you that i use the name software Kind of liberally all right what we’re Talking about is simple Little tools like the herbalife disc i Set this thing up i went and got some

Cd or not even cds back then it was Floppy disks right i got a box of 100 of Them at the staples and loaded them with This software that literally took me Like a couple days to make and bada bing Bada boom that it was like was what Landed my career to getting a Lamborghini full of money in my office So we’re going to show you how this Works because these are very simple Software tools that we make these are Not huge now i want to tell you this Because as i was prepping for uh this Video i started to think oh i wonder how My friend’s doing this is a friend that Came to me back in 2018 2018 i’m hanging out doing some uh Social media marketing on facebook and Someone messages me and is like hey i’m A friend of a friend would you be cool If i interviewed you for my podcast and I’m like sure podcasts are fun this Could be cool so she uh interviewed me For her podcast and she was talking About how i was doing these little Software tools giving them away Building them selling them how i was Making millions of dollars in software i Think that was the name of the podcast You can go look it up and and see the Old podcast from back then and Everything like that So we looked at it and i taught her this And then you know she’s like that’s

Pretty cool i like your business model i Like learning about business models and Here she is here from when we did our Software training class together a Couple years ago which was a hit now the Software training class is not open so If you’re like oh marcus this looks like Some clever pitch to get me to buy Something don’t worry you couldn’t even Buy it if you wanted to because it’s not On sale this is just for the picture Here right and so um Fast forward so we had this this podcast And i was on the podcast she asked me All kinds of questions about this Because she wanted to get into internet Marketing and affiliate businesses and She didn’t know which direction to go Everyone was telling her do this do that Do this do that and for some reason she Liked what i had to say she’s like hey That business seems pretty cool this Marcus guy seems kind of cool he’s a Little weird but this is kind of cool Right and so i didn’t hear from her for Like a year until um I think maybe six months later i heard From her and she’s like marcus i started This little software plug-in thing for Chrome it cost me like 250 dollars to Make it and i’m now making seven Thousand dollars a month and i’m like Hey wait wait what Like

Like you just set this up because at 250 Bucks and now you’re making 7 000 a Month now again ladies and gentlemen Please sit down the results are not Typical implied or guaranteed the odds Of you watching this video going and Doing nothing and making seven thousand Dollars a month are none you’re not Gonna do it this takes work this takes Lots of business practice this takes Some money this takes some risk it takes Some stuff but what we’re talking about Ladies and gentlemen today Is if you want to get big Big numbers how many of you guys out There are like wait a minute this is Cool I could get some big numbers or you know Maybe you’re like kim and you’re like Hey you know what i just want to get Started And make 7 000 a month or whatever it is Okay that’d be cool or maybe you’re just Like hey i want to make 500 a month to Pay for my new car or whatever it is Okay So we look at that now fast forward i Just uh talked to kim last night and i Was like hey i’m going to talk about you On the webinar give me an update how you Doing hadn’t talked to her in like two Years she just said that they just did Over 2.3 Million dollars in software sales of the

Little tools that she learned to make a Couple years ago from this plan That i’m going to show you today So if you’re like hey marcus what is it What gives all right this is what i told Her she didn’t buy any core she didn’t Come hang out she didn’t get anything Extra what i taught her was on that Podcast and what i taught her Is going to be even in more detail Today how’s that sound does that sound Like it’s worth a like if it does smash The like button and we’re gonna talk About this and we’re gonna show you Exactly how this works a lot of people Might be saying well marcus eighteen Thousand dollars a day two point three Million dollars excuse me i’m getting Over a cold here 18 000 day 2.3 million Dollars you’ve made 5 million what are You talking about nobody makes 18 000 In a day well actually a lot of people Do and some people make like 18 000 in a Minute And a lot of those people guess what Ladies and gentlemen a lot of those People They got Software businesses And their money guns probably actually Work And it just makes money and money and Money And now you got to smash the like button

Because i got to pick all that stuff up After this training but we look at this And we’re like these people have Software businesses That is what they’re doing now let’s Talk about how we’re going to do this And and how it’s going to work because There are some hacks you might be saying Well software equals Bill gates All right i won’t even try to draw bill Gates but there he is right there’s bill Gates and you might be saying well Software equals bill gates equals Difficult the guy’s like a genius and i Don’t know what i’m doing Well Neither do i And either to gim But we figured it out and guess what i’m Gonna give you that plan right here Right now if you’re willing to listen Right you could skip ahead you could go Watch other things But You might miss something that could put Money in your pocket imagine if kim’s Out there and she’s like yeah market Sounds just like everyone else Whatever i’m just gonna go and watch Whatever right Well What if instead You paid attention here

And you really acted like you wanted to Make money i’m not talking about like oh Well you know i i do want to make money Marcus i’ve been researching Okay researching watching a bunch of Videos does not mean research that means You’ve been entertained Okay very important so let’s look at This and let’s understand exactly what’s Going on because if we can follow the Plan here okay the first thing we’re Going to need Is an idea Now people come to me all the time and They’re like marcus marcus marcus marcus My friend please sit down because i’ve Got an idea that you need to get on the Ground floor on and i say to them come On over here come on over here Ideas Are worth nothing Literally they’re worth nothing people Think ideas are the hard part they’re Not i’m going to show you we’re going Gonna get like a hundred ideas on this Call you got your pen ready i got my pen See there got the affiliate marketing Dude official pen All right if you got your pen you’re Gonna be taking notes because we’re Gonna give you ideas you write them down You go do them come back go do them come Back to me and be like hey marcus it Actually worked because people are doing

This the same thing there’s a guy i Think noah kagan i think his name he’s On the youtube he talks about stuff all The time Popular guy guess where he got his money Appsumo a software business Lots of other people are doing this and There’s a way to look at the back door And find ideas that are guaranteed to Work before you spend one penny building Them this is what i do all the time it’s Not fancy It’s not beautiful It’s boring But it puts a hell of a lot of money in My bank so that i can do things that are Not boring right so let’s look at this Let’s take a look so the first thing we Need Is an idea Again pay close attention because people Think the idea Is the money hard part it’s not We’re just going to go and we’re going To let the internet tell us our idea Okay i’m not a genius i don’t know what People want i gotta figure out what they Want because of what they type in google And what other sites are selling right It’s simple it’s very simple process People who over complicate this Are not paying attention Okay so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re Gonna go and we’re gonna look for ideas

And the places we’re gonna go look for These Are places like envato Vato is a elements Plug-in Tool software type place We’re going to look at appsumo okay We’re going to look at What’s the other one there wordpress Okay we’re going to look at And i actually have Some reports of these That i pulled up for you guys which Maybe we’ll make these available if you Go to Put your name and email in when i have These ready we’ll send them out to you Okay and we can see exactly what’s going On so we got wordpress plugins font Awesome elementor yoast seo and we could See exactly how many times a month these Are searched for so like if you want to Make millions of dollars are you gonna Do it with this one that only gets 900 Searches a month Probably not All right if you want to make millions You might need something else now i will Say wordpress plot pop-up plugin That appeals to all the wordpress people Even though they’re not searching for it Okay So that could be a broad market

Now Let’s keep looking here This is from and what it Does Is it shows you exactly what people are Looking for migration Featured post Excuse me so they’re looking for a Featured post plug-in Contact form seven Dinosaur game okay so people are looking For like a dinosaur game plug-in which Is pretty cool so if you’re in the game Making market that would be pretty Perfect for you okay So we also have wordpress faq plug-in Woocommerce now you might be saying to Yourself well marcus marcus marcus buddy Oh pal please Sit down Because Isn’t this idea already done You’re telling me Go over here Find a wordpress quiz plugin Okay And you’re telling me okay what i’m Gonna do is i’m gonna make a wordpress Quiz plugin But but marcus this is already done WordPress quiz plugin Okay type form has one Jebit has one Wpbeginner

So there are some That are available Here Well Does that mean Does that mean We can’t be there too More on that in a minute Let’s get back to the plan here so what We’re going to do Is we’re going to take a look at this And we’re going to say okay i need to Find something that looks simple that i Can make better okay so i’m gonna go Through and be like okay wordpress quiz Plug-in excellent most of these Are just gonna be Here’s a quiz here’s this okay i’m a Marketer So i’m gonna go through I’m gonna be like okay here’s how i want My quiz plugin and this is what i’m Gonna do I’m gonna envision it i’m gonna be like Okay i want a quiz Okay And i want them to be able to have like Two two three one two or three pages Of quiz stuff okay so i want to have one Two or three pages of quiz stuff but i Also as a marketer I want to get their data Okay so i want to collect data and i Don’t just want data of okay you know

Here’s what most people said i want the Data like hey put your name and email to Get the result of the quiz and you know Now i can market to you very cool so That Is something i want so if i add the data Bit I make it easier and i make it sellable Then i can make this pretty good okay Does that make sense to everyone smash The like button type something in the Box if you guys are understanding it Okay so what we’re looking at here Is we’re going over two places like Envato we’re gonna look at appsumo we’re Gonna look at all the the competitors Okay We’re gonna take all the competitors We’re gonna start looking at their Keywords and what we’re gonna do Is we’re gonna strip out stuff That we can use to build a plug-in okay This is how you build a real business Ladies and gentlemen if you’re out there And you’re like i don’t know what to do I don’t know how to make money Some guy says i could just push a button And get ten thousand dollars a minute And you can but you have to have ten Thousand dollars to put in this thing And then you push it and the money comes Out but you know You got to have money to start with so That’s about all you’re going to get for

Push button the next best thing you have To do is understand exactly how to do This okay how to do this very very very Simple okay So what we’re going to do is we’re going To be like focus this is what we’re Going to do we are going to find What works so we’ll do like a Flyer webinar don’t know what that is Interesting though i’d go look it up Aesthetic templates okay Um Envato element Free video stock so we’re gonna go Through and we’re gonna look template Landing page okay good there we go Template landing page excellent so now This is something that’s very big so we See here template Landing page so i could go through again We go back to the drawing board and We’re like okay well maybe i got Template Landing page what do i want to do okay i Could get some stock images i could give Them to my programmer and i could say Make some kind of little thing where They could drag and drop these images And make a landing page simple very Simple okay Very easy to do Then we say hey program this make it Work now what our idea or our job is is To find out exactly what to do here all

Right even if you don’t want to make an Actual plug-in All right You could do like a wedding template You could do uh other stuff here okay so We’re gonna look at this portfolio this Is a big one watch this if we do Portfolio Let’s do keywords if we do portfolio Here Okay Port Full i o Plug-in Or gallery plug-in these are big all Right here we go now We’re cooking Does anyone know why we’re cooking now Okay why is this important All right we got Uh 300 global volume we also have a Gallery plug-in We have photo plug-in so there’s another 600 Photo Plug-in for wordpress Boom so now we’re looking at this photo Gallery plugin so now we’re looking at This and we’re like okay we got three Ideas here and we’ll switch cameras so That you could see What’s going on here all right so we got Three Um different ideas here

We got the landing page we got the quiz And we got the gallery Plug-in okay gallery plug-in now again With our gallery plug-in what we need to Do is we need to say to ourselves okay How does this work how are we going to Make it happen in a real world way all Right now all we got to do is go back to Our programmer and say hey this is what I want it to look like i want a gallery Plug-in that does this this x y and z Okay Pay attention focus if you want to make Real money this is how you do it you go Pick it up you make it happen all right Are the results typical implied and Guaranteed are you going to get rich Just by watching this video No you’re not But what i’m showing you is something That works time and time again so let’s Say we have photo gallery plugin for WordPress my job is to say Who is it that wants this Okay photo gallery plugin this is going To be people like wedding photographers Photographers Artists different things like that and Then i say to myself well What do these people want Other than just a gallery plug-in Because there’s tons of gallery plugins But i want something specific so if i Make a specific one for photographers

Where maybe they have hey you can have Your clients log in And and after they pay for their photos Now they can log in and get them or Maybe It’ll have a scheduler for when you have Your wedding or whatever it is Okay very important again With all these features i’m gonna say I could get this plug-in built for less Than a thousand dollars Probably In the 300 range okay but let’s say a Thousand because maybe i don’t i don’t Know what i’m doing the first time Around maybe i want some extra features Maybe we run into complications but most Of these can be done extremely Inexpensively okay you guys saw last Week Last week i gave you guys a plug-in okay Again remind me to talk to you about Plug-in giveaways Because that’s important as well i gave You guys a plug-in that works for WordPress and it helps you Put different links on different things Important simple easy you guys look at This you’re like well marcus i don’t Understand how this works look at Companies like linktree It’s the simplest software in the world I don’t like it i have a better version Of it in my opinion but

It’s super simple Like the coding on that probably cost Next to nothing Seriously Okay What if you could provide a better Version and you say hey guys instead of Paying twenty dollars for something you Don’t even get a website or a domain Why don’t you make nine dollars and There we go you could you could have Your own domain you could use this Plug-in which works like crazy okay very Important uh wolf we’re gonna talk about Who i hire to make the plugins in just a Minute this is gonna be a full overview Tutorial for those that are interested In learning what i believe is the best Get rich quick method there is Building software guys if if you get This It can be life-changing like it was for Kim i mean her story was crazy she just Came in and she’s like hey what do you Do and i’m like here’s what i do later She’s like i did what you do and now i Make money which is pretty cool all Right i think she just had her own uh First live Uh interactive meeting Recently or seminar or whatever you call Them okay So what we’re going to do is we’re going To take a look and and look at these

Ideas right look at what stands out And then look at Very important Look at the bigger Picture okay that’s what all bill gates Did all right these kids came out they Made this company called dos or the Software called dos which is disk Operating system all right they had it They thought it was cool because they Were programmers remember programmers Are not marketers They’re not it’s just two different Types of people like people who you know Are gardeners are usually not These or whatever it is right it’s like You just into a certain thing nothing Wrong with that but they’re not Marketers which is what we need to learn So What we have here is what’s the bigger Picture bill gates found this software He was like okay ibm is selling a bunch Of paperweights called computers for Four grand I think if ibm puts this software On their computers for free okay they Just give me like a finders fee or Whatever so i could develop other Software Then They would They would like that And so he did that

With the idea the bigger idea That everyone’s gonna want windows he Already knew everyone was gonna want the Next thing he came out with because now They all have this software on their Tool okay Very important that he looked at it in a Different way So with us what are we doing is this About a gallery plug-in is that what We’re doing we’re making a gallery Plug-in and hopefully we’ll get enough Sales to make these millions of dollars No it’s not what we’re doing It’s not what we’ve ever been doing All right this is what you got to Understand because if you get it That’s when it’s going to start to Change everything It is not about The gallery plug-in It’s not about the landing page plug-in It’s not about the quiz plug-in it’s About the people who buy these things If i have a list Of all the people That are photographers that use WordPress Now we’re talking money All right did you guys just get that did You hear The aha moment there How many of you guys got it smash the Like button because this works with

Anything you do Okay So what we’re going to do here is we’re Going to take a look at this so we’re Going to say okay now We got our ideas okay we got our ideas We’ll give you a couple more just in Case someone wants an idea to copy which Is fine right We can go through and say well Appsumo’s got some decent ones here Email examples apparently a lot of People like email examples that would be Cool I could put together a plug-in With a mailing list software Might be a little expensive expensive With email examples so like install this And you get custom templates that you Just put my business Here’s my product that way they don’t Have to write their own emails hey Simple or i could go through and say Well maybe i’m gonna do Um Whatever these plugins are or A snap download or maybe something like Um Podcast recording okay so maybe there’s Like a podcast plugin that’d be kind of Cool if i got all the people who do Podcasting and stuff like that or maybe There are plugins for Um

Other different types of things right And we can look at these and see tons of Them i mean there’s literally tons Podcast software Um Scribes off or linkedin message template Okay so maybe there’s like a linkedin Plugin people want right there’s always Something like that linkedin Linked In plug-in We’ll plug in we don’t want to log in We want a plug-in right so we got a Linkedin plug-in linkedin wordpress Apparently people want a linkedin Plug-in Okay and we can go through we could do This with literally anything right you Could do um for wordpress And what we’re gonna do is we’re just Gonna find What works membership sites for WordPress all right and we could go Through and be like okay well maybe i Can make a membership plug-in or maybe i Could do this or that okay and i’m going To show you in a minute how to see if This stuff actually works and how to Test it on your traffic before you Actually build this stuff so what we’re Going to do Is we’re going to use all these sites We’re going to look at their keywords Okay because they got lots of keywords

And it tells us what people want right How to sell photos online okay great Sell photos online now that’s got uh 2 600 searches a month And we can make an app for that super Easy you go to your programmer and You’re like okay here’s what i want you To do i want you to make a plugin that Literally Puts their photos up so it’s going to be A gallery plug-in And then we’re going to have a little Button that goes to paypal And then after they pay at paypal they Can download their photo and now ladies And gentlemen you can sell photos online Really simple right so you could do all Kinds of stuff here and you can find all Kinds of different things photoshop Photo editing Um All kinds of stuff right and if you go Through and you just start to look at This stuff and say hey wait a minute People are looking for all these plugins And tools for wordpress There you go right so you literally have A built-in Marketplace that’s ready to buy what you Have to offer it’s like if you went to The store and you’re like hey clerk Whatever people ask for that we don’t Have keep a log of it and at the end of The day he comes in he’s like hey

Everyone wanted Orange grapes Am i go i don’t have any orange grapes Maybe we’ll start buying some orange Grapes you know people want them I guess it would probably work then you Put them on the shelf and everyone’s Like oh it’s like you read our mind no It’s like you told me What you want Because you did okay And we can look at these lists again I’ll have these available at download my Notes when they’re ready and you can see Exactly what plugins They’re looking for and i’ve developed Tons of plugins and tools and software Uh since about 1999 and it works like Crazy okay wordpress chat room there you Go Um All kinds of stuff Or you could even do like Plug-in Like WordPress plugin like x right facebook Like plug-in or plug-in For Or plug-in whatever right and you could Do all kinds of research zoom plug-in For outlook grammarly for outlook so you Could do like zoom plug-in for wordpress A lot of people do wordpress and they do Zoom uh webinars i do them all the time

That’d be a pretty cool one Affiliate plugin for wordpress survey Plug-in best form plug-in newsletter on And on we go okay Very simple maps plug-in i developed Developed one of those years ago for Like forty dollars and yes ladies and Gentlemen some of these will be less Than a hundred dollars okay Very very very important so we’re going To understand how this works Dusto says i need to get better at Microsoft excel now you don’t i Downloaded these from ahrefs i didn’t do Anything to them except open them In excel okay So let’s keep going here Google calendar plugin Lots of these things are very easy And they run on what’s called an api Um and apis work like crazy you guys how Many of you guys use my tools over at Right i’ve got all Kinds of tools like our domain extractor I think I’m pretty sure This cost me like forty dollars to make Pretty sure it might have been less Might have been a tad more i don’t think So though he had it done in like two Hours and I mean it’s pretty cheap And it’s very simple and what this does

Is it allows you to go get a list of Domains throw it in here it’ll strip Them out so that you can buy and sell Domains and now some of these tools i Provide free because i want the mailing List because Like old bill gates over there i get That it’s about the bigger picture It’s about the bigger market and when You understand this that’s when Everything starts to change so what We’re going to do first and foremost is We’re going to look at the idea Okay we’re going to look at the idea And then we’re going to get a plan what Is the plan That we’re gonna do okay so Gallery plug-in Ultimately I would wanna sell Maybe like crm software Okay where customer management for uh Photographers and stuff like that or Maybe i want to get them into uh Maybe shopify Or a stripe account or a merchant Account or something like that okay but Ultimately what i want is a big list of People who gave me money for a plug-in That are photographers that are on WordPress okay So we’re going to get the plan there and We’re going to find some back-end stuff Then what we’re going to do is we’re

Going to ask ourselves how are we going To sell this what is the plan to sell This well the plan Is going to be based on what people are Searching for Okay so if i’m out there and i’m like Okay gallery plug-in okay or let’s do Plug-in Fo Tawgraph first gotta sound it out Because i don’t know how to spell that Very good spelling was never my strong Suit all right so we have this and we’re Like okay uh photoshop for beginners Photographers for um Plug-in for Photographers okay even though that’s Small WordPress shopping cart plug-in for Photographers these do tell me about my Market so this is good okay so we’ll do Plug-in Photo plug-in gallery and what we’re Going to do is we’re going to compile All the keywords that these people are Going to look up okay so we’re going to Go over here And be like okay good i’m going to get All the keywords i’m going to get a Photography plug-in i’m going to get a WordPress gallery i’m going to get all These keywords i’m going to put them Over there and be like okay let’s throw These here

And see what works Okay now let me tell you another Little hack Another little hack you can do Is by going to the wordpress plugin site Alright so if you do I think it is let’s see wordpress This one here So we’re going to Plugins which you can also you can put That in here Let’s go right here So we can go right here and do Uh Plugins And we’re gonna do let’s see here We got uh youtube gallery that that’s an Interesting one Definitely a plug-in i think people want File managers Download manager now what we can do is We can look at these and say okay well I’m going to make a file manager WordPress plugin cool great wonderful What i can do is i could look at What the people’s issues are with the Plug-in because they got reviews they’ll Be like hey Some people didn’t like this what did They not like Okay here’s what they didn’t like Um We can go in find another one say oh Well you know what about um

The capture plug-in or woocommerce what People don’t like about this Right and when you find out what people Don’t like then you could that doesn’t Have very many reviews When you find out what people don’t like Then you could go through And be like hey now i can make a Solution that’s actually going to work Okay And you could be like hey this is pretty Cool so now we’re ready to go okay so Now we’re ready to go we’re like okay Now now i can kind of build out my Plug-in and now to sell it is actually Pretty easy i could put this on envato i Could put on i could put this on um Appsumo i think they have an open Marketplace i can build my own website And sell it via clickbank or maybe sell It via Paypal or stripe or whatever it is Very simple and and now what happens is You have something of value that you can Take to the marketplace right when you Have your own software it puts you in a Different level because now i can get Visitors pretty much for free if i price It right which brings us to our next Point which is the price point Okay we need to look at what our price Point is that’s going to make sense so Once we get this thing okay and the way

We get it all right we get our idea we Get everything ready we’re like okay This is what we want here’s how i want My gallery plug-in i did all the info on The reviews i checked out other plugins I thought about what i would want as a Marketer thought about how to make it Better And now i know what i want Now i’m gonna go over there Two places like Upwork And maybe Even fiverr as you can see here i’ll Design a plug-in sixteen hundred bucks I’ll design a wordpress plugin a hundred Bucks 150 100 300 whatever now Fiverr is a little bit more risky of the Platforms i think Um i haven’t tried it I know some other people have and gotten Good results I know some haven’t gotten bad results So we got to look at that now upwork is Usually pretty good because you’re Paying by the job Um and you’ll be like hey i want this Result for 500 or 300 can you do it okay So ladies and gentlemen Yes we’re talking about making lots and Lots of money which is not implied Guaranteed or anything the average

Person makes nothing And on top of it You’re going to have to invest money to Get this thing built So if you’re out there and you’re like i Just want to push a button i get money That flies backwards apparently this Must be the deluxe money gun i don’t Know there you go you know fancy fancy Stuff um but If you’re looking for push button stuff It doesn’t exist all right you’re not Going to get fifteen hundred dollars a Minute watching a video But if you put in a work and build a Business You can build something that actually Works and it’s not that hard to do While everyone else was trying to get Rich watching videos i built a plug-in Last week While everyone else was doing this i Built a website While everyone else was trying to find Get rich quick i was finding ways to Actually make it happen because it’s not About the tactic It’s not about the idea It’s about your plan what is your plan Going to give you Mine gives me money because it’s pretty Much cut and dry go out there and make It work and you might say well marcus What if your plugin doesn’t sell well

Then i go to plan b I either give it away or make the damn Thing sell That’s what i do i’m not going to sit Around with something that don’t work And go aw shucks Better try guru number two No i’m gonna make it work right if it Does not sell if i can’t sell my way out Of a paper bag with my plug-in i’m gonna Go give it to every photographer but Guess what i’m gonna do I’m gonna go to my plug-in developer and I’m gonna say hey buddy At the bottom Of The plugin I want something that says this site was Made with Marcus’s Photography plugin Click here to get it Because i know if i can’t sell it but i Could give away 5 000 copies i still got The end result which is what old gates Was after imagine if gates was like hey Ibm come on up here buddy come on up Here ibm here’s what we’re gonna do You’re gonna give me 10 million bucks All right this smart business here You’re gonna give me 10 million dollars And this is probably what ibm would do Because they wouldn’t do it right and so Um you give me 10 million dollars i’ll

Put this on your computer and all you Got to do is charge every computer owner 500 bucks they just bought the computer For four grand it’s a no-brainer ibm Would have said Here’s the door There it is See yourself out And the people who bought the computers Would have said i just paid four grand And now you’re telling me i got to pay 500 to make it work Bs And he would have gone home and he Wouldn’t be one of the richest people in The world But what he did is he said hey you know What I think we’re gonna have a better bet Giving this away and then selling Something later Huh you like that because once you give This away if you got 5000 people with This plug-in And you say hey guys i hope you enjoy my Free plug-in and they’re like we do You’re such a nice guy You’re so swell thank you This week we’re gonna have old Bob over here Who makes millions of dollars selling Photos online he’s gonna come teach you This stuff and you know if you want to Get his course you can and you get 50

And you sell stuff as an affiliate Because you built your ability affiliate Business on a plug-in Rather than just some idea which is good But what i’m showing you is if you want To get results fast if you want to get Big dollars fast this is in my opinion The best way to do it And we’re talking big money like if You’re like okay marcus i’m looking to Make 50 100 000 a month All right if you’re in that category and You want to make it like Now this this uh video actually came From a student of mine who came to me And he asked me he’s like how would i Make 11 million dollars in six months And i’m like that is the most random Question i’ve ever like 11 million in Six months Like i don’t know you in a jam or Something i mean what’s going on buddy Let’s have a talk Um and so i said hey the best way to do That would be start software Go all in on software make it work Make it happen Because what happens is you’re now going To have something that works you’re now Going to have a platform that you know Works look these things are selling how Do you know they’re selling look at the Reviews i know this one sells more than

This one why 201 reviews versus 13. and Then we can go through and look at Exactly What else is out there Okay Very important because far too many People are trying to come up with an Idea And reinvent the wheel Rather than just looking at the data and The data tells me where to go Okay the data tells me exactly what i Need Then we’re going to look at our price Point all right what is our price point Well What did the plugin cost you to make Let’s say this one cost me a thousand i Went a little overboard Added some payment platforms is a Thousand bucks Okay Well to break even uh what would i need Maybe i could sell for 27 bucks nobody Misses 27 bucks i could sell it for 27 That’d be pretty easy or 47 or maybe Maybe i could have my programmer in like For an extra 10 bucks he’ll go out there And he’ll make me a Light version and then they can upgrade To the pro version i do this all the Time and when you start to look at this In a different way and say hey wait a Minute okay now i got my price point i’m

Filling a need in the marketplace based On what they’re searching for Okay and now i know my job is to go sell It or if it doesn’t sell i give it away So there’s there’s always a plan b and Plan b is okay If i can’t get my thousand bucks back Uh selling it maybe i’m gonna give it Away and then you know maybe people get Hosting or whatever it is and i can make Money on the back end and when we look At this we’re like okay now i can see Exactly What these people want all right here’s All the people on wordpress that are Look they want google directions plug-in Okay and you can see What these get Okay so google directions plug-in Some kind of maps plug-in So we can see here wordpress go maps Formulae Google maps okay Layers plug-in A lot of reviews Some bad stuff Uh very little bad stuff but hey you Know what what our job is Is to think about the person who wants This plug-in Not all the features we can cram into it Does that make sense Like my job isn’t to make a plug-in with Tons and tons of features and cool stuff

And end up broke with a really badass Plugin that’s not my job that’s not it My job Is to solve one problem With one solution For the market that wants it right so Like a lot of these guys like i told you Earlier programmers are not Marketers So what i did is i said okay here’s some Simple plugins i want All right here’s a simple theme i want We have simple blog theme Hundreds of thousands of people have Used simple blog theme and again it has A link back to me which is kind of cool I like that that’s why i give it away And we can get them into other stuff Maybe you can make a free tool for Something that works on free web hosting And funnel them into paid web hosting All right or you can get them into other Stuff as well but sometimes when you Look at this like uh the software that Kim made was actually It’s a little complicated on the back End but she got programmers to do that i Don’t think she knows programming and it Served one simple need one simple thing And when you think about that and you’re Like hey wait a minute How would i get to 18 000 bucks a day Well if you have a software that that uh You know maybe it’s 27 a day

All right if it’s big enough You could sell it to A thousand people a day That’s not Unheard of that’s not rare right in this Business that’s something that actually Happens if the market will serve it and You have to look and say okay well you Know if you got a hundred thousand People A month Searching for your solution okay you Could check forums you could check Plug-in directories you could check all These places if you have a hundred Thousand people a month searching all Right well that would be Uh what Three thousand people a day Okay that’s it’s a little bit of a Stretch but 27 isn’t much Um could we make it happen Yeah with the right paid traffic angle And the right stuff that could that Could happen Okay That could that could work now um if you Really wanted to get to like eighteen Thousand dollars a day with something Like this you would probably need a Bigger price point maybe ninety seven Dollars Okay or even a recurring monthly uh 10 Bucks for the the add-ons or whatever it

Is That could work as well okay so we need To think big picture we need to think of What we want to do now for some of you Guys who are like hey i just want to Make a thousand dollars a month or Whatever Obviously that’s going to be a lot Easier gold to get to And software can be your vehicle for it And if you guys do want to learn more About how i make software there’s some Links in the description you can post Comments uh below this video let me know You want more videos like this and you Know um pretty simple pretty easy stuff You just have to go through and say what Is it these people are looking for What is it that i can build what is it i Can do and then you get massive traffic Now this is easier because when you get Massive traffic for your plug-in you’re Keeping all the product profits you have All the tracking ability you could put It different places like you could go Out there and say well i’m going to sell It on envato i’m going to sell it on This i’m going to sell it on that and Another tip for you that works like Crazy is you can make a plug-in that Solves the needs that a bunch of Plug-ins make and then you could go and You could do tutorials on the other Plugins

You’re like okay i’m gonna make a Tutorial video on the all-in-one seo Plug-in i’m gonna make it so like for me I don’t know if we have room on the Board but let me show you this with old Patrick over here for me i have the Plug-in which is called um What is it called the voodoo one the one We just came out with Can’t even remember My brain ain’t working see what happens When i get a cold uh the voodoo one for The uh redirects i think it’s called Light slug voodoo that’s it so slug Voodoo Is basically like a seo plug-in a Redirect plug-in Um a backlink plug-in All-in-one Okay so what i would do is i’d find all The seo plugins I’d find all the redirect plugins uh Which one of them went out of of Publishing so i would be able to nail it There then i go through and be like okay And then i’ll get all the backlink Plugins good so now between those three There’s probably a hundred to 200 Different plugins i can make tutorials On And people are going to watch them And then i’ll talk about oh you know one Of the things i wish they had was this Slug thing

One of the things i wish it and then my Next video after making you know 10 or 20 uh tutorial videos boom my next video Is gonna be oh by the way i’m gonna do a Tutorial on slug voodoo How many of you guys are like wait a Minute Are you kidding me like is it really Really that simple Is that really how this stuff is built And the answer is Yes it is Absolutely All you got to do Is follow the plan And the plan is very simple and what I’ll do for you guys Is i’ll have this plan laid out i’ll Have someone take notes on this video And then we’ll have the notes available At download my notes So if you want them Go to put your name And email in We will email them when ready please Don’t write oh my god i didn’t get the Notes i didn’t get them yet it’s because They’re not ready we will email them to You when they are ready And you guys can have those and if you Want to learn more about software smash The like button let me know in the Comments below check out the videos in The description

And follow this plan Because once you once you have that Software you have something that sets You apart from the other people in the Market you have something that you can Use to build a business that eventually Is going to be pretty damn huge If you follow The right path Um same thing works for blogging same Thing works for everything and what i Would do is add this to your arsenal Right if you’re out there and you’re Like hey i want to get a niche maybe you Want to get a high ticket niche or Something like that when you get your High ticket niche say marcus i want one In the software niche i want to do one With that plug-in thing you talked about And i’ll find one that’ll work we’ll get You a little idea you can go Make it happen and stuff like that But it’s actually very simple if you Follow the plan so Smash the like button if you want one of Those go to and i’ll get you a Software niche just make sure you Request it and if you need anything else Let me know stay tuned we’ll see you Next time I don’t know why you’d stay tuned If you’re going to see us next time But keep watching videos

Have a good one

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