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Get Paid To Drink Water – ($6K Mo) – Better Than Ice Vending Machine?

ok this method is CRAZY… you can get paid to drink water in 5 killer different ways… NO this is not about water and ice vending machine biz… this is about a simple method that requires very little or even no money to start.

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make sure you always follow the rules, provide good content, and remember that most people trying to make money online make nothing.

please note… we are not hacking – this is just a quick hack tool to find keywords and is completely public information if you know what to look for… after this video… YOU will know what to look for when finding killer niche keywords that you can build a business around

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First we’re gonna choose a water Then we download the pdf from the secret Website upload it right over here and Now wait for the money to Roll we’re rolling out to show you some Of the craziest ways people are making Money online today we’re talking about Water one guy i’m going to show you That’s making thousands of dollars Drinking water on youtube some other Guys pouring in the profits with water Websites and a secret method you won’t Even believe that’s making as much as Ten thousand dollars a month and that’s All right here right now on affiliate Marketing All right so this is a niche that i came Across by accident i was actually going Out there and buying domains as i often Do you can see all the different domains I’ve been buying over the last couple Days right here and one of the domains i Came across right down here After some careful investigating here i Actually could see that this site was About the quality of different types of City waters and water and ph and Chemicals and everything like that and i Instantly got a super profitable idea so I decided to bid on that domain and i Actually ended up winning it for 204 Dollars and i could see all the Different keywords that this ranked for

I can also see other sites that point Back to me for various different city Water type keywords and i’m gonna get Into how that’s gonna make a lot of Money in just a minute but first let’s Dive into the six thousand dollar a Month plan or The five ways to make money online Drinking water So method number five here is an Interesting one this is where i went out There and found people actually making Money doing nothing other than drinking Water on youtube and tick tock wait a Minute what yep that’s right over here On tick tock there’s all these different People drinking water and over here on Youtube there’s tons of videos where People are literally just drinking water Now let’s face it in order to get a Bunch of money you’re gonna have to make A bunch of videos and get a bunch of Views and you’re also gonna need to do Something a little bit more secret you See if you just make videos on water and Drinking water and stuff like that You’re not gonna make much money because These don’t pay a whole lot however if You do something that i like to call Flip the market you can actually take These people from your video or simply Have a segment of your video where you Talk about water filtration now again Water drinking water very inexpensive

Very cheap water filter very expensive We could see that this traffic is worth A heck of a lot more money than just Plain old water traffic and if i could Start to mix it up where i make a video About drinking water and talk about Filters at the end or then come out with A video all about filters those videos Are going to trigger much more expensive Ads and put more money in my pocket in Fact if you were to go out there and Have a channel getting hundreds of Millions of views where you’re just Drinking water i’d venture to say that i Could probably make more money if i just Had a couple thousand views looking at Water filters so method number one is Pretty simple you can go out there and Make videos of yourself drinking water Now let’s dive in to method number four Review and test water bottles we all Know that there’s way too many different Brands of water and frankly i can’t tell The difference Carbon No carbon spring municipal source What and you could quite simply go out There and review different water bottles Yeah the actual container or the Different brands of bottled water this Is something very simple but people Overlook it because they don’t really Think of it as a way to make money but Here on the affiliate marketing dude we

Got a little problem and we need to find A way to make money with damn near Anything and some of these sites i found Were getting tons of traffic from Different water bottles and different Waters to drink some even list the Ingredients in various different types Of water you could buy over the counter And what you’re going to notice is lots Of people search for lots of different Water bottles just take a look here Water bottle is searched for over 609 000 times a month then there’s different Brands of water bottles and take a look At that competition it’s pretty much Non-existent which means this traffic is Gonna be super easy to get and the list Just keeps going on and on and if i Isolate it to just three competition or Less watch what happens over 1.2 million Searches a month 8 300 different keywords all with Different types of water bottles yeah But marcus how am i gonna make some Money number one is to be an amazon Affiliate and sell the water bottles Number two is to find something Different maybe you can flip them into Water filters or you can even go to Overvault and find various different Water bottles that have a little zing to Them like this one is a water bottle That’s small the one above is some kind Of smart filter water bottle and it pays

Us 45 And only cost our customer 59 bucks and you can find all kinds of Different offers like this that’ll pay You to sell the various water bottles Now you’re going to want to make sure That you’re an affiliate of a big box Store like maybe a sporting store or Amazon so that you can tackle some of This traffic in a really easy way but Method number four reviewing and testing Water bottles is a surefire way to put Money in your pocket and now let’s dive Into number three review water softeners And filters this is a lot like method Number four only instead of reviewing Water bottles you’re going to actually Review the softeners and filters which Cost a lot more and it’s going to make You a lot more here’s a website i found That’s comparing different water filters He’s got 4 000 keywords he’s only Getting 1700 visitors a month and we Already established this traffic’s Pretty easy to get and he’s making like 2 500 a month or more here’s another one Water filter guru with over 57 000 Different keywords and he’s raking in Wait a minute what over a hundred and Seventy seven thousand dollars a month Here’s another one doing twelve thousand Dollars a month and you can see here They’re talking about all different Types of water water filters water

Softeners water drop filter and the list Just goes on and on and you can see here On youtube people reviewing water Bottles water filters with over 2.3 Million views water filter pictures test Wait a minute so you’re telling me Someone went out bought a water bottle And a little test kit on amazon for like 13 Put the little test strip in the water Showed the process on youtube and got Paid yeah but marcus i don’t have 13 for Every bottle of water don’t worry this Comes with lots of test strips this is All these people are doing is testing Water we can even see water testing People are testing different ph water Bottles and getting paid and you can see Here if we type in water filter Affiliate program these companies are Paying big bucks to get you to find People to buy their water filters wait a Minute so i just go Water bad Filter good and then put money In my pocket exactly but it gets even Easier than that but first Drum roll please number two are Honorable mentions the first honorable Mention that i found which is a pretty Good way to make money is to make videos On how to manifest anything using the Water technique as we know people are Obsessed with the law of attraction and

Manifesting and everything like that and Apparently i can manifest my heart’s Desire with a bottle of water So i can make all kinds of videos about How to manifest stuff using the water Technique i simply google it learn about It test it out and show people what i Learned pretty simple isn’t it our next Honorable mention is to sell drinks at Work Yeah i guess you could take some drinks To work and sell them although this guy Only made a hundred and twenty dollars In five days which isn’t even enough to Put gas in my mini jeep [Music] You could start a bottled water business Wait a minute what’s that Ice vending machines 71 000 With ice vending machines this looks Awesome according to ice house america The average machine runs 43 to 150 000 So unless i got like a hundred grand i’m Kind of out on this one and now drumroll Please for the best method to make money Drinking water drinking water drinking Water and that is number one to start The water quality report Website you’re gonna love this one quite Simply what we’re gonna do is get a Bunch of water tests like the one i Showed you earlier and test city water

Or if you don’t want the tests We could simply read reports on websites Right here is a report of the water in My area i can download it read it and Provide a concise breakdown of how the Water is in my area spoiler alert it Sucks which is why we buy water up the Road from mr water purifier guy and if i Use my keyword tool here and type in Water quality you’re going to see all Different types of cities and places That people are looking for water Quality of all right we’re going gonna Need the money gun on this one because If you remember the traffic for the Water filters and water bottles was Pretty easy to get but this is even Easier and it easily leads into a secret Hidden profitable market so here we Could see lots and lots of people Looking for different water quality Tests and tests by zip code and Different things like that you can even Go deeper and check out different zip Codes and city names and everything like That and all these people are looking For the water quality in their area and Since most cities don’t do a really good Job of filtering the water most people Yep you guessed it are probably gonna Want a water filter anyway and you can See sites like my tap water are doing This all the time and all we need to do Is find these low competition keywords

Write a blog post upload the latest Water report from whatever city there is Or simply link to it and then have a Little button on our site that says if Your water quality is below 50 or however they measure it you should Look into getting a whole house water Filter click below to check out the Option and that is how the cookie Crumbles check out the videos in the Description to learn other ways i’ve Been making money online for over 22 Years

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