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Get Paid To Copy And Paste Amazon Links?

this is a super simple method to make interesting content based on crazy stuff people are buying on amazon.

copy and paste the links + add a little content = make some money 🙂

binge watch these for more details:

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using amazon finds is a great way to make money as an amazon affiliate.

make sure you always follow the rules, provide good content, and remember that most people trying to make money online make nothing.

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

Let’s check this out copy and paste Amazon links and get 8.49 per link okay let’s see here copy Okay and paste that’s it and this Business model is being used by New York Post Business Insider and even Okay if you can give me the next 10 Minutes of your time I’m going to show You a business model so simple that Anyone can do it yep that’s right If you can copy and paste an Amazon link You can get paid but don’t take my word For it sites like cheat and countless Others are using this strategy to make Tons of money each and every day so if You want to get your own Lamborghini Full of cash listen up because I went Ahead and did all the research and found Over a hundred different keywords Driving hundreds of thousands of Visitors each and every month to people Looking for simple Amazon products and The way this works is actually very Simple you’re gonna go out there and Find the Amazon products for these Various keywords people are searching For then you’re going to copy and paste The Amazon link onto a Blog video social Media post Twitter Tick Tock or whatever It is and you’re gonna get paid simply For finding products and copy and Pasting links

Wait what Collectible wait a minute what I can Spend 10 million dollars on Amazon 909 356. This is insane floaty pants The heck are floaty pants 400 searches a Month 1.8 million dollars a month worth Of free traffic this guy’s making a Fortune and it’s actually very simple You can see here Lamborghini ride on Cars has very little competition and Lots of traffic and since it’s a product We can find on Amazon there’s a simple Way to make money here you can see Oprah Has different lists of gifts and ideas And products and things like that that Are actually very simple here’s some Kind of soup cup and you can see here Soup mug is looked up over 12 000 times Each and every month squid game costumes And they’re literally just linking to The costumes on Amazon five best squid Game inspired for Halloween squid game Costume 465 000 searches a month squid game costume Amazon 11 000 searches a month okay here’s how it Works what you’re going to do is find Something interesting with products that Are on Amazon maybe like the weirdest Workout Pro products or maybe something Like squid game or whatever it is then You’re going to create content around That now make sure that whatever topic

You’re using has lots of traffic with it That’s why I put together this list of Over a hundred keywords because these Are very specific searches that get Traffic that relate to Amazon products You can see here we have Amazon shower Curtains Amazon Pokemon cards chair Covers cool things to buy on Amazon Coffee makers and on and on we go even People looking for the most expensive Thing on Amazon and since these are Searched for a lot that means people are Interested in this type of content and These type of products and that’s Exactly why I picked squid game costume Lots and lots of traffic and very little Competition and just to show you that That anyone can do this you don’t have To be the great markets I actually went Ahead and got some content ordered for About a hundred dollars last night for The word squid game Halloween costumes I Was very specific that I wanted them to Get the costumes find the links figure Out the characters and do the whole nine Yards and I got this article written all About different squid game costumes that You can use for Halloween you can find Them on Etsy Amazon all kinds of Different things so my outsourcer went Out there and did the work to find out All the information about squid game Costumes yeah you see how that works Squid game costume lots of traffic squid

Game content very interesting for people Looking up squid game costumes and now All I need to do is post the content in One of the traffic methods we’re going To talk about in just a minute and then Leave the things that make money since We’re talking about costumes you could Go over to And find yet another outsourced article Where I had someone find all the Halloween costume and costume affiliate Programs that you can use to make money Whenever people buy costumes and these Things aren’t cheap I actually paid like Seventy dollars for that squid game Costume which was basically a jumpsuit And a mask and you can see lots of these Are paying up to 15 or more or you could Be an Amazon affiliate or you can make Money by running ads on your site like Oprah’s doing best products and pretty Much anyone in this niche in fact if you Check out the CNN homepage they have Shopping recommendations and they’re Doing this exact same thing they talk About products And link to them on Amazon literally Copying pasting Amazon links adding some Helpful content and boom you’re Off to The Races and the cool thing about this Is the sheer volume of interesting Things that you can find on Amazon to Use to get traffic and make money and if You want this list plus other keywords

Check out but now It’s time to talk about my traffic Methods to make this thing work again Remember you’re utilizing interesting Stuff on Amazon to pique the interest of People so that they click and read your Content and hopefully click links and Get paid and if not maybe they’re going To check out the ads on your site or you Could do sponsored ads or whatever it is So what we’re going to do here is we’re Gonna use four major traffic methods Number one is what we call SEO you guys Have seen me do this over and over with Many different websites in fact one of The joke examples I did in my videos was About Cheesy Gordita Crunch calories and You could see we’re ranking right here Over a year after putting this up and it Was intended to be a joke and yeah that Keyword actually does get traffic and Since these keywords are really Non-competitive you’re going to want to Do information based stuff so instead of Going for like squid game costume review Maybe do like 15 different squid game Costumes that way you’re going more Informational rather than review type Now you can go review but with SEO I Would highly recommend going the Information route and what you’re going To do is you can go to sites like medium You could post a blog on blogspot or a Free blog or whatever it is or you can

Create your own blog over at and actually create like a Halloween blog with your own domain and Do lots of different costumes or Whatever it is maybe you’re going for Like fun Amazon products and you do like Fun or something Like that and then you could do the SEO Get all the traffic link to things that Pay you and put ads on the site and boom You’re Off to the Races traffic method Number two is to do bulk paid ads there Are lots of websites out there where you Can get traffic for pennies on the Dollar these are known as contextual ads You’ll see them all a Time on MSN CNN And all kinds of other sites where People are literally paying less than a Penny per visitor because the traffic is So generic and if you could do something Interesting like the craziest 10 things On Amazon or the most expensive products On Amazon you’re gonna get the interest Of people lots of them will click They’ll read your article and hopefully Click on some ads and if you follow your Old buddy the affiliate marketing dude By Smashing the like button and Subscribing I’ll also teach you some Other monetization methods in my other Videos so check those in the description After you’re done with this video step Number three would be clickbaity social Media Tick Tock Facebook Instagram kind

Of stuff now we use the word clickbaity With a grain of salt what we want to do Is get interest but but we also want to Deliver on the promise so if we have Some weird picture of an Amazon product Then we better talk about what the Picture is not just use it to get the Traffic right so click bait is where You’re not delivering on the promise Using clickbaity type ads would be where You’re getting the interest but also Talking about the product this is where You could go out there on social media Like Facebook and run something where it Says 10 crazy Amazon products or 50 Crazy Amazon products you won’t believe Existed you can do this on Tick Tock Facebook whatever it is and get lots and Lots of traffic and lead them to things That make you money lead them back to Your blog to get paid on ads whatever it Is and Method number four is one of my Favorites you can actually go out there And create videos on YouTube about Different stuff this guy here did a Squid game costume unboxing he got over 600 000 views here’s another one and on And on we go they’re getting tons and Tons of traffic same thing here on Tick Tock 61 million views and on and on we Go and again the premise is simple You’re gonna find interesting stuff that Most of the generic public would be Interested in finding out about on

Amazon you’re going to create a blog get Some good content around that topic get The links copy and paste them use Affiliate links if you have a if you Have Amazon affiliate links put some ads Up and boom make some money and the name Of the game is getting lots and lots of Traffic and you can see here Oprah’s Doing this with all kinds of different Products this one gets over 2.1 million Visitors a month here’s another one with 1.3 million visitors a month here’s Another one getting tons of traffic and The name of the game is find interesting Products based on what people are Searching for make some helpful content Make it entertaining and interesting and Boom you can make money and if you want To learn more about this strategy check Out my other videos in the description

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