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Build and set up a sales funnel for your business using a 100%free software.

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Let’s build your sales funnel using a Hundred percent free software and we’re Only going to need one piece of software To do it so once you set up your free Account you’ll have a dashboard like This and we’ll want to come over here to Funnels now for time purposes I’ve gone Ahead and loaded up one of the free Templates linked up in the description So I’m just going to go ahead and Quickly duplicate this funnel but if you Want to set one up from scratching you Don’t want to use the free templates all You need to do is click on Create and Then you can decide what type of funnel You want to set up you can do just about Any type of funnel they also allow you To do webinars so when it comes to Customization the sky’s almost the limit Here but a simple funnel like this is All you need to get started

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