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Earn $1,379 A DAY from Google News – Free Copy And Paste Method With Proof!

here is a simple method where you can use google news to get tons of traffic and make money promoting other sites and affiliate offers.

super simple method… it goes take work but this is pretty simple… plus see my live example test i ran this morning to show you how this works in real time.

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make sure you always follow the rules, provide good content, and remember that most people trying to make money online make nothing.

remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed… most people trying to make money online make nothing and some even lose money. always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures.

Today I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve made as much as 1379 each and every day using Google News and yes I know sometimes these Things can seem kind of unbelievable and You find yourself wondering if they’re Actually gonna work so today I’m gonna Show you solid proof from my own example That went live at 802 a.m this morning And yep you guessed it it’s already Getting results Plus in preparation for This video I actually uncovered a Hundred million dollar operation which Is actually like one guy doing this Exact same thing but wait a hundred Million that’s insane yes I know but for Perspective Google actually makes like 300 billion dollars a year which is over 500 million dollars a day not to mention Amazon that’s raking in over 1.2 billion Dollars a day so yeah the money’s out There so let’s get started and I’m gonna Show you ample proof and if you decide That I’m full of it and this is not Legit and it’s not gonna work let me Know in the comments below you get to be The judge the jury and everything all I Ask is that you watch this entire video So you get the whole picture of what’s Going on here this is gonna be unlike Anything you’ve ever seen before why Because a little test that I did this Morning was with content that I didn’t Write on websites that I don’t even own

Plus it can be done worldwide and even With no money to start first of all we Need to understand exactly what’s going On here if you were to go to Google and Type something in like web hosting You’re gonna see a bunch of ads up here That are paying Google money every time Those ads are clicked on why because Companies like GoDaddy Amazon and Hostinger actually want customers for Their web hosting business so they go Over to Google AdWords purchase an ad The ad then shows up on Google like this And every time that ad is clicked money Is put in Google’s pocket and using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner we can Actually see an estimate of what these Companies are paying and the amounts are Insane sometimes as much as a hundred Dollars a click or more yep that’s why Google makes about 500 million dollars Each and every day so in order to make This work with Google news I had to go Out there and figure out what people are Typing in related to web hosting or Whatever product or service I want to Get paid for here’s a little hint of how It works if you’re to type Black Friday In Google and scroll down here you’re Gonna see something pretty interesting First we got deals from stores Then wait a minute what is that news About deals Black Friday I gotta check This out 15 hours ago 18 minutes ago one

Hour ago 20 minutes ago three hours ago One day ago so yeah these guys are Actually showing up on Google for Expensive terms that put lots of money In their pocket by simply using Google News and since we know that web hosting Is a very expensive product where people Are paying at a minimum like ten dollars A click and I can get paid anywhere from 50 to 300 per sale this is looking Pretty good but wait a minute the Competition is super hard I’m gonna show You why this doesn’t matter in just a Minute but first let’s take a look at Some of these keywords web hosting deals 600 searches a month web hosting Black Friday deals 150 searches a month and Remember on Black Friday the amount of People searching goes through the roof a Two hosting deal Black Friday hosting Deal and it doesn’t just work for web Hosting look at all these searches Related to Black Friday Kohl’s Black Friday Walmart TV deal bills Best Buy And the list just keeps going and going And going some of these keywords are Getting over 500 000 searches a month Which is putting a lot of money in Someone’s pocket let me show you how to Put it in yours Probably would have helped if I actually Had a pocket so right now we know two Things one people are looking up web

Hosting deals and Black Friday web Hosting deals and two web hosting Companies are paying a fortune for Clicks to their website from Google and Other places and they’re also willing to Pay us a ton of money too and even Though the competition on keywords like Web hosting is through the roof I wanted To use this example to show you that This can be done in just about any Market if we were to type in Black Friday web hosting deals you would see Right here a listing for prweb.com wait A minute Four hours ago are you telling me that You just put this thing up four hours Ago and it’s ranking for Black Friday Web hosting deals Black Friday web Hosting deals 2022 GoDaddy Black Friday Black Friday hosting deal web hosting Deals 2022 And more yep that’s exactly what I’m Saying here’s how it works you go out There and find something people are Searching for do the research find the Deals and compile them into a nice Little report or if you’re like me and You don’t want to do the research you Can actually Outsource it at a place Like hire writers iwriter or any other Place that writes content as you can see Here I got this report written for just Fifty dollars and I was being a little Generous because I wanted this thing

Written in six hours most of the time You can get a good piece of content Written for just a couple of dollars you Simply tell them what you want them to Do They submit the article you download it And then upload it to the press release Website and you want to make sure that Your title matches the keyword that you Want to rank for and make sure it’s not Too competitive obviously I’m not going To rank for the word web hosting but I Can go for stuff like Black Friday web Host and as you can see here I have my title with my keywords The content that I had written which was Nothing more than talking about the Different Black Friday deals for web Hosting then I have a link to my website Or affiliate offer wait a minute we Don’t even need a website exactly you Could quite simply put your affiliate Link right here disclose that it’s an Affiliate link and when they click on it And buy stuff you get paid now you want To make sure that the press release site That you’re going to put your content on Actually ranks in Google for various Terms and last night my team and I went Through over 30 different press release Websites to find just that and we found Tons of different press release websites Some of them are free some of them cost A couple of dollars some of them cost a

Lot of money and what we wanted to do Was differentiate the ones that actually Got traffic that’s going to make us Money and the ones that really didn’t so I went ahead and organized them by the Amount of keywords that are listed in Google for each domain and what you’re Going to notice is like AP News actually Ranks for all kinds of things here’s one That ranks for a keto diet type keyword You could see here press releases Dominate even taking over Amazon as the Number one position PR web same kind of Thing lots and lots of traffic for Orthotics heartburn products memory Healers fragrances a survival product And even some keywords that are getting Lots and lots of traffic we can also Look at benzinga.com see that they rank For Texas Roadhouse Office Depot Xfinity Hey there’s some good affiliate offers For that one oil change Discount Tires Apple iPhone Pro that’s a lot of traffic Right there and the list just keeps Going and going and going we could also See on finance.yahoo.com news lots of Rankings for stock market terms mortgage Rates sports teams Housing market information and again These are all press releases submitted By ordinary people getting tons of Traffic but wait there’s more if you Actually search for site.yahoo.com and Then in quotes earns from qualifying

Purchases you’re gonna see over 109 000 different press releases that were Posted by affiliate marketers that’s Right these guys simply do a write-up of The different products use their Walmart Affiliate links and get paid when you Buy stuff but wait a minute what is that Black Friday Shoppers can save extra Money with the free Capital One Shopping Browser extension how’s he making money If it’s free well check it out over here On offervault the Capital One Shopping Extension pays eight dollars per Download yep that’s right They don’t even have to buy anything now Before I show you how easy it is to set These up and make this happen I want you To know that the results that I showed You earlier with 1300 a day and Everything like that are not typical Implied or guaranteed in fact the Average person trying to make money Online makes nothing so you gotta take This with a grain of salt while this is Simple there are variables and I don’t Want you to think you’re just gonna go Get rich because you watched one video So now here’s how it works I actually Went through last night and created a Brand new account at prweb.com Here it is right here 17 hours ago I Then went ahead and created a press Release chose a title based on my Keywords copy and pasted the article

That I had written for the Black Friday Hosting deals tidied it up a bit added The link to my website and affiliate Offers and then hit submit they said That I needed to tweak it a little bit To meet their guidelines Which I did and Boom at 803 am this Morning this puppy went live we could See here it’s got a 9.8 million Potential audience 103 exact matches 1.6 million views and Hits and it’s getting picked up by all Kinds of news outlets and as you can see Here it’s actually ranking in Google for Tons of the keywords that I wanted to Rank for now for full transparency I did Pay to have this press release submitted It cost me about four hundred dollars Because I just came up with my video Topic last night and I wanted to make Sure that it ranked in time for you guys To see it so I did actually pay to have This submitted however over at Downloadmynotes.com you can get a full List of press release services that are Free and a lot cheaper than the one that I used but if you don’t mind waiting a Couple days there’s a lot of different Press release sites on this list that Cost nothing and you’re gonna see here From some of the keywords that these Rank for it doesn’t just work for Black Friday it works for literally anything So all you need to do is find a topic

People are interested in write something Or Outsource it submit it to one of These press release sites and boom You’re Off to the Races to get the full List check out downloadmynotes.com and To learn more about press releases check Out the links in the description of this Video

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